Review: Disney’s Beach Club 2-Bedroom Suite with Club Level Access

After taking a long look at Club Level accommodations at Disney’s Beach Club, we’ll take a look at a room that neither of us will probably ever stay in (again).

This is the living room area of the 2-bedroom suite.

The suite has two separate entrances, the first opening up to the living room and the second opening up to the bedroom with two queen beds.

The room officially sleeps up to seven adults with the pull-out couch adding a third bed.

It was nice to have so much room to spread out, particularly with some friends visiting.

It wouldn’t surprise me if I am the odd man out here, but I kind of like the intimacy and cozy quarters of your typical hotel room. The suite “feels” like you’re staying in a decently sized apartment, minus the kitchen. But as a party of two, it’s difficult to sleep in two different bedrooms at once, so we didn’t really take as much advantage of all the extra space. Typically, the 2-bedroom suite is about 2.5 times the cost of a Club Level Garden View Standard Room, so you may find some value in the suite if you’re booking two rooms anyway and meet the occupancy maximum.

There’s a narrow wet bar area behind the living room with just enough room to open the cabinet door, which houses the refrigerator.

We were happy to score the “free” bottles of Dasani, which saved six dollars compared to the theme park price. CHA-CHING.

And since cans of soda are “free” at the Lounge, a few cans were provided inside the fridge. Unfortunately, the temperature on said fridge was set at “July hot” so they weren’t actually cooled. And the knob to make the fridge colder is unceremoniously located on the back, making it difficult to turn the temperature down. “First world problem.” – Brian P. Miles.

The same Keurig that we saw in the refurbished Coronado Springs room.

Along with the same Joffrey’s Roast K-cups. It looks like a different flavor of tea is perhaps snuggled in underneath.

The room with the king bed is located off of the living room.

It’s not terribly large, but it fits its purpose.

One thing that we thought was kind of goofy was that the television recedes into the dresser via a button.

But as far as we could tell, there was no easy way to get it back out. You could see all the knife marks made by people that had jammed something in to pry the TV back up.

The view from the window was gorgeous, but unfortunately, there was no balcony on this side.

But being on the 4th floor, each of the suite’s two balconies were large enough for two people to stand on, but you couldn’t fit a chair or anything out here.

And while I wasn’t planning on spending a lot of time outside in July, it’s always nice to “feel” like you have the opportunity to relax outdoors, even if you have no intention.

Otherwise, here’s the view from the bedroom with the two queens.

And from the living room. Pretty, but not quite the straight-on view of Crescent Lake and the BoardWalk.

This is the bathroom off of the living room.

The toilet, tub, and shower are located in a separate room.

With a pleasant stay at Coronado fresh in my mind, I preferred the shower experience there with the glass door and almost-rainfall-showerhead. The showers at the other Deluxe resorts are typically nicer, as well.

There was a really long counter in the back – I’m not really sure what it was for, but it seemed to provide suitable space for a couple of suitcases. There’s also a lot of storage underneath. I think I would have preferred a door into the bathroom from the king bed room as anyone staying in there would have to exit the room and slyly sneak into the bathroom if others are huddled outside in the living room.

The soft robes were a nice touch.

And I don’t remember seeing slippers at other resorts, though I could be wrong on that front.

The other bedroom is where you’ll find two queen beds.

Dave over at has a nice look at a Standard Room at the Beach Club if you’re considering a stay, here.

The layout of a Standard Room is pretty similar to what we see above though you’ll find a couch instead of a chair.

Beach Club rooms were refurbished throughout 2015. I had noted a relative lack of “Disney touches” over at Coronado, where details were relegated to a couple of posters depicting the Three Caballeros.

But as far as I could tell, there was literally nothing Disney-related anywhere inside this room. It’s possible that I missed Mickey and Minnie walking hand-in-hand on the beach in that picture on the wall, but otherwise nothing overtly popped out at me. I think that’s a little disappointing. I’m 100% behind the room being as relaxing as possible, but some tasteful wallpaper or a Mickey bed runner or the old Mickey lamp or something would have been nice.

