Windtraders Merchandise Pictures at Pandora: World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We conclude our initial look at Pandora: World of Avatar with what is probably what people are looking forward to the least: merchandise.

But that may actually not be fair as I’ve been impressed with the quality and variety of merchandise available, a lot of which understandably doesn’t focus on the main characters from the movie. Actually, I don’t think you see Jake Sully, Neytiri, Dr. Grace Augustine, or any other major character from the first movie on any piece of merchandise anywhere in Pandora. And yes, I had to look up those character names on IMDB.

Otherwise, Windtraders is located in the back of Pandora behind the Pongu Pongu takeaway bar. That’s in between Satu’li Canteen and the entrance to Flight of Passage.

Everyone exiting the Flight of Passage ride will pass through the store on the way out.

Like the rest of the Land, Windtraders is immersive in its theming and it’s fun to take a few minutes to look around at what’s offered, even without the intention of buying anything.

There are a couple of “experiences” available inside.

Here, for $75, they will make an Avatar action figure to your general likeness.

Seeing “No refunds, exchanges, or returns” always increases confidence in a product.

Considering we don’t know what the people that the figures are made to look like actually look like, it’s difficult to ascertain the quality.

But if it’s terrible, at least you can buy him or her pants and a bow and arrow.

But the figures are quite detailed. I might bring in a picture of Bricker and see if they can produce one based on that. Then I’ll have a higher quality voodoo doll than the one I’m currently using that’s made out of hair.

You’re supposed to be able to make a same-day reservation for the experience, so you won’t have to wait in a long line.

I’m not sure how popular it will be, but we’ll see if arriving early is necessary.

I somewhat doubt it.

The service has not been offered during the Previews, but when it is, you’ll pick your creation up from this vending machine looking thing after it’s done.

“Collectible” is used very loosely here.

The second “experience” “links you” to a plastic toy ikran that sits on your shoulder and is controllable via a hand trigger thing that’s attached.

The experience has proven to be popular during the Previews, particularly because you can go through it, take a picture with the banshee, then decide not to pay the $50 to keep it.

But you’ll see a few people walking around Pandora with a dragon perched on their shoulders.

There’s an option to add a plastic log for it to sit on at home, too.

The “Joe Rohde Hanging Earlobe Accessory Station” is my favorite of the various interactive experiences.

Though for some reason it says you’re creating a necklace?? Strange??

But for $20 you get to pick out a necklace cord and eight beads and a feather or crystal. Extra beads and such run $2 to $7 each.

I felt sort of bad for these guys considering there’s a face on the packaging and these little pots of horror are unlikely to make it home alive.

Flashbacks to Darla, the dentist’s niece, from Finding Nemo.

You can get a lava lamp. Sorry, I mean, “Pandoran Glowing Algae Collectible Science Specimen.”

I’m sure these collectibles will rise in value just as fast as Beanie Babies. According to the Pandora Merchandise Encyclopedia, the lava lamp is worth $35 in 2017, and $65,355 in 2035.

A $95 magnet set.

Sure, that wouldn’t be weird.

The (objectively terrible) Bill & Ted show at Halloween Horror Nights is going to have a field day.

I might actually get that Vein Pod.

These are actually kind of neat. In addition to lighting up, they’re supposed to leave a brief trail of bioluminescence as you walk through the Valley of Mo’ara at night.

The dream of every parent – an opportunity for the children to create even more noise.

Bubbles, the bane of all camera lenses.

This hand sanitizer won’t do much against the Pandoran micro-parasites such as the navileria orberum, pandorica simbiotini, and manducus taurus. No I’m not making any of those names up, though the simbiotini sounds like a cocktail I might be interested in trying.

A much larger version of this Leonoptervyx Skull arrived in the Flight of Passage standby queue a couple of days ago.

It’s actually kind of freaky.

I’m not sure if the whole Native American vibe of a lot of the “artifacts” and merchandise is a bit awkward.

You’ve already got the Pocahontas comparison to the Avatar storyline going on.

But I’m very sensitive to these sorts of things.

But there is some amount of “look at how primitive the Na’vi are here buy a shirt with beads and feathers on them.”

Some more shirts and such:

There’s a lot of stuff.

The toy lineup is pretty solid, I think.

This is the sort of stuff that I pined for as a child.

I wish I had appeared on the back with the quote, “Learning how to say ‘Flight of Passage is a six-hour wait’ was a breeze with this translator. Thanks, ACE!”

