Tracking Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Wait Times and Downtime

Posted Seven Dwarfs Mine Train waits so far in August. Red indicates downtime:



In case you were wondering what wait times at Disney World’s newest ride look like, they’re long. And for a while they had a terrible time getting the attraction ready by Park opening, when it was down at rope drop on seven out of nine days from August 11th to 19th.  While the ride wasn’t ready at opening yesterday (the 25th), it was today, so hopefully those problems have been fixed.

The website’s advice remains to ride it last thing at night or with FastPass+. For a reminder of what Magic Kingdom rope drop looks like, see this post. You can experience the ride with a short wait first thing in the morning if you’re among the first people up Main Street and you peel off from the group and head toward Mad Tea Party to the right of the Castle before taking a left past The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and up to the Mine Train entrance. But if you watch the opening show from the center of the Mickey floral or arrive late, you’re in for an hour wait first thing in the morning, which is about the last thing you want to be doing. Posted waits remain long at the end of the night, but are often significantly shorter and you’re not wasting Park time being in line after other attractions close. You can get in line for the Mine Train as late as one minute before close.

FastPass+ for Mine Train remain limited and are unlikely to be available 30 days out when off-site visitors are first allowed to book experiences. Guests staying on-site want to take advantage of the 60+ day booking window. Micah has an outstanding walkthrough of booking FP+ in the easyWDW forums if you’re unfamiliar with the process.


  1. George says

    Generally speaking, how do the posted wait times differ from the actual wait times at the end of each evening? Management is notorious for inflating posted wait times to dissuade folks from lining up at the end of the day.

  2. josh says

    I’d expect to wait 20 to 30 minutes last thing at night regardless of what’s posted.

    One other bonus of being in line after-hours is the lack of FP+ returners with priority.

  3. josh says


    I’m not sure if the ride was not operating for morning EMH on August 21st, but I didn’t pick up any wait times, which makes me think it was not. It is scheduled to be open.

  4. josh says

    But to answer your question, a morning EMH is not going to be much (if any) better. Everyone is still walked up Main Street and headed for either Mine Train or Anna/Elsa.

  5. Cindy D. says

    We will be in the World this week and have FP+ for SDMT during the day – would tomorrow, Wednesday 8/27 be a good day to try riding at night? It’s the most recommended park. CL 3. It’s our arrival day and hadn’t planned on a park, but DH wants to ride at night…thanks!!

  6. josh says

    The later you go, the shorter the wait will be. A recommended day with a low overall crowd level would be ideal. But even on a non-recommended day with a high overall crowd level, the wait at the very end of the night will be similar.

  7. TriSeb says

    Thanks for the data Josh. I did exactly as outlined (we were standing as close to the entrance arches at opening) and finished our 7DMT ride before “official park opening”. There are still those crazies jockeying for position when walking on the bridge toward MTP, strollers running over ankles, jumping beans pushing and shoving but just hold your ground and don’t slow down your pace until you reach the entrance. As well, my last day 8/4, I was able to ride twice just before park closing …actual wait times were close to 20 minutes as the line moves fast despite posted as Josh indicated with the lack of FP+s. However, during the day (early and late afternoon) using the FP+s was a straight walk into RowA queue (which has the best AC blower in all WDW :)

  8. weepstah says


    Just for my own interest, any chance you could do a downtime comparison between this and Test Track? Just wondering if the amount of downtime is unusual. Is it because of mechanical/computer issues, weather related? Too early too tell, really – just the usual shakeout jitters for a new attraction, right? But I am very interested in your take.

  9. Crystal says

    How do you think wait times will be during MNSSHP?. We are staying off-site so only can get FP+ 30 days out – which is not likely to happen so I am thinking the party may be our best shot. We are going on Oct 26. Our other two days in the MK are Oct 28 & 29.

  10. Courtney says

    We have never seen the opening show and would really like to on 10/23 which is EMH. If I stand to view the show and not at the arches, do I have any chance of making it to 7DMT with a short wait? Also, that day is MNSSHP. I’m guessing there won’t be a short wait at official park closing, 7pm?

  11. josh says

    No, if you watch the opening show from around the center of the courtyard area, you’re going to have a 45+ minute wait by the time you get to Mine Train. It remains to be seen what wait times look like during the first Party. The nice thing about getting in line at 6:55pm on a Party day if you’re not attending the Party is that you won’t be wasting Park time in line. So even if the wait is 45 minutes instead of 90, you’re still not wasting time you could be doing something else.

  12. Anonymous says

    Do they allow you to get in line right up until park closing time? If so, curious to see what happens at the parties.

  13. josh says

    Yes. For the Parties, they start by motioning everyone without a Party wristband to the exit. And later in the evening they’ll begin escorting people out.

