Disney World Cheat Sheets – Maps, Touring Plans, and Wait Times

8/17/17 Update: Each Cheat Sheet has been updated with new maps, touring plans, strategies, and wait times.

Animal Kingdom:

Full Cheat Sheet: https://www.easywdw.com/cheatsheets/ak_cheatsheet_fall_2017.pdf


Full Cheat Sheet: https://www.easywdw.com/cheatsheets/ep_cheatsheet_fall_2017.pdf

Hollywood Studios:

Full Cheat Sheet: https://www.easywdw.com/cheatsheets/hs_cheatsheet_fall_2017.pdf

Magic Kingdom:

Full Cheat Sheet: https://www.easywdw.com/cheatsheets/mk_cheatsheet_fall_2017.pdf


  1. Kristen says

    I’ve been complaining to my DH that there hasn’t been any new posts in awhile – but you’ve been working your butt off! Lots of new stuff to read and analyze! Thanks!

  2. Laura says

    Love this! Your website made our recent Disney trip so easy and enjoyable. Even during a couple of 10 crowd days. Can’t wait to go back and put this cheat sheet to use–although I’m not really looking forward to incorporating FP+. Thanks!

  3. Eric says

    Truly awesome work – but did you forgot the Haunted Mansion on the wait times chart are am I just missing it?

  4. Carrie says

    Wow! Just WOW! I don’t have words for how awesome this info is. Seriously, why aren’t you charging a fortune?!? I am pretty much speechless with how amazing this single post is.

  5. Kim says

    All weekend I’ve been checking for a new post and you certainly didn’t disappoint. These guides are great! Can’t print these out fast enough! Now I just have to wait 382 more days to use them!

  6. Kristin says

    These cheat sheets are the bomb-diggety. I’m a long-time lurker but had to comment to say thank you. This is truly the best Disney-planning website out there. Accurate + witty = you win.

  7. BrandyBo says

    Cue Tinkerbell and her fairy friends singing the Hallelujah chorus…..
    I think I have actual tears in my eyes for how glorious this is :)
    We all owe you a nice rocking chair and big ass bottle of scotch!

  8. melissa says

    This is fantastic! Thank you for all your hard work. I have been pouting that there have been no new posts and look at what you have done! I’ll buy you a drink when I’m down in 132 days!! This really does make it ‘easy’

  9. Jeff says


    Great work! Thank you for your time and dedication. One important question:

    Are your estimated wait times based on posted times or actual times? I know the Disney posted wait times are often longer than actual and there are huge discrepancies between your times and the “other site’s” times. For instance, On June 30 at Epcot, a day that you have as a 9 and the “other site” has as an 8.7 (this must be more accurate because it has a decimal…LOL), your peak Test Track wait time is 120 min while the “other site” has it at 55 min. That’s a huge difference! What gives?

  10. josh says

    The wait times listed are what you can expect to be posted at the attraction. Occasionally, Disney will post an outlandish wait time, but their posted waits are more accurate than you might expect. As far as Test Track, TouringPlans may not have updated since the December refurbishment. I can’t imagine seeing a 55 minute peak wait at Test Track with less than a week to July 4th, before or after the refurbishment though. A couple of weeks ago around Easter, peak waits averaged around 150 minutes. The longest I saw was 210 minutes. Moving into July, 100 to 120 minute waits in the afternoon should be the norm.

  11. sonja says

    Wow Josh!!! TGM has a fee for outdated info and you have to promise not to tell people about “his” information. You should really be charging for this level of service.

  12. Renee says

    Thank you for all your work! You need a donation button or a donate a drink button – not sure Paypal has that down yet though

  13. Jeff says


    Thanks for the reply. TP’s wait times for the fourth of July Week are much lower than yours across the board. On July 3, TP Hollywood Studios has max waits for RNR, TSM, & TOT at 65, 80, & 40 while yours are 90, 100, 90. TP recently updated their crowd level estimates for the 4th of July week from 7&8’s to 8’s & 9’s, so I wonder if the wait times are still reflecting the old numbers. I agree that the TP waits are way too low, but I also believe that Disney often inflates the posted wait times to discourage people from getting in line. I wonder if anyone has ever done an extensive posted vs. actual comparison.

  14. says

    These are amazing! I can’t imagine how much work went into these. This may not be a very popular opinion but you should charge for them! I know I would pay without question. I used to pay for TP and then I discovered your website which is so much better!

  15. Jen says

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into this site! I love the cheat sheets. They are fabulous and will be such a big help on our trip.

    I love your website and always look forward to reading your posts. You are very entertaining and have awesome advice.

