Best Animal Kingdom Quick Service

While Animal Kingdom’s quick service options are fewer in number than the other major theme parks, they are all above average in the grand scheme of things.

Most Unique Menu

  1. Harambe Market
  2. Yak & Yeti (Anandupar Local Foods Café)
  3. Flame Tree Barbecue
  4. Restaurantosaurus
  5. Pizzafari

Beef Kabob Flatbread Harambe Market

Animal Kingdom’s newest major quick service is also its most unique, serving items like Spice-rubbed Karubi Ribs and Beef Kabob Sandwiches. There’s really nothing else like it, and unlike a lot of these rankings where uniqueness is based solely on how common it is at Disney World, there aren’t a lot of other fast food joints around the country that offer this sort of thing. How many other theme parks serve entrees with a side of Chickpea, Cucumber, and Tomato Salad or offer a half dozen South African wines?

Yak & Yeti serves Asian-inspired food like Stir-Fried Korean Chicken abnd Teriyaki Beef that is surprisingly underrepresented at Walt Disney World. You won’t really find any Chinese, Japanese, or Korean food at Hollywood Studios or Magic Kingdom, and it’s rare at the resorts.

Pulled Pork Sandwich Flame Tree BBQ

While Flame Tree Barbecue’s menu is not overtly unique, its recipes and preparations largely are, like this BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with smoked pulled pork and pickled slaw (not pictured). Other items like the Watermelon Salad, Jamaican Jerk Chicken Salad, and Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich are unique.

Restaurantosaurus Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Restaurantosaurus is largely your standard Disney burgers and nuggets, but there are some twists like this Grilled Chicken Sandwich with tomato remoulade and bacon. Other unique touches include the Black Bean Burger topped with a house-made avocado spread.

Pizzafari Heart of Romaine Salad

Pizzafari falls to last place, largely serving Disney’s standard individual pizzas. But there is the unique Heart of Romaine Salad pictured above, in addition to Baked Pasta Bolognese that you won’t find anywhere else.

Most Expensive Meal on the Dining Plan

  1. Flame Tree Barbecue – $24.07 (Avg. Entree: $11.52; Most Expensive: $16.19)
  2. Harambe Market – $21.17  (Avg. Entree: $10.22; Most Expensive: $13.39)
  3. Pizzafari – $19.87 (Avg. Entree Price $10.12; Most Expensive: $11.99
  4. Restaurantosaurus – $18.27 (Avg. Entree Price: $9.94; Most Expensive: $10.69)
  5. Yak & Yeti  – $18.17 (Avg Entree Price: $9.99; Most Expensive:$10.99)

Flame Tree Barbecue Chicken and Ribs Combo

Flame Tree and its Ribs and Chicken Combo is well ahead of the competition at a whopping $16.19, which is the same price point as similar dishes at Comsic Ray’s Starlight Cafe at Magic Kingdom and Fairfax Fare at Hollywood Studios. The Ribs and Turkey Leg are also pricey at $12.99.

Harambe Market Ribs Karubi Chef Mwanga's

Harambe Market’s Spice-rubbed Karubi Ribs along with the African Milk Tart and a fountain beverage make up the second most expensive meal possible. The ribs are a ton of meat and the portion is large enough to share between two people that aren’t looking to leave stuffed.

Baked Pasta Bolognese Pizzafari

Pizzafari’s most expensive meal is the $11.99 Baked Pasta Bolognese, Tiramisu, and a fountain beverage. However, the second most expensive entree is an overpriced $10.69 Meat Lovers Pizza and other entrees are all under $10, which reduces the value of the Plan for those not planning to purchase the pasta.

Restaurantosaurus Black Bean Burger Animal Kingdom

Each of Restaurantosaurus’s $10+ entrees are burgers, with the Angus Bacon Cheeseburger the most expensive at $10.69. The Black Bean Burger pictured above is $10.29, which is about average for Disney quick service entrees.

Best Value Out of Pocket

  1. Flame Tree Barbecue
  2. Harambe Market
  3. Yak & Yeti
  4. Restaurantosaurus
  5. Pizzafari

While Flame Tree’s menu includes three of the most expensive entrees at Animal Kingdom, the quality is high enough to justify the prices, in addition to several other entrees in the $10 range. For the money, the Pulled Pork Sandwich in particular is better than anywhere else. There’s a reason Flame Tree is so so heavily touted and it’s one of the three or four best quick services in any Park.

