Vision House Opens at Epcot in Innoventions East THIS POST BROUGHT TO YOU BY BOSCH

Sorry this is such a peasant website.  I don’t mean you’re a peasant.  Well.  Chances are you are a peasant.  According to Google Analytics, this website reaches one computer in England.  It may very well be the Queen.  I doubt it.  But you never know.  While the blogosphere was getting wined and dined at the Vision House last night by Disney, your consummate professional Disney blogger was sitting at home crying while typing up a construction update about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Such is life.  We can’t all be VIPs.  So today we are going to dredge out to Vision House with the other lowlifes.  No vassals need apply.

Vision House officially opened today, April 22nd, in Innoventions East.  It joins two of Innoventions better exhibits, Sum of All Thrills and Stormstruck.  It replaces the House of Innoventions, which we took a look at here near the end of the post.  House of Innoventions was basically a walking commercial for mind blowing products like Microsoft Kinect, toasters, a table made entirely out of cardboard, and a drum set.

Habit Heroes is still behind curtains.  I’m not expecting it to reopen.

A Chevy Volt sits outside the house.  Luckily, it isn’t on fire (yet).  Hopefully they removed the engine.

One thing you’ll notice immediately is that they did a great job with the exterior.  House of Innoventions basically looked like a house designed to look like a dungeon.  Vision House is much more inviting with glass doors that allow you to see inside.  The brick work looks great.  I think this is going to attract a lot more people.  A really nice job.

Ignore the sort of weird tree line.

And focus on this artificial tree instead.

Oh my science!  A new scotch drinking location?  And I was so close to publishing the book!  This looks to have everything I look for in a scotch drinking location.  Dark, a good view, and creepy.

This sliding door functions as the exit.  We’ll see the entrance shortly though!

More shrubbery and an awfully large air conditioner.

For the grand opening, Green Builder Media was hosting several presentations throughout the day.  We’ll take a look at “Will It Break?” shortly.  SPOILER!  It has nothing to do with Pirates of the Caribbean.

Setting up the presentation.

Reminds me of those educational “comic books” they used to hand out in elementary school.  Rolled up, they make outstanding weapons!

The glass doors really are a nice touch.

Okay….so the paper goes in the one that says paper.

And the aluminum goes in the one that says aluminum.

Then the turkey leg must go on top of the trash can lid!  And to think I didn’t score “genius” on the online IQ test I just took!

The entrance.  They take about 20 people at a time and the short queue runs off to the side of the House.  Normally, the wait is only as long as it takes for the first room to open up and there’s a short introduction before that here.  The house is sectioned off so that three groups can be inside at once without running into each other.

The queue.

The monitors are coming soon.

While we’re here, we’ll take a look at this presentation.  Apparently it’s dangerous because we’re not allowed any closer than this!

It was basically a commercial for Schott, which appears to be the Siemens of glass production.  Which is to say no one has heard of them and they’re from Germany.

The presentation had something to do with frogs.

First there were a lot of frogs.  Then some of the frogs were caught in nets!

And then there were no frogs!  What does this have to do with anything, you ask?  Nothing as far as I can tell.

So now we’re going to dunk some glass into cold liquid.

But first, I see a wireless connection detected!

Long story short.  He dunked the glass in liquid nitrogen and it didn’t break.

Okay, enough preshow.  Here we are listening to the introduction to the Vision House.  Or the preshow, so to speak.  Like the House of Innoventions, the volume isn’t nearly loud enough.  I couldn’t hear much back here with Sum of All Thrills right next door.

The first area is the living room and kitchen.  The glasses are made out of milk jugs or some such.

Throughout, you’ll notice they have a lot of stuff.  A lot of stuff.

The living room.

Each room can be kept a different temperature.

In this one, we’re saving the world by cooling the house down to 73 degrees in Florida. Go figure. Mine is set to 81 degrees during the day and 78 degrees at night.

A look back.

So the one thing I find obnoxious about Vision House (and its predecessor, House of Innoventions) is that the narrator will not stop talking about the family that lives here.  Disney, we realize no one actually lives here.  House of Innoventions isn’t like Maelstrom, where we’re willingly transported back to the time of trolls, vikings, gas rigs, parades, and more trolls.  This is a fake house in a theme park.  No one is moving in upstairs.  No one is planting flowers outside.  No one is doing 400 loads of laundry a year in the washing machine.  But we get to hear about it anyway.

The kitchen, where everything is efficient.








It’s going to be tricky to get to our potential scotch drinking location.