  16. Emma says

    Thank you! I know next time we’ll have to hit the parks at rope drop, but I didn’t know what to do first.

  17. keith says

    Josh, Thanks so much for this!!! You have done a great service for us all. I really think you need a donation tab.

  18. Amy in NY says

    A huge, HUGE “thank you” for all this work from a long-time lurker, first-time poster. It’s like Christmas!!

  19. Lorri says

    Your website has always been an incredibly valuable tool, but this absolutely goes above and beyond what I could have even expected. I am so impressed! And so thankful!!

  20. Steph says

    This is AWESOME. I am a frequent visitor but I ALWAYS learn “literally” something from your posts. Preciate this new set of cheat sheets and the time you put into them.

  21. Steve M says

    Josh, I love your site and check it EVERY day. I figuring you were working on something good, since we didn’t see anything for a few days, but never would of expected such an awesome report.

    I am planning a family trip in September and have found your information to be invaluable. So mush so that now my parents are having me plan their own trip thanks to all the tips I have learned from your site. I’d recommend easyWDW to anyone and everyone, and look forward to all the great insight to come. You are an AMAZING man my friend. Keep up the great job!

  22. Dahlia says

    After my husband and father, you are the most important man in my life (because vacation is high on my priority list;) Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work…and sense of humor. And thanks to your mother as well for creating such an amazing person! I have been following your forum post about these cheat sheets but this blog post rocks…thank you!!!

  23. Psac says

    These cheat sheets are genius. I consider myself very knowledgeable about WDW, but I could never visually represent that knowledge in such a cohesive manner. The hourly charts depending on crowd level are fantastic. My friends and coworkers always ask for tips and such, and I try to explain in 15 different ways. Now I just need to send them one link.

    Again, genius.

  24. Jessica says

    Josh, these cheat sheets are AMAZING. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this site. I send people here all the time to get the best touring info, and now it is all consolidated into one place. It’s great.

    I’m going to be in the parks in October and I will happily buy you a meal or a drink to thank you for all you do!

  25. JG says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Leaving for Disney in a few days and so behind in my research. I expected to be cobbling a plan together on the plane!

  26. Cindy Kay says

    Love what you’ve got here!!!! :) How about putting this info in a small/compact spiral book?? Instant moolaa maker! We need something that has all of this important information, but fits into a pocket and doens’t weigh a gazillions pounds… $$ Cha-ching!! $$

  27. Denise25 says

    Wonderful, even better than wonderful if I could think of a word for that! There needs to be some way to show our appreciation – how about selling “I love Josh” t-shirts? I know a couple of fans who would wear them…

  28. Kristin says

    Once again, outdoing yourself with awesomeness! Thank you for all of the hard work- this is, by far, my favorite Disney site to haunt each day to get my daily dose of magic!

  29. Amanda A says

    Josh, I haven’t been on the site much since our January trip but I dropped in today and my jaw dropped to see these. These are incredible, amazing. I can’t even muster anything snarky to say.

  30. melissa says

    Josh I am trying to combine both of your MK days into one day (obviously leaving out some attractions!). On Day 2, you prioritize BUzz over Space in terms of riding Buzz first. Why? Is it b/c everyone heads to Space first and line looks nuts or is it b/c traffic not as crazy here due to Belle opening? I was hoping to do Enchanted TAles, Ariel ride THEN Space but maybe that will have to be on a FP. Thanks for the info. Melissa

  31. Craig says

    These cheat sheets are going to be invaluable for our trip in Dec. Thank you!! You website is a great source of info and I have bookmarked several blog posts to refer back to in the future!

  32. Stan says

    You just vaulted your site from #1 to #1 “Heads and Shoulders Above the Rest”

    Fantastic and thank you!

  33. Dr. Belk says

    I still think you should put these into an app with the ability to update periodically.
    Great Job, this site is far better than any other Disney World site. Will be in Disney World mid-June and will have the PDF in my iphone. The map looks good if you save it on your phone and then use the iBooks app to view it. If I ever have the fortunate chance of seeing you while at Disney World dinner is on me.

  34. Babi says

    I absolutely love your site! I’m addicted to it, I check it every day!!! It’s my daily Disney fix!!
    Thank you for the hard work!!! These cheats are incredible! I’m going to WDW in November with my soon to be husband and we are already planning with all your tips!! Thanks again!!!!

  35. Lisa Carla says

    I’ve been a follower for a long while, but after this post I’ve become a total admirer!
    THANK YOU! Grazie!!

