World Showcase Update: Morocco, France, United Kingdom, and Canada

The pure joy that is iPad photography continues as we march toward Morocco.

After fiddling for a minute or two, it looks like we have the perfect shot.  You can tell the pictures are higher quality than any camera because they’re so big on the screen.

The Moroccan waterfront remains behind walls and tarps as construction on Spice Road Table continues.

Slated to open later this year, it will be interesting to see if the view inside is desirable for IllumiNations viewing.

After becoming an expert in Moroccan alcohol consumption from a single 30-second Google search, I learned that alcohol is prevalent in Morocco, despite a ban by the Islamic faith.

The good news(?) is that you’d probably die of the diabeetus or brain freeze before you’d get drunk off oasis slushies.

In addition to the mostly blah Casa Beer, Left Coast Tangerine Wheat Ale is available.  For the sake of authenticity, the Casa is your best bet as it’s the only thing actually from Morocco served here.

Restaurant Marrakesh is another example of a restaurant that serves similar items for lunch and dinner with lunch prices coming in $8 – $10 less than the dinner entrees.

A lunch special is also available.  A full recent review of Marrakesh is available here.

Similar to Citricos unappetizing digital menu picture tablet thing, I’m not sure Marrakesh’s big book of food pictures is doing them any favors.

A completely unreadable version of the Tangierine Cafe menu.  Larger if you like, but it’s the same as it has been for a while.  Larger:

If I was planning one quick service meal at Epcot, Tangierine Cafe would most likely be it.  The food is fresh and flavorful and at least lives under the guise of being healthy.  And portions are large for the price, even if you’re paying a couple more dollars than most other meals.  Booking a less expensive table service lunch and planning a quick service dinner here makes a lot of sense.

In the back of Tangierine Cafe sits the dessert case with a variety of the labor-intensive baklava and other treats.  Larger:

A few more drink options also available.  Being less obvious in the back of Tangierine, there’s rarely anybody in line here.

Moving on to France, we find ourselves at Crepes de France.

Although I’ve probably passed the kiosk 100 or more times over the years, I’ve never stopped for a crepe.  Until “today” that is.

A crepe is a thin pancake often made from wheat flour.  I was not paying a ton of attention, but I could have sworn the person poured fresh batter on a griddle and fried the crepe up fresh.  Twitter seemed to think they were pre-made and simply heated up on the griddle.  Having sampled a crepe in real life France about 12 years ago, I’m basically an expert on these things.  And i would stipulate that the crepes here have the texture of a wet paper bag and don’t taste much better.

For $3.99, I would characterize these as a very light snack – there is not a whole lot to them. The chocolate sauce didn’t add much sweetness to the crepe, despite looking pretty and plentiful on the plate. I’m not sure if people have had better experiences.  Twitter also thought the ice cream here is better than just about anywhere else on property.

Les Vins de France, a nearby kiosk out on the promenade, continues serving wine and specialty drinks.

Les Chefs de France lunch. Larger: out a recent lunch review here.

Chef’s dinner.  Larger: de France dinner review available here.

Monsieur Paul menu:

The reviews I consumed prior to dinner at Paul painted the restaurant as much less than outstanding, but I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.  I’d return to Paul before Les Chefs for dinner, even taking slightly higher pricing into consideration.

France food is situated on the left side of the Pavilion with Boulangerie Patisserie in front of us, wine in the storefront on the right, ice cream on the left, and the entrance to Monsieur Paul kind of hidden across from the ice cream entrance.  Around the corner to the left is Les Chefs with the two outdoor kiosks across the way and then Impressions de France around the corner on the right.

France stuff:

I feel like I’m one blood transfusion away from winning the Tour de France.  Otherwise, some of the France merchandise is unique to the Pavilion as far as I know.

The refurbished Boulangerie reopened as Les Halles last December in a much larger space.  I still think the setup is confusing as a single line branches out into two identical lines with multiple menus and ordering areas.  But I’m not the smartest person in the world either.  It’s easier to find your way around when it’s less crowded.  As far as I know, Les Halles continues to open at 9am, though I would stipulate you’re insane to head back here before 10:30am.  More pictures available here and a Croque Monsieur review here.

