Sanaa Quick Service Breakfast Review and Bonus Lunch

We return to my favorite overall restaurant on property in Sanaa at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani Village to try what may be surprising new offerings in its quick service breakfast and expanded to-go offerings.

Kidani, and the 492 Villas that came with it, opened back in 2009.

And the semi-independent resort has not offered a hot breakfast in recent memory with just grab-and-go pastries, croissants, and the like available upstairs at the resort store in the early mornings.

And while guests could walk/drive/bus/van over to Jambo House and then walk through the lobby and outside over to The Mara for breakfast each morning, I don’t think spending 15 to 30 minutes doing so first thing is what most people have in mind on vacation.

But that changes with the new Kuamsha Breakfast, currently offered from 7am to 10am.

Here’s the menu:

Prices are in line with other quick service offerings. At All-Star Sports and most other Value and Moderate resorts, the standard Bounty Platter with Scrambled Eggs, Breakfast Potatoes, Bacon, Sausage, Biscuit, and small Mickey-shaped Waffle will run you $9.49.

And this is about what that looks like. Over at The Mara, their Croissant Sandwich – Cheese Omelet and Bacon served on a Croissant is $6.49. A similar sandwich here is 50 cents more expensive.

At Sanaa, your breakfast experience begins just inside the entrance with a selection of bottled beverages that include orange juice, bottled water, milk, chocolate milk, sodas, apple juice, tea, and coffee. Note that those with refillable mugs and a desire to start the day with an 8am Diet Coke will want to stop at Johari Treasures upstairs to fill up as only 20-ounce bottles are available at the restaurant.

Next up is a hot plate with the $3.79 Warm Ceylon Cinnamon Roll. Ceylon cinnamon is a variant of the “fake” cassia cinnamon that most of us are accustomed to using with a more subtle sweetness backed by cloves. A Boerewors Susage & Egg Bobotie Pie, which is compared to a quiche on the placard in front, sits next to it. Further down is oatmeal with the toaster in the middle for the bagels or whatever else you think you can fit inside.

Fruit Plates, Yogurt Parfaits, and Banana Bread are available.

Finally, fresh fruit, bagels, croissants, muffins, and other pastries are offered.

Then there is a register where you pay for anything you picked up and can put in an order for any of the items that fall under “Casual Dining – Quick Service” on the menu. Several cast members were there to assist. After putting in our order, we were given the numbered giraffe above. Seating is open, so you can sit wherever you want, whether you want to cozy up to an available table that looks out over the savanna or something more remote away from the majority of the people closer to the windows.

I stole this picture from the table next to us where they received Elephant #50. You can see how close you are to the savanna grass.

I appreciated the fact that the food was delivered to the table on “real” plates rather than having to wait around for it to come out in to-go cartons or something. Breakfasts at a lot of the resorts are a busy, ruckus affair, where piles of food sit under heat lamps at one of six different stations.

Our breakfast was nothing like that, though it remains to be seen how popular the offering becomes. Disney hasn’t actually announced anything as far as I know and the menu and breakfast hours don’t appear on Disney’s site.

But with fewer than 500 Villas, many of which have full kitchens, and three hours of breakfast service, it seems unlikely that the restaurant will fill anywhere near capacity. And if worse comes to worse, you can hide away in the bar area or take the food back to the room or over to my condo. If you’re staying at the resort with one of the more expensive view types, then the morning view probably isn’t a very big deal anyway.

Hot food will take a few minutes to materialize, so those starving from blogging all night may want to grab something available in the meantime. You don’t want to perish before your bobotie or sosatie.

This is the $3.79 Banana Bread with House-made African Chocolate Hazelnut Spread. First and foremost, it seems virtually impossible to me that they are not just serving Nutella. I am not sure what has to be added to another product before it becomes “house-made,” which doesn’t mean a whole lot more than American Kobe. If you have Nutella and add one grain of salt, one grain of sugar, some oxygen, and a molecule of water is it any different than mixing up a pie filling with five major ingredients in different combinations? If you switch two steps in one of my touring plans do you have an original recipe?