  36. karen says

    WOW! This is FANTASTIC! This is perfect timing as we are leaving next week for our trip! Thank you so much for all your hard work and your time & effort you put into these cheat cheats! This will help us out greatly! Have used TGM in the past but your site is by far the best! Keep up the good work! Thank you!! :)

  37. Jeffrey says

    Game over.
    You nailed it with this one. No doubt about who’s #1.
    Here’s hoping “they” continue to miss this stuff and “we” continue to benefit.
    Many thanks and a tip of the Mickey ears to you!

  38. Alex says

    Thank you so much for all you do. I don’t think there is one person who reads your website you takes you for granted. Even though I’m not going back to WDW until Janurary I still read every update you post.

  39. RebeccaMcK says

    Wow, great job. I hoped you were up to something, being without new posts the last several days (hoping I wasn’t just banned, lol). I don’t have enough ink to print all this info just now, and maybe by the time I go back to WDW the new FP+ process will change most things but PLEASE keep this article easy to find in the right margin somewhere. It’ll help people immensely. It’s even adaptable for Disneyland planning.

  40. alex #2 says

    So where do I give my donation to this site? The guides you put together are worth more than the total of all the subscriptions I paid for to plan my next trip.

    Let me know and I’ll send $ your way. This is awesome stuff.

  41. Emma says

    Seriously, Josh if you won’t let us give you money at least let me send you a Disney gift card to cover the cost if your next Pork Glop Platter!!!

  42. Claytonia says

    My hand’s up, katl82!!! This post is so awesome that it is worth “literally” 174.32 bottles of scotch. This post is so awesome that if you look directly at it your retinas will be scorched from the blinding awesomeness. This post is so awesome that Chuck Norris was like, “WHOA Josh…you’re too hardcore, I can’t deal with it.”

  43. Donna says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’m printing these out to put in my “Disney box” for our upcoming trip. They’re a great reference even for Disney experts. And I’m going to send a link to my cousin who is heading to Disney World for her honeymoon the first week of July. She and her soon-to-be husband have never been there…and they plan to “just wing it”. She doesn’t want to do any research or planning but these sheets should provide her with a lot of good information. Maybe she’ll read them on the plane. :-) Excellent work, sir!!!

  44. Al says

    Love this and thank you very much for taking the time.

    Does anyone know how to book mark this for easy lookup for my next trip?

  45. Al says

    Can I make one small suggestion? Not to be nick picky, but maybe make the ILLUMINATION view lines a bit easier to find/see. My make them thicker or a different highlighted color.

  46. Theresa says

    I can’t thank you enough. This is perfect. Everything I ever needed to know. I appreciate your hard work. My son and I have YOU to thank for these wonderful plans for our vacation in June. Thank you so much!!!

  47. Dee says

    Many thanks Josh! I really appreciate the time and effort. You need to charge something for all this. Really.

  48. Dawn H says

    YOU ARE THE BOSS!…so wonderful, I was thinking you were maybe under the weather, what with the new popsicle being left to hang for a week…glad you were being the master mind….you are so awesome! Thank you!

  49. Sarah says

    For someone who always manages to go above and beyond, you have managed to completely outdo yourself.

    I just can’t thank you enough! This is wonderful!

  50. Mary N says

    Another long time lurker, first time poster coming out of the woodwork. I second every one of the kudos articulated in the previous comments. Words cannot describe how awesome these are.

    A suggestion for others who are printing these out – instead of printing full-sized pages, use the Adobe booklet format. That’s what I did and now I have four neat little half-size, double-sided booklets. These should be much easier to carry around than a stack of 8 1/2 x 11 pages.

    Can’t wait to use these the week before Memorial Day! Josh, you’re a rock star!!

  51. Carol says

    Thanks so much! As a somewhat frequent visitor, I don’t really rely on detailed touring plans anymore, but these cheat sheets are a great way to have a plan without really having a plan. I’m going to WDW for the first time without kids in a couple of weeks, and the Epcot cheat sheet will be coming with me!

  52. KapBoy77 says

    I trust no other source but Josh. Last December we used his advice and it was the best vacation ever. I very much suspect that he is a genius. Bravo!

    I’m with several other people here and would be willing to donate some money for your quests. You no doubt deserve a few drinks from us at the very least.

  53. Shannon says

    Wow! These are beyond awesome. I’m with everyone else, you definitely deserve a drink on all of us for this!

  54. Grammy Disneyophile says

    Amazing! Who invented you? So wonderful to have all of your recommendations summarized! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You’re unbelievable!

  55. says

    Sorry everyone, Josh can’t charge for his website. Unfortunately, he can’t figure out how to change the title from “Free Disney World Crowd Calendars, Ride Reviews, Resort Reviews, Restaurant Reviews, and More” or else he would.

