Best Epcot Quick Service

7/20/15 Update: Completely revamped and added pictures.

Epcot is where you’ll find the most diversity in your dining options. While you’ll still be able to sniff out a hamburger, it won’t be as easy as at Magic Kingdom where it seems like they’re haunting you at every turn.

Most Unique Menu

  1. Tangierine Café
  2. Katsura Grill
  3. La Cantina de San Angel
  4. Boulangerie Patisserie
  5. Sunshine Seasons
  6. Lotus Blossom Café
  7. Liberty Inn
  8. Sommerfest
  9. Kringla Bakeri og Kafe
  10. Electric Umbrella
  11. Yorkshire County Fish Shop

The majority of the items at Epcot’s quick services are at a minimum somewhat unique, even if it means beef brisket and fried onion petals topping the usual burger at Electric Umbrella or the Louisiana-style Shrimp and Maryland Crab Cakes that join the usual suspects at Liberty Inn. Even Yorkshire County Fish Shop in the United Kingdom Pavilion offers exactly one entree in its Fish & Chips. And while you’re find fish and chips in a lot of locations, they are a different style that’s prepared better than any other quick service. This list is otherwise sorted by the quantity and variety of items found at the major quick services compared to what you would find at the other theme park quick services. So while Mexican food is ubiquitous in the “real world,” there’s only one other outlet for fast food tacos in Walt Disney World, and it’s only open from 11am-3pm on select days at Tortuga Tavern in Magic Kingdom.

Offering falafel, lamb shawarma, kefta, tabouleh, couscous, lentils, and more, there’s nothing else close to Tangierine Cafe in Morocco.

Shrimp Udon Katsura Grill Review

Teriyaki is surprisingly underrepresented at Walt Disney World and this is the only location you’ll find items like teriyaki chicken, beef, and teriyaki, in addition to more imaginative items like the Chicken Cutlet Curry, Tempura Shrimp Udon, and Green Tea Cheese Cake.

Epcot Mexico Pollo Cascabel Review

La Cantina offers far more than your usual tacos and burritos, like the Pollo Casabel – Grilled Chicken, Mexican Rice, Corn, Cascabel Sauce and Pickled Onions. A Mexican salad, barbacoa tacos, nachos, and other items that aren’t found elsewhere join the lineup.

Boulangerie Patisserie gets a lot of points for its 20+ unique desserts, from boxes of macarons to its flan tart with cherries to its beignet filled with chocolate and hazlenuts, in addition to unique savory items like the pissaladiere, which is basically a French bread pizza with tomatoes, olives, and gruyere cheese. Other unique items include Croissant Jambon Fromage, which is a croissant with ham, cheese, and bechamel or the Brie Aux Pommes, which is a multigrain bread topped with apples, brie, and cranberries.

Flavors begin to be a bit more familiar starting with Sunshine Seasons, but you’ll still find items like these Spicy Fish Tacos with Poblano Pepper Aioli and Tamarind Vegan Beef with Jasmine Rice that are unlike anything anywhere else. And while the menu consists of items like sandwiches and salads, the preparations are unique enough that it stands out against similar quick services.

Lotus Blossom Epcot Shrimp Fried Rice

Offering just six entrees, Lotus Blossom’s menu is largely unique, but it doesn’t offer enough quantity to rise higher on the list. Yak & Yeti at Animal Kingdom also offers a similar menu of Asian-inspired dishes and Sunshine Seasons does things like Mongolian Beef and Sweet and Sour Chicken better. Still, China’s principal fast food outlet serves up Orange Chicken, Shrimp Fried Rice, and Hong Kong Style Vegetable Curry over Rice with chicken that aren’t replicated elsewhere.

Epcot Maryland Crab Cakes Liberty Inn

Liberty Inn’s menu continues to evolve from what was once confined solely to Disney’s standard quick service smorgasbord of chicken nuggets and hamburgers. You’ll still find those items, but the menu has been expanded to include things like Maryland Crab Cakes with Old Bay Fries, a New York Strip Steak, and a Freshly Grilled Vegetarian “Chich’n” Breast with Guacamole and Chipotle Corn Salsa. So if you’re up in World Showcase and the kids won’t eat anything other than Mac ‘n Cheese or a Hamburger, then you can still order something beyond the norm.

