Universal Update, Construction, Lombard’s Vs Bubba Gump

We’ll take a short moment away from the excitement that is Epcot merchandise updates to take a look at what’s going on at the evil empire, Universal Orlando Resort. One of these days I will get easyuniversal.com going and you won’t be forced into tarnishing the legacy of Walt Disney by subjecting yourself to this filth. Please forward all hate mail to lisa@easywdw.com (but please no love letters, those should still be sent to josh@easywdw.com).

Despicable Me remains your top priority at Universal, even with the recent opening of the “much more popular” Transformers ride. Despicable Me is going to have longer waits than Transformers most of the day because of its position in the front of the park, its lousy capacity, and renewed popularity with Despicable Me 2 recently hitting theaters. And as we’ll see once night falls, waits don’t ease as closing time approaches. If you get in line at 9pm over the summer, you’re going to run into a 60 to 70 minute wait and miss Cinematic Spectacular or whatever Universal’s nighttime show is called these days.

Rip, Ride, Rockit is the other priority. Like Despicable Me and Transformers, it has an Express Pass entrance for those of you staying on property. Express Pass helps, but doesn’t bring wait times down to one or two minutes. You can very easily spend 30 minutes in line at Despicable Me with Express Pass. We spent just under 30 minutes at Transformers in the Express line last week. And about 20 minutes with Express at Rip Ride Rockit the next night.

Transformers sits in this ridiculous looking box in the middle of Universal Proper. The entrance is on the far side furthest away from the main entrance. When you enter Universal, you’ll see the entrance to Despicable Me immediately on your left. The entrance to Rockit is further up on your left. Keep walking straight and you’ll see Transformers on your right after passing Monsters Cafe.

Universal opens to guests staying at one of its three resorts (as well as those staying at a partner hotel with a Universal Vacation Package) at 8am through September 2nd. Only Despicable Me and Transformers will be running until 9am when the park officially opens. I would still head straight to Despicable Me if you’re interested in riding it because of its much lower capacity. Once you ride that, you’ll be able to get on and off Transformers two or three times before 9am. Islands of Adventure has a general 8am open through August 3rd, which means it opens at 7am for on-site guests and those with Universal Vacation Packages. Using Early Entry at Wizarding World makes more sense than Universal because Ollivanders and Forbidden Journey don’t offer Express Pass. Just note that you can expect to wait 10 to 25 minutes at Transformers and 15 to 30 minutes at Despicable Me even with Express Pass in the afternoon when it’s busy like it is during the summer.

Those are the three attractions you’ll run into with appreciable waits here in the evening. It’s 7pm on July 9th so we’re in the middle of the busy summer season. Twister has a 10 minute wait as it usually does.

“Feels crowded.”

Here we are looking toward the entrance from just past Twister. The bottom arrow pointing to Mummy should be pointing more directly down to the left. You get what you pay for.

Mummy, which is a fantastic ride, has a 15 minute wait thanks to a healthy capacity.

Transformers looks dumb from most angles, but this is probably the worst.  It would work really well if it was in the corner of the park somewhere.

Transformers had been down earlier in the day, causing a 90 minute standby wait.  The Express Pass line loops around outside to the left of the entrance.  Single rider is also an option with waits that are typically a third of the posted standby wait.

It’s hard to capture the immense size of Diagon Alley in pictures as construction continues in the old Amity area.



Universal is building one of its Horror Nights’ houses in part of the Disaster queue so they’ve set up this “extended” queue out in front of the building. But you would walk right into the next show right now.  I would hate to be at the end of the line when this sucker is full.  Much like touring a Disney World theme park, taking an afternoon break when crowds and temperatures peak is an excellent idea, particularly during the busy summer.

I had been wanting to try Lombard’s Seafood Grille for some number of years, never having actually set foot in the building. This is one of Universal’s two in-park sit-down restaurants. Finnegan’s, a poor man’s Raglan Road, is the other.

With potentially no exceptions, making same-day reservations at Universal’s restaurants via OpenTable.com is easy. They have a nice “next available” button as well in case a certain time or day is unavailable (unlikely). I made reservations at the last possible time, 7:15pm, a few hours earlier in the day.

There was some amount of confusion over our reservation. While they had it in their system, they were sure it was for the Cinematic Spectacular Package, which is a fixed cost meal that includes (unnecessary) private viewing for the show. This was not the case. It ended up working out fine, other than the fact the menu they gave me didn’t have prices and they didn’t give us the “Fresh Catch” menu. We ended up waiting about ten minutes to be seated – no big deal.

