Crepes des Chefs de France

9/14/15 Update: Menu updated.

Crepes France Pavilion

Crepes des Chefs de France is located in the France Pavilion across from the Les Chefs de France restaurant.

Menu Crepes Epcot France Pavilion

It offers reasonably priced crepes, coffee drinks, and beverages.

Epcot France Chocolate Crepe

A crepe is a thin pancake often made from wheat flour. I was not paying a ton of attention, but I could have sworn the person poured fresh batter on a griddle and fried the crepe up fresh. Twitter seemed to think they were pre-made and simply heated up on the griddle. Having sampled a crepe in real life France about 12 years ago, I’m basically an expert on these things. And i would stipulate that the crepes here have the texture of a wet paper bag and don’t taste much better.

Chocolate Crepe France Epcot

For $3.99, I would characterize these as a very light snack – there is not a whole lot to them. The chocolate sauce didn’t add much sweetness to the crepe, despite looking pretty and plentiful on the plate. I’m not sure if people have had better experiences. Twitter also thought the ice cream here is better than just about anywhere else on property.


  1. Chris says

    I have recently developed a love for crepes after trying Nutella crepes at our local breakfast resturant. Mmmmm!! Crepes stuffed with bananas and drenched with melty Nutella spread. YUMMY!!!

  2. josh says

    That purple/white logo to the right of the price is the snack credit logo. So everything other than the Ice Cream Crepe and beer would count as a snack credit.

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