Anyway, the Nutella tasted like Nutella. Second, the banana bread was a little dense for my personal tastes, but it caused the four small slices to “feel” more substantial. And Nutella is 100 calories per tablespoon and they give you at least three in the cup, so this is something like 500 calories for under $4. Anyway, it’s worth consideration if you can’t wait ten minutes for the rest of your food, but might be superfluous otherwise.

This is the Boere Breakfast – Two Farm Fresh Eggs served any style, Tomato Chutney, Tanzanian Hash Browns, Boerewors Sausage, and Bacon. It certainly looks better on the plate than any Disney World resort quick service breakfast that I’ve ever been served.

And I think the quality was higher too with the eggs having more of a “freshly scrambled” texture to them than the egg vat you find at most other locations.

The bacon was thick cut, crispy, and meaty. I previously reviewed the sausage in my last dinner review, which is available here. “The recipe actually hails from the personal kitchen of one of Sanaa’s South African chefs, so you know you’re getting authentic flavors here. The texture was perhaps coarser than I was expecting with a lot of clove and allspice, but was mild overall.” No word on whether or not the Nutella is also from her pantry.

The Tomato Chutney is not particularly visible in the cup, but can be spread on anything you like. It was sweeter than I remember Boma’s being, but that contrasted nicely with what is largely salty breakfast food. The “Tanzanian” Hash Browns had some herbs in them that gave them a more complex flavor than your typical Denny’s offering.

Overall, it was an intelligently put-together, nicely plated breakfast for nine dollars. I’m not sure how you could really fault it.

I tried the $8.99 Fruit Sosatie with Quinoa and Dried Fruit Salad. “Sosatie” is typically meat served on skewers and I think the word is used rather liberally here to refer to what is fruit instead.

I took a look at the skewer and briefly considered what I thought a couple of the more “exotic” fruit bites might be. One turned out to be green apple. The other was honeydew. But the fruit, which would have amounted to a small bowl, but is infinitely more fun served on a stick, was largely fresh and flavorful. Quinoa, which is largely bland and dry on its own, was livened up nicely with the dried fruit mixed in. Overall, it was a pretty light meal for $9, but vegetarians and those with small appetites will appreciate the option. It was nicely executed.

One thing that did disappoint was the number of animals out on the savanna. I will admit that while I visit Animal Kingdom lodge seven or eight times a year, it’s often in the afternoon for lunch or to look around after visiting a theme park first. There might have been three animals visible over the entire savanna during our meal, which started around 9:45am and ended around 10:15am.

Overall, Kidani Village guests are in for a treat with the new breakfast options. Those staying at Jambo House that want to try something a little different than The Mara, and don’t want to spring for the cost or the amount of food at Boma, might consider heading over on a lazy morning. On the other hand, I don’t think rushing over here from Jambo early and then trying to make rope drop somewhere is going to be worthwhile for most guests.

Hopefully the high quality food, reasonable prices, and peace and quiet will continue.

Dave, the co-author of our highly rated Disney World guidebook and the primary author behind, joined me for lunch at Sanaa back in July.

Here’s the menu back then, which is the same as the menu is now:

Perhaps with the exception of the “Potjie Inspired” entrees, the prices here are largely reasonable with no other entree coming in over $20.

Drinks and the Bread Service:

The power of bread service compels you.

What was a bigger innovation? MyMagic+ in its entirety or Sanaa arranging the accompaniments from least to most spicy?

$14 buys you five pieces of freshly baked bread along with incredibly flavorful, very different dips, spreads, and sauces. This is easily shareable and extra pieces are available for around $2.50 each. Order it no matter what.

This time around, I tried the $16 Kenya Coffee BBQ Sandwich – Pulled Pork with a Warm Root Vegetable Slaw.

The pulled pork was lean, flavorful, and subtly seasoned on its own and those flavors were intensified further by the rich coffee undertones of the sauce on top. I appreciated the fact that the pork could have easily stood on its own and just enough sauce to adequately cover the meat was spooned on top. The root vegetables provided a contrasting crunch to the soft, but substantial bread underneath. You would be hard pressed to find a better sandwich in the ~$16 range I think. Although Homecoming’s Fried Chicken Sandwich does come to mind.