Harambe Market offers surprisingly innovative quick service food in a bright, richly detailed setting that’s perfect in cooler temperatures. The Karubi Ribs are easily shareable and items like the Boerewors Sausage and Grilled Beef Kabob Flatbread are spiced well

Yak & Yeti occasionally suffers from some consistency issues that rarely plague Disney-operated stablishments, but prices are below average for the most part and the kitchen usually executes dishes like the Honey Chicken well. Add a side of Chicken Fried Rice and two people should be able to get out of here for around $15 for food.

Restaurantosaurus largely offers Disney staples like burgers and nuggets and standard prices, making it an average value at best. But some guests may prefer the simpler food and there are enough twists on the usual recipes to keep things interesting.  It’s also the only quick service at Animal Kingdom that offers refillable fountain beverages, which is potentially a nice caffeine kick.

It’s hard to argue that $10 previously frozen personal-size pizzas offer much value, but they may also be just what you’re looking for. The Heart of Romaine Salad in particular is also very good and the Tiramisu dessert is better than average.

Best Seating

  1. Restaurantosaurus
  2. Pizzafari
  3. Flame Tree BBQ
  4. Yak & Yeti
  5. Harambe Market

Offering plentiful air-conditioned seating inside, in addition to patio and terrace seating outdoors, Restaurantosaurus is an easy win.

Pizzafari offers a similar amount of air-conditioned seating inside with bright murals adorning the walls. The space is less nuanced than Restaurantosaurus and it doesn’t offer the same amount of terrace seating outdoors, but neither should stop you from considering a visit. The added comfort in the heat and rain might be enough to pull you in here over quick services that potentially offer better quality or more variety.

Flame Tree’s seating is all outdoors, but it’s better covered than the others that only offer outdoor seating with fans overhead that help cool things off and keep the air moving. The picturesque view of Everest across the water is a nice bonus, though construction mars things a bit at the moment.

Yak & Yeti’s seating is all outdoors, but the chairs with backs are more comfortable than Harambe Market’s and I’ve never visited when a table wasn’t available, regardless of how busy the Park was.

While immaculately themed with the Wildlife Express Train passing by intermittently, Harambe Market’s seating is all outdoors and there isn’t a lot of it, resulting in times when tables aren’t available. You can walk your food over to Tamu Tamu Refreshments, but it can be a bit of a hike with full trays of food and drink in hand.

Best Food

  1. Flame Tree Barbecue
  2. Harambe Market
  3. Yak & Yeti
  4. Pizzafari
  5. Restaurantosaurus

Flame Tree wins here with some of the best quick service barbecue you’ll find in any Disney theme park. Harambe Market is a close second, offering unique flavors and spices that are unlike anything else in the theme parks. Yak & Yeti’s menu has seen several major changes over the last year or so, but food remains better than Lotus Blossom at Epcot, which is its biggest competition. Pizzafari and Restaurantosaurus offer your standard Disney quick service staples that may be more to some people’s liking than some of the more unique dishes found elsewhere.

Overall Best Counter Service at the Animal Kingdom

  1. Flame Tree Barbecue
  2. Harambe Market
  3. Yak & Yeti
  4. Pizzafari
  5. Restaurantosaurus

Winning all of the important categories, Flame Tree is the easy victor here, though Harambe Market offers more competition than any other quick service. The menu is diverse enough that most people should be able to find something that sounds good and the covered outdoor seating shouldn’t be enough to steer anyone elsewhere. Quality is high enough that it’s the best value on or off the Dining Plan.

Although the uncomfortable seating is a deterrent in the heat and rain, the unique flavors and richly detailed theming make it hard to look past. There’s nothing quite like it anywhere else.

Yak & Yeti offers quality Asian-inspired dishes at below-average prices and the fact that it isn’t operated by Disney means you’ll find unique spices and recipes that aren’t replicated elsewhere.

While Pizzafari and Restaurantosaurus largely offer the standard Disney staples, there are enough twists to keep things interesting and enough variety that even parents of young kids that need to dine somewhere that offers nuggets or burgers should be able to find something interesting. I wouldn’t necessarily cross either off the list despite falling to fourth and fifth place, particularly when you consider the comfortable indoor seating.



  1. Ann says

    The last time I tried Flame Tree was 2005. We usually eat TS. I remember not caring for it then and was planning to try Pizzafari.. We’re paying OOP so now I have doubts. We’re from SC and are used to good BBQ. Will FT disappoint us too much? We will also need to cool down-another reason I planned pizza. There will be 10 of us in early August. Thanks.

