Review: Happily Ever After Dessert Party at Magic Kingdom

Happily Ever After is the fireworks and projection show extravaganza that replaced Wishes at Magic Kingdom back in the middle of May. We’ll compare and contrast seeing the show from Main Street, across Seven Seas Lagoon at the Polynesian Village Resort, and from the Plaza Garden as part of the Dessert Party.

The Happily Ever After Dessert Party is sort of two parties in one. The less-expensive option starts at Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant:

Guests are then invited to head out to the reserved Plaza Garden viewing location on the Tomorrowland side of Main Street.

Here, to be exact. You might recognize it as half of the old FastPass+ viewing area.

The more-expensive option includes viewing at Tomorrowland Terrace itself.

I’m less enthusiastic about this option as there are relatively few spots within the viewing section that offer an unobstructed view of Cinderella Castle.

And because the Terrace is off to the side and a good distance away from the Castle, it’s a much more off-center view of the fireworks with trees blocking a lot of the projections. I’m not sure if anybody will disagree with me, but I think the Plaza Garden viewing is superior. And it’s less expensive. On the plus side, the Tomorrowland Terrace viewing is mostly covered.

Officially, check-in for Plaza Viewing begins 75 minutes before the start of Happily Ever After with Tomorrowland Terrace seating beginning 60 minutes before the start of the fireworks. In practice, seating for both should begin 90 minutes before the show and it would benefit you to arrive about 100 minutes before Happily Ever After is set to start. For Tomorrowland Terrace viewing, it will allow you to secure better seats at the railing. For the Plaza Viewing, it allows more time with the desserts as people will begin heading to the reserved section more than 30 minutes before the fireworks begin.

If you arrive later for Tomorrowland Terrace seating, you’ll end up on the top deck, further away from the desserts. I don’t have to tell you that this is the saddest possible timeline.

Otherwise, check-in for Plaza Viewing is located at the second podium inside Tomorrowland Terrace.

Disney closes the thoroughfare that passes through the Terrace long before the Dessert Party begins, so commoners won’t infiltrate your dessert palace.

A host will walk your group to an open table and offer you a flute of non-alcoholic sparkling cider on the way. Grab one early as these aren’t replenished throughout the evening. Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider is $2.99 a bottle after all. Disney isn’t made of money.

There are two identical sides to the dessert buffet with cheese and fruit to the rear and a drink station in between the two areas. It’s not a huge spread, but I had no trouble taking buffet pictures at the buffet throughout the evening.

Cold-drink-wise, you’ve got Water, Passion/Orange/Guava Juice (known as POG, Jungle Juice, etc. at the various Disney breakfast buffets), Strawberry Lemonade, Lemonade, a very thin Milk, and Unsweetened Iced Tea.

On the hot side of things, Hot Cocoa, Hot Water, Decaf Coffee, and Coffee are available. I’ve found that the classier the joint, the more plastic beverage dispensers you see with initials carved into them with a knife.

Twinings Teas are available in a variety of flavors, in addition to packaged creamer and sweetener packets. It’s a bit of a bummer that canned or bottled beverages aren’t available, but what can you really expect for “just” $60-$80 per person. If only Walt Disney World was profitable.

About ten different items make up the main dessert buffet.

The Cheesecake Brownie Bites were my favorite.

I thought these had a really nice, bold chocolate cake base with a refreshing, cool cheesecake center. The cream on top added some sweetness and the chocolate pieces on top added some crunch, in addition to the chocolate drizzle. I might have had two.

The Chocolate Marshmallow Tarts were another winner. Bonus points if you yell “MAWWWWSHMAWWWWLOW TAAWWWWWWWWWWWTS” as you pick one up.

The toasty chew of the graham cracker crust contrasted nicely with the fluffiness of the marshmallow that balanced sugar and spice nicely. The bite-size chocolate chunks on top added a concentrated flavor of cocoa that helped the 2-bite dessert come full circle. Very good.