Upon entering the restaurant, the smell of fish hits you like a brick wall. The brick wall pictured I guess. I’m not talking about a pleasant smell of raw fish, if there is such a thing. But like fish market yuckiness. We agreed it was pretty disgusting.  I’m not sure if that smell is typical.  Considering just about everything they serve is frozen and then fried, there’s really no reason for it.

The restaurant is on two floors. I’m not sure if they ever seat anyone upstairs – they weren’t on this particular evening. It’s pleasant enough with windows overlooking the lagoon.

The view from our table in the corner with an aquarium in the center.

The view from the table. You’d think with Harry Potter printing money that they would re-theme Lombard’s to something Potter-ish with the Alley right outside.  As it stands, it’s going to be leaky cauldrons and sorcery and then BAM – “fresh” seafood.

By Disney standards, Lombard’s is basically free as far as table service restaurants go. Prices were inexpensive enough that by the time we sat down and started discussing the menu, I was already talking up a return visit. Spoiler: Chatter about a repeat visit stopped shortly after the entrees arrived. The menu does clearly label gluten free and vegetarian options, which is nice for those of us who avoid gluten free and vegetarian items. Several items also have a reduced portion size for light eaters. Though I’m not sure what you’d receive considering the full size ravioli entree.

The only reason I knew a Fresh menu existed was because I grabbed one to take a picture of while we waited. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m not sure you have the option to order off this menu if you’re on the new Universal Dining Plan or the Cinematic Spectacular Package.

Kids’ menu. I guess they don’t want you to know how many calories are in that burger.

Being predominantly a Disney lifestyle blog, this website is concerned about two primary things – napkins and cinnamon roll availability. I’m happy to report that Lombard’s prints its own napkins and they’re a heavier weight than any paper napkin you’d receive at Disney World.

Freshly baked bread arrived not too long after we ordered. Unfortunately, it had an unpleasantly tough crust and was for the most part, flavorless.

But the butter did say Universal on it. That’s something.

Lisa ordered the $12.99 Bravo Ravioli – Tender ravioli filled with a blend of imported cheeses. Topped with Italy’s classic trio: marinara, pesto, and garlic cream sauces.

Despite being the “full portion,” it was not a tremendous amount of food. Quality seemed slightly higher than a microwavable Lean Cuisine with a bland sauce and gummy pasta. Even the raviolis were shaped like the ones you commonly see in the $2 frozen entree section at your local grocery store. Despite being inexpensive, it was almost without a doubt the lowest quality theme park table service entree I’ve run into at any of the area theme parks. On the other hand, compared to other quick service entrees, it wouldn’t fare all that terribly. The quality would be slightly better than what you’d receive at Tomorrowland Terrace or Pinocchio Village Haus for only a dollar or two more. So I guess the moral of the story is to lower expectations.  Personally, I would rather pay the extra $5 and have a much better tasting meal at Tutto Italia.

Having eaten several substantial theme park meals in the preceding days, I wasn’t in the mood for one of Lombard’s Fresh Fried, Fried Food baskets and went with the San Francisco Stir-Fry – Teriyaki glazed grilled chicken, Crispy Asian vegetables, Lo Mein noodles, served with a shrimp and pork spring roll – $13.99.

Another Lean Cuisine quality meal that was almost certainly microwaved. The spring roll was greasy and limp with liquid oozing out of it (TMI sorry).  The chicken had almost no teriyaki flavor. The lo mein noodles were also limp and lacked flavor. And it was a pretty small portion for the money. Yak & Yeti quick service at Animal Kingdom is better quality and less expensive.

Dinner was kind of a bust. While inexpensive, the food was decent quick service quality at best. And while quick service is typically…quick…we were stuck in the restaurant waiting for our food to come out while kids ran around the restaurant yelling. Service was efficient and friendly enough once we were seated, but we didn’t receive the correct menus. I’ll be back for the sake of a followup review, but I can’t recommend Lombard’s. CityWalk has much better restaurants and Finnegan’s and Mythos are also much better in-park restaurants.

Looking across the water at Springfield, we see Kang and Kodos’ Twirl ‘n’ Hurl nearly complete with Duff Gardens on the right.

Each of the twelve flying saucers seats three people. There are interactive elements at work as Kodos will talk to flyers and instruct them how to fly their saucers.

