This Website is Basically the Test Track of the Disney Blogosphere

More server problems.   The story of my life.  The site was down yesterday for 12+ hours and running slow for 24+ hours before that.  I’m really hungover but I’ll try to figure it out.


  1. StillTryingToComeUpWithAGoodName says

    Good luck. We’re with you and will help any way we can. We need our site!

  2. Kim says

    I actually thought my work must have blocked this website because I was spending too much time here. Good to know that’s not the case.

  3. MrsNick says

    Glad you’re back up! At first I thought you banned me, lol. Luckily, there was that handy thread on the ‘other’ board where all the other folks who like your blog posted about how they were having withdrawal from easywdw.
    Hope the IT gremlins leave you alone now!

  4. ellie says

    Glad you got it back up! I also checked the other board which reminded me to check twitter… I’m old school so don’t think of twitter often enough. There was some withdrawal going on yesterday.

  5. Chris says

    Maybe you could take the site down for months, add more technology like a “cool” way for users to test versions of the website they create then have us wait in the 93 degree heat (with 99% humidity) while the site is down.

  6. JenniferS says

    I thought it was my bad. Had to Google how to deal with a 403 forbidden error.
    Cleared my cache and cookies, and then spent half an hour trying to remember all my various passwords. I know it’s not a good idea to use the same password for everything, but boy, oh boy, was it ever easier back then.

  7. Valerie says

    Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one thinking “banishment” from your site! Whew!!!
    Starbucks sponsorship??!! That’s funny! Hope you’re able to clear up this issue soon! We miss you when you’re not available!

  8. Valerie says

    “This Website is Basically the Test Track of the Disney Blogosphere”
    and that’s a kicking header by the way! LOL

  9. Adam says

    OMG – How am I going to plan my 2014 WDW trip with your site down. I’m two weeks out from making my ADRs and at this rate, I’ll end up having nothing to eat except crustables and maybe a Mickey ice cream bar.

    Don’t even get me started on my lack of touring plan…..RFIDs, FP+, New Fantasyland…with an unoperational site, I might as well cancel my whole trip and just take the family to Gatlinburg.

  10. karin says

    I would also be hung over if I didn’t give up wine, but let me tell you after the last error forbidden at 10:30 last night I was ready to give in…glad your back now add a donate button

  11. Ron says

    Set up a paypal account with a volunteer $5 per click button. I’m sure upgraded servers would be affordable in no time. In fact, I’m sure there is a paypal expert out there that could do this for Josh and then link it to the home page.

  12. dusty cheatham says

    have to agree disneys main web page worst . your not even close josh. nothing a little scotch wont clear up & OH !! maybe a back rub from lisa.

  13. RebeccaMcK says

    I didn’t panic this time when I saw the “Forbidden by server” message most of yesterday….I knew it didn’t mean I was banned, from when it happened last time. Good luck with the site. I leave Sunday for California. Take a break and go meet us in Disneyland on Tuesday. My kiddo can entertain you (she sings, dances…she’s watching “The Lion King” right now to re-learn the song lyrics….she no longer sings, “It’s our problem free….falosopeeee….” so it’s not as cute as when she was younger, lol.

  14. KB says

    Would people here actually mind an advertising banner or two? Nothing like Screamscape with popups galore, but you’ve got all kinds of room on the right over here, why not use it for some money, which would get you a better server???

  15. Cindi says

    Yay! You’re back on today. I felt so lost without you yesterday. Did you miss me?

    Even with the occasional webfarts your site is more consistently accessible, easier to navigate, and far more informative than the WDW site. Your pics are far superior too.

    You know what’s good for a hangover don’t you?

  16. Patricia says

    Hi Josh, I’m soo glad you’re back up!! I missed you yesterday :( This is my favorite blog and I appreciate all your hard work, going to Disney everyday and all. You make my life bearable until I can get back to Disney

  17. snickers says

    I found the forbidden screen more informative than most of the “other” Disney websites anyway…

  18. pfalcioni says

    Oh man, I’m so glad you’re back! Unfortunately, with the site being down yesterday I put about 75 items on Ebay, completely cleaned my house, sorted and threw out a bunch of stuff in 2 closets, made a run to Goodwill, and scanned and archived a bunch of old family photos. Why is this unfortunate? Because it proved to me what a freaking time suck this site is normally!