  14. Cassie says

    FYI–We were at MK on 8/21 for morning EMH and Mine Train had a “delayed opening.” I’m not sure when exactly it came back online as we had a FP+ for it later in the day and so weren’t in line. We encountered our first-ever wait at Winnie the Pooh (8:40am) that morning. I thought it might have been people skipping out of the line for Mine Train with their little kids while someone held their place. Made me nervous about the lines for the rest of the morning, but all other rides were walk-ons. Come to think of it, by the time we got off of Pooh (about 9:00), the Mine Train line was moving.

  15. Rory says

    Josh, how do you think lower crowd levels in late September will affect wait times in the early morning. We plan to be in MK on a most recommended day in front of the crowds, snipping through Tomorowland with NO fastpasses available at a month out for SDMT.

  16. josh says

    Wait times in September will be a bit shorter, but it’s still the newest ride on the block with maximum FP+ utilization slowing down the standby line. It will remain either a first thing in the morning, last thing at night, or with FP+ ride for the foreseeable future.

  17. Brandi says

    Interesting that Saturday mornings seem to have the shortest wait time at RD. Wondering if that is because it is a coming “check-out” day?

  18. Phyllis C. says

    Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to get a FP+ for 7DMT, even at 60 days out and logging on to make your selections at midnight! The FP’s for the ride were already gone for the one day (of a 3-day WDW weekend in late October) we’re going to visit the MK…bummer…

    This was my first time using the system since it was implemented, and it was super-easy to make selections, then change them to times that were better for us. We aren’t interested in FP’s for Anna and Elsa or parade viewings, but those were also gone right off the bat.

  19. Sherry says

    We had a fastpass+ booked for 9 am -10 am on August 20th, a recommended day. Planned to ride it at 9:45 am after hitting PP and Winnie the Pooh but ride was down. Came back just after 11 am and ride was up. Was worried that we would have a long wait because thought everyone with fp+ booked earlier would return, but was able to ride within 10 mins. Returned again at 10:40 pm to get in line at park closing. Wait was listed at 60 mins but got on in 40 mins. We loved this ride and were happy that we got to ride it twice on our MK day.

  20. Mary Ann says

    Phyllis and I must be going at the same time. At midnight 60 days out for Columbus Day weekend Saturday the only FP+s left for 7DMT were after 6pm. I felt lucky to take the 8pm one as we have dinner ressies at The Wave. This is also an EMH evening night which we will be taking advantage of. If we like this ride, we’ll probably try it again at the end of the evening. I got all the other FP+s I wanted at the time I wanted them. And I realize this is not the most recommended day, but you have to make the best of the days you’ll be there and I wanted to do MK on 2 days, so we’ll be back on Monday (a recommended day)

  21. Disneydog1 says

    Just returned from our trip………. The Mine Train ride was a big disappointment. The 15 seconds in the mine is cute…….. The rest of the ride dullsville. I guess it’s a good kiddie coaster. We had fastpass+ for two more days but switched them as nobody cared about riding a a second time. I think in a year or so there won.’t be such huge waits…. It’s just not that good of a ride.

    We went to Universal the first part of the trip. Gringotts ride was amazing!

  22. Kimann says

    We did exactly as Josh suggested. We wanted to ride at night and during the day. Got in line on 8/22 as Wishes was ending so I’m guessing around 10:15PM? Josh’s chart lists 45 min wait. Our actual wait was 40 minutes and the locals in line kept telling us that was as short as it gets. The next morning we had a FP and walked right on at 11AM. My son kept saying, “this is where the FP drops you? Holy Cow, so worth it!”

  23. Celia says

    Hey Josh, do you know what time they will start the parade taping on that Saturday, Dec. 6? That will be my departure day and it might be fun to go over for a while and watch the spectacle since I have decided I probably will not do MVMCP. I have to be at the airport by 2pm and will have a rental car, so could leave from the park.

  24. Barb says

    Watching Wishes from the 7DMT queue is fun! Fireworks going off on the left and right. That’s a bonus to getting in line at the end of the night.

  25. Tracy says

    We were in MK on sat 2nd august and got in standby line for Mine train as Wishes started at 10pm it was posted as a 90 min q but we were out of the exit exactly 48 mins later – definately inflated as I asked a CM as we entered if the wait time was about 90 mins and he said yes!! Eh no

  26. dusty cheatham says

    yes yes but but what about wait times for ANNA & ELSA DEC 2015 . ON A MVMCP DAY AFTER THE 1ST TUES IN DEC ?????

  27. leslie says

    7DW MNT and A&E at 11:15pm CDT were completely unavailable for 60 days out. Just logged in (kept trying from about 11pm edt) first shot getting in and all FP per the site were distributed. This is worse than getting concert tickets. I would love any advice on how to get ahead at the Not so Scary Halloween! I’d like to try to get on the 7DW ride if possible.

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