Review: Disney’s Coronado Springs Refurbished Room

We return to Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and my favorite hammock on property to take a look at a newly refurbished room. We’ll return separately for a construction update along with a look at other happenings around the resort.

Erin and I stayed at Coronado Springs for three nights this past weekend before moving over to the Beach Club for the July 4th holiday. I actually preferred the accommodations at Coronado – everything “felt” new and upgraded. That feeling was fresh in my mind as we stayed the first night in a room that had not yet been refurbished before moving to a refurbished King Bed room in Cabanas 8A for nights two and three. Rooms with two queen beds look virtually identical other than the fact that there are two queen beds rather than the single king.

This is what the rooms used to look like prior to the refurbishment.

The rooms are pretty drab and old looking, even back when these pictures were taken a few years ago. Dave over at describes them as “stark and masculine,” which may not be too far off.

The refurbished rooms are much sleeker.

The first thing you might notice is the laminate flooring in place of carpet, which is the same flooring that Disney is installing over at Pop Century. There are some practical advantages to laminate flooring over carpet – it’s easier to clean, there’s less of a concern over dust and stains, it lasts longer, and allergens are less of a concern. The downside is that it’s also much louder – noise from the room above was the loudest that I’ve ever experienced in any hotel anywhere. And with Disney attracting a lot of families with kids with far too much energy, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to have some rambunctious youngsters upstairs that may mistake their resort room for an elephant race. I highly recommend requesting the top floor.

The bed was a big upgrade – soft, but firm. In our original room, the bed was old, lumpy, and provided little support.

There’s also room underneath for additional storage, unlike the previous rooms where the beds sat on solid pedestals.

The Samsung television is huge and provides a vibrant display for Stacey’s Must-Dos. If you haven’t visited lately, you might also check out the unique resort channel, which provides some surprisingly helpful information on operating hours, schedules, and activities.

There’s also quite a bit more drawer space built into the desk.

Previously, the desk was separate and much smaller.

Disney has moved to Keurig coffee makers with Joffrey’s Roast and English Breakfast Black Tea K-cups provided. This seems positive as coffee quality is pretty good and you can quickly brew a fresh cup on-demand.

Another thing you’ve probably noticed is that there aren’t a lot of thematic elements at play. This is a “nice” hotel room that you might expect to find anywhere in the United States. There are exactly two “Disney touches” that I noticed. One is the poster with the Three Caballeros on the wall on the right.

The other is a similar poster on the far wall next to the bed.

Inside the cabinet, you’ll find the fridge, now with a clear door so you can immediately see if you’ve left anything inside.

On the downside, there is not a whole lot of room inside and you lose the shelving in the door. You might keep that in mind if you’re planning on bringing or purchasing a lot of groceries.

The incredibly shallow (thin?) safe is located inside of the bedside table to the left of the bed in the King room. The size has never seemed very practical.

As pictured.

The desk lamp provides some light for the mosquito wipes.

One other thing you might notice is the incredible number of power plugs and USB charging ports.

This lamp has two USB charging ports on the side, two plugs on top, and then two more plugs on the wall to the rear.

The bathroom sees a much more upscale vibe, in addition to the second sink, which is a welcome addition. I liked the look of the sliding doors that separate the vanity area from the sleeping/beer drinking area.

This had a really classy look to it, I thought, with the huge lighted mirror, vanity mirror, dual sinks, marble-looking surfaces, and wood accents.

There’s a decent amount of storage here too with some extra towels and the hairdryer below and some tissues above the sinks.

The sinks tilt down towards the drain, which impresses simple minds like mine.

The flooring is a little different in here as well.

There’s a sizable wardrobe in here with some hangers, additional bedding, and the ironing board.

And an iron.

I appreciated the glass door to the shower, which makes it a lot easier to keep the water contained compared to the curtain that never seemed to be adequately sized.

I’m sure housekeeping appreciates not having to deal with a hundred small bathroom lakes every morning during cleaning.

There’s almost a rainfall shower head inside, in addition to a smaller shower head that you can remove from its perch and use to get all up in there.

I’ll admit that I miss the orange-scented shampoo. The current scent smells like black pepper.

I’d also take some liquid hand soap for the bathroom, which Disney still doesn’t provide.

