The easy Guide to Your Disney World Visit 2018 Now Available

I’m excited to announce that the newest version of the guidebook that I co-write with Dave Shute of is now available for your consideration. Now in its fifth year, The easy Guide remains Amazon’s highest rated Walt Disney World guidebook series of all time (of all time). Take a look at the product page to “look inside” at everything the book offers and follow along below.

As with the last several editions of the guide, the Kindle version is included for free with a print book purchase for those in the United States through Amazon’s MatchBook program. After completing the paperback purchase, simply return to the product page and click on the Kindle version of the book. It will display a price of $0.00. The Kindle version works on Amazon Kindle devices of all shapes and sizes, in addition to computers and mobile devices via the Kindle app. So you can keep up with things on your Kindle, iPhone, laptop, desktop, Samsung Galaxy, etc.

We also revise the book throughout the year as things change and send regular PDF updates to those that have purchased the book. This year, book readers received access to exclusive Pandora touring plans, an updated Animal Kingdom map, and consolidated advice on the best way to experience everything that Pandora offers. With this edition, the big update will be Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, probably around May 2018. Otherwise, the book is meticulously updated.

Let’s see what’s in store in these 300 jam-packed pages.

As with past editions, Chapter 1 is all about the “what,” offering quick and easy (GET IT?) advice for each planning topic and breaking down the main points. Above is Chapter 1’s introduction to Chapter 4.

We’ve also expanded this chapter to include key changes from the last couple of years:

This should help refresh memories and may also introduce some things that are easily missed with the thousands of little changes Disney makes every year. You may not yet be aware that Disney is charging higher nightly rates on Thursdays this year as compared to a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Chapter Two addresses height restrictions and how much age and maturity levels (guidebook authors’ mental states notwithstanding) matter. Several diagrams and charts help visualize how much of a difference a couple of inches make.

Chapter 3 is all about how long to stay and offers advice based on the ages of the kids, whether you plan on returning, what you want to accomplish, and budget.

Chapter 4 is key and hones in on the best times of year to visit. There’s also a handy month-by-month look at what to expect from the weather, crowds, cost, refurbishments, and special events.

Larger: Here.

Chapter 5 covers all resorts on property in depth, including room diagrams for each room type. This chapter also breaks down what to expect from each resort category and when it makes sense to pay a little extra for a larger room or additional amenities.

Chapter 6, the book’s longest, is all about theme parks. Every land is introduced:

And every attraction reviewed:

There’s a ton of information here consolidated into a nice little capsule.

Wait times charts offer insight into what you can expect to be able to do and how long it will take.

You’ll also find all sorts of touring plans and advice on how to make just about any itinerary work.

Chapter 7, the second longest chapter, is all about what to eat.

We’ve expanded the Dining Plan section this year to discuss more about what’s offered, how to maximize each credit, and whether it makes sense to purchase it in a variety of different situations.

All of the restaurants see updated pricing and offerings.

Chapter 8 is titled “Which Tickets to Buy and How Much to Budget” and that’s exactly what it covers, including some recently added nuances in ticket season pricing and add-ons.

And finally, Chapter 9 brings it all together, discussing important deadlines and walking you through setting up My Disney Experience accounts, how MagicBands work, when to make dining reservations, etc.

As the co-author of the book, I am slightly biased in favor of its contents, but I don’t think you’ll find a better-written, more consolidated source of information than The easy Guide to Your Walt Disney World Visit. It takes hundreds of hours every year to move through all of the changes and make all of the updates, but it’s a project that helps tens of thousands of families create unforgettable vacations each and every year. And for that, I’m very proud.

Head over to Amazon to check it out.


  1. Kevin says


    We’re traveling this October 17-24, first, does that constitute the last two weeks of October for best crowds, or you counting the week of Halloween and part of November? Also, if I purchase this 2018 edition, will it still have 2017 information such as crowd calendars, time to visit, events for the months (specifically October for me, of course), etc? If not, if I make the purchase for the 2018 edition, can I/do I get access to the 2017 edition?

    Thank you for everything, and I’ll be watching you on tonight!

    • Dave Shute says

      Kevin, the 2018 edition does not have the 2017 month-by-month material. That is an interesting thought to add for next year’s edition. The 2018 edition also does not give access to the 2017 edition, nor vice versa. Sounds like you should get the 2017 edition, which we last updated in July, and then keep up with Josh’s latest cheat sheets for some of the changes that happened after July (2p parades, later AK opens, close of a couple of rides).

      • Kevin says


        Doesnt make sense to buy a 2017 book last updated in July, that will not have accurate month by month for those visiting Sept – Dec, wont have any accurate booth info or prictures for the food and wine, mnsshp or the very merry christmas. Might need to reconsider how and when these are updated and made available. You should want people (everyone) to buy it as a guide for their trip, to use alongside there trip, that pertains to their trip.

        • Dave Shute says

          Kevin–on the month by month its accurate as of 8 weeks ago, which is more accurate than any other 2017 guidebook. On “accurate booth info or prictures for the food and wine, mnsshp or the very merry christmas,” that has not been in any of our editions.

          • Erin says

            You can just read the blog for accurate booth info for food and wine. The last week Josh has been reviewing every single item.

  2. Sandy says

    So excited! We’re returning November 2018 (after Thanksgiving), our first trip since 2014. So much has changed that I definitely want a guide book and this is the one!

  3. Carrie says

    This guide is really helpful. I always recommend it and Josh and Dave’s websites when I hear people planning a trip. Amazon’s Matchbook program is great too because every year you get the updated version in Kindle.

  4. AJT607 says

    Thank you for all you to do help others prepare for their WDW vacation. I purchased the book to show support for the site, more than anything else. Your dining reviews, wait time analysis and photo tours are some of the best ones out there. Keep up the great work!

  5. Peg says

    I ordered the book yesterday and it is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I was able to immediately get the Kindle version – a great benefit, by the way – and have started browsing it. I still prefer paper though and am saving the heavy duty reading for the physical book version.

    In regards to the website: I came for the information and stuck around for the entertainment.

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