Otherwise, I thought the room already “felt” dated. I’m not sure exactly why – but I didn’t really get the feeling that I was staying in a quaint beach side inn. It was just a boring hotel room.

I think I prefer the colorful playfulness of the BoardWalk.

The bathroom is sizable with a similar look to other resorts.

And now that you mention it, there are some Mickey heads on the shower curtain.

As pictured.

One bonus of paying up to $2,850 per night for your hotel room is some upgraded toiletries. That body wash was not available at Coronado.

We’ve also got some Solar Relief Gel, Body Lotion, and Nourish Refreshing Mouthwash.

A variety of other items were also left in the room. It probably would have made some sense to open them all up and show you what’s inside. Next time I stay in a 2-bedroom suite at the Beach Club I will do that for you.

There was quite the jewelry drawer area – something I also hadn’t seen elsewhere.

And a large closet.

Outlets didn’t seem quite as plentiful as at Coronado, but there were plugs and USB ports around the room and next to the beds.

It may or may not be worth noting that Club Level rooms come with turn down service. This is something that I don’t really understand as I am usually capable of getting into bed myself. And personally, I don’t really like being bugged. So it’s around 4pm and I am bee boppin’ around the room looking for some beef jerky samples that like 90% of the stuff I buy on Amazon, I had forgotten about. But they arrived a couple of days before my “staycation” so I threw them in with my assortment of phone cables and oddities. So I am standing in the bathroom in my boxers trying to decide if I want some breakfast sausage jerky or some breakfast steak jerky and all of a sudden, I hear Erin talking to someone. So I yell, “What’s going on out there?” To which I hear a reply about turn down service. So I yell back, “TELL HER WE DON’T WANT IT” as I didn’t really want to be standing in the bathroom pondering beef jerky choices for an extended period of time. Apparently the cast member looked at Erin with a very sorry-for-you look in her eyes and handed us a pile of these branded chocolate squares. The point here is that around 4pm, don’t be rummaging through your suitcase without clothes on looking for some beef jerky samples, because somebody is going to insist on coming in and pulling the corner of the sheet on your bed down.

Overall, I love the Crescent Lake area and the location of the Beach Club in proximity to Epcot and the other resorts in the area, but the rooms themselves didn’t do a lot for me. There’s nothing really unique going on and despite the room costing as much as $2,814 per night, the space wasn’t particularly whimsical or elegant and it didn’t really seem like there was any effort to marry the two. The room was reasonably well-appointed, but nothing about it made me think that I needed to hurry back to the Beach Club. I would certainly stay there again for the location, but I’d check availability at the BoardWalk first. Of course, you do have access to Stormalong Bay at the Beach/Yacht Club and the Stone Harbor Club upstairs is arguably the best Club Level Lounge in the area. That’s worth taking into account too if you’re big swimmers or planning on upgrading to Club Level.

Next time to All-Star Sports!


  1. Andy says

    So I was staying at Beach Club July 4th and 5th and I didn’t see you? Wth…

    This post does answer why they put me in a standard view studio though after I booked a 2 bedroom club level…

  2. Beth says

    We stayed at BWI in June, and our room looked so tired to me. I realized later that the lack of bedrunner and toss pillows was the problem. Then I heard a rumor that disney is getting rid of all runners and toss pillows for hygiene reasons. But during that same week we stayed at BLT and definitely had both. Any insight from anyone? I missed them a lot at BWI–it was not at all a cheerful look without them.

    • Jen B says

      It’s true they are getting rid of them, but some rooms still have them, not sure the rhyme or reason behind why some do and some don’t. We stayed at WL in April and the beds were plain white, no runner, or accent pillows. It definitely takes away, and this has become my pet peeve. If you go to the Disney website like you are going to book a room, all the interior room photos show the runners and the pillows. If Disney is so proud of their new hospital white bedding look then use that as the feature photos and show what it really looks like for a guest when you enter the room. I think this is a cheesy cost cutting measure that Disney knows they can get away with. No one is going to stop staying on property because there is no bedding, but they save money and the theming is not as nice. It cheapens out the experience, and the experience is what Disney is supposedly known for. End soapbox rant!