Sommerfest Epcot Currywurst Review

Sommerfest only offers three main entrees – frankfurter, bratwurst, and currywurst and while the flavors are unique, the idea isn’t that far away from your standard hot dog or something like Promenade Refreshment’s Buffalo and Bison Sausage. But while the quantity of unique items isn’t necessarily there, the quality is very good for the money and you can do very well at Germany’s quick service.

Kringla Salmon Egg Sandwich

In Norway, Kringla’s most unique entree is probably its Salmon and Egg sandwich, but the others don’t delve far from standard flavors and there isn’t anything specifically unique, perhaps with the exception of the Vegetable Torte. And while largely a tasty selection, the desserts offer similar flavors to a lot of other desserts as well.

Vegetarian Flatbread Electric Umbrella

While Electric Umbrella has improved its menu with items like the Vegetarian Flatbread, Naan Sandwich, and Sausage and Pepper Sandwich, it still boasts just seven total entrees, none of which are overtly unique.

Fish Chips Epcot Yorkshire Epcot United Kingdom

Finally, Yorkshire Fish offers just one entree in its Fish & Chips and exactly one dessert in its Victoria Sponge Cake. While I like the fish and chips a lot, it doesn’t make for a unique menu.

Most Expensive Meal on the Dining Plan

  1. Tangierine Café –  $22.47 (Avg. Entrée: $12.89; Most Expensive: $14.99)
  2. Sunshine Seasons – $20.78 (Avg Entrée: $10.85; Most Expensive: $12.99)
  3. Katsura Grill – $20.31 (Avg. Entree Cost: $10.63; Most Expensive: $12.99)
  4. La Cantina de San Angel – $19.38 (Avg. Entrée: $10.54; Most: $12.50)
  5. Liberty Inn – $18.47 (Avg. Entrée: $9.81; Most Expensive: $11.49)
  6. Lotus Blossom – $18.45 (Avg. Entrée: $9.98; Most Expensive: $11.95)
  7. Boulangerie Patisserie – $18.25 (Avg. Entrée: $8.72; Most: $9.50)
  8. Electric Umbrella – $18.17 (Avg. Entrée: $9.64; Most Expensive: $10.99)
  9. Sommerfest – $16.77 (Avg. Entree: $8.02; Most Expensive: $9.29)
  10. Yorkshire Fish – $16.67 (Avg. Entrée: $9.49; Most Expensive: $9.49)
  11. Kringla Bakeri – $16.17 (Avg. Entrée: $7.87; Most Expensive: $8.49)

Epcot quick services basically see three tiers with the most expensive in the $19-22 range, followed by several in the $18 range and three under $17 when you add up the most expensive entree, dessert, and regular fountain beverage.

The most expensive entree at Epcot is Tangierine Cafe’s Chicken/Lamb Shawarma Combo, which is a tremendous amount of food and an excellent value on the Disney Dining Plan. Add baklava or another dessert and you have Epcot’s most expensive meal. With another entree at $15, two more at $14, and four more at $12, it’s easy to put together one of the more expensive meals even if you don’t opt for Combo or the Mediterranean Sliders.

With four entrees over $12, including this Pork Chop with cheddar mashed potatoes and barbecue sauce, you can put together an expensive meal at Sunshine Seasons as well.

Tonosama Combo Katsura Grill

Katsura offers three entrees at the $13 price point, including the Tonosama Combo pictured above, the Salmon Teriyaki, and Chicken Cutlet Curry. But the sushi entrees, topping out at $10, aren’t a terrific value for those trying to maximize their Dining Plan.

La Cantina de San Angel’s Tacos de Barbacoa and Churros dessert make up the last meal priced over $19 on the list. At $12.25, the Pollo Cascabel isn’t far behind, though the $9 Ensalada Mexicana and $8 Guacamole with Totopas are laggards in the price column.

Epcot Liberty Inn Steak Review

Liberty Inn has two entrees at the $11.49 price point – this New York Strip and a burger topped with a crab cake, but the most expensive meal is about $ under Tangierine Cafe at the top.