You’ll also have the opportunity to load up on Disney Macarons, which would run you two bucks a pop at the likes of Gaston’s Tavern, so you can make a bit of a dent in that $60 ticket price if you add a handful (or two) to your plate.

Pistachio, Raspberry, Lemon, Vanilla, Coffee, and Chocolate are the flavors with the first two being my personal favorites. You might stuff your pockets with a few for the road. I am not speaking from experience, but I bet they would make for a nice breakfast-in-bed alongside a bottle of Iron Horse Fairy Tale Cuvee from your resort gift shop. But I am just guessing here and I reiterate that I have no idea if that is true.

The Dark Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries are another good opportunity to find some value.

Disney charges an arm and a leg for these things and they’re “worth” around $3 a pop. I was impressed by the quality – the fruit was ripe and juicy and the chocolate was thick, crunchy, and flavorful along with the pretty drizzle of white chocolate. We’re not in Ganachery territory here, but getting your daily intake of fruit can be a hassle when you spend most of your day at Casey’s Corner chugging Corn Dog Nuggets, so this is a good opportunity to try a healthy alternative. I might have had two.

The Strawberry Tarts were another worthy selection with a nice crunchy shortbread bottom topped with a flavorful cream, strawberry pearls, and a fresh slice of fruit.

The Mickey Oreo Treats were a fun take on the usual cookie with the cream on top adding even more sugar and the chocolate ears providing even more chocolate. It’s a bingo.

Another dessert that nicely married chocolate with fruit, the Chocolate Almond Cake is a bit denser than you might expect with a bit of a marzipan flavor made all the more delightful with the small, but plump raspberry on top of each piece.

I still had two.

The Pineapple Delight was fresher than we were expecting with little chunks of sweet tropical fruit underneath the light cream on top. The fresh piece of pineapple sticking out of each little cup was a nice touch.

The Villains Chocolate Cupcake wasn’t a standout for me, but it should do the job for anyone looking for a soft chocolate cake topped with a pretty swirl of vanilla frosting and a few miniature chocolate chips.

Red Velvet Cupcakes are also available if you’re short a few hundred milliliters of red food coloring for the day. This wasn’t as complex as you might hope with the cocoa undertones and tang from the cream cheese dressing replaced with a chemical-y flavor of fake butter and over-processed flour. But one potential miss out of ten ain’t so bad.

Four types of cheese are available for your perusal. Rogue River Blue or White Stilton Gold this is not, but the pepper jack had a nice spice to it and the other flavors were similarly satisfying. It’s worth picking up a few pieces to enjoy alongside all of the sugary sweetness.

It’s important to take a moment to learn something new every day, and on this particular occasion I learned that watermelons with seeds still exist. And seedless or not, it was pretty gross, slimy stuff, as fruit that was cut and left out long ago often is. The grapes and pineapple were better.

If you’d like some ice cream, a cast member is on-hand to scoop some Edy’s Vanilla into a cup along with a few sprinkle and cherry options.

As pedestrian as Dreyer’s might be when you pull it out of your own freezer, it’s a little thicker and a little creamier when it’s served this cold (or you pay this much for it) and the sprinkles add a bit of whimsy. There’s some fudge sauce underneath as well. Don’t mind if I do.

To the left of the sundae station, kids have the opportunity to decorate their own vanilla cupcakes, sugar cookies, or chocolate chip cookies with three different colors of icing.

I’m not sure where the kabob comes into play here, but kids (or adults) can pick up a plate of goodies and dip whatever they like into the chocolate sauce. For those keeping score, that straw, while completely useless, is “worth” 59 cents.

Overall, I thought it was a nice assortment of options that exceeded my admittedly low expectations. It had been a while since I attended the Wishes Dessert Party, but Erin experienced the Tomorrowland Terrace Viewing version back in December, and thought that the desserts had improved considerably since then. I thought the same given my last experience with the Wishes version.