Overall, refurbished rooms at Coronado Springs are among the nicest on property, in my estimation. Whether that translates to understated elegance or an overall sterility may be in the eye of the beholder. And while I would have liked to see a couple more Disney touches here and there, there’s something to say for being able to return to the resort with the ability to enjoy the most relaxing atmosphere possible. It’s true that if you were to step into the room that you wouldn’t necessarily “feel’ like you’re visiting Walt Disney World, but at the same time, I’m not sure people really need a reminder about the fact that they’re currently visiting Walt Disney World. I think most people will appreciate the muted color palette and clean aesthetic after spending a hectic, overstimulating day in the theme parks. And it’s perhaps worth noting that Coronado remains one of Disney’s major convention resorts, so there is a balancing act between catering to business people and vacationing families. Luckily, there are plenty of other options if Coronado doesn’t speak to you. But I liked almost everything I saw and it made for a relaxing, comfortable stay.

Noise does concern me. Disney resort rooms are already incredibly noisy, to the point where I often think that there’s really no excuse for the lack of soundproofing. You’re going to hear your next door neighbors through the connecting door. You’re going to hear people walking (running) outside. And here at Coronado, you may well hear every step they take upstairs as well. I wish there was an, “I am a conscientious neighbor, please put me in a quiet area of the resort” category. I’d rather pay an extra 15 bucks a night for that over some nonsensical “water view” “upgrade” at a Moderate. Why anybody wants their room to be on top of the pool is beyond me.

So do consider putting in a request for a top floor room. There are elevators, so it will only add a minute to your walk. And if you want to be hit over the head with Disney upon returning to the resort, check out Art of Animation. Port Orleans Riverside Princess rooms and Caribbean Beach Pirate rooms may also be better suited.

But after staying in such a nice room at Coronado, it’s hard to imagine being satisfied with the accommodations at the other Moderate resorts. I left thoroughly impressed.


  1. GrumpyDad4 says

    Glad to hear that numerous USB ports are near the bed so the phone alarm snooze is within arm’s reach.

  2. Disneyfan says

    Wow! Thanks for the update! What a change for the better. Coronado was last on my list. I may need to shuffle my list around.

  3. Jeff says

    Looks great.
    For me, the 3 Amigos in the pictures are just enough Disney Theming.
    It’s nice for the housekeepers that the fridges have clear doors. They won’t have to wonder what evil surprises wait inside when cleaning.
    (severed heads, etc.)

  4. dusty cheatham says

    the first thing I noticed was the laminated floor ! whoa nelly ! as you stated the noise. BUT I too am impressed with the over all look & feel of the room. if you don’t mind me asking what was your room rate ? I know it was the 4th weekend. my brother raves about this resort . but me being a grumpy old guy I always stick with the ” PORT “. my wife & I have made so many ” Disney buddies ” @ the ” PORT ” it is just hard to stay else where..emile the mayor @ French quarter. is one of my favorites .

    • Mel says

      After reading Josh’s review, I was tempted to move away from my beloved PORFQ to stay here. I attempted to check pricing for either Jan 16-23 or Jan 23-30 and there are ZERO available rooms for my party size (2 adults, 1 child).

      Huh?! Already? I know ppl can book at like 499 days out but, wow!

  5. Kimann says

    Thanks Josh, nice and timely! Staying there later this month in a king room, I’ve requested a refurbished room, hoping to get one. They look fabulous.

  6. Dave Shute says

    I may be mis-remebering–Josh or Mario, correct me if I’m wrong–but I think the un-refurbed rooms have zero Disney theming, making the two new items of Disney-related art an infinite increase.

    Also, for the record, I myself am also “stark and masculine.”

    • says

      There were a bunch of hidden mickey’s before. I think some in the mirror in the bathroom. On the runner on the bed, in the lamp above the bed, and on the top wallpaper.

  7. Carrie says

    Have they done any foldup beds at Coranado for families of 5? One of my favorite resorts, but we haven’t been able to stay there. :/

  8. Kristina says

    Wow they look great! “Lack of Disney theming” has always been a complaint about CSR, so I don’t see this as much of a change in that area, and it doesn’t really bother me. I like the contemporary look. Thanks for the review.

  9. Sue says

    The rooms look great. Glad they got rid of the open closet area in bathroom, although new wardrobes have less storage. What I really hate is that all the resorts are doing away with the bed runners and throw pillows. They added a much needed Pop of colour. Now the beds look like hospital beds.
    Love the bathroom storage cubbies.
    Wish they could have added a layer of rubberized padding to muffle foot steps above in case you end up with a heard of elephants above. I always request upper floor in most resorts unless upper floor is dormer room/or sold balcony.