Hong Konh Chicken Epcot China Lotus Blottom

Lotus Blossom Cafe’s Chicken with Hong Kong Style Vegetable Curry over rice at $11.95 is its most expensive entree by far. If you ordered any of the other entrees though, you’d have put together a meal that would appear near the bottom of this list.

Boulangerie Patisserie’s most expensive entrees are vegetarian, whether we’re talking about this cheese plate or the Bleu Cheese Salad. Other sandwiches come in between $8-$9, but you can find additional value with one of the more expensive, unique desserts, like the White and Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake.

Electric Umbrella French Dip Burger

While the reality isn’t quite as attractive as the menu picture (is it ever), you can still do well at Electric Umbrella with the $11 French Dip Burger or $10 Vegetarian Flatbread.

Epcot Currywurst Sommerfest Germany

Sommerfest only has one entree over $9 in this Currywurst with Paprika Chips. The other sub-$8 entrees are even worse choices on the Disney Dining Plan, at least as far as maximizing your credits is concerned.

Epcot United Kingdom Yorkshire Fish Chips

Just the one $9.49 entree at Yorkshire, in addition to the $4.19 sponge cake dessert. While it’s not the most expensive meal available, if everyone’s on board, you could do worse with some of the less expensive entrees elsewhere.

Norway Epcot Sandwich

With only a selection of sandwiches that top out at $8.49, Kringla isn’t the greatest value on the Dining Plan and comes in with the lowest priced, highest priced meal. If that makes any sense.

Best Value Out of Pocket

  1. Sunshine Seasons
  2. Tangierine Café
  3. Kringla Bakeri og Kafé
  4. Yorkshire County Fish Shop
  5. Boulangerie Patisserie
  6. Sommerfest
  7. Liberty Inn
  8. Katsura Grill
  9. La Cantina de San Angel
  10. Lotus Blossom
  11. Electric Umbrella

Dollar for dollar, you’re going to come away with the freshest, highest quality quick service meal at Sunshine Seasons. Entrees tend to be about a dollar more than average, but the quality makes up for it, particularly among the Asian and grill options.

Tangierine Cafe is a close second. While the entrees tend to be priced higher than the competition, quality is higher and portions are larger than most. Consider sharing the Shawarma Combo or Mediterranean Sliders and enjoy snacking around World Showcase without filling up on a fried gut bomb elsewhere.

Kringla is modestly priced and their sandwiches are filling with quality ingredients. The various baked goods and treats are generally priced lower than others with higher quality.

Yorkshire’s Fish and Chips are better than any other theme park quick service, reliably fried up crispy with flavorful fish and the thick cut, meaty steak fries are arguably better than Disney’s thinner fast-food-style fries found elsewhere.

Boulangerie serves up a tremendous number of freshly made treats, in addition to reasonably priced sandwiches, salads, and other savory options. Not everything is fantastic, but you can get a good idea about what something will taste like by seeing it in the case prior to purchase – something that isn’t offered at a lot of places.

Sommerfest is priced lower than most other quick services and its entrees are large and filling. The Nudel Gratin, priced under four dollars, is also fantastic, as are the Bavarian Pretzels when they’re fresh.

Liberty Inn’s value is average for the most part, largely offering Disney standards with a twist. The steak is a very good value and you can make a solid argument for the Maryland Crab Cakes, but the nuggets, chicken sandwiches, and salads are standard issue at standard prices.

Katsura Grill’s quality isn’t great on its teriyaki or sushi and most people will have a local joint that does both significantly better. Still, items like the Chicken Cutlet Curry and Beef Udon are very good.

It’s difficult to keep track of La Cantina’s menu, which has shifted dramatically several times in the last year. The current iteration offers some quality items at prices that are about $2 more than average, but there’s really nothing particularly memorable here. Mexican food is easy enough and cheap enough elsewhere that there isn’t much point in visiting here, even if it smells good as you pass.

Lotus Blossom’s prices are below average, but so is the quality. You can do a lot better for not a whole lot more money at Sunshine Seasons in Future World or Yak & Yeti at Animal Kingdom.

Finally, while Electric Umbrella has made strides in sprucing up its menu, there still isn’t much to say on the value front when discussing $11 burgers and $10 chicken nuggets. At the very best, quality is average.