Current menu:

The menu is the same for the most part.  The Pumpkin Soup is no longer on the menu.  A Bleu Salad replaces the Lyonnaise.  The Saucisse specialty is new.  The Jambon Beurre is $1.25 more expensive.  A croissant is 30 cents more expensive.  Chocolate Croissant is 50 cents more expensive.  The Eclair is 40 cents more expensive.  Creme Brulee is 75 cents more expensive.  Parfait Aux Fruits is $1.50 more expensive.  Mousse – 25 cents more expensive.  Cafe Liegeois replaces the Exotique.  The Macaron is new.  Limonade is no longer available.

And good news ladies – the mimosa is officially a menu item so you no longer have to order orange juice, champagne, and ask if they have a bigger cup.

Heading into the wine store, this is the current wine walk.  We popped into Italy’s Enoteca and Germany’s Weinkeller previously where you can also pick up your checklist.  Pricing is not much of a value compared to how much you’d pay for the four-ounce pours at each stop.  And if you opt for the four-ounce single pours, you have more choices.

Wine flights are available in addition to wine by the glass:

It’s cheaper per ounce to buy 2 four-ounce glasses of wine as opposed to the 3 two-ounce sampler ($1.41 per ounce versus $1.57 ounce).  Disney makes a big deal about Moet being available during Food and Wine, but it’s actually available all year here, in addition to Veuve and Feuillatte.

And the ubiquitous Kronenbourg.

Wine available by the bottle:

As I’ve mentioned before, wine pricing isn’t usually priced absurdly, like a lot of other items Disney offers.  We’ll actually run into a bottle of Moet Imperial at Saratoga Springs priced at $42.95, which is less than most stores.

Map merch.

And a variety of French food. Larger:


Back outside on the promenade near the bridge over to the UK, you’ll see this cart advertising caricatures and silhouettes.

A silhouette is one of the most inexpensive, unique souvenirs available.  You’ll see similar carts in Downtown Disney near Earl of Sandwich and in Magic Kingdom in Liberty Square across from Sleepy Hollow Inn and on Main Street near the Crystal Arts store.


Heading toward the UK, we first see Yorkshire County Fish.  The main seating area is off to the right.

Additional seating is available to the left of the restaurant.

I like Yorkshire a lot, despite the limited menu.  I just wish they’d load you up on the chips instead of just giving you a few underneath the fish.

Pub menu:

“The Hat Lady” act no longer occurs inside the pub.  The same woman plays music and guests can make requests and sing along.  With fewer hats.

The smart money is on the English Bulldog and one of the Pub Blends.  Boddington’s is one beer I don’t like.  It’s been my experience that it has an unpleasant metallic aftertaste.  I tried a Golden Fox, which is Boddington’s and Bass, and didn’t care much for that either.

Rose & Crown lunch:

And dinner:

I haven’t had much luck with Rose & Crown recently – not sure if others have had better luck.

Rose & Crown is often slammed, particularly in the evenings.  Luckily, most people get their drinks to go and vacate the bar shortly thereafter and the bartenders are aware of which faces are new.  So it’s rare that you’ll feel ignored or your Ed Hardy shirt isn’t slick enough for the bartender to serve you.  But if you’re looking for a beer available here at the beer kiosk or at Yorkshire, it’s usually easier to walk up and grab a drink there instead.  And you don’t have to worry about an additional tip.

Just before arriving at the Off Kilter stage in Canada, you’ll see another Espresso cart.

The menu should look familiar.  There’s virtually never anybody in line here, making it a good stop for a Joffrey’s coffee or snack.  The Frozen Cappuccinos are a great way to cool down with a jolt of caffeine and sugar.

We took a look at Canada a couple of weeks ago half way down this post, along with a nice review or Le Cellier, so I won’t rehash that again.  This is the menu at the beer cart that sits to the left of the walkway down to Le Cellier.

Continuing back toward Future World, you’ll see Refreshment Port on your left.  Menu:

Reviews of the Fried Shrimp and Frozen Bacardi Mojito are here.  Unfortunately, those Spicy Chicken Cheddar Cheese Poppers still aren’t available.