Another spot to grab a Duff and potentially a nearby taco.

It’s 8:30pm on July 9th with Universal closing at 10pm. The ET wait time sounds exaggerated – it’s usually a walk-on this time of night.

But you can see how Despicable Me and Rockit are the two attractions that still have long waits. Transformers isn’t listed here, but the standby wait was 90 minutes.

As you are probably aware, Men in Black is similar to Buzz Lightyear, only you have no control over the spinning of your car and each seats six people. The spinning is wilder, but shouldn’t upset anyone not extremely prone to motion sickness. Lisa beat me by approximately 400,000 points.  I’m convinced she carries some sort of theme park laser blocking device on her body at all times.  There’s no other explanation.

The wait for Simpsons was only as long as it took for the next pre-show to begin whether you were using Express or not.  That turned out to be about 15 minutes. The whole experience took about 25 minutes.  The most you could hope to subtract from that is around five minutes, for a minimum experience time around 20 minutes.

Growing up, Mother wouldn’t let me watch The Simpsons because I was very fragile. I don’t think there’s much here inappropriate for the younger set, but someone that actually has young kids might be able to weigh in better than me. It’s a fun ride, though the motion is more jarring than Star Tours in my opinion.

I mean what could go wrong.

My last post about Universal includes a much more detailed look at Springfield, including Moe’s, Duff beer, Krusty Burger, etc.

Crowds and waits at Fast Food Boulevard seem to fluctuate greatly depending on crowds and time of day (as you might expect). Universal decided it would be wise to open a large quick service eatery with two cash registers. So even 50 people interested in ordering can overload them.

Still no signs of aluminum bottles at Moe’s, which means your novelty beer is going to be poured into a plastic cup. As you’ve probably heard, Barney was removed just a day or two after Moe’s opened.

Universal team members will still run you off if you try to sit down without food.

The Cinematic Spectacular situation is pretty chill. Viewing is similar to IllumiNations at Epcot where the show takes place on a lagoon and guests fight for position for suitable viewing locations. Actually, there is not a whole lot of fighting as you look out at the scene 20 minutes before show time. People are casually sitting on the curb waiting for the show to start. A Cinematic Spectacular viewing package really isn’t necessary.

“Feels crowded.”

This area near the Transformers entrance looked to be a popular viewing spot with benches and cover.

The first time we used Express Pass at Transformers, it took about seven minutes in line with a 90 minute standby wait. This time, it took 25 minutes with a 75 minute standby wait.

Apparently the ride had been down for a couple hours earlier in the day, causing a rush of people at night when it reopened.  I would expect a 20 minute wait to be the exception rather than the norm.

We returned the next evening, Wednesday July 10th, after hitting happy hour at Emeril’s and spending some time at Islands of Adventure. At the same time as the day before (about 9:35pm), there was nobody in the extended queue for Transformers and a 30 minute posted wait.

Crummy cell phone pictures. Using Express Pass would have taken about five minutes instead of the 25 minutes we experienced the night before thanks to the attraction not closing for an extended period of time.

But the scene at Despicable Me is the same – a 70 minute wait at 9:45pm. Without Express Pass, the only way to dodge that wait is by heading there immediately after opening.

And that 70 minute wait isn’t really exaggerated as the whole queue is full.

Islands of Adventure wasn’t much busier in the evening. By 7pm, you could pretty much walk on anything not named Spider-Man, Pteranodon Flyers, and Forbidden Journey. The Seuss Trolley is another that has a wait longer than you might expect due to an even lower capacity than Despicable Me.

Speaking of crummy phone pix, I’ll briefly discuss Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. As you approach the theme parks through CityWalk from the parking garage, Bubba Gump is the first restaurant you’ll see on the left. It’s directly across from the AMC Cineplex. Bubba Gump is a chain of restaurants themed to the company of the same name from Forrest Gump. There are about 42 Bubba Gumps internationally. Chances are that if you’re near a tourist trap, there’s a Bubba nearby.

Bad menu pictures:

That will at least give you an idea of the wide variety of items and price points. A cleaner, though slightly outdated menu, is available here. Entree pricing is bordering on reasonable with burgers and sandwiches in the $12 – $14 range and most entrees under $20.

We checked out Hard Rock Cafe first, but they quoted a 45 minute wait for a table and their bar was full. We put our names in at Bubba and they quoted a 20 minute wait. The bar was completely empty so we DEMANDED THAT THEY TAKE OUR NAME OFF THE LIST and headed over.

