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8/26/15 Update: Menu updated and items added.

ABC Commissary Hollywood Studios Disney World

Location: Behind the old American Idol Experience building on Commissary Lane. The easiest way to find it is to walk to the Great Movie Ride building at the end of Hollywood Boulevard and take a left. It’s also to the right of Sci-Fi Dine-In.

Food Type: Seafood, Steaks, Burgers, Salads.

Dining Plan: One quick service credit and some items count as snacks.

Menu ABC Commissary Chicken Club Asian Salad
ABC Commissary menu seafood steak couscous salad
Menu ABC Commissary kids meals desserts
Menu Hollywood Studios Souvenir Cup Beverages

Unique Items: The burger is topped uniquely, the Asian Chicken Salad is unique, and the Strip Steak is rare.


  • More indoor, air-conditioned seating than any other Studios quick service. Outdoor seating if you prefer.
  • Menu and food have improved with the addition of customizable salads.
  • Lines are usually short and when they’re longer, there is just one line that feeds the registers. This way, you shouldn’t run into a problem with a particularly slow cast member or multiple people with huge orders.
  • Almost always operates until Park close.
  • Salads have the option to add chicken or salmon or leave them vegetarian at a lower price.


  • For whatever reason, the burgers and fries here seem to be prepared worse than anywhere else.
  • It usually takes a while for the food to come out of the kitchen.
  • The steak isn’t as good as Liberty Inn at Epcot.

Value: Average to above average. The salads are very good, particularly with the addition of the salmon. The seafood and burgers are typical Disney quality.

Reputation: Still bad due to years of operating with a mundane menu and lousy food. Things have improved though and you shouldn’t necessarily let the past mar an opportunity to try one of the new entrees.

Food Choices:

Seafood Platter:

ABC Commissary Seafood Platter Hollywood Studios

The plate is sort of a bland mass of yellowish fried food with the standard Disney fish, fries, and popcorn shrimp. I prefer the fish at Yorkshire Fish at Epcot or Cooke’s of Dublin at Downtown Disney and the shrimp are larger at Columbia Harbour house, but tartar and cocktail sauces do liven things up. Overall, it’s average quality at average prices, but it is a little different than most of what Hollywood Studios offers.

1/3 Pound Angus Cheeseburger and Fried Shrimp:

ABC Commissary Sriracha Burger

This one is kind of an odd duck. Unless you have a jaw that unhinges, you’re not going to be able to fit the shrimp on top and the burger in your mouth at the same time. So it’s basically a hamburger with a side of large shrimp. That said, the shrimp are very good – the same as what’s served at Columbia Harbour House.  The hamburgers here tend to be overcooked and flavorless, but the current sriracha aioli provides provides a spicy punch of flavor. Overall, I like the Onion Straw Burgers over at Backlot Express and Rosie’s All American Cafe more, but you might get lucky.

Asian Salad with Chicken:

Asian Chicken Salad ABC Commissary Hollywood Studios

The Asian chicken salads are reliably tossed to order with fresh ingredients and crunchy wonton sticks. You have the option to add protein in the form of a sizable salmon filet or a chicken breast cut into strips. It’s particularly refreshing in the heat.

New York Strip Steak served with Blue Cheese Butter, Steamed Broccoli, and French Fries:

NY Strip Steak ABC Commissary Hollywood Studios Review

After enjoying a similar steak at Liberty Inn at Epcot, I gave ABC Commissary’s version a shot.

ABC Commissary Strip Steak Disney World Hollywood Studios

Unfortunately, the steak is another travesty, absolutely cooked to death with a sickening, overpowering blue cheese flavor from the “butter.” This is the worst quick service meal I can remember in recent memory and that is really saying something. I can’t imagine anyone has had a different experience, but you are welcome to sound off in the comments.

Roasted Salmon served with Steamed Broccoli, Cous Cous, and Quinoa Pilaf:

ABC Commissary Roasted Salmon

The salmon is the same size and quality as what tops the salads for more money. I think the Couscous Salad provides more flavor and more value for less money.


ABC Commissary has a massive indoor air-conditioned seating area.  There are almost always enough tables, though it does get busy during peak meal times when crowds are heavy during Star Wars Weekends or major holiday weeks.  You’ll also find covered patio tables outside.

ABC Commissary Ordering Area


  1. sharon says

    I don’t know why, but the curry here was one of my favorite quick service meals on property. Does anyone know if the recipe is published?

  2. RebeccaMcK says

    I might love that burger if I ever went there to try it – for the thousand island dressing on it, mainly (California “In’n’Out” style, also a bit like “Freddy’s” I’ve found here in CO). But the beef would have to be good quality, too, for it to be a hit in my family.

  3. KapBoy77 says

    I had the Chicken Blue on Saturday December 15, 2012 and the chicken was super tough and rubbery… it would have been a perfect substitute if I was playing squash and had forgotten my ball at home.

    But enjoying our meal outside at the covered tables during our last day at Disney World made up for it.

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