The living room:

This post interrupted by Bosch to tell you to go out and buy Bosch!  Bosch!  Bosch!  Bosch!  Amusingly, Bosch is also a German brand.  Whoever Disney has working the Germans deserves a raise and a Glückliches neues Jahr!

The bedrooms:

Told you they have a lot of stuff.  Sort of like saving the world via buying a new Prius every five years.  You go girl.  I took a nap on the short bed during this section.  I caught something about hypoallergenic sheets or something.

The laundry room.

It’s a Bosch.  Apparently it doesn’t use a lot of water.  And has a bunch of buttons.  And is very expensive.  And is a Bosch!

The other half of the bathroom.

Pretty sure this is the same toilet from the House of Innoventions. Still next level though!

Seems like it would behoove the earth friendly to simply close their own shades instead of using the power necessary to keep the whole system running. But half the fun of being earth conscious is the pretentiousness that accompanies it, right?

Outside we have a greenhouse, growing the wrong things.

There’s something special about the roof.

So these are plants planted into the wall.  This isn’t some clever camera trick.  Trust me, I don’t know any!  Apparently the plants improve air quality.  I’ve personally never seen anyone plant plants into a wall, but it’s pretty neat!  I mgiht just staple some ferns into my wall.

“Nadine’s” desk.   She will never sit here.

Various stone samples.  I’m not kidding.  Cultured stone.  All natural clay brick.  Boral.  Portfolio of possibilities.  Your choice.

But mostly Bosch.

Vision House isn’t just a colossal waste of time.  Just remember that it’s going to take about 30 minutes.  Unless you have a keen interest in spending gobs of money on the “green lifestyle,” you’ll probably want to spend your time elsewhere unless you have three or more days in Epcot.  Most people will find even the most minor attractions more enjoyable.  It’s very similar to what you’d find at a “home show” or similar event at a convention center or dome.  That said, it does look nice on the outside.

Back to the November analysis tomorrow.  Should have at least the first two weeks ready and hopefully up until Thanksgiving week.  More Epcot on tap along with a walk over to the BoardWalk Inn.  We’ve got Spicy Chicken and Cheese poppers.  A lot of pictures of pillows.  Some flower pictures.

And I found the “Bold HDR” button on the camera. So this website is about to get even more obnoxious.  Bigger:


It can always be worse.


  1. Ferg says

    Thanks for this. It’s good to know it is a full 30 minutes. Wow! Sounds like it might be interesting, but is the least interesting of all the currently opened choices in Innoventions East or West.

    Thanks for checking this out. I was really interested in what it turned out to be!

  2. WileyCoyote says

    “According to Google Analytics, this website reaches one computer in England. It may very well be the Queen. I doubt it. But you never know”

    Greeting, loyal subjects. – Only kidding.

    Ooh is it me ? do I win something ? I prefer the term serf to peasant myself . I’m definitely not the Queen but do come from a Scottish Clan and have my own tartan so that could make make me royal-ish- maybe, pretty please.

    OK – that House – seriously, what is wrong with the people at Epcot – have they not had enough fun quotient with their weetabix in the mornings – no way will I be getting my sprogs even remotely interested in the new , ahem, “interactive exhibit”. Ah well more time for them to get hyper on fizzy pop at Club Clool then.

  3. Graham says

    Welcome to Vision House where everything is connected. You better believe that toilet is keeping track of your “movements.”

  4. Jill Marie says

    I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before…but you are nuts! A thermostat at 78/81?!?! Ours is at 72ish in the Summer. In the Winter, our heat is at 67ish.

    Is this faux house supposed to special or impressive? It doesn’t look all that different than any normal new contstruction home these days. Boring.

    And an electic stove? Ugh. No thank you.

    Oh, and I really hate the crap on the master bedroom wall behind the bed.

  5. Trudie says

    Maybe the potatoes are for the potato/battery science experiment. That would be green, right?
    I know this is a terribly “Mom” thing to say, but I want that laundry room! (Not enough to go visit this exhibit, though.)

  6. Figaro says

    I’m not the Queen either WileyCoyote and we all know each other on this little island don’t we?

    Josh must be the King because he’s not covered in **** (Monty Python – Holy Grail). :)

  7. Patty57 says

    Talk about paying attention to mom things. In the “educational comic book”, there is a kid skateboarding on a stone wall, with no helmet. Nice portrayal of parenting, Disney. Of course, the mom is all babe-looking with her hand on her hip waving at the crowd, so who cares what little Biff is up to. The ridiculous things I notice…

  8. Lori says

    I think you could raise money to finance your scotch book by selling T-shirts that say, “Half the fun of being earth conscious is the pretentiousness that accompanies it.” I’m in.