While there is plenty of room in the fireworks viewing area, tables are close together at the Terrace. It wasn’t “uncomfortable” but there’s only going to be a couple of inches between you and your neighbors. To replenish our plates, there was exactly one way out of the jungle of tables of chairs. Tough times indeed.

It’s also an early-to-arrive, early-to-leave crowd. While the seating area was completely full at 8pm, by 8:30pm at least half of the partygoers had moved on to the viewing area.

Here’s the viewing area taken from the back of Tomorrowland Terrace. It’s just a few steps away.

Here at 8:30pm, about 2/3 of the partygoers had migrated over to the Plaza Garden, so you can get a pretty good idea about just how much room there is to spread out.

At the same time of night, this is the mass of humanity outside of our protected gates.

Here we are ten minutes later.

In our viewing area, some are sitting comfortably while others perch themselves up against the fence. We’re two or three deep at most at this point with some people hanging out in the very back of the area.

Six minutes before the fireworks.

Five minutes.

Happily Ever After has much more of an emphasis on the projections on Cinderella Castle, which is part of the reason why the Hub and Main Street areas are so much more crowded than Wishes. The other reason is that just about everyone that visits Magic Kingdom on a given day would like to see the new fireworks show and hasn’t yet had an opportunity. Wishes was going on 14 years old, so it’s possible that the majority of people visiting on a Tuesday in June last year had already seen A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams and didn’t care all that much if they saw it again.

The good news is that Plaza Garden viewing is very good – the only problem is really the various lamp posts and light fixtures that get in the way.

But that probably mars photos more than the experience in real life.

Otherwise, the Dessert Party takes about 90 percent of the stress away compared to finding a good in-Park fireworks spot yourself.

There’s much less of a chance that some 7-foot tall blogger with a 9-foot tall tripod is going to sneak in at the last moment and block the view from your spot that you’ve had on lock down for the last hour and a half.

On the downside, it’s somewhat unfortunate that people are in such a hurry to get out there.

So what it probably comes down to is how much value you put on a significantly less stressful fireworks viewing experience. If you load up on macarons and chocolate-covered strawberries, you can potentially do some damage compared to what Disney would charge you a la carte. But most people aren’t going to be able to plow through more than $10-$15 “worth” of desserts, particularly when you can pick up a waffle bowl sundae and a full size cupcake for around $12 from The Confectionery and Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. That’s plenty of dessert for two people to share for just six dollars each.

Larger: Here.

Back on June 26th, this is what the crowd looked like on Main Street about three minutes prior to Happily Ever After starting. You’re basically stuck shoulder-to-shoulder with your neighbors for the duration of the 18-minute show.

But it is possible to enjoy the show from Main Street provided you’re willing to arrive at least 45 minutes before the start of the show or have the ability to easily push your way through increasingly dense crowds.

If there’s any space between you and the person in front, to the side, and behind you, then you can be certain that it’s going to fill in by the time the fire explosion goes off.

On the plus side, if you’re tall and don’t have a shoulder kid in front of you, the straight-on view is virtually free of physical obstructions. And you’ll have “saved” $60/person.

Here’s the same scene from the Plaza Viewing area.

Then also from Main Street, you’re dealing with the aftermath of the fireworks as thousands of people head to the exit and thousands of others try to work their way in the opposite direction towards a Land.

From the Dessert Party, you’re just a handful of steps away from the Main Street Bypass. This is the backstage path that will take you from in between Plaza Restaurant and Tomorrowland Terrace to the area in between The Chapeau and Tony’s Town Square Restaurant. It makes exiting the Park immediately after the fireworks 37.2 times easier. If you’d rather head deeper inside Magic Kingdom, it’s also much easier to get to Tomorrowland than it would be from Main Street.

From outside the Park, the experience is both better and worse than it was during the Wishes era. This is the chill scene at the Polynesian Village Resort beach about two minutes before the fireworks begin.

I say “better” because there’s actually more pyro in Happily Ever After than Wishes, which means you’ll see a lot more fireworks.