      Thanks for the review Josh! Club level looks nice!

      • Jon says

        I throw the runner and cushion on the floor anyway so I can get under the sheet for bed. Therefore not having them means its one less thing for housekeeping to pick up after me.

          • dusty cheatham says

            as some one who goes to Disney 3-5 times a year the throw pillows & runner on the bed have more times than not been soiled. what my dumpling does is wrap them up & store them in the closet. if not mousekeeping will put them right back on the bed.

  3. CMM says

    “The same Keurig that we saw in the refurbished Coronado Springs room.”

    But this one had only peed in a half dozen times.

    • krikiter says

      Well, you’re supposed to periodically flush them with vinegar anyway, so this isn’t all bad, right?

  4. Tammy says

    Well thank you for helping me to cross the Beach Club suites off my list of places to stay. We are planning a large family get together (9 adults) down the road and would love to stay in a CL suite. Years ago we stayed in a suite that slept 10 at the Grand Floridian but would love to stay at the BWI CL. Any suggestions?

  5. Meg says

    The Beach Club refurb is one of the most disappointing on property (second to Grand Floridian), because the theme there was never overwhelming. It was fun and relaxing, and now it’s just…boring. I’m really unhappy about the direction they’re going with all these refurbs. :(

  6. Zavandor says

    I laughed at the turndown service description. I’ve never been in an hotel with that service, but I never really understood it. Is it just to make you feel that for $2600 you are really taken care for?

    • CMM says

      It’s a call back to an era of much more “high touch” service when opulence meant even trivial things would be taken care of for you. Having the chair pulled out for you at a fine dining restaurant would be a rough equivalent.

      A standard turn down service (not necessarily at a Disney resort) should include: appropriate mood lighting levels being set, drapes and curtains drawn to the appropriate heights for the evening, pillows plumped and arranged for sleeping, covers and sheets drawn back appropriately, unnecessary bed accouterments being put away (throws, decorative pillows, etc), slippers positioned at the bedside, soft/mood music turned on, treats/cordials laid out/poured, and evening/morning towels being appropriately hung. I’m pretty sure Disney just pulls the sheets back, plops down some chocolates, turns on the nightstand lights (and maybe throws down a towel animal), and calls it a night.

      There are all sorts of specialty turn down services that can be requested at top resorts – having a custom bath drawn and ready, flowers arranged or flower petals strewn around the room, etc.

      The value of all of these things is in the eye of the beholder, of course.

  7. JustSayin says

    For Comparison:
    At the Orlando Waldorf Astoria the 2Br Governor’s Suite runs $1200 a night.
    Wasn’t able to find suite prices online for the Dolphin/Swan 2Br Suites – have to call.

  8. JOEL says

    FYI, if your looking for a suite in the Crescent Lake area and do not want to drop 3K per night, you might take a look at Swan and/or Dolphin. They are run by Starwood, rather than Disney, but have recently remodeled alot of the rooms.

    • AnneMarie says

      My husband and I have stayed there multiple times and would highly recommend it as well. Just beware of all the fees attached they can quickly make what looks like a steal of a room 170-200 dollars a night room jump to 250+ (daily parking and “resort fees”)

  9. Crystal says

    I am way too cheap to spend that much on a hotel! This room may be nice, but didn’t look that much nicer to justify the premium. In December – we are doing a 2-BR at Wyndham Bonnet Creek – today the standard refundable rate for the 1st week in December is $290.43/night and the non-refundable is $217.82.

  10. Mike says

    We found that at Disney hotels that have a fridge enclosed as you describe, leaving that door open to the enclosure a crack, and leaving the fridge door closed shut, keeps items in the fridge significantly colder.

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