Review: Refurbished Room at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Since we’ve taken some time to inspect the new Ale & Compass Restaurant and the re-imagined Ale & Compass Lounge inside Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, I thought it would be prudent to take a look inside a refurbished room now that the project is over. We’ve recently seen some stark changes at Pop Century in this look at a refurbished room and the same at Coronado Springs in this review.

Dave over at was nice enough to invite me over to take a look. He has much more thorough thoughts and some comparisons to refurbished rooms over at the Beach Club Resort in this report.

Like other recent room refurbishments, the Yacht Club favors a clean aesthetic and an emphasis on usability.

This is what the rooms looked like prior to the refurbishment. Just about everything is different.

It may or may not make sense to start from the ground and work our way up, but laminate flooring replaces the carpet and the beds are raised considerably so there’s storage space underneath.

The laminate gives the room an updated look and “feels” a lot cleaner than carpet, which typically looks dingy after hundreds of people have traipsed over it. It also makes rolling luggage in and out of the room easier.

I still wouldn’t bring your blacklight with you, but it’s nice knowing that spills are easier to clean up and there’s probably at least a 3.6% reduction in grime.

Bed runners are also supposed to be unhygienic, as are throw pillows and whatnot, but they always seemed to add a splash of color.  Perhaps seeing some sort of subtle print on the sheets would be jarring, but it seems like there’s an opportunity to jazz up the room a little bit with the bedding.

But while it’s easy to critique a room as “boring” or “sterile” while looking at pictures of it on an iPad, there may be something to say for Disney trying to create an elegant, calming atmosphere once you actually arrive. On the other hand, it’s a nice hotel room. And it’s a nice hotel room at Walt Disney World. It’s not necessarily a nice Disney room without some special touches that communicate that feeling.

But as I pointed out with the Coronado review, I don’t think anybody really needs reminding that they’re at Walt Disney World. Just check your pedometer for that.

There are exactly three Disney nods in the room, the first of which appears on the boat’s hull in this painting.

Similar artwork appears above the couch.

And I love the third – the constellations on the curtains are Disney characters.

Bloggerus Maximus.

Otherwise, the rooms are still 381 square feet with improvements made to most of the core amenities.

The bedside table that sits in between the beds is kind of fun with the military chest vibe. You might find yourself screaming “AHOY” as you wrestle a drawer open and thrust a precious theme park map inside. Don’t let Dave tell you that it’s not funny after the third time. It is.

There’s a power outlet along with USB plugs on this side of the bed, in addition to a small ledge to place phones and such. There are also reading lights above each pillow that turn on when you raise them out of their slot. Make sure the kids know that they can aim them in your face.

There’s a 55″ Samsung television hung above the large dresser, which should provide enough storage for most guests’ needs.

More power plugins are located on top.

According to Dave, the pull-down bed measures 33″ by 75,” compared to a twin bed that’s 39″ by 80.”

Not all rooms sleep five like this one.

In rooms that sleep four, the desk moves next to the television and a chair takes up residency over here.

There’s a sliding door that helps divide the vanity area from the sleeping area.

That should help reduce noise and light in the morning as Dad tries to figure out which Mickey Mouse Tommy Bahama shirt goes best with his green MagicBand.

Otherwise, it’s the usual double sinks along with the addition of a makeup mirror.

As someone that has perennially hopped out of the shower only to find six inches of water on the floor, I like the sliding glass door over the curtain.

The addition of the rainfall shower head is nice.

I think I would be more excited for the arrival of liquid hand soap.

Than the new Star Wars Hotel.

Otherwise, the new bathroom setup is classy and functional.

More closet space along with the fridge and coffeemaker are located along the entryway. The bane of my existence, the connecting door, is on the right there along with the luggage rack. AHOY NEIGHBORS.

Quite a bit of space here for striped polos and fisherman shirts.

Next door is the safe, iron, and ironing board along with some shelving.

Keurig makes an appearance here, perhaps with the hopes that you’ll smash it instead of the television.

Joffrey’s French Roast.

And a sad picture of the refrigerator, which now sees the same clear door as we saw at Coronado and Pop.

At the Yacht Club, part of what you’re paying for is the location on Crescent Lake.

The view from the balcony.

It’s stunningly peaceful, yet somehow still full of fun and excitement.

On comfort and functionality, the Yacht Club updates are positive on almost all fronts and I think the calm aesthetics are going to be positive for most people that stay there. Many of those will be convention guests. I would still like to see more authentically Disney touches. There has to be a bunch of little somethings that they can do with the headboards, light fixtures, lamps, etc. I don’t need to see a Mickey head as the toilet flush handle, but you’d think we could do better than a couple of paintings. But Yacht Club has always been a little more serious than the BoardWalk and a little less playful than the Beach Club.

There are plenty of options across property, which is one of the reasons why Walt Disney World works for so many people. And if you’re dead set on that Mickey flusher, try Art of Animation.


  1. Eric says

    The small ledge in the corner with plugs/USB ports is genius. ALL hotels, worldwide, need this. I’m sure WDW isn’t the first.

    • Becky says

      The Yacht Club rooms have had that little corner shelf (though without the charging ports) for years, but I don’t think it’s been done in any other WDW hotel. Goodness knows why not? It’s such a useful feature – that’s just got even better!

  2. Val. says

    It looks much like the Pop refurbed rooms but with slightly less storage (especially in the bathroom.) With the rooms being so similar, I guess you really are paying exttra for location here. Good review!

    • AnneMarie says

      I was going to say the exact same thing, the shower is almost identical to the Pop room we got for 93$ a night when we stayed last.

      This resort (only yacht, not beach) does not do it for me and never really has, probably would be the last deluxe we would choose…however, that view :)

    • Not that Josh says

      You’re also paying for a bigger room – 120 additional sq ft or almost 50% more – from Pop to Yacht.

      That being said, the new Pop rooms do look quite nice.

  3. Michelle says

    Thanks as always Josh. Can’t wait to stay at the YC next August.

    Absolutely with you on the liquid hand soap too.

  4. Sue says

    Like the over-all look of the room. Here now at Pop and can see the similarities. I almost think the sink area at Pop has more storage, although only one sink. Hate the fridge. Lost a lot of storage in door with new glass door. I’d like a few WDW touches, miss the Mickey lamps.
    Where is the body lotion? Deluxe always had body lotion, have they cut it?

  5. Alexis says

    This was our favorite room out of all the resorts we have stayed in. With 2 adults and 3 kiddos the storage was great! We loved the laminate floors, especially when our fridge died and leaked all over. When chatting up one of the mouse keepers she did mention that it is more work for them to clean the “sand” that migrates from the pool to the room. The pet friendly policy will prevent us from staying there again but we really loved the new rooms!


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