But the projections in Happily play a bigger role in the story than Wishes, which was moved along much more by spoken narration. So while the show is designed to be seen front and center, you can appreciate the size of the bursts and the beauty of the visible show from the same spots as Wishes, but you will miss out on more of the show elements. Still, after you’ve seen Happily Ever After in-park, you may be happy to view it in a much more serene atmosphere elsewhere. You may also want to bring your own soundtrack as the seemingly lone speaker on the Polynesian beach does not play the music very loud.

Overall, the Happily Ever After Dessert Party is not inexpensive. A family of two adults, a 12-year old, and a 6-year old are looking to pay $212 (with tax) for the privilege. And that family of four is looking at eating perhaps $60 worth of food and drink total, though if each person ate ten macarons, four chocolate strawberries, and an assortment of other goodies, the potential value would be higher. Still, it comes down to how much value you put on the ease of the overall experience. The Dessert Party makes seeing the show a lot easier and a lot less stressful. On the other hand, you could put that $212 to work at California Grill and enjoy the show from over there or take that same money and enjoy dinner at ‘Ohana and a view of the fireworks from the Polynesian beach. But as far as seeing the show from inside Magic Kingdom, there’s no easier way than booking the Plaza Garden Viewing Dessert Party. So while you may not want to spring for the extra cost every time, it may be worth booking it the first time.

If you do go for it, I’d arrive at the check-in desk 90 minutes prior to the start of the fireworks and head to the viewing area 30-40 minutes before Happily Ever After starts. That gives you a full hour of cupcakes and a modest wait in the garden with relatively few people around. I was happy to do the Dessert Party once, but you’ll probably see me battling the crowds next time. Unless they switch out some desserts or something. In which case I’ll go back. But only because I have to.

Feel free to chime in down below in the comments if you’ve experienced either of the Dessert Parties. I’m curious to hear what others think and it may help people that are on the fence about springing for the high cost.


  1. Aaron says

    Not to underestimate the stress free experience of the dessert party…but can’t a similar view be had in front of Caseys in the “other” former FP+ viewing area…for free!?

    • josh says

      Yeah other than the fact that it’s open to everyone, people start camping out two hours early, it’s shoulder to shoulder by fireworks time, and I appear a second before the show starts with my 9-foot tripod, it’s exactly the same.

  2. Lulu says

    Hi Josh, we have the HEA Dessert Party booked in August. Where would you suggest the best viewing spot would be in the reserved area – in front or towards the back railing? Thanks for this review!

    • josh says

      In the front if you can swing it. There’s a roped off reserved section along the walkway in front of the reserved area for “VIP” tour people. You want to be in the Plaza Garden reserved viewing area directly behind the area Disney sets up for them. It’s the best view.

        • Chris says

          We recently attended this party and my 5’2″ wife and I stood in the very back, along the railing, and she was very happy with the view. There was not anyone standing anywhere in the 8-10 feet in front of us, so that helped. Also, I think the hub slopes down toward the castle, which helps a bit.

          • Judith says

            We did this two weeks ago. It is a great view. The VIP tour is to the right. They did not block in any way. I am short I stood at the front gate of the area. AMAZING VIEW. We did not have good experience with the food. But every time we have done a Dessert Party the food is the same. WDW needs to up their game. That being said. We would do the Plaza Garden view again.

  3. S says

    Is there a bad seat in the viewing area? I’m going to the party for the stress free viewing. I’m not sure I want to spend 1.5 hours on the fireworks. If I am “late” to the viewing area, meaning 15 minutes before fireworks, not 40 minutes, are the remaining spots terrible? I don’t need the best spot, just a decent spot. We did the Terrace last year. The view was horrible.