I’m not sure the side of Sanaa Chips is anything to write home about, but they are crunchy and have a basic salty profile.

Dave went with the $26 Potji Inspired lunch, which includes two choices out of the ten available, in addition to a choice of Basmati or Five-Grain Pilaf Rice.

This is the Paneer Tikka – cheese in a mildly spicy curry sauce.

And the Roasted Okra-Cashew-Tomato Stew, another smart vegetarian dish.

Me wondering when it’s time to go back to Sanaa.

Overall, quick service breakfast at Sanaa is a big win no matter which way you look at it. If you’re the sort of person that just wants to pick something up right quick, you’ve got several new, freshly made items available to you. For those staying at the resort that historically had to schlep elsewhere for eggs or eat up precious morning touring time checking to see if Casey’s Corner is currently serving breakfast, this should save some time. And for those that usually prepare breakfast in the room, this provides a nice option to take a morning off and let someone else do the cooking.

I’ll see you there.


  1. Tara says

    Any idea if the lamb kefta sliders is still three sliders? or did they knock it down to only two? It used to be three for sure, but I am almost certain I have seen recent pictures with only two. I loved ordering this for my entree, but two is kinda chintzy.

  2. Dawn says

    This is super! I was toying with making and ADR for breakfast at one of the buffet’s on our arrival day…but then the dreaded late flight and $10 no show fee weighed in and I shy’ed away. This is a wonderful, relaxing option, no reservation stress and good food. Great way to start off our Disney trip!! Thank you Josh ..
    Have you done a review on Homecoming? AND have you heard anything (more) about The Edison and whether or not it is on track for opening in Spring 2017? That does usually mean March in Florida doesn’t it?? LOL
    Thanks again, you’re the best…a real big deal!!

  3. Vinotinto says

    I had been wondering about the Sanaa breakfast, thanks for the review! We’re staying in Jambo and will have our own car. Assuming we drive, would it be fairly quick to park and eat (and make it to RD at DHS or MK)? We’re already planning one morning at Boma, one at Mara, and one at Tusker House.

  4. Psac says

    This is a big plus. It was sorely missing from Kidani. The grab and go items from the little shop were very sad looking. We often stay in a one bedroom, and we have no desire to cook breakfast, although we do often have cereal in the room. But to have the option of a quick hot breakfast is a good thing. Don’t know when we’ll stay there again, though. The way longest hallways in all of the world. And I don’t mean Disney world, I mean literally the whole world.

  5. Sharon says

    Fantastic News! This makes staying in a Kidani a better option. Going to the Mara was a drag and felt like a rime waste.

  6. virginia_disney_dad says

    Thanks for the review! Sanaa is also my favorite restaurant on site. As someone always looking for arguments to stay at AKL this is one more arrow in the quiver. Maybe one day it will win out.

  7. Shelly Johnson says

    Hoping to stay at Jambo in February and will probably make the trek over one morning for this breakfast. One added benefit if you are going to a park afterwards will be the fact that you can just hop on the bus there, at Kidani, possibly avoiding a full bus at Jambo.

  8. pleglech says

    SO what do you figure the difference is between the Savanna Platter and the Boere Breakfast, except that the former excludes the sausage … for the same price?

  9. mln says

    I think we have a winner for the most bloggable meal…. The Boere breakfast gets 4 (four!!) photos, including a tilted one. Sometimes in looooove, lol.

  10. Kimann says

    This is so awesome! I’m hoping it stays around until we get there January 6th. I had planned on ordering breakfast items from a grocery service, but with the hours and prices listed here this is just as practical and much more appealing! Thanks for the first day review.

  11. Joanne Paar says

    Josh, thanks for the Sanaa breakfast review! Now I will definitely try this on my next visit. It has such a pretty view of the Savannah; but the animals always go into the barns first thing in the morning to be checked, so probably the only ones visible will be some of the birds.

    It always disappoints me when I have a Savannah view room. It would be so beautiful and peaceful to sit on the balcony, sipping your first coffee of the day, watching the animals. However, they’re always “missing in action” at that time of day.

  12. Ashley says

    I’m so glad you posted this review! As soon as I heard Sanna was serving breakfast, I wondered how long it would take you to get over there!


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