And our last stop around World Showcase or the first stop on your right as you head toward Canada – the generic Promenade Refreshments.  It serves as a food.booze booth for Food/Wine (dessert and champagne) and Flower/Garden (Dole Whips in 2012).

You can always pick the kids up a hot dog if they’re not keen on shawarma.

That’s what’s happening in the World Showcase these days.  Or what’s not happening as the case may be.  Several other updates coming up – a visit to Port Orleans French Quarter and Riverside to check out their new lobbies and menus, lunch and flatbreads/drinks at The Wave, dinner at House of Blues, dinner at Turf Club and a walk around Saratoga Springs Resort, a Future World update and dinner at Nine Dragons, my ideal morning at Hollywood Studios in practice, and another trip out to Magic Kingdom.


  1. Chrystal says

    Not sure what “recent” means, but we had a great experience at Rose & Crown in January. One of the best meals we had all week – for food and service. For what it’s worth…

    I had cottage pie, DD had fish and chips, DH had surf and turf – I think.

  2. teacherkim says

    I had great food at Rose and Crown in June, also had cottage pie, and one of the kids in our group had a kid sized steak off the kid menu and it was really tasty. We used Josh’s pro tip of asking for a seat on the patio. We had 7 pm adr, got seated on patio at 7:30 and finished up our meal about 8:45. Server told us to feel free to hang out to watch Illuminations, which we did from our “front row” seat. Extra good luck because for the 30 min prior to the start of the show it was pouring down rain on all of the unfortunates NOT undercover like us.

  3. Dani says

    In May, my crepe was totes made before I got there. They weren’t even busy. I haven’t been back since. I’m still in mourning over the loss of beaver tails. Ten years is a long time. Moving on…

    Thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Rose and Crown a few weeks ago. Dat cheese plate.

    Also, macaron at Les Halles, 10/10 would eat again. Outside super sugary, inside super tart.

    Now that I know they carry Veuve, I’ll take the double stroller. I can fit in that one and be wheeled to the car for the 20 min drive home.

  4. keri says

    Oh my gosh the Minnie Mouse Eiffel Tower mug with the heart-shaped handle is so adorable! I need one of those in my life. I know people hate on her, but I love the stylized Fashionista Minnie designs.

    Also, the crepe I got last winterish (I think it was during Food & Wine?) was definitely premade/frozen and heated up on the griddle, because it wasn’t even a full circle. A whole third of it was removed, to make for less bulky triangle folding. They put maybe one spoonful of strawberry jam on the middle, folded it up, and sprinkled it with powdered sugar. It was awful, sort of gummy and lukewarm – the weird shaped half-burnt ones I make at home are better (and not just because I was expecting actual strawberries in the strawberry crepe, maybe with some whipped cream). It was a huge waste of money. Maybe the chocolate ones are better? (Doesn’t seem likely.)

  5. Erika says

    Fun, fun….came back to re-read while I put kids to bed and found a new post! Yay J!
    And yea, i needed to try a crepe on of our first trips because I had lived in Paris years ago and practically lived on crepes….and red wine 😉 …SO not authentic.. :(
    Fish and chips spund yummy right now..
    Thanks for the walk around WS!

  6. Diana says

    We had one of the strawberry crepes last fall. I think I would find eating an eraser more appetizing.

  7. RebeccaMcK says

    I wonder if those cute Mickey/Minnie/Tinkerbell Paris items might also be sold at DLand Paris or if they really are unique to the pavilion at Epcot. I really miss Rose&Crown not having the Sunday Roast beef dinner (with Yorkshire pudding) on their menu any more, but if I ever go there again I’ll try the cottage pie. I liked the Scotch egg, too, even though it’s not very authentic. Maybe the steak would be good (thinking of what hubby would go for, although we may shoot for Le Cellier next time anyway if we just do one day at Epcot). And I really want that little Perry snack/lunch box that comes with the kids’ snack pack, maybe more than I want the Doofenschmirtz beaker. Both – I have to remember for next time. Maybe by then the spicy chicken poppers could be back, too.