  56. Tiffany says

    Fist pumping because my planning is all but done. Just waiting for Josh’s December Recommended Parks and that’s a wrap. Thank you Josh!

  57. Aaron says

    Everyone stop offering money. It’s fine the way it is. I swear I will find you all and slap the dole whips right out of your hands if easywdwd is somehow swayed by all of this “let me pay you” nonsense.

  58. Disneydadben says

    Great resources! Just one thing. Am I blind or is Haunted Mansion missing from the wait times chart? I apologize if its me but it is one of my favorite attractions and I just wanted to make sure it’s included! Thanks again for your great sight.

  59. josh says

    It does look like I forgot. Something to look forward to in Version 2. Wait times are similar to it’s a small world next door, though they’re typically 5 to 10 minutes longer.

  60. WallEMan says

    Thanks, these are awesome!
    We’re at Disney World now, I just wish this had come 2 days earlier so we could have printed them -:)

  61. All I wanted was a Pepsi says

    NICE! Almost makes me want to go back to WDW…I’ll start turning over the couch cushions looking for spare change.

    I bet if you went the Kickstarter route, you could do at least a low level of ‘professional’ publication for this.

  62. MrsNick says

    Wowza! Didn’t have a chance to read past the first part of this post until today. OUTSTANDING! And as if it wasn’t already fantastic:

    “Barring any technical difficulties, the website should have live wait times and FASTPASS return times on a quick loading page by the end of the week.”

    You made it even more fabulous!

    Thank you so much. Going in November with some folks who have never been to WDW and this is going to make helping them so much better! Thank you!!!!

  63. brandy says

    This is awesome! I was going to try and fashion something like this myself using wait-time apps, an Excel sheet, and several hours of my life. Can I tell you how happy I am to cross that off my list? We go in June and this will help SO much with my planning. Thanks for putting so much time into it!

  64. Mewissy says

    LOVE these!!

    Thank you, thank you! I now have a way to share with those traveling with me what I’ve read and learned while researching. So digestible !

  65. Ana says

    Amazing! LOVE IT! Josh, let us buy you a drink next time we are in DW (October)… please!? I promise, we don’t bite.

  66. Megan Holmes says

    THANK YOU! I’ve spent days trying to plan our first family Disney Trip in June. I haven’t finished day 1! I was using so many different resources and trying to make maps myself, you rock!

    Thanks so much!!!!

  67. Susan says

    Wow! These are AWESOME. Thanks so much for making the effort. What a great tool for first timers and anyone just needing a refresher!

  68. Selena says

    Wow! I haven’t visited your site in a long time since my last trip was about a year ago and I still have another year and a half before my next one. This is amazing. Will be sharing the link to this post with friends for sure. So nice and easy to read. A+ work dude.

  69. Carrie says

    Josh, I have been a fan of your site since I first came across it in 2009. I recommend your site to someone almost every week. I love your crowd calendar and have found it to be consistently more accurate than others. But I must say, you have taken it to a whole new level with this! I cannot wait to use this on our next trip! Thanks!!

  70. Christina J says

    This came just in time! Can’t wait to get home from work and print all of these to read in the car on the 8 or 9 hour drive down.

  71. Lena says

    Thank you so much for putting all the work you do into this site and making these “cheat sheets”. We are going to WDW in May and I will be printing each of these off to use on that trip! You’re wonderful for doing all of this!

  72. says

    I’ll tag along with all the previous “awesome/thank-you” comments. In general, park maps are royal eyesores that are difficult to decipher. But your map is so simple and efficient! It’s a huge help for someone with no sense of direction like myself.

  73. Kristen says

    Hey Josh,
    Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into making these!! I just had a question about viewing illuminations. When you say directly across from the United States Pavilion, do you mean viewing at the garden theater or across the water at the entrance of the world showcase? Thank you so much again!! :)

  74. says

    Thank you so much for putting this information together! We’re heading to Disney next week, and I’ve been trying to get organized so we can make the best use of our time. I just printed off the cheat sheets, and feel so much more confident that we will know what to do!

  75. Gabrielle says

    Thank you so much for creating these cheat sheets. They make planning a touring so much easier. These are great/amazing/incredible/awesome! I do wish there was a one day touring plan though. :(

  76. Ana Paula says

    Your heat sheets are awesome!!!! It helps alot in my wdw trip plans!! I will go in january. Thanks a lot!!

