Star Wars Launch Bay, Launch Bay Cargo, and Watto’s Grotto Pictures

As a followup to yesterday’s post that covered the ins and outs of the new Star Wars offerings at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we’ll take a look at about 130 more photos around the areas. If you haven’t taken a look at that 2,500+ word post, I’d suggest reading over it first to get a better idea about what we’re looking at and how best to see it in person.

The queue going into the Launch Bay Theater has some colorful backlit artwork:

And some framed original(?) poster art.

Inside the Launch Bay:




The Cantina:





And into the Cargo Bay:




That’s at least 90% of what you’ll find in the Launch Bay.

Poor Watto’s Grotto. The website may change to a crowd calendar based on the number of people here.

1 person = crowd level 1

2 people = crowd level 10

They’ve moved some things around so there’s now one of these photo things where they paste your face into the picture.

That’s a pretty good look.


  1. ragamuffinkim says

    Is that $65 for an umbrella?!? I would be afraid to use it in the rain. Guess I will stick with the poncho.

    • jcarwash says

      Launch Bay is a “museum” with character meets in the space that was previously the Magic of Disney Animation. The exit leads into a store area that was called the Animation Gallery, now called Launch Bay Cargo.

  2. John says

    Watto’s was awesome in September… now it is nerdvana/heaven for sure.
    Have to talk the misses into going back ASAP!
    Thanks for the updates Josh!

  3. Theautoguy says

    I think those 2 people in the Watto’s were the only ones that actually knew where it was. I was very surprised they did not find a better location especially since the new movie is coming out. Ahhh, but wait till the Christmas/New Years crowd comes in…..I bet they might have 10 or 12 people in the store at one time. Maybe they will add a Fastpass+ line!!!


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