  8. Chris says

    I also had never had a crepe after walking by that stand seemingly a million times so took one for the team last Fall. I had a sugar crepe that they DID make to order. Didn’t help – most of it went in the trash. I won’t be back. Likewise, I FINALLY made it to Yorkshire Fish Shoppe in February and had a similar experience. It seemed to be made to order but was a greasy mess. I ate about 2 bites of fish, a couple of chips and into the trash it went.

  9. KB says

    Man, every time I see some goober taking pictures with an iPad I want to run up and knock that thing right out of his/her hands and stomp on it! Why on earth would you want to take a “camera” that is WAY BIGGER than a camera, costs WAY MORE than a lot of excellent cameras, but takes WAY WORSE pictures? 5 Megapixels for the iPad 4 and less than 1MP for anything before that. That’s just pathetic! Plus, it’s so bulky and awkward that there is almost always some blurriness because it’s so hard to hold still, thereby taking WAY LONGER to take a freaking picture! If you don’t care how your picture turns out then just take it with your stupid phone and move on!

  10. Zavandor says

    Most (if not all) the merchandise with Mickey and friends you’ve seen in the pictures of the French pavilion is sold at Disneyland Paris too.

  11. Chester says

    Pointless taking photos with an iPad. Buy the new Nokia Lumia 1020 mobile phone, 41 mp, image stabilization,low light and an extra slr battery/grip with tripod hole.

  12. Disney Bug 2004 says

    For the alcoholic in the family EPCOT is for you! There are other things that are at EPCOT beyond being able to get beer, wine. and mariquitas. I’m just saying.

  13. John says

    Thanks for the pictures.

    Morocco has the very best coffee at WDW, much better than Starbucks. We also enjoyed the food at the Tangierine Cafe.

  14. Baloo says

    I never knew that they served Fish-n-Chips inside the pub. We’ve always gotten them at Yorkshire. Any idea if the portions are bigger inside since the price is a dollar more?

  15. Peter H says

    I’m pretty convinced that un-savvy tech people take pictures with ipads because the pictures are then in the ‘cloud’ and also on the device. Makes it easier to put them straight onto facebook and bore the relatives when you get home and avoids messing about with memory cards. Probably people that don’t have iphones.

  16. Peter H says

    And Boddingtons, I agree, it’s an unexceptional beer. I think much of it’s popularity in the UK was because it was one of the first beers that came with a “widget” in the can, that made it pour a very creamy beer, just like from the tap. And of course endless clever marketing. I don’t know a lot of people that drink it, but you can see it in all the supermarkets still, and especially in pub chain restaurants, that coincidentally happen to be owned by the same big brewer that makes Boddingtons.

  17. Mike says

    If I had to say the must eat quick service food for me is the Tangierine cafe as well. The mixed plate was so good, although the green salad like mixture was a little rough and fiberous for me. But yeah, I hate to say it but my trip to Epcot fostered my love for Med. region lamb dishes. Although the baklava dessert we got with the “free” dining plan was a bit on the sweet side and didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the food.

  18. Nurs3kim says

    @michele Everyone’s a fanny pack hater until they want the wearer to hold their sunglasses, phone, etc. 😉 Proudly sporting mine since 1999. My FB friends make fun of me all the time lol

  19. Johnty Pinkstedder, ghastly fop says

    Apple fanbois have to constantly remind themselves, chiefly by signifying to all the others in the Apple fanboi tribe, that they’re “insanely great” and that they “think different,” just as all the others do.

    Moet Imperial, formerly White Star, is $35, and overpriced at that, at Costco. I’d drink the hell out of that Sparr pinot gris, though.

  20. pfalcioni says

    iPad photos in public. Ugh. I’d almost rather see some hirsute and overweight individual walking around in a Speedo than see someone whip out an iPad to take pictures at an event. Seriously people, it makes as much sense as bringing your laptop and using the webcam.

    “And i would stipulate that the crepes here have the texture of a wet paper bag and don’t taste much better.”