  77. Mr. Fredricksen says

    Is it too late to comment to help make this even better? I love the charts at the end that give the approximate wait times for each attraction depending on crowd level and time of day.
    I was using this when trying to make my plans and realized I needed the length of the ride to help out. I think it would be great if next to the ride name it has the length. And even better if each time in the grid looked like this 10/18. This would be a 10 minute wait with an 8 minute ride for a total of approximately 18 minutes.
    Planning would then be amazing. Add in a little cushion and you should have a fairly good idea if your plan would work.

  78. Jazmin says

    Thank you SOOOO much for all of this useful information. I (and I’m sure I speak for everyone else) REALLY appreciate all the researching you do to bring this information to us. I recently found your website and I am very happy I did. =)

  79. Joanne says

    Why doesn’t Disney Parks have this good of a map? Just returned from a 7-day stay at French Quarters. While planning at home, I was using my friends park maps from February. When we arrived in Florida on June 1 to first visit family for a week, we stopped in to roam French Quarters and grabbed some new maps. Ugh!! they were at a smaller scale, they changed the numbers/ride name code, and the park maps were upside down.. showing the entrance at the top of the page. why on earth did they do this. Threw me for a loop. Luckily I had my friends old maps with me, and then I printed off your cheat maps which were even better.

  80. Pink Flamingo says

    Been on sabbatical from this site (urrrr, ummmm working my school system job) for the past several months. Sumer is here and I came back to feed my Disney addiction …. wow …. amazing things have taken place! These cheat sheets are my knight in shining armor. Love, love , love them. Thanks so much for these phenomenal pieces of work.

  81. Jenifer says

    I want to thank you so much for posting these plans. We just came back from a week long trip and followed your plans for each park we went to and had an amazing visit. On average our wait time was only 25 minutes!! We will definently be using your plans the next time we go. I highly recommend this site and your tips to everyone I know!!
    Thank you for helping my family have an amazing visit!

  82. Herschel says

    We toured Disney from Aug 15-22. Gotta say, we followed these cheat sheets almost to the tee with a few minor modifications, only because of elder folks and technical difficulties in the rides. These cheat sheets are PRETTY DARN ACCURATE! THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to create this. If updates are to be made to these cheat sheets you might want to include “fastpass+” as that is what we had. I made reservations using my disney by following the scheduled outlined in here and it saved us a huge amount of time in going and collecting fast passes. Thanks again for making our tour a “magical one!”

  83. Irina Yamashita says

    I’m in love with these sheets!
    Is there an ideal one day touring for Magic Kingdom? I won’t be able to go two days!

  84. Ellie says

    A-maz-ing. Even Mickey Ears on the HS water tower! The maps are so clean and neat and usable. I had recently bookmarked the old set. Now will bookmark this post. Thanks, Josh, for the FP+ updates! And Happy 2014!

  85. Stacy says

    Thank you Josh – you mentioned using a fastpass+ for the electric light parade – do you know if you do so are you able to stay in your spot for wishes and fireworks? And if so, what is the wait time between? we are going to be there the last week april/ 1st week may – but with so many other attractions we want to use fastpass for just not sure if it’s worth using for the parade – but they are big big favs of the kids!

  86. Amy1011 says

    Thank you, thank you so much for this! Planning to take our third trip this year, and the 1.0 version of these helped immensely last time. Happy New Year to you!!!

  87. Molly says

    Holy crap, these are incredible! You’ve been a busy little bee Josh, haven’t you. These are immensely helpful, thank you. I don’t know if you’ve considered this or not, but what if you put this in book form? With all of your knowledge and gorgeous pictures, it would be a great book!

  88. Moira says

    Truly brilliant Josh! Thanks a million for the updates to your amazing resources! We’ll be using the cheat sheets as we prepare for our upcoming trip at the end of Feb. — they will be a huge help . Vacation success!

  89. Ann says

    I appreciate the time you take in making such clear plans. Thank you for all you do to make our trips much more enjoyable!

  90. Kara says

    I truly appreciate all of the information that you compiled! As an off-site guest, I am still confused about fastpass + vs. legacy fastpass. Should we just stick to legacy fastpass? Or should “find a fastpass+ kiosk” be the first stop on our tour plan? we do have a smart phone, but I am not sure if off site guests can use mydisneyexperience for fastpass+. Any insight would be helpful! Coming to WDW the end of January 2014

  91. Patricia says

    Thanks! As always your help is priceless! I’m planning for ends of jan returning to WDW after 18 years!!! This time as a mother! I appreciate very much your expertise!

  92. says

    One tip about posted wait times.

