Review: Pineapple Promenade 2017 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival Outdoor Kitchen

Pineapple Promenade, which is the name of the place that I would want to live if I were (more of) a cartoon character, takes over for Promenade Refreshments during the Flower and Garden Festival. You’ll find it on the right side before arriving at Canada if you’re headed in that direction.

“Foodles,” which is a pre-packaged item available at a variety of kiosks, is new. The Pineapple Mana beer replaces last year’s Cider.

$7.50 Spicy Hot Dog

Served with Pineapple Chutney and Plantain Chips. I’m not sure why Disney has gone to the full size dog here rather than offering smaller samples like the other booths. Fortunately for Dining Plan users, the full size version is available for a snack credit. I like this hot dog a lot, but it’s a bit of a gut bomb if you don’t share it, so just keep the required tummy space in mind before committing. The hot dog here otherwise has a nice snap to it and the spice doesn’t immediately hit you – but rather lingers after each bite. The pineapple chutney does a nice job of adding some fruity, tropical flavors that “feel” almost Hawaiian and the sauce further helps mellow the spice. The plantain chips further the tropical vibe and add a crunch that contrasts nicely with the softness of the fresh bun and chew of the dog. Very good though I would more happily pay $3.75 for half.

Taste: 8/10

Value: 8/10

$3.75 Foodles

Carrot, Ranch, Cheese, and Pretzels. Add the beer and you have all of the major food groups covered. I actually haven’t consumed anything but Foodles and beer since the first day of the Festival. You’ll also find the same thing available at the Florida Fresh and Northern Bloom kiosks. I will admit that I had no idea what this was when I purchased it, but I had been drinking heavily prior to arriving at the Festival at 8:30am and thought that the name sounded hilarious so I ordered one. This was a mistake. Our Foodles had either not been appropriately refrigerated or the cheese was just that old and soft. And the thought of warm ranch dressing and slimy carrots just wasn’t doing it for us. I can see this being an attractive choice for kids that aren’t into berry gastrique or pâté though.

Taste: Not great, Bob.

Value: Versus whiny children? Potentially high.

$4.75 Pineapple Soft-Serve

Pictured here with Parrot Bay Coconut Rum for $10.25. This is the same Dole Whip that’s served at a variety of locations around Walt Disney World only here at a higher price for a smaller portion. But there are only so many opportunities to order one and they are available

Taste: ?/10

Value: Lower than elsewhere/10

$11.75 Sparkling Pineapple Wine

Considering the quality, Florida Orange Groves’ sparkling wine is at least $6 overpriced, though the retail price of the bottle is a staggering $30. Even with the low ABV, you still get the taste from the alcohol immediately from the first sip and then the sort-of-artificial, candy pineapple taste thereafter. I’d put my money to work elsewhere.

$4.25 Pineapple Mana

This beer is pineapple-forward mixed with a prominent wheat flavor. Given how strongly the beer smells like pineapple, it’s surprising that the sweetness is much more mild with a dry finish. I didn’t love it, but it’s potentially worth trying and more unique/rare than some of the other beers available elsewhere.

Overall, I’m not sure if this is a “must visit,” but the hot dog is very shareable if you can look past the mess it might cause and the beer is certainly different. Dole Whip does taste better at Epcot…


  1. edread says

    Foodles. I’ve not yet purchased one because ridiculous pricing; I’d make my own with less presentation. But my 6 year old and Walmart manager husband can confirm Foodles, while possibly under a different alias, can be purchased at Walmart. Same Mickey head design I’m told at least. Similar price. I could put an opinion about it but why? Just thought an interesting note.

    • Momof2 says

      They are $2.38 at our Walmart. My kids prefer the apple, grapes, and cheese variety or the apple, pretzel, cheese.

  2. Lobey Dosser says

    Josh, looking at the menu the hot dog iappears to be marked with a snack credit icon yet you say it is not available for a snack credit. Is the menu wrong then?

  3. Jon T says


    Are you sure about the hot dog not being a snack credit? Your picture of the menu clearly shows the icon next to the hot dog which usually designates that the item is indeed eligible for a snack credit.

  4. GrumpyDad4 says

    I’m glad I could use a Disney Dining Plan Snack credit to purchase that full size hot dog. Usually they reduce the size at the booths.

  5. MamaDurf says

    Person – Hey, want to eat a spicy hot dog with a pinepple topping?
    Me – Uh, no. Gross.
    Person – It is $7.50 but you can get it for a snack credit
    Me – I cannot wait to try the spicy pineapple dog!

    What is wrong with me? 😐

    • PamFrom Montana says

      Well funny thing!!! We are not hot dog people. When at disney we have much higher cuisine
      in mind usually but oddly ordered this on a whim and let me tell you we are still talking
      about it a week later! One of the best things we ate this trip! I wish I had stopped back a second
      time!!.. It does have a bite though so be forwarned,

  6. jeni wilmot says

    But did the violet lemonades have violets this year? My kids always eat the flower garnishes at every event. lol

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