    They smell so wonderful, I’ve passed by that place dozens of times over the years and finally gave in and had one a few years ago. Yuck. How can that many calories taste so bland?

    My husband likes Boddingtons. but I agree with Josh, the aftertaste is like I’m sucking on that stupid widget.

  21. Dan Young says

    Thanks for the extensive walk around my favorite park. It should be noted that the piano player in the Rose & Crown is actually 2 ladies – Miss Carol (Carole?) plays 5 nights a week and specializes in catering a song to her customers (“Oh my gosh here’s a guy named Dave, to drinking and dining he is a slave….”, etc.), while on Thursdays and Sundays you are still graced by the presence of the elderly but still fun Miss Pam Brody. Now, Miss Brody is much more of an institution than a musician. While she sits at the piano, there’s not really much music coming out. She’s more of a hostess, and as she’s been performing there since before dirt was invented she has her own clientele (including me whenever I’m in town!).

  22. KB says

    Yes, I LOVE how all those Apple people Think Different by thinking exactly the same. If you were to actually Think Different, there’d be more than one option for each product, right? Or maybe Think Different just means Think Different about reality, because in reality NOBODY would think iPads are the slightest bit good for picture-taking!

  23. Christine says

    We had the soft-serve at the crepes cart several years ago and it seriously was the best ice cream of my life. I hope it’s the same.

  24. Shannon says

    French Minnie makes me sad.

    On another note, I have a friend that collects fanny packs. Tons of ’em. I don’t know if she uses a tablet to take pics, tho…..

  25. Jay Stemple says

    I love the ipad jokes. I do wedding videography and I can hardly keep from barfing when I see how ridiculous someone looks at a wedding holding up a monolith getting “the perfect shot”

  26. Jessica D says

    I kinda spaced out after I focused on the weird prices at the crepe stand but woke back up reading the comments. You have some hilarious fans.

  27. lucy says

    I tried a crepe last year. I asked for chocolate & strawberry sauce on mine. Meh.

    I don’t get the whole iPad thing. I have a friend with an iPhone & iPad and she still took the iPad into the park to take photos. I don’t get it.

    Thanks for all the photos and more! Love it! I am making notes of all the food & drinks we want to try in the fall.

  28. Amy1011 says

    I am an “Apple person”, but I hate iPad photography. I have no issue with the family in this post — hey, I’ve forgotten my camera before and have had to take pictures with whatever is available (thankfully not my iPad!). But when I saw Beauty and the Beast at HS for the first time last month, the young lady in front of me kept holding up her family’s iPad, iPad mini, and iPad touch for pictures. I had to watch nearly half the show through her screens. I would not be upset if they banned the things in the parks! 😉

  29. RebeccaMcK says

    @Zavandor – thanks for the confirmation/answer. I thought so!

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who hates the iPad being used for taking pictures. And I didn’t even know the photo resolution was so low, lol. I just hate them being held up in front of me when I’m trying to take pictures/video with my much smaller Droid phone or Olympus digital camera (both of which get much better photo resolution than an iPad, apparently). It only really bothered me when I was in the middle of the row of the safari truck at DAK and I could have finally taken a picture of the usually-sleepy-and-hard-to-see lion, but nope, the lady on my left kept holding up that @#&*% iPad (or whatever tablet it was) and blocking my view. If I ever want to take safari ride pics again I’ll try to remember to sit on the far left in my row if possible. The appeal of using it for most casual photographers, probably, is the big screen (easier to see stuff – and my dad appreciated someone using one in the row in front of him at some baseball games last summer, because they zoomed in on the field and he was basically watching the game ON that tablet’s screen while AT the game, lol. Those two season ticket holders became pals, lol. At least for that season). Some people might just be using them as binoculars and not really even taking pictures OR video. Still, even binoculars could be smaller.

    As for fanny packs, I still have my black Disney one I got from Disney Movie Rewards (just can’t seem to part with it even though I really don’t use it). Used it to collect cookie money at the last Girl Scout cookie booths last winter. The zipper sticks a lot so I hesitate to use it in the parks. Some day when I don’t need to wear the backpack in the parks, I’ll wear my Magellan travel vest for all its great compartments (yet it’ll cover up whatever Disney t-shirt I’m sporting). I’ll make the kiddo wear the fanny pack, hehe, once she has hips.