    They will as much as double when a ride reopens after it goes down unexpectedly. Ask the CM at the entrance when they last updated it (and use your eyes). It will plummet at some point because the long wait scares people off, so you will see (for example) BTMRR at 110 minutes, then it will drop to 20-30 minutes for a little while. Catching it right before or right as they update it can be a huge boon, so talk to those cast members!

  93. Lisa says

    What if we’re only going to MK for one day? Do you have suggestions for 1 day touring of the park? I would assume the morning stays the same (start w/ Fantasyland, etc) but then what should the rest of the day look like? Thanks!!

  94. Jasmine says

    Aloha and Mahalo from Hawaii!! My family’s first vacation to DisneyWorld is going to be much less stressful thanks to you. I only wish there were something we visitors to Ewdw could do to thank you for your meticulous effort.

  95. Wei says

    This is just fantastic. The wait times chart are a nice addition as well. I tell everyone I know that planning for Disney world starts and ends with Josh/easywdw.

  96. beth says

    Thank you!!! We are about to take our first ever family trip with 3 kids, and your info is very timely! Many books and previous tips have outdated info with the phase out of legacy, etc. so this is really, really helpful and so appreciated!

  97. Paul says

    Why, YES! the map is colorful! But Josh… every time we’ve went your info has been spot on! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

  98. Kris says

    These are fantastic. Thank you for all your work.

    One thing though. In the Magic Kingdom plan, you have 2 itineraries called “Ideal Two-Day Morning Plan Day 1”.

  99. RebeccaMcK says

    Finally got around to reading and printing all four plans out – thank you for all you do, Josh. The whole Magic Band stuff seems less scary now with you there to navigate it for us.

  100. Jen says

    Thanks Josh. We used your cheat sheets/touring plans from Feb 13-16, and went with your first (or second, in the case of MK) choice park for the day. We were able to make the most of it with the FP+ and even with the heavier President’s Day crowds, we did everything we wanted to. We even rode Star Tours 3x and Expedition Everest 3x. The longest we ever waited was 30 min for Pirates and Haunted Mansion. Everything else was less than 20. We zigged when the crowds zagged, and had a great trip. Keep up the good work, you are much appreciated. Stitch says “Hi.” Ha Ha Ha.

  101. Jeff A. says

    I will be visiting with a group of 12 on 10/1/14, which is the most recommended park of the day. Do you think it’s feasible to squeeze out toy story and then head over to Jedi Training Academy? I plan on arriving at the park by 8:15. Your thoughts?

  102. pretty says

    The schedule published for the 1 day plan is too good. Followed the same and covered every bit of magic kingdom.thank u so much.

  103. John Buxbaum says


    you seem to focus on whole days MK (or each park) Our approach has always been to take a break back at the hotel for a few hours (leaving sometime between 1&2pm). Last time with the change in fastpass return times (2012) this worked out well for park hopping – doing less mainline stuff in the evening park. Do you think this would work with the following change? Rd morning park, having gotten (60days out) FP+ ressies at evening park. I have zero experience with line growth yet under FP+ and have only to rely on you for these wait times in the am. But it seems like this would work, especially if we have two mornings in each park, and two evenings in each park. Am I completely off target, clueless?

  104. RebeccaMcK says

    I keep getting an error screen on that “beta” cheat sheet you added, but I think I got all the info with the printout of the map and what followed (it included Anna/Elsa and SDMC in the plans). Thanks, Josh!

  105. Cindi says

    Oh Josh, I will soo glad when you are finished with the Disneyworld book. #1 I want a copy and can’t wait to read it, and #2 you can go back to almost daily posts again!!! Or daily posts 😀 (well, that’s just me daydreaming…)

  106. Frank D says

    Looks good.

    We are doing a CRT breakfast at 8am with a 9am opening. I’m hoping we can hit the Frozen gals or the Mine Train as the park opens and the the crowds are rushing to Fantasyland. Not sure how that’s going to work, but it’s a plan.

  107. Jason says

    Not sure if it’s just me, but when I click on the Hollywood Studios map link I get another Epcot map.

    Thanks for all the work — your site has been extremely helpful!

  108. says

    Thanks for all of your great work around helping people plan their days at the parks. I’ve used many of your touring plans with great success – never having to wait in lines makes my trips much more enjoyable. Keep up the great work!

  109. Erika says

    YAY!!! Thanks for cheat sheet w Mine Train…been kinda winging it on my planning, helps to have your ‘ approved’ version!

  110. Danielle says

    Can you explain on both of your Magic Kingdom 2-day intineraries which lands are focused on each day? I haven’t quite figured out what is where yet!

  111. LeAnn says

    Sorry in advance for the stupid question! Do your wait time charts on the cheat sheets include ride time or is just the time spent waiting in line? Thanks!