    • Joanne says

      Our experience with the viewing area was that there are no bad spots. We went in early December, when there are only three nights a week that non-MVMCP people could see the fireworks. I knew from past visits that the crowds on those three nights are massive beyond belief, and people are standing and squashed together for well over an hour before the show starts. Not for us, so we opted for the plaza view dessert party. After we were done with the desserts, we went over to the viewing area only about five minutes before the fireworks, and there was plenty of open space. Some were sitting on the turf and some were standing. There was room enough for kids to run around and not bother anyone. When the show started, people just adjusted for the best view. It is possible to see it while remaining seated, and most people standing were polite enough not to stand directly in front of someone who was sitting. So the long answer to your question is that you should have no problem getting a decent spot even a few minutes before it begins.

  4. Rayza says

    Missed a drink:

    Cold-drink-wise, you’ve got Water, Passion/Orange/Guava Juice (known as POG, Jungle Juice, etc. at the various Disney breakfast buffets), Strawberry Lemonade, **INSERT LEMONADE HERE**, a very thin Milk, and Unsweetened Iced Tea.

  5. cheryl tokarski says

    Seems for our stay we have the Once Upon a time show (8:30 BEFORE the Happily Ever After. (9:00) dessert party is still for 7:45 check in time. What does this do for our dessert party? Do we get 30 minutes for our party then head out?

  6. Kara says

    I truly appreciate Community references.

    Also, I was debating the dessert party for our December trip so this review was timely. I don’t think I can bring myself to spending that kind of money on desserts. I think we are going to do the Ohana / Poly beach experience instead.

    • Kirsten says

      I had to go back and read it more carefully to find out what you meant by the Community reference. Nice!

    • Andrea says

      I’m with you. I’m going with just my daughter in August. I was very close to booking this but ultimately, I don’t want to deal with the post fireworks mayhem. We will head back to our resort–the Poly–and watch from there.

    • Judith says

      I will say that we saw the fireworks from California Grill. It was amazing still but if its your first time seeing the show you want to be in the MK because you can not see the projections. They are amazing. Just my opinion

  7. Lauren says

    thanks Josh! We did the wishes party a few years ago before the big price increase, and while we enjoyed it, i didn’t think the new price would be worth it. Reading this I can see a lot more value in this option, especially since we haven’t seen HAE before and the pictures of shoulder to shoulder crowds looks overwhelming! Was able to make a plaza garden reservation for our September trip.

  8. Stacey says

    You convinced me to go ahead and book this dessert party for our November trip. We will only have one night in Magic Kingdom when we can see Happily Ever After because of parties. I know it will be wall to wall people during the fireworks for this reason. It will be so much more pleasant to watch them this way. Thanks for the detailed reviews! I always enjoy them!

  9. Kim says

    Josh, I have this dessert party and the Star Wars dessert party booked two nights in a row. To be blunt – my son is short. Teeny. But too big to put on my shoulders. I’m really worried that he won’t be able to see anything in those crowds, and our trip is short, so I don’t want to sit and wait for a spot for hours beforehand. Do you think the dessert party viewing is more important for HEA or SW? Thanks for all of the great photos.

  10. Mary Ann says

    Do you find that folks in the reserved area put kids on their shoulders or is it a good enough view that kids can already see?

    • Joanne says

      We didn’t find that people put kids on their shoulders. The view is pretty good. But even if someone did, there is so much room there that you can just shift yourself so that you aren’t behind the double decker.. That is something that can’t be done in the solidly packed crowds outside the reserved area – if someone in front of you blocks your view there, you’re pretty much stuck with it . But there’s so much room in the reserved area that you can just find another place to stand.

  11. Rachel says

    We are trying this event out in two weeks. I am sure it will be a “one and done” for us also. We have our fireworks viewing trick that we use all the time (arrive 15 minutes before fireworks at the tape line after Walt & Mickey, sneak in until they make everyone get up and then there will be plenty of room!) so that is what we will continue to do! Thanks for the review.

  12. Jodi prada says

    How is the experience staying put for OUAT after HEA? Does the area get mobbed or are most people finding their way out at that time?