    PS, maybe you could get Bosch to sponsor your book, too. I’m sure they have some kind of ice maker perfect for scotch on the rocks.

  9. John says

    @Patty57: completely agree about that cartoon picture. The more I look at it the more bizarre it is. So if I want to save the planet I can’t pull my spontaneously combustible car all the way into the garage, I will grow vegetables in the one spot in my yard where I am guaranteed to spend all my time yelling at my kids to stay out of the garden, I’ll have the ugliest tree outside of Animal Kingdom and my mailman (police officer?) will be a muscular black man with an eagle’s head? And is it just me or did that computer workstation area have a very 2005 feel to it?

  10. Shares says

    Does anyone else notice that the cabinetry and furniture seem awfully Ikea-ish? (Which is NOT German!) And is a wired mouse and keyboard more “green” than wireless or are they being green by using outdated technology?
    Thanks for keeping my expectations low, Josh. I mean that sincerely.

  11. Kristie says

    Josh I think you might have to turn yourself into a cat or bird or any animal other than a dog to get to your scotch drinking location. Since they single out dogs that must mean it is okay for another animal to access the stairs right?

  12. BritKate says

    I am not The Queen, but I am Kate Middleton. HTH.

    Oh and its a green wall – we’ve got one in our town – in fact there’s lots here – they die very quickly causing great moaning about the waste of public money from the peasants.

  13. Karen says

    This is meant to be in the comments in your last post…but I’m too lazy to load up the page and comments…so I wanted to say I think you should try and review the nutella and fruit waffle…you know….cause nutella is one of the best inventions ever.:)

  14. says

    “But half the fun of being earth conscious is the pretentiousness that accompanies it, right?”

    This nearly caused morning coffee to be sprayed on my keyboard. After living for 5 years in Austin (the crunchy granola capital of Texas) and listening to people tell me about how important it was to reduce my carbon footprint, knowing that they were driving home to their 3,000+ square foot house that they kept air-conditioned at a comfortable 72 degrees during the sweltering Texas summer, I decided that being “green” probably wasn’t for me. I’ll just try to live efficiently and not lord it over other people, thanks.

  15. Stephanie says

    Maybe the kid has an antique Mr. Potato Head…Apparently, his original incarnation was only parts that got stuck into actual potatoes. Not such a great idea if your kids play in their rooms, or in fact any room in the house, nothing like a rotten potato under the couch…

    Oh and yes the turkey leg should go in the trash, but those fruits and veggies should be in the compost.

  16. Denise says

    @Karen: the nutella and fruit waffle was one of the best things we ate (quick service) all week (we were there over Easter week). So much better than when we fix it at home. Must have been the location.

  17. Ernie says

    The potato is used to power the clock next to it. We have one. Not very green if you have drive 6 miles to pick up a couple of potatoes for the correct time though!

  18. cupcake says

    I guess I’m a weirdo, but I think this looks awesome and I look forward to exploring the house! That might be the many hours of HGTV watching talking, though. I LOOOOOOOVE those kitchen counter tops. I saw a kitchen remodel recently where they used counter tops made from recycled glass, I’m guessing that’s what those are? And probably similarly outrageously costly. WHY is recycled stuff so much more expensive? It makes no sense!

    Also, you keep your thermostat on 81?! That’s insane! The highest we set ours is 74 during the daytime, but usually no higher than 70-72 while we sleep. Does your sauna-like home better prepare you for the many hours you spend in the heat at the parks? Is it all part of your training regimen? And here I was thinking I’d adjusted so well, because my thermostat was rarely set above 60 before I moved to FL!

  19. Liz W says

    I can’t believe I didn’t even notice the potatoes!! All I could think of was how much clutter there was on the divider…not what was actually ON the divider.

    Thanks for the pictures. At least I know we still won’t be missing much by not going into Innoventions East.

    And you know that teens are going to love that sign! The whole “I’m not a kid, but you keep telling me I’m not an adult” argument is going to work wonders.

  20. Julia says

    @Shares – I noticed the wires on the keyboard and mouse too! Shouldn’t the house of the future be “at least” as modern as the house in Horizons?!

  21. tanya says

    Peaches, you beat me to it. I was also going to point out maybe, perhaps, the “green” way to make your own vodka. Maybe this imaginary family is Russian?

  22. RebeccaMcK says

    @WileyCoyote, LOL! I know you, of course. And I was just about to tell Josh here that I knew of at least three computers in England that go to his site.