Focusing on bloggability, I ordered a 22oz “More Fun Size” Blood Orange Margarita – Sauza Blue Tequila, DeKuyper Blood Orange Liqueur, Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, and sweet and sour. It’s worth noting that ordering the larger size does not make economical sense as the 18oz is $7.99 and the 22oz is $9.99. That makes the 18oz, 44.29 cents per ounce and the 22oz, 45.41 cents per ounce. I’m just saying.  The presentation was a little strange. The drink is shaken in the plastic shaker with a ton of ice and then a little glass accompanies it. So you pour your drink from the shaker into the little glass three or four times before it’s gone. The drink was okay. Using cranberry juice in a margarita is a little odd, but it tempered the tequila flavor well enough. They should probably use blood orange juice, even if it’s more expensive.  Otherwise this is probably a Cranberry Margarita.  But nobody would order a cranberry margarita.  That’s a ridiculous name.

Lisa ordered a non-bloggable Yuengling. Remember where to send hate mail.

She ordered the Shrimp Po’ Boy – Just like the ones in New Orleans… French Loaf stuffed with warm Popcorn Shrimp. Served with Fries – $13.29.

It was a sizable sandwich served with crispy, hot fries. The sandwich was a little dry and the bread was a little thick, but it was a decent enough sandwich with a bed of fried shrimp underneath the fresh lettuce and tomato. This would probably benefit from a zestier sauce or seasoning regimen. For the same money as the Lombard’s ravioli, it was certainly a higher quality, more filling meal.

I like a bit of variety, so I went with the Shrimper’s Heaven – Love Shrimp (YOU KNOW I DO!)? This one’s for you! Hand Breaded Coconut Shrimp, Chilly Shrimp, Fried Shrimp, and Japanese style Tempura Shrimp with Fries. And of course great Dippin’ Sauces like Tangy Asian, Cajun Marmalade, and Zesty Cocktail – $21.49. It included four each of the tempura shrimp and coconut shrimp and a handful of the peel-and-eat shrimp along with a cone full of fries. The shrimp were good, though they reminded me a lot of the shrimp you can buy at Costco or the grocery store and deep fry/bake in the comfort of your own home. And I consider peel-and-eat shrimp to be more of a nuisance than anything.  First world problems. At least they aren’t slathered in sauce.  I mean really.  Is there anything worse than peel-and-eat shrimp covered in gunk?  Is there anything worse? The Shrimper’s Heaven was serviceable and about what you would expect from fried shrimp – certainly nothing out of this world, but I’m not complaining either. One other minor complaint – the servings of sauce they give you are itty bitty. Your server would bring you more I’m sure, but it was difficult to try and flag down one of our bartenders that were constantly moving around making drinks for the rest of the restaurant.

Bubba Gump was good. Not great. It’s hard to rate service – our bartenders took care of us to the best of their ability, but were really too busy to do much other than deliver the food and ask if we wanted a second drink.  You might want to wait a few extra minutes for a table. I’d return by choice long before Lombard’s, even if the entrees are a couple dollars more expensive.

We’ll return to Epcot to press onward to Italy.


  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you for this! Exactly what I’ve been looking for. I appreciate the information on Despicable Me and Transformers!

  2. Patty says

    I would have ordered the exact same thing as you Josh… though I thought the Chilly shrimp were going to be fried shrimp with chili pepper or something. In a few years when they get everything done there I will check it out. I can’t wait to see the new Harry Potter expansion!

  3. Meghan (affableolive) says

    I may have to break down and check Universal out with my husband in September. I’ve never been, but anything more serious than Big Thunder Mountain makes me a little nauseous. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to ride much and the ticket for me would be a waste. On the other hand, my husband has done Hulk something like 14 times back to back. Iron stomach.

  4. Strangeite says

    “Feels Crowded.”

    Official trademark of the EasyWDW Amalgamated Corporation, a division of the Blue and White Striped Polo Union.

  5. snarkymama says

    ““Feels Crowded.”

    Official trademark of the EasyWDW Amalgamated Corporation, a division of the Blue and White Striped Polo Union.”

    … Which is, in turn, a Sheinhardt Wig Company entity. Natch.

  6. snarkymama says

    PS: This line …

    “Being predominantly a Disney lifestyle blog, this website is concerned about two primary things – napkins and cinnamon roll availability.”

    … Made me spit diet Coke out of my nose. Super funny, so I’ll be suing you for emotional distress.