    • Joanne says

      We were only there for Wishes and whatever the castle projection show was at the time. After Wishes, the dessert party viewing area cleared out pretty well. It was no longer “guarded” by CMs, so other people wandered in and watched the projection show, but it was a much smaller crowd than it had been for Wishes.

  13. Jessica says

    Throwing money away aside, are you able to skip the actual dessert-eating part and just check in at the Viewing Garden 30-40 minutes beforehand?

    • Joanne says

      I think you have to be formally escorted from the Tomorrowland Terrace to the viewing area by a CM, so that the CM guarding the viewing area knows you’re legit. I suppose you could check in at the dessert party shortly before the fireworks, just not eat, and go over when they escort people. There’s really no need to go to the viewing area 30-40 minutes before, if you don’t have some pressing reason to be there that early. We went over about five minutes before, just because we wanted to maximize our time relaxing and enjoying the desserts and there was still plenty of room.

  14. DwarfPlanet says

    Thank you, I love stress free environments, so this looks like a good possibility during our December trip.

  15. JOEL says

    We have been to multiple desert parties at Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Epcot. Being from out of town, it always seems like a great idea. I can honestly say that I have never been able to match the “value” of what you get(food, location, less stress, etc.) to match the price. I am not a hater, but I can think of alot of better ways to drop a couple hundred dollars at Disney.

  16. Kimann says

    This is perfect! I broke down with all the slow summer tweets and scheduled a couple days mid July to see Pandora and HEA. Haven’t been since Jan. Mr. I hate Disney/crowds/heat, but LOVE Avatar has decided to join me, so the dessert party is the first thing I booked. The pics of people sitting on the lawn with the huge crowds outside the fence made him VERY happy!

  17. Liz says

    I’m almost certain you can find those exact same macarons at Costco. Good info to know though! We’ve always skipped the dessert parties in order to save money for elsewhere and I’m thinking it’s probably for the best.

  18. Rachelle says

    For what it’s worth, I’ve had friends go recently and if you ask for a to go box, they will give you one and you can bring a whole box of desserts back to your room with you. That’s one potential way to get more money out of it. But we are going the last night before we fly home and I’m really not so sure how well chocolate covered strawberries do on a plane. :)

  19. Jeff says

    Wife & I have it booked for September.
    As unhealthy as it sounds, the desserts (and perhaps a little cheese & fruit) will be our dinner for the evening. I’m going to absolutely stuff myself with that sugar based evilness.
    No early fast passes are planned for us anywhere the next morning.
    I’ll be laying in bed at the Wilderness Lodge holding my stomach, if not puking.

    I can’t wait!

  20. GR says

    When do the remove the food? End of fireworks etc are you allowed to take food out when watching show

  21. Robin A. says

    Thanks for this review! I was on the fence about keeping our reservation (just DH & I), but after seeing the crowd pictures and knowing that we’re going during party season, I think we’ll keep it. Even though our kids won’t be with us this time. I do like seeing that there are multiple kid-friendly options. Our family did the Jingle Bam! party last year and my kids were not impressed with the dessert selection there. (And I gave Disney feedback re: that) The kabobs, sundaes, etc. would have been welcome additions.

  22. LC says

    Loved your review!
    So many good points and wonderful pictures. Loved the helpful information. Just wanted to add that bottled beverages ARE available upon request! ^_^ You can also request a to go box/cup before leaving to take desserts & beverages with you to the garden or to the resort. Also, something not mentioned here (because you didn’t experience it obviously) is if there’s an allergy in your party, Disney will accommodate an entire plate of allergy friendly desserts for the party goer so they can enjoy the party worry free as well. Just mention the allergy in the reservation and let your seater know upon arrival. :)
    I love love loved your comment in the red velvet cupcakes lol I’m not a fan either ? but the cheesecake brownies and pineapple delight are my personal favorites. Anywho, the dessert party really is what you make of it and every person’s experience is different. If you choose to sit where you stay for the fireworks and not go to the garden, I recommend getting there early. All check ins can start at 7:20-7:30, not the reservation time listed. But the earlier you get there for that level, the closer you are to the railing and better viewing you have. ^_^

  23. Ava says

    I’ve decided to book this for the last night of our trip. It’s the Saturday before Labor Day so I’m sure MK will be crowded, and this sounds like a nice way to end the day/trip.