    • says

      I like the bed runners too, there needs to a touch more color. They have stripped the beds as much as they can now, I hope. Overall, it looks very nice.

  10. Emily says

    I’m a big fan of the Three Caballeros so it’s nice to see some features that include them! Overall I like the new look; the rooms look much bigger.

  11. Megan S says

    We stayed in a refurbished room for 5 nights a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. We were on the 2nd floor and didn’t notice any noise from other rooms, although we were at the end of the hall on a corner so that may have helped. I liked the laminate floors as well, although our feet did need to be wiped off before getting into bed because the floor seemed to pick up dust/sand a lot. My only other minor complaint was that the automatic shower fan was loud! But really enjoyed the storage and all of the light in the room. Would definitively stay here again.

  12. VaCamm says

    Absolutely GORGEOUS! This already was my favorite WDW resort, and now I fear that my secret hideaway will become too crowded. Either way, it won’t deter me from staying at CSR… its so wonderful :)

  13. Brian says

    Additional bedding in the wardrobe? Is this the only resort that supplies additional bedding? Everywhere that I have stayed there is no additional bedding that I could find. As a result, I end up either freezing because I like the A/C on high, or I have to turn off the A/C altogether in the middle of the night. I never understood why Disney no longer puts comforters on their beds. It looks so odd too.

  14. CMM says

    I generally assume any common amenities in even the highest class hotel room have been disgustingly abused and are never cleaned.

    How many people have probably peed in the water reservoir of that coffee maker? I’m going with at least two dozen.

  15. Brett says

    “get all up in there” *snicker*

    Great review and impressive photography change between the 2011 and 2017 shots. I wish my skills had improved that much in the same timespan.

  16. CMO says

    Good to see the king bed rooms have USBs and plugs on both sides of the bed. I stayed in a 2 queen bed refurbed room a few weeks ago, and loved pretty much everything about the room except for the glaring fact that there was not so much as a regular wall plug on either side of the bed. Disney is obviously aware that people want more USB plug-ins in their rooms but somehow refurbed that room and left the people sleeping on the outsides of the bed nothing to plug into. I couldn’t believe it.

    • Rachelle says

      I had that experience at AKL. We had to MOVE bedside table to get to the only outlet we could find outside of the bathroom. I was shocked. I also smacked my head pretty hard on the lamp over the table when I did it so I was cranky as well. :)

  17. Jamie Krause says

    I wish that when these type of reviews are done, that information about wheelchair accessible rooms were included! Please include those of us who need a handicapped accessible room.

    • Rachelle says

      But please keep in mind that in order to review a handicapped room, Josh would have to reserve one. And if he reserves one, he is taking it away from someone who actually needs it. So it’s a bit of a tricky situation.

  18. Rachelle says

    I like it. I know people complain about the lack of theming in the rooms all over property but I honestly like it. Can anyone tell me they honestly LIKED those AWFUL scratchy blankets that were on all the beds before and supposedly contained all the theming? They were gross and uncomfortable and if you actually slept under it, you were guaranteed to wake up drenched in sweat. GROSS!. All the rooms seem to be brighter and cleaner. That’s a win for me. I’ll take a clean white blanket any day. The resorts themselves are wonderfully themed, I don’t care if my bedding isn’t.

  19. Laurie L. says

    I just got back from there and sorry to say I had an old room. Too bad I didn’t know about the new rooms before I left.

  20. Kimann says

    Just got back and had a refurbished king room in 7A. It was wonderful. There is so much storage in the room. We were on the first floor and I was worried about noise from the upper floors but honestly never heard a peep. I love the laminate floors, it just feels so much cleaner. And I agree with Josh, the new mattresses are 100% better! I added the room request for 7A or 8A (a refurbished room) to my reservation and if you haven’t done that, I would encourage you to call.

  21. Julie says

    Is there a schedule when all the rooms in the resort will be completed with the new look. Thanks for this great review.

  22. becky says

    Great review and photos. Just booked a room for 9/27 – 9/30 with AP discount. Requested building 8A. Fingers crossed.

  23. Stephen says

    Any updates on which buildings are done? Still just 7a and 8a? What’s next and eta?

    Really appreciate this site.
    Thanks !

  24. Alex says

    Great photos! I really like the shower that they added but I noticed that other videos/photos I’ve seen of the refurbished rooms have bathtubs with a sliding doors instead. I would much prefer the bathrooms with the showers instead. Do you know which room types have the showers instead of the tubs?


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