  30. RebeccaMcK says

    ^ Oh yeah, and I realize the beige Magellan travel vest might make me resemble a Photopass photographer in the parks…just slightly….but I think it could be fun, until people see I’m using a Droid or the tiny Olympus camera to take pictures, lol. I even tilt them sometimes.

  31. Jill Marie says

    Now I am craving = the lemon chicken and beef brewats from Restaurant Marrakesh, vegetable platter from Tangierine Cafe…and the mint tea and pistachio baklava. Delicious!

    @nurs3kim – I embraced the fanny pack as a child. Then I was too “cool” for it until my mid-20’s. That’s when I realized it’s way more comfortable and convenient than a purse or bag. I love it. :) It’s nice to be able to have my camera and everything right there when I need it. And I love not having to take it off for rides. I am 32 now and really couldn’t care less if I look like a nerd.

    Now…bringing an ipad into the parks for pictures? That is something that doesn’t make much sense to me.

    @RebeccaMcK – your daughter doesn’t need hips for a fanny pack. I wore one to WDW as a kid and had no problems keeping it up. :) My husband jokes that he wants to use our (yet to be born) son as a ‘pack mule’ at Disneyland in the future. You know those little leash/backpack things? He says “we can put our water bottles in there!” Ha! I don’t think I’ll allow that though.

  32. StillTryingToThinkOfAGoodName says

    I’m sure it’s not a great photo but am I the only one that wants to see their photo of Josh taking a photo of them…taking a photo of Josh….taking a photo of them … taking …

  33. KB says

    Just lugging an iPad around a theme park is ridiculous! If you’re bored in line (of which there are few in Epcot), just play with the phone! What is the necessity of having ANY tablet in a place where you’re supposed to be having fun and paying attention to your family? And don’t get me started on anyone thinking it’s perfectly fine to hold one up for pics or videos during a show or on a ride. Though, it’s not like WDW is filled with people who think of others, cough stroller Nazis cough scooters cough cough.

  34. weepstah says

    Man, those ipads are the devil! I haven’t seen this much hate since the wand went up on Spaceship Earth

  35. Ubiquitin says

    I live in Yorkshire and the “Yorkshire County” Fish Shop makes me chuckle every time I pass it. There’s no such thing as “Yorkshire County”! Yorkshire is, in fact, made up of 3 “ridings” or 4 administrative areas roughly analogous to other English counties. Also, fish ‘n’ chips here is served with “scraps”, which is a scoop of the bits of batter which have collected at the bottom of the fryer and should definitely be introduced to Epcot’s offering in the name of authenticity.

  36. Abby says

    I think it’s awful they have Beaujolais that’s so old for sale – it should be served by Christmas the year it’s released & then discarded. The stuff they have on shelf is undrinkable. And don’t get me started on the Rose Regale garbage.

  37. RebeccaMcK says

    @Jill Marie
    lol I know those backpack/leash/harness things for kids all too well. Had a teddy bear one for my kiddo but long before we ever took her to any Disney parks (she didn’t wear it there – she didn’t start going to the parks until she was 4 and by then she didn’t wander off as much). Didn’t stash things in it, though. I will save my fanny pack for her to use some day – or I don’t mind wearing it. I’m 42, what do I care? lol Just can’t wear it at the same time as my travel vest or I might look like I can make balloon animals for guests or something (bulky). And all I can really make is a snake, lol.

  38. Simmone says

    “What is the necessity of having ANY tablet in a place where you’re supposed to be having fun and paying attention to your family? ”

    I feel the same way about “smartphones” – why spend all the money to come to WDW and spend it on your smartphone – take a break from technology and set your mind free (and give your thumb a rest too) and experience your surroundings

    Just spent the last week at WDW without my phone (a flip phone) or a computer – Wow – that was a great vacation!

  39. gatorgirl says

    I’m spending a day this November at Disneyland Paris if anyone is interested in commissioning a literal French crepe portrait, taken on my iPad….

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