Electric Umbrella

9/14/15 Update: Menu updated.

Electric Umbrella Epcot Entrance

Location: Electric Umbrella is located in Future World East in between Mouse Gear and Innoventions East. It’s also accessible from inside Innoventions East.

Food Type: Disney burgers, nuggets, sandwiches, salads, and a vegetarian flatbread.

Disney Dining Plan: One quick service credit and some items count as snacks.


Menu Electric Umbrella Entrees

Unique Items: Vegetarian Flatbread, French Dip Burger, Energy Salad, Sausage and Pepper Sandwich, Naan Wich


  • Refill your fountain beverage yourself for free.
  • A lot of indoor, air-conditioned seating, sometimes on two levels. Plenty of outdoor, covered seating.
  • Centrally located in Future World.
  • Offers the Disney usuals for those “picky eaters.”


  • Limited menu.
  • Can be loud inside when it’s busy.
  • Service is often slower than other Disney operated quick services.

Value: Below average to average. This is standard Disney quick service in almost every way. The vegetarian flatbread, particularly the kids’ portion, is a good value.

Reputation: Historically, Electric Umbrella is probably the lowest rated Walt Disney World quick service, but its menu has improved with more unique offerings and more interesting takes on the usual. It’s still not an outstanding options, but parents should be able to find something decent if junior just has to have chicken nuggets.

Food Items:

Chicken Breast Nuggets:

Electric Umbrella Chicken Nuggets

Like the Burgers, Disney Chicken Nuggets are basically the same theme-park-wide. The exterior is light/crispy and they aren’t greasy. The nuggets are quite good dipped in sauce, though nothing spectacular or much different than Tyson brand nuggets you can heat in the oven at home. If you’re looking for something that isn’t quite as heavy and don’t want a salad, then the nuggets aren’t a bad idea. At $9, they don’t offer much value though.

French Dip Burger

Electric Umbrella French Dip Burger

Not exactly like the picture…but the flavor is actually better than you might expect with the brisket and onions .


Veggie Naan Wich

Electric Umbrella Naan Wich

The Veggie Naan Wich – Broccoli Slaw, Edamame, and Tofu Wasabi Dressing with choice of Grapes or French Fries  sounded promising on paper.

Naan Wich Electric Umbrella

What’s served is one of the more insulting dishes to appear in recent memory. It’s maybe 50 cents of shredded broccoli and beans bathed in a tasteless “sauce” that seemed to be nothing more than a thin mayonnaise. Zero stars out of 100 and a waste of money. You get more of this slaw on the Chicken and Waffle Sandwich over at Magic Kingdom, not to mention the waffle and the chicken! For less money.

Kids Vegetarian Flatbread:

Electric Umbrella Vegetarian Flatbread

The Kids’ Flatbread here is a good value at $5.99. You get half of the adult portion, in addition to two sides and a drink. So for $2.30 more than the regular adult flatbread, you’d come away with a whole flatbread, four sides, and two drinks if you ordered two kids’ meals. Like Restaurantosaurus, Backlot Express, Be Our Guest Restaurant, and Sunshine Seasons, the beverage dispensers are self-serve and refills are free.

Vegetarian Flatbread Electric Umbrella

I actually really enjoyed the flatbread. I read a review somewhere that complained that theirs was burnt and their subsequent flatbread was undercooked. But it is not burned, despite the color that might indicate otherwise. This had a nice gooey layer of cheese over a bed of mushrooms and a crispy flatbread crust. The arugula on top added an additional bit of crunch. This would be a terrific vegetarian option if the kids are demanding burgers and nuggets and you have no choice but to head to the Umbrella.


Electric Umbrella Seating

Outdoor seating is plentiful and indoor, air-conditioned seating is almost always available.  If it’s busy, they open second floor seating. Head up there for fewer people.


  1. Laura says

    They must have very recently changed their vegetable flatbread from the eggplant/zucchini to a new veggie flat bread. This one had mushrooms, arugula and feta cheese. It was disgusting and greasy. When I was handed the tray, it was a burnt mess. Literally the whole flatbread was burnt to a crisp and the mushrooms didn’t even look edible. I told them it was too burnt and they re-did it. This time it was undercooked but I ate it anyhow— wouldn’t send it back a 2nd time. I would never go there again. It’s true that the menu is very limited, but what drew me there was the flat bread. Major disappointment!! yuck. I could barely pick it up when eating, it was so soft (under cooked). Oh well.. checked that off my list of places to eat. :)

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