    I think that house looks cool, and maybe if I had time and if the kiddo and Hubby insisted we’d check it out (Hubby was a bit mad that I rushed us out of Innoventions the last time we were in there, saying we didn’t have time….had a lunch reservation in the UK we had to get to, after all). Lots of others have already told you off about the thermostat settings, so I won’t. I’ll just say that here in CO we keep ours somewhere between 68-72 during the day, and if it gets above 75 at night (we have no air conditioning) we just run the fans and the plug-in air conditioners if necessary. I think if I lived in FL or TX (or AL, my states of choice if we ever move again) we’d have to have central air going most of the time.

  23. RebeccaMcK says

    By the way, I could move into that fake house and sing to everyone about Chevrolets on cue. And while I keep the people distracted Josh could sneak upstairs to his new Scotch drinking chair area. Duffy could be my pet.

  24. Psac says

    Actually, the Bosch diswasher I have at home is awesome, I really like it. Wouldn’t go see it in a theme park, though. Unless the theme was dishwashers and it was called Dishwasher Park. Which I still wouldn’t go to.

  25. Alicia M. says

    My mom would love that exhibit. She loves looking at houses. The only reason she goes trick or treating with the grandkids is to see inside peoples houses. Seriously. She’ll say, “Let’s go down this street, there’s a house I want to see the inside of.”

  26. Rachel says

    This website also reaches one computer in Scotland. Mine. I come here because it reminds me that some Americans do actually have a sense of humor.

  27. says

    Another here from sunny England, and no I’m not a queen!

    Rachel – Yes, great crowd on here with their humour actually switched on, however I’m sure it’ll switch off again when I ask them why they always miss the “i” out of Aluminium!

    Don’t worry about google analytics Josh, according to them my website traffic is up and down more often than Clinton’s underpants

  28. kirsty says

    I have followed your site for a long time and have never posted a comment but just wanted to add i’m also from England so those figures are definitely wrong! Keep up the good work!

  29. Mike says

    I seem to recall at Disneyland they had something similar inside their Innovation location, where they once had some “house of if you had enough money to buy this stuff” type of thing. Similar issue where they did various designs and what not. While probably not big for every Disney fan (lets be honest the whole House of Innovations in general isn’t), I thought it was a really good exhibit..

  30. says

    Josh, these are pretty good figures (much better than mine!), I wouldn’t be overly concerned.

    Have you done any Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? Google have changed their search engine a lot over the past 12 months and different things are driving traffic. The current thinking is that “link juice” (links to the site) is all important, not just the number of links, but also the quality of the link (i.e. CNN, Disney etc) are more important than small personal sites.

  31. Marina says

    Another visitor from the UK and actually not that far from Buckingham Palace either 😉

    Thanks for telling us all about the fake Bosch house at Disney, I’ve seen it all now and don’t need to waste my precious time there next week(NEXT WEEK!). I can always look at our own Bosch washing machine(just like the one in the fake house) if I feel the need to 😉

  32. BritKate says

    ooh I love some statistics – do they fit exactly with the overall WDW visitor make-up I wonder and if not why not?

  33. JulieC says

    Good, the awesome hanging, spinning, girly-girl bed is gone. That was going to cost me time and/or money and/or whining.

    We will probably go through it, unless I can deter my kids by how long the non-committal demonstration outside the house goes. See, I love HGTV and looking through model homes. My kids like to go with me and look too. They will want us all to go through it for me. I wouldn’t mind, but I’m thinking 15 minutes without a tour guide. They won’t like 30 minutes. I do like the kitchen and laundry room layout, it matches well with what I’m thinking of for our upcoming addition/remodel. Ok, I wouldn’t hate this exhibit, but I’m not sure I want to see it 30 minutes bad, particularly as at least 15 minutes will involves “is it over” whining from the short people that wanted to see it in the first place.

    @Cupcake and Jill Marie – I thought that about the thermostats too, until I thought about it. You must live up north like I am. It’s probably set up to be eco-slim for Florida … that is probably the A/C set to 86 degrees, which is pretty conservative. We usually do 78 in the summer (A/C) and 72 in the winter (heat). I’d be happier with 82/75, hubby would be happier at 75/70, so I guess it works.

  34. JulieC says

    I noticed the control screen say “Master Bedroom/Roberto’s Room/Samantha’s Room” on one side of the screen, but “Master Bedroom/Baby’s Room/Daughter’s Room” on the other side. Bad QA fake-house testers. I know, Test the Limits was probably down that day.

  35. MindyW says

    apparently, this green family shops at IKEA! And at Bosch! At least they have the same Tassimo by Bosch, that I have in my kitchen.

  36. Jessica says

    Laughed so hard I had to pin this post. Pretentious green cracks me up and as a northeast counterpart they tell us to be green and lower the temp to 72, where mine is at, err.. 65 or so all winter “/

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