Walt Disney World In Focus – Port Orleans French Quarter Resort

Craig Hood is back from a brief hiatus with a look at the Port Orleans French Quarter Resort.  See the rest of his handiwork over in the Photography section.  I think you’ll agree that it was worth the wait.  These are the best photos I’ve ever seen of the Port Orleans French Quarter.

Here in Florida, we have something special we never enjoyed at Disneyland…the blessing of size. There’s enough land here to hold all the ideas and plans we can possibly imagine.” – Walt Disney

Of all the things I enjoy while in Disney World, I think simply experiencing the resorts is at the top of my list of favorites.  The time we have at the resort is when I really feel like I’m somewhere far away from the real world, and sometimes, where there is no one else there but me and my family.  These are the times I really lose myself in the Disney experience.  I sometimes get out of the room early in the morning to enjoy the quiet sunrise and photo opportunities before the peace and tranquility give way to the chatter of excited families – this is my time.

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Welcome Home…

My family and I have stayed in all of the moderate resorts and our favorite by far is Port Orleans French Quarter in the Downtown Disney Resort area.  Opened in 1991 as Disney’s Port Orleans Resort, it is a relatively small  property by comparison.  Situated on the banks of the Sassagoula River, French Quarter is comprised of 7 buildings of 144 guest rooms each, for a grand total of 1008 guest rooms.  All of these rooms were refurbished throughout early 2011 and you’ll now find two queen-size beds, all new furnishings, and flat-screen televisions.  The theming is just as the name implies and reflects the “French Quarter” district of New Orleans with lots of wrought iron, cobblestone, and Mardis Gras references.  The small size of French Quarter is one of the  most appealing attributes to me.  The internal pathways are laid out in squares with “streets” and sidewalks that are very easy to navigate.  All of the pathways are straight with left and right turns and direct routes to the main building, no winding pathways here.

We’ve found that buildings 1 and 7 tend to be the most peaceful and quiet.  They are each on the outskirts of the property and the furthest from the main building, but still not so far away that you need a canteen and sack lunch to walk to the food court, gift shop or the pool.  Also, staying in building 7 puts you in very close proximity to the Riverside Resort.

All amenities between French Quarter and Riverside are shared, so feel free to pool hop without persecution!

The only dining option at French Quarter is counter service at the Sassagoula Float Works and Food Factory.  Libations are available at Scat Cats Lounge right next door.  If you want table service, you can head over to Riverside and enjoy Boatwrights.

Main lobby facing main entrance- check-in to your left, food and drinks to your right.

You’ll swear you’re in the “Big Easy.”  All the touches that make Disney, Disney.

Looking towards the swimming pool from the lobby.  Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory is to the left with Jackson Square Gifts and Desires to the right.

A few of the local characters around French Quarter’s only swimming pool.  You can enjoy a cold drink of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic variety from Mardis Grogs pool bar from 11:30am to 9:45pm.

A mostly unique amenity to the French Quarter is the boat transportation to and from Downtown Disney – so much nicer than a bus.  Saratoga Springs and Old Key West also offer boat service to Downtown Disney, but rooms at either of those Villa-level resort would cost much more.  For us, the boat ride is like an attraction in itself.  You can enjoy a very relaxing 20 minute, 2.5 mile ride to Downtown Disney via the Sassagoula River aboard a ferry boat.  You will most likely see an abundance of water fowl and an occasional river otter as you pass by the Tree House Villas and Saratoga Springs Resort.  The Downtown Disney ferry also services the Port Orleans Riverside Resort.  Boat service starts around 10 AM, with boats arriving approximately every 20 minutes until late afternoon and then about every 10 minutes until 11:30 PM.

No boats yet, still too early.

A very lonely check-in queue…

The bus stops are very easy to figure out – there’s one.  It’s to the left of the front entrance to the lobby.

The gardens and courtyards of Port Orleans are beautiful.

We’ll finish up with a look at the refurbished rooms. We found the new décor to be quite an upgrade, especially the queen size beds.  Also, the air conditioner has been outfitted with a decorative cabinet enclosure that is actually very useful as a window seat or a place to stack whatever you need to stack.  The addition of a “real” vanity in the bath area is also a welcome change.

Not very creative photographically, but an idea of what to expect in the new and improved rooms, right?

