Dino-Bite Snacks

9/12/15 Update: Menu updated.

Dino Bite Snacks Disney's Animal Kingdom

Dino-Bite Snacks is located adjacent to Restaurantosaurus in DinoLand USA.  As you look at the Restaurantosaurus entrance, you’ll see it down to the right.


Menu Dino Bite Ice Cream Animal Kingdom

Dino-Bite is another Animal Kingdom quick service location that isn’t popular because few people know it exists. It serves several items that are nearly identical to the much more popular Plaza Ice Cream Parlor at Magic Kingdom, but lacks the ambiance and popular location. Still, this is a great place to grab a sundae or gigantic Ice Cream Sandwich. The Sea Dog Sunfish on draft is an above average selection as well.

Dino Bite Snacks Seating

It also has dedicated seating that is usually deserted, in addition to air-conditioned seating inside Restaurantosaurus.


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