Best Seating

  1. Sunshine Seasons
  2. Electric Umbrella
  3. Liberty Inn
  4. Katsura Grill
  5. Lotus Blossom
  6. Tangierine Café
  7. Kringla Bakeri og Café
  8. Boulangerie Patisserie
  9. La Cantina de San Angel
  10. Yorkshire County Fish Shop
  11. Sommerfest

With plentiful air-conditioned seating in a surprisingly calm and visually interesting atmosphere, Sunshine Seasons is far and away your best bet for air-conditioning or protection from the elements.

Electric Umbrella Seating

Also in Future World, Electric Umbrella comes in second place, offering indoor, air-conditioned seating and outdoor patio seating that’s well covered. It loses points because it’s usually more hectic inside and the second floor seating, which is much more relaxed, is rarely open.

Liberty Inn World Showcase Air-conditioned Seating

Liberty Inn is your only choice for air-conditioned seating in World Showcase outside of small areas at Katsura Grill in Japan and Boulangerie Patisserie in France. It’s loud and not particularly stimulating, but if it’s 100 degrees out and/or raining, you might not care.

Seating Katsura Grill

Offering the prettiest and most tranquil outdoor seating of any Epcot quick service, in addition to a small air-conditioned seating area inside, Katsura Grill is one of the more pleasant areas in World Showcase.

Seating China Epcot World Showcase

While Lotus Blossom Cafe’s seating area is all outside, it’s well covered and fans help move cool air throughout the area.

A few covered tables are located inside Tangierine Cafe, but most are outside and relatively unprotected from the elements.

Kringla offers a small seating location behind the quick service. It’s less than obvious from the street, so it isn’t usually crowded with those just looking to get off their feet for a minute, but it’s typically cramped without much to look at.

Boulangerie’s indoor seating area is among the most hectic at Epcot with cramped tables and high tops strewn throughout an area that’s too small. If available and assuming the weather is tolerable, try to find a seat outside or stick to the more portable options.

Epcot La Hacienda Seating Lunch Cantina San Angel

La Cantina de San Angel’s seating is pleasant enough, save for the fact that there isn’t enough of it, particularly in the evening. Through about 3:30pm, guests have the option of heading into La Hacienda de San Angel for air-conditioning. But all bets are off in the evening, when the majority of people are going to be saving tables to watch IllumiNations, many of whom won’t have food. Head up the stairs across the way to find some hidden tables right outside the entrance to the pyramid.

Epcot United Kingdom UK Seatting Yorkshire Pub

Like La Cantina, Yorkshire in the United Kingdom has very pleasant seating on paper. The reality is that there are only about eight tables in the main seating area next to the quick service, in addition to a few uncovered tables outside the Pub, and another seating section to the left of Rose & Crown. The review has more ideas on how to find a table.

Sommerfest has virtually no tables inside or out and most guests will need to find a ledge around the fountain or a bench of some variety elsewhere. It’s a big deterrent, but there are typically few people eating here with its limited menu.

Best Food

  1. Sunshine Seasons
  2. Tangierine Café
  3. Boulangerie Patisserie
  4. Kringla Bakeri og Café
  5. Yorkshire County Fish Shop
  6. Sommerfest
  7. La Cantina de San Angel
  8. Liberty Inn
  9. Electric Umbrella
  10. Katsura Grill
  11. Lotus Blossom

This list is very similar to the “Best Value Out of Pocket” section above, which takes into account quality, portion size, and price in determining value. This list only accounts for food quality and because of that, there are a few differences. Lotus Blossom falls to the bottom when you don’t consider that the food is less expensive than most other options. Boulangerie Patisserie does a little better with the multitude of tasty treats offered and La Cantina also fares a bit better when eliminate pricing concerns. But the list is largely the same.

