Walk the Great Movie Ride Track and Enjoy Dessert Inside the Attraction

Great Movie Ride closes in just over a week’s time on August 13th, 2017. Our friends over at WDWNT.com have put together a great (and last) opportunity to get up close and personal with the attraction, including a full walk-through of the ride track along with a dessert buffet to help send off a classic, beloved-now-that-it’s-closing, attraction. All proceeds benefit Ryman Arts, which is a non-profit arts education program based out of Los Angeles and founded by Marty Sklar. In addition, former Imagineer Brian Collins will be on hand to tell stores about the ride’s creation and answer any questions you might have. It’s a great opportunity to tell Tom Corless how much you don’t like him, while at the same time helping out disadvantaged kids interested in the arts. And check out some really neat animatronics. Tickets are $150 and the event begins at 11:30pm on August 11th.

More information is available here and tickets are available to purchase here.


  1. dusty cheatham says

    gosh would love to be there for this event. but a pesky little thing called a job & $$$$$ . makes this a tough miss.

  2. Susan says

    I expected to love this ride since I love movies, but I really didn’t. I’m not personally going to miss it, but I know many will.

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