  24. Tina Q says

    Wow! Is that every pricey! We had no problem getting a great spot in the hub about half an hour before the show on June 22nd. Didn’t seem too crowded either–until we headed over to Adventureland afterwards! That’s when you feel the crowds!

  25. mjc says

    Great review Josh, very informative as always, I’m weighing up HEA Dessert Party for our October trip.

    Your fireworks photos are stunning, I’m assuming you use a tripod, can I ask how long you leave the shutter open for these types of shots?

    Thanks again for the review.

  26. RebeccaMcK says

    I went ahead and booked it for my solo trip in early October. Cheaper to do it for just one person, so why not. I enjoy these projection shows and desserts more than the rest of my family anyway.

  27. AnneMarie says

    As this party stands it is of almost zero value for me as I am not a dessert person, and I don’t think my husband could take down 100+ dollars of hot chocolate and cupcakes. I would love to see them throw some appetizer type foods into this party with the desserts half and half and then this would be something I would definitely consider doing for fireworks convenience. Granted, I know this would not happen as desserts are cheap to produce, just something I would like to see.

  28. Aimee says

    We just did the dessert party on the 7th, and for us it was worth it. With a 5 y/o and 2y/o, dealing with shoulder to shoulder crowds just wasn’t something we were prepared to do. Nor did I want to stake out our spot 45 min in advance, as our toddler wouldn’t be into that at all. It will probably be a one time thing though, so when we try to go back in 3 years time, we’ll deal with the crowds.

    If you have small kids that includes a wiggly toddler, my suggestion is do the dessert party.

  29. says

    Thanks for this awesome review. Wow. I cannot wait to surprise my husband with the plaza garden party view for our 5 year wedding anniversary. :) We have dinner at 6:10 pm in November at Whispering Canyon Cafe… Do you think this is enough time to eat and head to the dessert party? I’m a little worried!

    • Stacey says

      Whispering Canyon is a big meal to have before doing a dessert party. You wouldn’t get much value at all from the desserts eating a meal like that right before the party. If HEA is scheduled for 9:00 like it is for my party in November, you should be checking in around 7:30. There’s no way you’ll get to MK in time to take full advantage of the party. Especially if you aren’t seated immediately at Whispering Canyon.

  30. linda hesser says

    Question: We are really wanting to see the video projections on the castle even more then the fireworks themselves. Is the Plaza view area still best or should we be closer.


    Lin from Texas

  31. Lisa says

    Hi we are going for xmas this year and was just wondering if u get to see tinker bell closely from the standing venue ? we have grandparents with us and was thinking the seating option would be better but its so much more costly (there r 8 of us )

  32. Mike says

    Great review – thanks. I am doing this in August and can;’t wait. Was thinking of changing to the terrace but glad I read your review first!

    Out of curiosity, what camera do you use please?

  33. Amy C. says

    We just did this Thursday night. We opted for the Garden Plaza veiwing area. We were pleasantly surprised with the dessert options. We arrived, for the party, about an hour before the fireworks started. We went down to the Garden about 25 minutes before the fireworks started because we couldn’t eat anymore! We sat in the middle. Everyone was sitting except for about 4 people right along the front fence. About 3-4 minutes before the fireworks started most people started standing up so we did too. There was a space at the front rail. We watched from there. The view was amazing.
    I would pay to do this again just so I don’t have to worry about hunting for a spot so early(and then have someone show up at the last minute & squeeze in on me). 😉

  34. Penny P says

    I have a bit of a dilemma. I would like to do the Garden Plaza party but the only day I can do it is the day I have reservations for BOG at 9pm. Is it worth ditching BOG for the fireworks? I already have BOG breakfast reservation earlier that day.


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