  112. says

    Just wanted to thank you. Returned from a Disney World trip in mid-May – and all worked beautifully. Perhaps even too well. We had a ‘first rider’ pass for the Adventureland and Frontierland day – that ended up unused. We had already ridden Thunder three times, Splash twice, Pirates twice, Jungle Cruise (used FP+ – GREAT suggestion), and then sauntered over to ride Space Mountain on later FP+ – and Under the Sea, as well. We finished up in the park around 7pm – rested and comfortable. We went and saw Fantasmic again. Thanks!

  113. Henry says

    My wife and I are planning a trip to Disney World (first time) for the second week of November, 2014.
    While trying to ceate a package deal for us, I was disappointed to find out Disney was not offering a Veterans Discount after September. That seems unfair to us Veterans to only offer it at certain times – should be either yes or no. So If I go in August, I get the discount.
    I would love to discuss this with a Disney World representative to understand the logic.

    Nevertheless, we are looking forward to our trip – planning accordingly.

  114. Cassie says

    Josh, thanks for the updates with the new tier system. I have less than a week until I schedule FP’s, perfect timing for me. I’ve said it before…you’re the best.

  115. Mike says

    Great updates. Particularly appreciate you keeping the FP+ kiosk locations up to date. Hear any rumors on when we may be able to book extra rolling FPs on phone app?

  116. Sarah says

    Josh, I would just like to say thank you. My husband and I are going to WDW together in the fall. I’ve been before, but this is my husband’s first trip and my first experience doing all the planning. Your recommendations are much appreciated, the updated information you’ve provided is invaluable, and I’m confident it will all end up being a huge help to us when the time comes.

    As an added thank you, I also purchased your book. It’s available on Amazon, people!

  117. Jon says

    Josh – Taking the family in September to MK and Epcot. Question – As crowds are lower in September, would we be best suited sticking to the proposed itineraries or is there any flexibility? I assume the headliner attractions are always mobbed but wondering about the tier 2 and tier 3 attractions. Thanks for all the great advice!

  118. Anne says

    Got my book yesterday!!!!!! Haven’t been able to read it yet. My 3 year old decided it was his book and carried it around last night saying he had to study and the book “is my special Mickey book.” Then he took it to bed with him. Of course he chooses today to sleep in so I’m not so patiently waiting to pry it out of his sweet little hands when he gets up. Clearly we could use a second copy. Thanks Josh for the most amazing blog OF ALL TIME!

  119. Bill says

    great book
    Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #649 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)
    #1 in Books > Travel > Specialty Travel > Theme Parks
    #1 in Books > Travel > Specialty Travel > Tourist Destinations & Museums
    This was on amazon this AM

  120. Michael C says

    Google Now just recommend your site, just had a quick skim over and wow already love it, going to WDW in less than two weeks with two young children, one of whom is autistic. Your guides and information is going to save a lot of stress, upset and us aimlessly wondering around. Time to get reading and planning

  121. Brandi H. says

    THANK YOU!! I was completely overwhelmed with planning our first trip back to WDW in 4 years…until I found this website! I am much more confident now and can’t wait!

  122. Ashley says

    Hello! Than you SO much for all of the information! We’re going to WDW in about a week or so. I have found mixed answers to this question. Can you take photos and get autographs with the Frozen cast, Little Mermaid Cast, or Beauty & the Beast Cast before or after the shows?

  123. Candace says

    Thanks for an awesome vacation! We’re just about to check out and followed most of your recommendations this week. It worked like clockwork! Fewer things are more fun than not having to wait more than 15 minutes for any ride at Disney World! Actually my favorite part was getting lost in an empty liberty square and still walking right up to Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain one morning! Thank you!!! And I bought the book too! :)

  124. A. Devtt says

    We planned our trip based on websites like this recommending an Oct. time frame. We were in Disney the week of Oct. 11-18. We could not believe the crowds. Every ride was at minimum 45-60 min wait time. We went to Magic Kingdom 3 different times, and each time the amount of people at the park made us want to leave. The workers said it reminded them of mid summer. The more popular rides had wait times of 90-120 minutes. (Peter pan, Snow white, Pirates) Needless to say we were extremely disappointed and wondered the accuracy of the crowds that were predicted.

  125. John R. says

    Josh, with all the changes/closures at the parks in the past few months, will you be updating the Disney World Cheat Sheets (Touring Plans) any time soon? Going in September and my family would like to follow your very practical touring plan(s). Awesome website! Thanks, John.