Overall Best Quick Service at Epcot

  1. Sunshine Seasons
  2. Tangierine Café
  3. Katsura Grill
  4. Boulangerie Patisserie
  5. Liberty Inn
  6. La Cantina de San Angel
  7. Sommerfest
  8. Kringla Bakeri og Kafe
  9. Electric Umbrella
  10. Yorkshire County Fish Shop
  11. Lotus Blossom Café

The first two choices top most of the categories and are far and away your best bets. They’re also in two locations that should be convenient at different times in your touring plan, so it should be easy to do Sunshine Seasons for lunch and Tangierine Cafe for dinner. Katsura Grill gets big points for variety and menu uniqueness, in addition to a comfortable seating area and friendly service. Boulangerie Patisserie earns points on variety and quality, though it sees deductions for its confusing ordering procedure and what can be a hectic atmosphere. Liberty Inn rounds out the top five with plenty of options with air-conditioned and patio seating.

While I’d like to see more variety at La Cantina, its waterside seating area is pleasant when tables are available early in the day and there are enough options that most people should find something satisfying. Sommerfect is tough because while the food is unique and very good, there are only a few options and seating is scarce. But it remains a good option for those that can make it work. Kringla is an excellent stop for a treat or a snack, but its sandwich entrees aren’t particularly inspriding, which drops its ranking on this list. It would fare much better if we were only considering $4 treats rather than a full meal.

Electric Umbrella rounds out the bottom three choices, offering Disney’s standard quick service options with just a couple bright spots. Most people looking for food in Future World will want to check out Sunshine Seasons. I really like Yorkshire County Fish Shop, but it can be difficult to look past the fact that it offers exactly one entree and exactly one dessert. Comfortable seating can also be difficult to find, particularly in the evening. But you’re in luck if fish and chips is what you’re looking for, particularly if you’re not on the Dining Plan so you can find dessert elsewhere. Lotus Blossom doesn’t have a lot to offer in my opinion. Better Chinese food is available elsewhere and the seating area and menu aren’t unique enough to beckon a visit.

Overall, there’s a lot of good food at Epcot and it may be difficult to narrow down your choices. I’d take a long look at Sunshine Seasons and Tangierine Cafe – most people will want to visit for the great food and atmosphere.


  1. Steve says

    One nice thing about Electric Umbrella is that the soft drinks are self-serve, which means you can get free refills. Of course you don’t actually have to purchase the beverage at EU in the first place if you want to be a bit sneaky…

  2. Julia says

    The Greek salad at Electric Umbrella is a nice change, tasty, and worth a mention.
    The fruit bowl is a nice option for desert as well.

  3. Mike says

    Epcot has the best food of all 4 parks, and beats them by a mile. Just so many different options, probably the only way you wouldn’t prefer Epcot to other places is if you have picky or very resistant to change type of eaters who need hot dogs/hamburgers or deep fried chicken parts.

    Didn’t do Mexico or China because where I live there’s plenty of those types of foods, Italy I didn’t either because I eat that at just about every family gathering (Sicilian here), Moroccan food was extremely tasty (except the “mixed greens” that was like eating plastic), German food tasted a bit over done but that could have been the buffet style and I just happened to be in at the wrong time although the desserts were scrumptious, and even Sunshine Seasons which was more “tame” was extremely tasty I even ate the potato salad with my dish and I don’t like potato salad (no mayo in this version) I almost wish I spent more days in Epcot just eating but there wasn’t terribly much to do there other than eat and once you’ve seen all the different countries there wasn’t much “replay” to it.

  4. Sue says

    I have to disagree with your review of La Cantina, I love their Carne Asada tacos! It’s become one of our fav places in Epcot along with Sunshine Seasons and Morocco.

  5. Jeff says

    Thanks for doing these “Best of” reviews. I’ve been to Epcot dozens of times over the last few years but never stray past the usual burger fare when at any of the parks. When I went this weekend, I tried Tangierine Café based on the ranking here… and found the Kefta Sandwich to be probably the best fast food item I’ve ever eaten… somewhat like a much-improved cross between a burger and a taco… super super good. Thanks!

  6. Toby says

    La Cantina is our least favorite, our kids enjoy nine dragons. My personal favorite is Kringla (school bread is the tiebreaker) just over tangierine. Oldest daughter loves the fish and chips in Great Britain.

  7. says

    Love Epcot food… hate the kid menu items.
    “Hey kids! Isn’t this cool! Food from all over the world! Diversity, uniqueness, untold adventures!

    …so what’ll it be junior? Chicken fingers or a PB and J sandwich?

    Seriously, what pavilions offer cool and regional items on the kids menu?


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