$7 for 8 cards makes learning an expensive proposition, but then kids should find out how far education is going to put them in debt from a young age.

More stuff:

That should be a pretty good overview of all the stuff you don’t want to buy, though it might be hard to get kids away from those rocks.

As an aside, there is a face painting kiosk on the left shortly after entering Pandora from Discovery Island.

Looks like it runs $18-$25 depending on style.

And there’s an outdoor merchandise cart out there as well.

Overall, Pandora offers an impressive array of merchandise. There’s 140 pictures here that probably covers about 80% of what’s available. Something may catch your eye. But it probably won’t.


  1. AJ says

    Wow, Josh! Thanks for the amount of time you spend to give the experience of ‘as close to being there without actually being there’. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  2. Shane says

    The only thing that caught my eye was the haunting photo of “Marshall Lamm” on the Navi translator packaging.

  3. RebeccaMcK says

    The area where you make the necklaces sort of makes a hidden Mickey (ears not connected though). And I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks those little banshees look like dragons (some jerk chewed me out on Tom’s site for saying so).

    • Kelly says

      Honestly, that’s part of the reason I might actually be willing to buy a banshee. It’s basically a Sci-fi dragon, and I would love to wear one as part of my outfit to Ren faires. There are similar handmade shoulder pets available at those things, but they’re more expensive and the puppet control is a bit harder to control then this looks, and the banshee’s don’t look as fragile either. Also, the dragons at Faires are lovely but they all have fur on them- so they don’t look as dragon-y. I do have a handmade one I love, but it’s old so right now it’s just a showpiece. I want to look at them in person of course, but I think the design and vibrant coloring looks awesome, and I’m in the position where I would wear the thing in other places besides disney.

      • RebeccaMcK says

        Yes, I’ve seen little dragons like those you mentioned. .at our closest Renaissance Faire. Almost got one for my dragon fan daughter. She might want one of these Pandora ones since they look more like dragons we’re used to, as you said.

  4. Dorliss Chambers says

    Thanks for all the work on the pics. Looks like about an 80/20 split between hideous and embarrassing. God help them if the movie sequels don’t catch on.

  5. CMM says

    Seeing Bricker’s GIGANTIC RED MELON atop a blue Navi figurine is worth the price at any cost.

    Search your feelings. You know this to be true.

  6. Helen says

    Thanks for all the pics Josh! My kids love tat, but maybe not so much so if it’s their money they’re spending, not mine!

  7. JoAnn says

    You are correct, nothing caught my eye. I shall now refer to Windtraders Merchandise as the ‘little shop of horrors.’ That said, I know a 10 year old who would spend the day in this place; he would even eat the blue popcorn.

  8. Sharon says

    That is some ugly stuff.

    So what’s the over under on when it becomes all Princess pens and Mickey ears?

    And how much will end up on eBay?

  9. Websteroni says

    I don’t think I’ve ever said this about any Disney store ever….there’s nothing I want from Windtraders.

  10. Chris says

    I wonder what Joe Rohde is thinking when he reads easywdw. Probably laughing his butt off at the Joe Rohde joke in this entry!

  11. IndyND says

    Some of this stuff looks pretty cool to me. I’m a Sci-fi nerd, so this is right up my alley. I always end up with a couple Star Wars items and a bunch of Indiana Jones stuff from Hollywood Studios when we visit, so I’m looking forward to getting a couple of items here too.

    I had myself done in carbonite (like Han Solo) from Star Wars Weekend back 4-5 years ago. That was $150 and took 6-8 weeks to show up. $75 and a short wait is a relative bargain, for the interested. Although, getting it on a plane and home may be tricky. Considering I’ve spent $50 on a Build-a-Bear a time or two and I’m not the only one, those shoulder bird things will sell just fine.

  12. Tina Q says

    This may be the first merchandise post where I saw nothing I want to buy! What an odd assortment of things!

  13. Jeff says

    I always appreciate “some” pictures of retail offerings.
    But this post single-handedly destroyed my cell data plan for the month.

  14. Heather says

    I would definitely buy that kite.

    Wonder if any O.o ?!’s result at the vending machine after curvaceous earthlings receive their skinny-ass na’vi counterpart :^)

  15. DwarfPlanet says

    I liked the Alpha Centauri Expedition shirt, I can kid myself that it’s for the old Lost in Space show and nothing to do with Avatar.


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