Server Problems

Site was down most of the day due to the host disabling it. You may have seen an access forbidden page since this mornining:


Unfortunately we were forced to suspend a script or stop a service within your VPS container due to overall system load on the hardware node.

During our investigation we found that your container was consuming an inordinate amount of resources to the point of affecting other customers on the hardware node.

Though VPS services are far less restrictive on resources than our Shared and Reseller services, it is still considered a shared service as actions of any customer has the potential to affect other customers.

Looking at your running processes, we show the following processes are of issue.

( These may be long running processes consuming large amounts of CPU resources or I/O resources which is causing issue for other containers. )


Please advise what changes if any can be made to your configuration to alleviate the resources contention that your container is generating.

blah blah blah.

After flipping out and threatening said host via The Twitter, things are back as terrible as they’ve always been.

Hopefully some changes will increase performance and I’ll research moving the website to a dedicated server.


  1. Julia says

    wow! I am so sorry.
    I have never had any problems with your site. I always find the performance great, and everything is quick. Let us all know if we need to do something too.

  2. Chris says

    “Please advise what changes if any can be made to your configuration to alleviate the resources contention that your container is generating”

    Umm. Shouldn’t they be doing that for you?

  3. Strangeite says

    I saw how much you pay per year on Twitter (and that ain’t cheap), but exactly how much traffic are you generating? From the surface it doesn’t seem to be enough to necessitate a dedicated server. Even with the forum.

    My gut instinct is that you have some rogue scripts that have gone bad.

  4. Chris says

    I got that “forbidden” message while at WDW using WiFi. I thought the Disney higher-ups had finally heard enough and shut you down! : )

  5. josh says

    I can’t be shut down.

    The website uses over 3 terabytes of data, over 500k+ visitors, and 1.5m pageviews a month. A dedicated server might not be too much more money. The site has been down way too much recently.

    Considering I’ve been in contact with the host for two+ weeks with constant problems since they moved the server to “new hardware” I was surprised they would just shut it off and then take 8+ hours to get back to me with a solution.

  6. melissa says

    I have nothing of value to add except that I LOVE YOUR SITE! I so hope to run into you next week at WDW…DH and DD have been shown pictures of you to keep their eye out for you! I wanted to invite you to Tusker House 8:05 ADR but DD felt it would be strange to dine with someone she has never met before. Dh and I tried explaining you are practically family we know you so well! :)

  7. mike says

    Josh so sorry about the difficulties I thought I hope you know how meaningful you are to so many people and how many people care about you. Like I always have said you are the bomb and let me know if I can help in anyway

  8. pfalcioni says

    I think you deserve a GF upgrade for the issues you’ve been having with Host Gator. Oh, they don’t offer stuff like that in real life? Well rats.

    Seriously, I know there’s a better solution out there, but I don’t envy you all the research, time, and frustration it’s going to take to find it then make the move. And you’re doing it all for nothing, I mean you’re getting nothing at all for your hard work. Give us a freakin’ Paypal “dontate” button already, would you?

  9. JLS says

    Wow! I’m so happy your site is back up, I didnt realize until today, how addicted I am to it! Lol! Thank you for all your work & dedication! I love your site & you crack me up!

  10. Brad says

    @pfalcioni: well, if “don’t” is the opposite of “do,” then “dontate” must be the opposite of “donate,” right?

  11. Brian Noble says

    “Shouldn’t they be doing that for you?”

    No; they don’t know what code a hosted service runs on its site, so they can’t find which

    Josh: you might look into what it would cost to host on AWS. I suspect the real cost for you there is outbound bandwidth.

    At the very least, find someone who provides proper virtualization.

  12. Lucy says

    I would gladly hit the donate button once a month. Your input has made my Disney vacation ten times better than it would be if I just woke up and decide to visit a random park that day.

  13. Steve says

    I love your site and the fact that is ad free. Other Disney sites and a certain not to be named forum are littered with ads. That being said I wouldn’t mind seeing an ad or 2 on your site if it helps you maintain a better site. Even an Amazon affiliate link would be fine.

  14. tanya says

    blah blah blah. That’s the only part I understood. Whatever you decide to do, we will follow. No worries.

  15. Cindi says

    HUH???? Okay so does this means you are getting so many hits now that your site is overloading their little server? Because I love this blog and I am here every day almost and some days I visit more. Oh – It’s my fault then isn’t it? I have to get my Disney fix somehow.

  16. RebeccaMcK says

    Ah. Yesterday I kept getting the “forbidden” message when I’d try to load the site and thought, “Oh no, I’m banned!” LOL Then I thought, man, what am I going to do – I can’t rely on any other WDW related site for crowd planning. Just can’t. You’re the best.

  17. Laura T says

    I agree with the others….a PayPal button or advertising……whatever it takes to keep you going. I NEED my EasyWDW fix!

  18. Mary Ann says

    Add me to the list willing to press that donate button. Really, I’d do it just be able to continue to see the photos.

  19. SW says

    I don’t know who your host is right now, but have you looked into Square Space? I admit I haven’t set-up anything getting quite that many page views a month, but I’ve recommended them to clients who do about half that and they’ve been really pleased. Reasonable price point and quite good customer service in my experience. Never had a site go down with them, even doing live-streaming stuff.

  20. Jogoco says

    I got the forbidden message about a month ago for several days. I was having withdrawal symptoms. Glad you’re back. I don’t understand ANY of it. Good luck with this magic.

  21. Steve Milz says

    Did your server issues coincide with the launch of the Wait Times script? I wonder how much more processing and bandwidth that takes up?

  22. Allan says

    No worries. Since the site was down, I called Aunt June and she said as long as we got to MK by 11:30am on Christmas day getting a walk up lunch spot at Cinderella’s table is no problem.

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