Earl of Sandwich Quick Service Review at Downtown Disney

Wondering how Earl of Sandwich stacks up against the other Downtown Disney Counter Service Locations? Check out The Best Downtown Disney Quick Counter Service Locations for a comparison of the three Downtown Disney counter services in a variety of categories including Most Unique Menu, Best Value on the Disney Dining Plan, Best Value Out of Pocket, Best Seating, Best Food, and Best Overall Counter Service.

Food Type: Sandwiches, Soup, Salads

Dining Plan: One Quick Service or One Snack

Cost: All sandwiches, salads, and wraps are $5.95.  Soups are $2.95.  Sides are $1.55.

Unique Items: Everything

Advantages: The line moves fast.  Sandwiches are made to order, large, and delicious.  Most reasonably priced meal at Disney World.  Plenty of variety and flexibility in ordering.  Earl’s freshly baked cookies are even better than the sandwiches.  Several decent options on the kids menu.  Free drink refills.

Disadvantages: The Earl’s seating area needs to be at least twice as big, if not three or four times bigger.  There is never enough seating and the line is almost always 30+ people deep.  The menu is shrinking and your favorite sandwich may no longer be officially available.

Value: Excellent.  This is the best value for your money at Disney World.  The sandwiches are better than most sandwich chains and are large enough to share.  In a World full of $9 fast food hamburgers and $25 plates of pasta, a $6 sandwich here is a no brainer.

Reputation:  The Earl of Sandwich is well known as a great place to get a high quality sandwich on the cheap.  The line will look ridiculously long, but there are a lot of people taking orders and it moves a lot faster than it looks.  Unfortunately, there is nowhere near enough indoor seating and the tables that are available are close together and uncomfortable.    If you’re paying out of pocket and only eat one meal at Downtown Disney, this should be it.  This is a cheap meal on the Dining Plan, but don’t let the reasonable cost deter you from eating here.  A $6 sandwich Earl’s is better than most of the more expensive entrées at other counter service locations.

Overall Rank on The Best Downtown Disney Quick Counter Service Locations: 1st out of 3


  1. Terri in So Cal says

    We ate here twice last year and luckily, when we were there, the line was manageable. Our sandwiches were very good. We were on the QSDP but if we weren’t the price would be decent. Also, the sandwiches are big enough to share (for us). The desserts were interesting. We also got sandwiches here before we went to the airport and grabbed a few for our plane ride. Just ordered them not-heated. They were so good and so much better than anything we could have gotten in the airport. :)

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