Diamond Horseshoe

7/31/15 Update: Menu updated.

Location: Diamond Horseshoe is located in between Liberty Tree Tavern and Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade in Frontierland.

Food Type: Sandwiches and Salads.

Dining Plan: One quick service credit and a couple items count as snacks.


Unique items: The shortened menu features unique takes on Disney standards.


  • There is plenty of seating, particularly on the second floor, which is among the quietest quick service seating on property.
  • Few people head in here, causing waits to be extremely short.  Your food will be ready just a minute or two after you order.
  • The carved sandwich meats are sliced while you wait.


  • Only serves lunch from 11am-3pm on busier days. May not open at all and usually just serves snacks after 3pm if it does remain open.
  • Sandwiches may or may not come with desirable toppings and there’s no toppings bar.  For a long time, the Turkey Sandwich was just a roll and two slices of turkey. Disney since added bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a cranberry mayonnaise, but cheese is still not available. It’s hard to say what they’ll offer the next time it’s open.
  • The Potato Chips are hit or miss. Some are salty and crunchy, while others soft and lack texture.
  • Because it’s rarely open, cast members may be confused about what’s available on the Dining Plan and what’s included in your meal, ultimately causing delays and confusion.

Value: Below average. Nothing here is memorable.

Reputation: Since it’s so rarely open, few people have eaten here in recent years. Some may remember the stage show that used to be performed here, but that’s long, long gone. This is a quick service for lunch and when it’s extremely busy, an all-you-care-to-enjoy dinner with the same menu as Liberty Tree Tavern next door.

Food Choices:

Barbecued Chicken Sandwich:

Similar to the barbecued pork sandwiches that permeate many theme park quick services, the chicken is very similar with a sweet barbecue sauce and pulled chicken.

Turkey Sandwich:

When I ordered the sandwich, the cast member mentioned that the toppings were something that they were “trying” and that the sandwich came with lettuce, tomato, and bacon. She said that she didn’t have a button to hold the toppings, but I could tell them at the counter that I wanted the sandwich without something.  It was made by the time I got there, but they probably would have made a new one if I had an aversion to bacon or something.

And a too-small-in-my-opinion dollop of cranberry mayo. Maybe the same one that tops the turkey sandwich at Flame Tree Barbecue.

The addition of the toppings make this a considerably better sandwich. Previously, it was just two slices of turkey on a bun. It still isn’t much more than “just a sandwich,” especially considering we still lack a slice of cheese. But the bacon is a nice addition. And the location is a lot of fun too. I don’t think it’s better than several other options, including the turkey sandwich over at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe or Main Street Barbecue, but it’s here and freshly prepared if you’re in the area and it’s open.

Chef Salad:

This makes it look pretty small, but the container is the standard size. Unlike comparing salads at your usual fast food places like Burger King, McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, etc. Disney salads just don’t differ much between establishments. They’re all served in the same containers with the same kinds of ingredients. In this instance, we get turkey and ham.


Unlike most salads, it was not served with a salad dressing mixed in or on the side, which means your options are Ken’s brand at the condiments bar. The only options on the lower level were the fatty Ranch and Caesar, which basically means you’d be better off getting something fried after mixing in two of the small-ish packets. Checking upstairs, I found a low fat balsamic vinaigrette, which I opted for because I’m watching my boyish figure. They also had crouton packets upstairs, so you may want to head up for a wider variety of choices.

Turkey Sandwich Kids Picks:

It’s a basic turkey sandwich.


Seating is on two levels.  This is about half of the first floor seating.  This also shows the area where you pick up your order.  You’ll first order at one of two registers at the front of the restaurant and then proceed around to the counter in the background to pick up your beverage and then your sandwiches and salads further down to the left.

You may also hear the world famous self-playing piano bust out into song during your meal.

I’ve eaten at Diamond Horseshoe five times over the last 18 months or so and I’ve only seen people on the second floor one time.  And remember that it’s only open when Magic Kingdom is slammed.  Head up the stairs for a quieter, more intimate barbecue sandwich.  There are a few regular tables up here along with standing-only tables.


Diamond Horseshoe offers your run-of-the-mill condiments upstairs and downstairs.  You’ll find your usual variety of Ken’s Salad dressings (Ranch, Caesar, Balsamic Vinaigrette).  Ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard are available in dispensers, along with bbq sauce in packets.  Napkins, straws, sugar, salt, and straws are plentiful.


  1. Ben says

    What the heck is a pork brisket? I’ve heard of beef brisket. I grew up on a farm where we raised all our own meat and have never seen a pork brisket.

  2. Heather says

    We actually ate here September 2012. The food was decent but the cast was rude. They made sure to let us know that we barely made it in the doors before they closed. Some others came in after us and they told them they shouldn’t have been allowed in. This was our first trip to Disney and I hadn’t studied quick service restaurants at all so we just happened to walk by when we were hungry and liked what we saw on the menu.

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