    By the way, can you get easyuniversal.com up-and-running before February, that would ideal, as it’s when we’re making our first visit. And, you know, it’s all about me.

  7. Lori says

    And I thought I was the only one with an over protective mother who denied her children the right to view the Simpsons…

  8. Heather says

    I was very unimpressed with the Simpsons ride. Everything hurt when we were done. There’s no reason a ride has to jerk you around like that one does. But the theming of that area is phenomenal. My 16 yr old has been a Simpsons fan his whole life and that was one of his favorite parts of Universal. (yes, I’m one of THOSE moms who let my little kid watch The Simpsons- I also let my 16 yr old walk around with a Duff beer hat. Sue me)

  9. Jimmy N says

    I think Lisa needs a refresher on ordering bloggable food/drink. Going out to eat is NOT for enjoyment. It’s all about the blog.

  10. RebeccaMcK says

    Question about the Transformers ride/attraction: If I hated the first Transformers movie and didn’t see any of the other(s)….would I still enjoy the ride/attraction at Universal or would it be deemed skippable? I could go find it on YouTube, I guess – but I wondered if any of you could answer. Because I truly HATED Transformers the movie. I know we’ll try the Despicable Me attraction even though it’s in 3D (the kiddo despises 3D and won’t do 3D attractions, but we can have her do this one just once like she did with the revamped Star Tours ride. I always have to talk her into Mickey’s Philharmagic, if and when we see it. She reluctantly dons the glasses for the TSMM ride, too, but it’s a once per day/trip ride for us anyway).

  11. Kitty says

    Thanks again Josh :)
    We’re not doing US this trip BECAUSE IT’S EVIL.. just kidding, we’re doing IOA.
    Still interested to hear what’s going on over there though, let’s face it, there’s a lot more development there than at Disney at the moment!

  12. Jessica D says

    I have a Landry’s gift card I was going to use at TRex, but maybe I’ll try Bubba Gump instead… If Lisa is the impetus behind the Uni updates than THANKS LISA!
    Last time we were at Universal we took our then 4 year old on the Simpson’s ride and she loved it. I was on alert for anything inappropriate and vaguely remember a joke while in the queue that went over her head, so yeah super helpful…

  13. Disney4ever says

    I have not laughed as much at a blog in a long time. Thanks for the great updates, even if the are from Orlando’s red headed step child (aka Universal). Although it is not my beloved Disney, I can’t help but read….I am addicted to your humor, and pics. ( You may need to start a 10step forum for detoxing from “Josh” – then I’ll need a detox from the forum, I’m sure)
    Josh…so, are you truly a Disney fan/fanatic or is it that it is such a bloggable place? And please please tell me how I can find the time to visit as often as you do….short of being a Disney hobo ( which btw, I have thought about), I just don’t know. I certainly couldn’t be a paid blogger….competing with you, I would only last a week.
    Lisa was a smart one to scoop you up. 1- Disney visits all the time 2- Rarely has to cook ( all the blog friendly food), 3- your great sense of humor 4- never needing a DD (definitely sober during that walk to the car) 5- she has managed to stay out of pics – I think she threatened bodily harm (although based on some peoples ” I think I see Lisa’s arm or maybe a scarf”…..she may have to make an appearance soon.
    Anyway….thanks for yet another good read

  14. melissa says

    I like Universal well enough but they really need to do something with their lines. Many times we had fastpass, or whatever they call it, and it was just as long as the stand by line, if not at times longer. May be they don’t limit a certain amount of people to a certain time so the return time is as busy as stand by, or something. I don’t know, I just know the last time we were there, the park was not really crowded but we had to wait in line, a long time, for everything. But we do LOVE the Mummy ride. The theming is on par with Disney and it is an amazing ride. Very well done. And “Potterworld” speaks for itself.

  15. Anonymous says

    I hope this doesn’t turn into a Justin and Selena situation , with Jworshipers ( trying for something like Beleibers) sending Lisa hate mail.

  16. RebeccaMcK says

    I loved the Simpsons ride and wished I had been on it more than the one time almost 3 years ago. I hadn’t seen the show in years and won’t let my kid watch (maybe at age 11 she can if she wants. Everything waits until age 11….Harry Potter, Kingdom Keepers, etc. I’m previewing the Kingdom Keepers books myself now), but the ride really cracked me up. I’m okay with motion simulators and most rides in general. Two more Octobers to go and then we can swing a US/IOA/WDW trip.