    • Allison says

      My family is also going to Disney for the first time in September of 2015 and I have purchased your book. Would love to see the park times/closures for September as I am booking dining reservations this weekend. Your advice has been awesome…don’t stop now please!!!!

  126. Rob G. says

    Aaargh! You have *literally* ruined my planning binder with these updates. Now I’m going to have to print everything out again to get the “latest” info. I’m going to the DizzBoards and let them know in my Pre-Trip Report how you “ruined” my vacation.

    Just joshin’ you. (See what I did there?) Thanks!

  127. Linda says

    We just got back from a 9 day trip and we could not believe the crowds. April 16th-25th was not necessarily a very busy time but the crowds and waits we encountered were unlike anything we had seen in 13 years. I believe that the combination of websites promoting “rope drop” and the opening of BOG for breakfast is what made the first hour at MK seem like early afternoon at just 9:15am. We remembered those first two hours being so lovely and empty but we didn’t see that at all. The restaurant brought so many people to the park early and wanting to get in before the regular crowds that it was so hard to any rides more than once. We used to enjoy Peter Pan, Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion several times each day but this time we did each just once.
    I honestly think that the new suggestion needs to be to stay in the park during the later hours. This is when we saw a major reduction in crowds. We were in the recommended parks each day (sorry we missed you on 4/20!) so it must be something to do with FP+. Do you notice that even the mornings are now crowded? We truly miss the good old days and need to rethink a yearly visit. I also noticed a decline in the personalities of the CMs. Oh well…we will always treasure our wonderful trips and will of course, follow your suggestions when we do plan another visit!

    • JayStemple says

      I, too have notice cast members are less friendly than they were 5-10 years ago. Could be a generational thing. Most of them are college kids or recent grads who are so hooked to their social media and iphones that just a few minutes without looking at them can make them cranky

  128. Maria says

    Thank you very much for all the information you provide Josh! I had been to WDW long time ago, and now I had the opportunity to go with my husband and 7yr old daughter.
    Your site helped us soooooooo much to plan our vacation! We were able to plan a great vacation from when to go, which parks to visit, our touring plan, attractions, character meeting, dining, everything we had it covered by reading your site. Our trip went great and we have great memories to treasure! Thank You very much! Sure we are buying your book!

  129. Lyv says

    Just found your website through a suggestion on disboards. You are truly a gift to so many of us who do not have the talent nor the patience to do what you do. Amazed and so grateful!

  130. Nancy says

    Thank you for this very helpful information!! With the new Star Wars shows being added to Hollywood Studios and Frozen Ever After being added to Epcot, will you post an update for those? We’re going in mid-August and planning is a bit hard because all the sites are showing “coming soon” for these things. Thanks in advance!!

  131. says

    I enjoyed your website there is plenty of information for the seasoned annual pass holder like myself. I’m sure you remember me I was Your Uber driver Saturday afternoon we had a very pleasant conversation and you also gave me wonderful tips and info about the soft and soon to be openings of the new attractions. I hope everyone will enjoy this site as much as I have . I do not normally bookmark blogs but this one is a first. Good luck with your endeavors !
    Your Uber Driver

  132. Ann says

    I am curious if this is going to be updated with all the changes to Hollywood Studios and also Magic Kingdom. Seems like they should be updated.
    Thanks so much for all you do.

  133. Gemma says

    Please please update these if you can. Your efforts make such a difference to so many people’s vacations. I trust your site because it’s proven to work!

  134. Emily says

    Seriously amazing! Taking the little ones in a few weeks for first trip and am so thankful to the wonderful person/people who took the time and care to help others!!

  135. Reid says

    I printed your maps in black and white and hilighted the things we wanted to do and it was awesome. Thank you! Now I’m going to Disneyland and California adventure and need maps for them. Do you have any?

  136. Sarah says

    I LOVE the Cheat Sheets! Any chance you will be updating the Animal Kingdom on for Pandora? Or Studios now that some of it is closed? The maps are awesome because they print on one regular page and can go in my planning binder. Awesome!

  137. Misty says

    I didn’t have time to read them all right now, but it only took me a few minutes to see that there is clearly very valuable information here. Thank you so much! We leave for our first ever visit to Disney World May 5th!!! I will be pouring over these to see about making any adjustments to our plan or just soaking up some more info to be prepared. Thanks again!

  138. Stephanie says

    Would love an updated Animal Kindom map with Padora! These are my favorite maps and I would love to print out and bring them when I go in September to Animal Kingdom!

  139. Angela says

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do these, and for saving us a whole bunch of time !!! I do have a question will this info pretty much be the same for spring 2018? At least crowd and priority wise? Or will you be changing them? Thanks again !!


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