Review: Light Lab Epcot 2017 Food and Wine Festival

The Light Lab, brought to you by the Lord of Light, is new for this year’s Festival.

You’ll find it in the same building as the Mickey/Minnie/Goofy Character Spot Meet and Greet.

There are a couple of different things going on over here. In this corridor is where you’ll find the draft beer selections, along with the three drinks that are also available inside what is probably actually “The Light Lab.”

All of these beers are at a minimum good, with the Robonaut Red Ale and Mad Scientist Radiant Flux probably difficult to find elsewhere.

The Radiant Flux is an interesting beer, with a pretty big dose of hibiscus, and a surprising amount of hops, for a wheat beer. The Green Zebra balances sour and sweet better than most beers of this style, in my estimation. It’s very juicy with a tart aftertaste. The Hoptical Illusion is the easiest to find at the grocery store – very hoppy with a crisp mouthfeel. All very good.

Polestar Pilsner isn’t to my tastes – it smells grassy but has a dry character with a lot of spice and a bitter finish. It is typically well-received, so you may enjoy it more than I do. The Robonaut Red Ale is another hoppy beer that’s surprisingly well done for a small brewery. Very interesting and worth picking up. Space Dust is another well-known beer that’s also available on draft at Geyser Point at Wilderness Lodge. I love the citrus hops and high 8.2% ABV.

Overall, both flights are worthwhile investments.

The Robonaut is the one you probably won’t find anywhere else and the Space Dust is my favorite of the bunch.

The Light Lab is inside, dark, and air-conditioned, which means it starts out as a 15 out of 10 considering we’re still in the midst of the summer Florida heat.

I suggest visiting in the late afternoon or evening as things get backed up earlier in the day. It opens at 11am with the rest of the Festival Marketplaces.

The three drinks available inside are also available outside.

Inside, when it’s busy, there are typically two separate lines. One line is for the drinks without the “show.” The other line is for the complete experience. Here with the T=C2, the vanilla tonic water is poured down this scientific apparatus thing with the cup full of cotton candy situated below. The water then dissolves the cotton candy and you have your drink.

The three drinks along with the doughnut.

T=C2 Vanilla Tonic Water and Cotton Candy – $3.75

I really cannot overemphasize how much you do not want this drink. If you’re still wondering if you do, try pouring a pound of sugar into a 4-ounce glass of water and see if it tastes good. If it does, then I was wrong and you should probably see someone about having your life reassessed. It’s crazy, ridiculously, needlessly, sweet. I actually ordered one on two different days just to see if perhaps there was a mistake when we ordered first thing on day one. The only mistake was me ordering a second cup. It does come with an Epcot swizzle stick that you can use to try to jam your taste buds closed.

Taste: 0/10

Value: 0/10

RGB: Citrus Apple Freeze – $3.75

If you’re thinking, “maybe the other drink is better,” you would be wrong. The Citrus Apple Freeze, which has nothing frozen about it other than the fact that somebody should probably freeze your bank account if you order one because you are clearly irresponsible with money, had me reminiscing about how much I enjoyed the Swine Brine. And I didn’t like the Swine Brine. The drink is incredibly sweet and syrupy and otherwise has no redeeming qualities. At least there isn’t more of it.

Taste: -5/10

Value: $3.75 to spend elsewhere.

Bleu Spectrum: Blanc de Bleu Cuvée Mousseux with Boba Pearls – $9

It seems sort of silly to serve a blue sparkling wine in the only area at Epcot where you can’t actually tell that the wine is blue. But here we are. This is actually a pretty decent sparkling wine – crisp with a delicate blueberry flavor and a dry finish. The boba balls are kind of fun if you’re into the whole slurping thing. If you’re just after the wine, ask for the balls on the side.

Taste: 8/10

Value: 8/10

The Glownut – $3

This is advertised as a glowing doughnut, but I’m pretty sure the only thing brightened by the pastry was my face after spending $19.50 at this Marketplace. This is “literally” the same doughnut you can purchase at any of the on-property Joffrey’s locations. It’s not the worst way to spend three bucks, but it is just a normal doughnut. It doesn’t glow.

Taste: It’s a doughnut

Value: You spent three dollars on something other than the Citrus Apple Freeze. You’re doing better than a lot of people here.

Overall, you might bring your beer flight from outside in here as the space is kind of neat. And even if the walls were bare and it was lit like a hospital waiting room, it would still be air-conditioned, which makes it a better place to be than most of the outdoor spaces in World Showcase in Florida in September. The sparkling wine drink is fun, but the non-alcoholic drinks are way too sweet to be enjoyed by anyone over the age of nine.


  1. Katkat says

    Great review. You summed up the experience perfectly and saved me money and time! I was planning to go because my kid loves things that glow. She is too young to read a map so what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

  2. Jeff says

    This post was a blast from the past… when I used to read these and randomly burst out laughing. Classic Josh humor. If you wrote a book, it would be the best selling Disney book of all time. OF ALL TIME. …. seriously, hilarious though.

  3. RebeccaMcK says

    Great review (I’ve been reading all of them, just haven’t commented – thanks for all the reviews) – thanks for saving me the trip to Light Lab. Although I’m 46-going-on-9 I’ll gladly cross the cotton candy drink off my “might try” list now. The blueberry sparkling wine might stay, though. Just how weird are Boba pearls? I’ve never had them. Haven’t been to Pandora yet, either, where I know those things are on the food at their QS place.

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