  17. Safroim says

    Glad we weren’t planning on trying Lombard’s in November. We decided to cancel our stay at Hard Rock the week after Thanksgiving since we’ll have free lodging. Granted it’s the summer, but the lines are scaring me. Maybe don’t use “limp” and “oozing” in the same sentence?

  18. teacherkim says

    Anyone that is restricted to summer travel like me, try to go as early in June as possible. I know a lot of schools on the east coast don’t end the year til late June but in St Louis we get out by Memorial Day. Therefore we were able to be at Universal Jue1-3. Most of the express pass lines we were in only had 5-10 min wait and I think 15 was our longest.

    @Meghan- I too deal with motion sickness issues but got a prescription for the scopolamine
    patch. You wear it behind your ear, no one will notice, for up to 3 days and I rode every ride in both parks, many more than once,didn’t feel queasy once. Works best if you put it on the night before so it gets in your system.

    @Josh- easyuniversal.com YES!!!! We will go back to Universal but probably not Disney as my son has outgrown most of the rides there.

  19. says

    Josh, where would I even begin…

    I know at Moe’s or Krusty Burger they definitely don’t want you sitting down on the RESERVED tables with no food, but several times I’ve order just drinks at Moe’s and asked the person cleaning up the tables if it’s okay to sit down. They’ve yet to say no, although maybe they are too amazed at seeing a person continually buy $9.00 Flaming Moe’s….

    Really excited to see the Lombard’s and Bubba Gump reviews as I’ve wanted to try both. One of the problems Universal has (which Downtown Disney does not) is a lot of good food options and all of which are reasonably priced. Like you noted in your Lombard’s review and I couldn’t believe at Mythos, these are Pecos Bill prices in their “signature” restaurants (for lack of a better word).

    I do like the comment by Melissa above who states that Universal’s Express Pass lines are as long – or longer – than the Stand By line. I’d like to see the data supporting that. 😉

  20. Tim says

    For splits and giggles, I looked up easyuniversal.com on godaddy and it is taken. I was going to snatch it up and hold it for ransom for 1 million dollars….or a year of free crowd calendars. Sadly, my plan was foiled! :(
    EasyUSF.com was also taken….drat! 😉

  21. melissa says

    I do not have “official data” on wait times. It has just been our experience when we are there it was just as long, or longer to go through the express line. I don’t go and take samples every day. Can’t do that, we do not live in Florida. This is just our personal experience.

  22. Johnty Pinkstedder, ghastly fop says

    What’s the Emeril’s happy hour like? The website description is irritatingly vague.

  23. wileycoyote says

    Rebecca, i dont think it matters if u saw the movies.
    Spoiler alert********* the ride is a mission to save the all spark. Think India Jones at DLR meets Forbidden Journey with a dash of Spiderman and Simspons. Great effects, even I coped with the sense of flying and falling and we thought the effects were brilliant. We loved it. Cant wait for our two nights at HRH to enjoy our time. Gotta get me a Flaming Moe and Lard Lad donut. We have such a sheltered life over here………….
    Oh yes, and even with onsite FOTL passes, last year we found single rider on Rip ride rockit and MiB was quicker than the express line. Same was true of Transformers in Hollywood, single riders only a 20 minute wait or so in the middle of the day. Does the Orlando one do single rider?

  24. Lisa says

    I’m glad you thought Bubba Gumps was good. My family wants to eat there this Nov. Do you think it’s worth paying for parking and just eating there or is it a “while I’m here” type of good.

  25. Allison says


    I have 3 little Harry Potter fans in my house. I would like to take them when the expansion is complete. I have heard that it will be done “summer 2014”, but was wondering if you knew any more details?

  26. RebeccaMcK says

    Thanks, WileyCoyote! I’ll try the ride after all, then, lol. Some day.

    I second Allison’s question….I think last time I asked about when the Harry Potter expansion would be done, people answered to my satisfaction but all I had in mind at the time was if the stuff would be open before my kid’s fall break in October 2014 – and it sounded like it would be. Just in phases or the whole project?

  27. says

    The only thing I can remember about my last trip to a Bubba Gump …

    We went to the one in Times Square. My oldest wanted chocolate milk. The waitress got it from the bar, and charged us $4 a glass for it. My kid drank $12 worth of chocolate millk. I could have had some scotch for that price. Needless to say, we haven’t darkened the door of a Bubba Gump since. Beware of the chocolate milk! LOL

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