If you’re on the fence about a moderate resort, you won’t be disappointed in French Quarter or Riverside for that matter.  I just feel that French Quarter has more of a cozy, warm, and fuzzy feeling due to it’s smaller size and ease of navigation.  But don’t go by me, I get that warm fuzzy feeling just driving under the “Walt Disney World” sign.

Have a Magical Day!


  1. Heather says

    So exciting! We’re headed there in a few weeks – so great to see such fantastic pictures! Thanks!

    • Craig Hood says

      Thanks Heather, glad you enjoyed it. You won’t be disappointed, it really is our favorite resort.

      Have a Magical Day!

      P.S. Try the beneighs at Sassagoula Floatworks, they’re delicious!

  2. Ali says

    I found your photography to be very creative and inspiring. The haze coming off the water is simply beautiful!
    We had considered checking this resort out on our upcoming trip but you have now convinced me that it will be well worth the trip over there! Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Craig Hood says

      Hi Ali, and thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the article and pictures. Take lots of Disney pictures and share them with the forum when you get home! It’s definitely worth a trip to Port Orleans, some of the most beautiful grounds on Disney property to me.

      Have a great vacation!

  3. Melanie says

    This was great! We have also stayed at all the moderates and this is our favorite resort. We’re headed back there in September, can’t wait! This post definitely got me even more excited to go!

    • Craig Hood says

      Thanks Melanie! Glad you enjoyed it. I’m always happy to help instill Disney excitement. Don’t know when in Sept you’re going, but we go the first week of every September for my daughter’s birthday. It’s a super time to be there, always lower crowds.

      Have a Magical Day!

  4. Dawn says

    Great pics – We are really looking forward to staying here in November! This just makes it harder to wait!

    • Craig Hood says

      Thanks so much Dawn, glad you enjoyed the pictures. It is very hard to wait, but you will have a great time at French Quarter!

      Have a Magical Day!

  5. Betty says

    Thank you for the great pictures! We are staying off-site, but are thinking of adding a couple days to the trip. I couldn’t decide where, but you have helped me!! We will have a car, so I am worried about how far away you have to park. We always seem to have TOO much stuff to LUG around!! Don’t the rooms have safes? If so, are they big enough for a computer??

    Thank you so much!!!!

    • Craig Hood says

      HI Betty, you are quite welcome and thank you! Each group of buildings has it’s own parking lot, so don’t worry about being too far away. We always find parking within a very reasonable walking distance to the room. As far as a safe, yes they do have in room safes, but they are quite small. I don’t think you would fit a laptop in them. More like wallets/billfolds and jewelry, smaller items like that.

      Have a Magical Day!

  6. Lisa says

    Wow, Craig – awesome photos (as always). Thanks. I’ve never stayed there, but now I’m going to put it high on the list of “next-to-try”. :)

    • Craig Hood says

      Hi Lisa, thank you so much! Nice to hear from you. :) Definitely put French Quarter up there as a “must stay”, you will love it!

      Have a Magical Day!

  7. Tabitha says

    Craig you did a wonderful job with these pictures. I love POFQ but booked CBR next trip, now I want to swap back to POFQ again!

    • Craig Hood says

      Thank you Tabitha, glad you enjoyed them! Hey, you can’t go wrong with CBR either, it’s a great resort as well. I’m sure you’ll have a fabulous stay either way. Thanks again!

      Have a Magical day!

  8. Sheli says

    Great pics! We arrive on the 20th for our stay at POFQ. (first time Disney trip as well!) The pictures of the guest rooms are helpful. But, I do not see a refrigerator. I am hoping it is housed in the dresser?

    I am counting on a fridge….are they there?


    • Craig Hood says

      Hi Sheli, and thank you. Yes, the fridge is in the dresser. Hope you have a wonderful vacation!


  9. Cris S says

    I will be staying at the POFQ Oct 29 – Nov 5 and have been looking at resort photos for a while now. These are magnificent…thanks. Looking forward to the POFQ. Have stayed at all the moderates so far except this one so after this trip, will have done all. I like to change it up. Thanks again for the great pictures particularly of the refurbished rooms.
    I do have to also say I LOVED POR Magnolia section. Saw POFQ while on carriage ride.

  10. Sheri says

    Fantastic pictures, Craig. I’m going at the beginning of December. My family has stayed at POR before but never the FQ. We’ve also stayed at other resorts but wanted to try something new. Your pictures are exactly what I needed to get me excited about our resort choice!

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