Best Hollywood Studios Quick Service

Hollywood Studios is not known for its quick service food, but there are reliably good options at several locations.  Let’s take a look:

Most Unique Menu

  1. ABC Commissary
  2. Studio Catering Company
  3. Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner
  4. Sunset Ranch Market (Catalina Eddie’s, Fairfax Fare, Rosie’s All American Cafe and Toluca Turkey Legs).
  5. Backlot Express
  6. Starring Rolls Cafe
  7. Toy Story Pizza Planet

NY Strip Steak ABC Commissary Hollywood Studios Review

None of the quick service options at Hollywood Studios are particularly out there, instead relying mostly on unique interpretations from Disney’s standard quick service repertoire. There are a few standouts though, particularly at ABC Commissary, which offers this New York Strip Steak, in addition to Asian and Couscous salads that are unique, in addition to roasted salmon and a burger that stands out with its sriracha aioli and fried shrimp.

Studio Catering Pulled Beef Brisket Sandwich Review

Studio Catering Co. arrives in second with six entrees that are unique in that you won’t find the exact same thing elsewhere, but the pieces that make up each should be familiar. Above is the Pulled Beef Brisket Sandwich, which is a little different than your standard pulled pork sandwich. The Greek Salad and Vegetable Wrap also stand out.

Barbecue Pork Macaroni Cheese min Bill's Hollywood Studios

With items like the Barbecued Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese, Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl, and Melon Salad with blueberries, feta, avocado, and tomato, Min & Bill’s offers a few unique items that are different than what’s available elsewhere. Even the Foot-Long Hot Dog with Chili and Cheese is different the dogs found at Casey’s Corner and elsewhere.

While most of the items at the quick services that make up Sunset Ranch Market can be found in at least one other theme park, there are unique items like the Fairfax Salad above, which is a wedge salad topped with barbecued pork, bacon, roasted corn tomato salsa, and a jalapeno ranch dressing, among other things. The Hot Italian Sandwich at Catalina Eddie’s is unique and the burger toppings at Rosie’s All-American Cafe are a little different.

Backlot Express Cantaloupe Cucumber Salad

Backlot Express is largely your standard Disney burgers, chicken nuggets, and hot dogs, but the salads do offer some variety and the nuggets come with the option of adding a mildly spicy buffalo sauce.  The Grilled Vegetable Sandwich and Pressed Turkey Club are unique or rare as well.

Entree-wise, Starring Rolls Cafe doesn’t have a whole lot to offer on the unique front. The sushi is the same as what’s served at Katsura Grill at Epcot and nearly every resort quick service on property. The cold sandwiches are unique in their preparation, but you won’t have to look far to find something else with turkey and bread.

The only unique item at Pizza Planet is this Antipasto Salad with salami, pepperoni, kalamata olives, mozzarella, tomatoes, chopped romaine, and Italian vinaigrette. The menu is otherwise standard Disney pizza exactly like Pizzafari at Animal Kingdom and most resort quick services.

While you won’t find anything as unique as Tangierine Cafe or Harambe Market at Hollywood Studios, there are some unique items on most of the menus. And the good news is that the unique items tend to be fresh and flavorful, which is perhaps more important than a larger quantity of items just for the sake of being different.

Most Expensive Meal on the Dining Plan

  1. Sunset Ranch Market – $22.88 (Avg. entree: $10.91, Most: $15.69)
  2. Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner – $19.78 (Avg. entree: $9.68, Most: $11.99)
  3. ABC Commissary – $19.68 (Avg. entree: $10.99, Most expensive: $12.49)
  4. Toy Story Pizza Planet – $18.28 (Avg. entree: $9.57, Most: $10.69)
  5. Backlot Express – $18.18 (Avg. entree: $9.37, Most expensive: $10.99)
  6. Starring Rolls Cafe – $18.08 (Avg. entree: $10.24, Most: $10.49)
  7. Studio Catering Company – $17.68 (Avg. entree: $9.47, Most: $10.49)

The most expensive quick service entree by more than a few dollars is the Chicken and Spareribs at Fairfax Fare. You’ll also find two more entrees that are above average in the $13.49 Turkey Leg and $13 1/2 slab of spareribs.