  2. Jeremy says

    Where do you all usually find a place to sit when you get to-go food from Yak & Yeti? We will be going to WDW in September, and sitting out in the hot sun doesn’t really sound like a great idea.

  3. Carol says

    Love Flame Tree! The food is great, the value is good, and if we are doing OOP my daughter and I share. It’s still enough. My favorite in AK!

  4. BeckyW says

    Yak & Yeti was GREAT! My super-picky daughter even enjoyed the Honey Chicken. Definitely one of the best CS meals we had all week.

  5. Toby says

    Flame Tree is our lunch for every AK visit. We enjoy the food, value and covered seating down by the lake. Kids love the birds.

  6. Dan Young says

    Another vote for Flame Tree. Get a big ol’ plate of ribs and enjoy them down by the water while watching everyone having fun on Everest across the way – magic!

  7. Cindi says

    We really liked both Flametree BBQ and Restaurantosaurus. The birds did not bother us while we were dining. The heat though really did and indoor air-conditioned dining is a plus for Restaurantosaurus and offsets the fact it is just your average burger, fries, and chicken. Portions were large at both places and I would return to either. I can’t wait to try Yak & Yeti now too! It sounds delish.

  8. Lee says

    Food was good at Yak & Yeti but outdoor seating is a HUGE detriment, especially in August. In addition to unbearable mid-day heat, the trash containers stink and attract a large number of yellowjacket hornets. NOT a pleasant experience for many reasons.

  9. Brandi says

    We ate at Yak and Yeti cafe in 2011 and it was awful. We all had chicken in our meals and it was very overcooked. Will not go back. Also, finding a seat was very difficult.

  10. Marie says

    Is the dining plan really worth it? the quick service plan adds $800 to our package… I can’t believe my family of 4 would spend that much on food (my kids are 10 and 8 and not big eaters)… just looking for opinions. Thanks

  11. says

    Marie – In my opinion yes, the dining plan is worth it. If you haven’t done any research on counter service prices you should check those out (this will be helpful in planning out where you want to eat as well). I think you will be surprised how fast your total food amount will add up especially with snacks thrown in at about $5.00 each. Your 10-year-old is counted as an adult so under the dining plan they will choose from the adult selections. I have 3 kids (10, 8, 5) and the oldest is our only one that really eats. Our last trip she was 9 and was actually hungry after eating her kids meals so she would eat off our plates. I’m happy she will be getting the adult portions on our trip in September. I don’t know what it is about Disney, but our other kids who are not big eaters, eat like they have never eaten before when we visit. I don’t know if it’s all the walking or heat or the fact we let them eat whatever they want (it is vacation after all) or all the above, but they can put down some food on Disney trips. We love our Disney food just as much as we do the park fun.
    We like the plan that offers a quick service and sit down meal (can be used for character dining) with one snack per day per person (you need to tip at the sit down dining). We did quick service dining our first trip back in 2009 and we surprised by how much we loved it. We loved it so much that we decided to bump our dining plan up on all future trips. It is worth it…I don’t think you will regret it. It makes the trip that much easier and enjoyable to know that food is taken care of. So easy! Best of luck in your decision and have a great trip!

  12. Kelsey says

    We never do the dining plan. It isn’t worth it for us. Like Jen said, the cost of food does add up, but the portions are large. DH and I almost always share an entree, and rarely (if ever) get dessert. We had the dining plan when it was offered free in the fall of 2011, and we were miserable from eating so much food. Full stomachs and thrill rides don’t mix well. We also threw a lot of food away, which I would have a very hard time doing if we were paying for the meal plan OOP. We did that once, too, and it was still a bad choice for us. We spent so much time trying to get the most “value” out of the plan that we didn’t really eat the foods we enjoy the most.

    If you know that everyone in your party will eat a full entree, have a soda, and a dessert at EVERY MEAL, then the dining plan is sort of worth it (breakfast is just an entree and a drink). But, we don’t eat anywhere near that much. We split meals, often drink water, and add snacks between meals if we get hungry (usually we bring our own crackers, etc.)

    Another important point is that the dining plan only covers two meals a day (unless you get the super expensive one). This means that you will still have to either skip a meal, eat something in your room for breakfast, or pay OOP for one meal a day. So the $800 for the meal plan only covers 67% of your meals.

    If you’re really curious to see which is the better value, put the $800 on a Disney Gift Card, use that to pay for all of your food, and I’m willing to bet you that you will have money left on the card at the end of your trip.

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