  19. Steve says

    I said it last time this happened…I would easily donate or use an Amazon affiliate link if it means a better site. You are so helpful and entertaining that I wouldn’t mind dropping a few bucks to help the site.

  20. Amy says

    I’m cracking up! We were in line for test track yesterday when it went down and they made us clear the queue. Then I tried to check this site for other wait times an it was forbidden! Crazy!

  21. JohnC says

    I am truly sorry you are having problems with the website, but I am confident you will solve the problem. You have the best, in my humble opinion, the best Walt Disney World information, planning schedules, and pictures available. Thanks for all you do.

    Hope you get over your hangover.

  22. CrazyProf says

    Second the idea that a one banner ad would be a fair trade if it paid for a better service provider.. Our first rule–Don’t stress Josh out!

  23. Robert Schramke says

    Josh I am at disney and I thought disney blocked the site. When I would try to click on site it said “forbidden”…..

  24. Kitty says

    Hey Josh, missed your site last night, though I managed to resist downing that Aberlour in my despair 😉
    Love this site, truly, and would be happy to help out anyway I can. :)
    Sorry the whole thing is causing you so many headaches!

  25. LoriABil says

    So…next time it’s down, I can expect an a cappella group in lab coats to entertain me? (Please, please please! NEVER go down again!!!) I would bring you coffee if I thought it would help…

  26. Donna says

    I dunno. I think maybe i’d go the donation or subscription fee route before i’d go with advertising.

  27. Alby says

    Glad you are back!
    I’m waiting anxiously for the Jiko review…

    I would be happy to contribute for it and for all the fun I find on this site!

  28. Disney4ever says

    AARRGGG! I’m dying here…I neeeed more Disney. Go get more mice to run that system, your killing me

  29. carrie says

    I am sorry for all the trouble you have with your server. I SO appreciate all the work you do for us. Words just can’t express it.

    On the other hand, I am really jonesin for the January daily analysis. Like I refresh the page every 5 mins.

  30. N J Life says

    There are only two options here; purchase your own computer and use it as your server, or pay another company to run a server for you. If the hosting company isn’t reliable, then you find another one.

  31. Anonymous says

    Kim, your work should block this website if you have that much time to spend reading the blog at work then maybe you should look for another job….like a Walmart cashier. They have no Internet at the cash register.

  32. dusty cheatham says

    people, people , please !! if josh wants his web site to be free SHUT UP & LET HIM . in my opinion josh is a government agent & this is his way of giving back to America while enhancing his photographic skills .I know because I once was a double naught spy.

  33. Mary -Lynne says

    Whatever it takes, Josh, please don’t give in or give up. When I went to read your bloc the other day it was gone and I totally freaked. So many losses lately, don’t think I could handle losing you too!

  34. Jane says

    Like so many others, I truly appreciate the work you do on our behalf. But like Carrie, I need the January analysis!!!! LOL Like, by next week, when I can make ADRs! The thought of doing this “solo” is terrifying….

  35. KristenF says

    Don’t give up, Josh! Your site is the BEST of the blogosphere–don’t ever compare it to Chevrolet advertising disguised as a ride.

  36. labman5239 says

    Thanks for all you do in keeping us informed. Things happen so just keep trying. We all understand. Great job

  37. Megan says

    Josh, you’re the man. Keep up your awesome work. We can pay you in Dole Whips or Cocktails around the World- whatever you need, just let us know.

  38. says

    Never posted on anything before………but you are worth it Josh. I so appreciate ALL that you do. I love your site in spite of the occasional quirks and errors. You provide me with more joy on a daily basis than you will ever know. My husband is afraid that I will actually see/meet you at WDW someday. He knows if I’m ready my iPad and start to laugh, I’m reading “that Josh guys blog again.” :) It would be great to spend a day with you at Disney! Thanks for everything!

  39. weepstah says

    Best of luck sorting out your hosting problems. You are still tops in my book, and you outlasted Tiki Room – Under New Management. So you have that going for you.

  40. Lynne says

    I hear extra exclamation points and question marks help!!! Haven’t you heard that???

    Good luck, Josh. I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but your site (and humor) have really made planning my WDW trips fun. Thanks!

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