Disney World Jumbo Turkey Leg Review

Next up is the Jumbo Turkey Leg, served at Min & Bill’s with Chips for $11.99. If you’re after the turkey leg, you might want to instead visit Fairfax Fare, where they serve the same legs for $13.49 with baked beans and coleslaw.

ABC Commissary has added several expensive propositions, including the salmon, which is the most expensive entree on the menu at $12.49. Also expensive are the $11.99 steak, $11.69 couscous salad with salmon, and $11.49 burger. You can do almost as good here as anywhere else if you eliminate Fairfax Fare’s most expensive combo entree.

Add three bites of sausage and a $1 to the price and you get Toy Story Pizza Planet’s most expensive entree, which is a $10.69 Meat Lover’s Pizza. Other entrees all hover under $10.

Pressed Turkey Sandwich Backlot Express

Backlot Express’ most expensive entree is its Angus Bacon Cheeseburger with Onion Straws and Horseradish Sauce at $10.99, followed closely by the Pressed Turkey Club pictured above. Backlot is otherwise the least expensive quick service by average entree price and far from your best bet for those looking for the most expensive meals.

Both of the main entrees at Starring Rolls come in at $10.49. The bonus here is the significantly larger selection of desserts, some of which cost about $1 more than the average pre-made quick service dessert.

Turkey Cheese Panini Review Studio Catering Hollywood Boulevard

Studio Catering Co. comes in last with two entrees at the $10.49 price point, including this Turkey and Cheese Panini with Tomato Basil Soup pictured above.

Those looking to maximize their quick service credits by purchasing the most expensive meal possible will want to look no further than Fairfax Fare’s Chicken and Spareribs Combo. If that doesn’t sound good, most other options are similarly priced, though ABC Commissary does stand out with several entrees over $11.

Best Value Out of Pocket

  1. Studio Catering Company
  2. Starring Rolls Cafe
  3. Sunset Ranch Market
  4. ABC Commissary
  5. Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner
  6. Backlot Express
  7. Toy Story Pizza Planet

Studio Catering Co. arrives in first place with an array of relatively unique, quality sandwiches and soups that are a little different than what you’ll find just about anywhere else. Best are the Turkey and Cheese Panini, Beef Brisket Sandwich, Vegetable Wrap, and Greek Salad.

While Starring Rolls’ sandwich menu is limited, what it does offer is reliably very good and the quick service gets bonus points for its variety of high quality desserts.

Five or six establishments make up Sunset Ranch Market, each offering up largely Disney standard quick food with a bit of flair. Quality and consistency tend to be higher here than the quick services that fall lower on the list, perhaps because each is able to better specialize in executing just a few items well.

ABC Commissary’s menu runs the gamut, from high quality salads and salmon to forgettable fast food fish and an unappealing steak. Overall, it’s a middling choice due to its inconsistencies.

Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner’s menu changes more often than just about any other theme park quick service. Its current iteration is mostly items that can be found elsewhere for similar money and nothing on the menu presents discernibly high value over the other choices.

Backlot Express isn’t “bad” per se, it’s just that it’s basically Disney’s standard quick service menu of hot dogs, burgers, chicken nuggets, and salads. The sandwiches don’t present much value here with their paltry fillings and the chicken salad is disappointing.

Toy Story Planet pulls up the rear. Again, just because it comes in last place doesn’t mean it’s terrible, it’s just difficult to argue that previously-frozen personal pan pizzas for ~$10 are a good value. Still, this is how much Disney pizza costs and you can’t do much better on the quick service pizza front.

Best Seating

  1. Backlot Express
  2. ABC Commissary
  3. Toy Story Pizza Planet
  4. Studio Catering Company
  5. Starring Rolls Cafe
  6. Sunset Ranch Market
  7. Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner

Backlot Express is the Studios’ best themed quick service, providing such a believable backstage area that most people probably don’t even think twice about where they’re seated. More importantly, the air-conditioning is comfortable and there’s plentiful covered patio seating outside, in addition to outdoor tables with a view of Jedi Training Academy next door.

ABC Commissary Outdoor Seating

ABC Commissary comes in second place, also offering plentiful indoor, air-conditioned seating, in addition to outdoor tables with umbrellas. It loses points because the indoor seating area isn’t nearly as interesting, instead mimicking a cafeteria one might find at a movie studio, and outdoor tables are fewer in number and provide less cover.

Pizza Planet Arcade Games Seating

Pizza Planet’s second floor seating area is a good bet. The first floor tends to be loud with the arcade games and acoustics of the seating area. Outside, tables aren’t as well covered as some of the better-rated options.

With ample coverage, fans, and an airy overall atmosphere, Studio Catering Co. offers the largest and most comfortable seating area of

Food Availability

  1. Sunset Ranch Market
  2. ABC Commissary
  3. Toy Story Pizza Planet
  4. Backlot Express
  5. Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner
  6. Studio Catering Company
  7. Starring Rolls Cafe

This might seem like an odd category, but Hollywood Studios is fairly unique in the fact that many of its counter service locations close prior to dinner. For example, don’t be surprised if Toy Story Pizza Planet, Backlot Express, and Studio Catering Company close at or before 6pm. In addition, Starring Rolls routinely closes at 3 or 4pm and may run out of sandwiches in the early afternoon. ABC Commissary and Sunset Ranch Market reliably stay open until Park close, but that’s often the only two, causing lines at Sunset Ranch Market (near Fantasmic) in particular to be long after 7pm when there are few other options. Double check your Times Guide so you don’t get stuck.

Best Food

  1. Starring Rolls Cafe
  2. Studio Catering Company
  3. Sunset Ranch Market
  4. ABC Commissary
  5. Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner
  6. Toy Story Pizza Planet
  7. Backlot Express

This list again mirrors “Best Value Out of Pocket” for the most part, through Starring Rolls rises to first place when you ignore the cost and instead focus on quality and flavor. And again, all of these quick services are operated by Disney and you don’t see a gigantic difference in quality between the top and bottom spots. Disney pizza is just fine if it’s what you’re expecting and Backlot Express reliably serves up Disney’s basic quick service meal. Don’t let a low ranking necessarily dissuade you from visiting.

Overall Best Counter Service at the Hollywood Studios

  1. Studio Catering Company
  2. Sunset Ranch Market
  3. ABC Commissary
  4. Backlot Express
  5. Toy Story Pizza Planet
  6. Starring Rolls Cafe
  7. Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner

Studio Catering offers up high quality quick service fare with enough options to satisfy most groups. It gets points for being less busy than other quick services and while its seating is all outdoors, the tall roof covers the area well and keeps it cooler than most other outdoor spaces.

Sunset Ranch Market offers a huge variety of Disney quick service favorites, though having to visit multiple windows to order different types of food can be a hassle and seating is all outdoors.

ABC Commissary is a significantly better choice than it once was, particularly if you stick with the salmon, salads, and burgers. Plentiful air-conditioned seating goes a long way too.

Backlot Express also provides a comfortable atmosphere inside and out, in addition to more menu variety than most of the remaining choices. Healthier options are also available.

If this was a list of best places to pick up a cupcake, then Starring Rolls would fare a lot better. But with just two sandwiches as entrees, in addition to the same fast food sushi that is available all over, it doesn’t fare well in this discussion. Add to that the fact that it closes at 3pm or 4pm daily, is cramped, and doesn’t offer any indoor seating, and you come away with a quick service that may not be ideal for a full meal. On the other hand, if cold turkey or ham sandwiches sound good, then you may want to pay it a visit during the day.

Min & Bill’s falls to last place, unfortunately. While I used to recommend it, the new menu doesn’t fare as well and the picnic table seating isn’t particularly interesting or comfortable. Still, it’s a good choice for snacks and some people may prefer the quick ordering process and convenient location to the front of the Park across from the Frozen Sing-Along.


  1. Andrea says

    On a february 2013 visit to WDW HS, i had the quinoa salad with salmon at abc commissary… It was delicious!!! So fresh and tasty after lots of sandwiches + fries from other parks. I found your site because I was trying to google the recipe… Try it!

  2. mike says

    Really the worst park for counter service. So. I usually do 2 table service one at 50s and one at mama Melrose

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