Review: Copper Creek Canyon 1-Bedroom Villa at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

We had spent a considerable amount of time over at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge in July with the Copper Creek Canyon Villas opening along with Roaring Fork.

You can pull up my Copper Creek Canyon Studio review here, along with a look at the new pool here, and an initial review of Roaring Fork here.

This time, we’re focusing on the 1-Bedroom Copper Creek Villas. I’ll post a separate update covering changes at Roaring Fork, Geyser Point, and throw in a breakfast review at Whispering Canyon Cafe.

Above is a reminder of what the Studio looked like, with a lot of people chiming in that they were disappointed with the furnishings that looked like they were picked up during a weekend trip to Ikea.

But considering how few thematic elements we’ve seen with recent refurbishments elsewhere, I was pleased to see so much go into the design of Copper Creek. Above is Coronado Springs, which I review in full here.

And Pop Century, which I review here.

This is inside of the 1-Bedroom Villa, which has a different kitchen setup than most other 1-bedrooms that we’ve seen. That probably has something to do with the fact that this is re-purposed space rather than new construction. As with the Studio review, Dave from was nice enough to invite me over for a look. You can pull up his thoughts on Copper Creek and how it compares to other DVC properties here. As always, it’s a much more robust look than I can offer with my relatively limited experience. My last DVC review was the Polynesian, with links to my previous reviews at the top of that page.

The long kitchen area is located against the wall.

Kitchens in other 1-Bedrooms are more like what you probably have at home with three sides and a wide opening to enter/exit the area. That also adds the kitchen bar area in other 1-Bedrooms as we in the center of the image with the two chairs

I’m not sure how much serious cooking most people do in these Villas, but you may want to take the layout into consideration if you do.

It’s hard to tell the kids to “get out of the kitchen” when you literally have to walk through it to get to the bedroom or bathroom. Otherwise, the amenities you would expect are present:

You’ll also need to be careful not to open the refrigerator door into someone’s face as they turn the corner from the bedroom/bathroom area. Feel free to chime in if you’ve stayed here and the kitchen setup has impacted your stay.

The living area:

It’s a perfectly livable space with a 64″ Samsung television, large table, dresser, chair, couch that pulls out to a queen-size sleeper sofa (in width; it’s four inches shorter than a standard queen), and a rug that really helps tie the room together. I think the overall look is a lot more “understated” than the Studio – there are fewer quirky details. The pillows and art add a bit of color, but it’s otherwise mostly yellow light and 50 shades of brown.

The washer and dryer can come in surprisingly handy – sometimes that cute dress’s fabric doesn’t agree with Florida in July or perhaps you only own one shirt that needs to be washed every fourth day.

There’s more storage just outside of the bathroom, that, along with the dresser in the living room, is largely aimed at those sleeping on the sofa.

Inside the first bathroom area.

This is easily accessible from the living area, but also has a door separating it from the master bath area, for added privacy.

There’s a shower two independent heads – one detachable and one rainfall.

And the master bath area:

It’s quite the tub with some translucent art that’s about the least functional thing in the room, as it allows light from the bathroom to enter the bedroom, which can be a little annoying early or late in the day. But we all must suffer for the sake of art from time to time. Otherwise, the tub is larger than it appears in this picture, which is far too wide, and the little jets on the bottom are kind of fun. There should be plenty of storage and the mirror is big and well-lit.

I like the look of the bedroom:

This is a large king size bed raised up high enough that most luggage should be able to fit underneath. The bedrunner helps add some texture to the room and the wood headboard fits in nicely with the theme of the resort.

There’s plenty of charging opportunities above the bedside tables on each side.

I like the look of the backless seat at the desk, but it doesn’t look very comfortable for use during an extended powerblogging session. Also, a Bonus Dave.

The dresser and wardrobe should be plenty large.

The nicest thing about the bedroom is that it’s so far removed from the main hallway, which makes for a much quieter space.

It’s a lot easier to relax when you know you won’t be able to hear noise from the hallway or the room next door.

A look inside the main closet.

And the safe.

Dave scored a top-floor Villa.

With an incredible view of the grounds below and Bay Lake in the distance.

Otherwise, 1-Bedroom Villas officially sleep four guests, which can be surprising considering the cash price is $200 to $300 more per night than Studio rooms that sleep the same number.

Obviously, a lot of people are going to be using points, where a 1-Bedroom costs about twice the number of points each night than the Studios. So you are paying a significant premium for the extra space. But the amenities do add considerable comfort to the stay. You feel like you’re staying at a nicely-appointed apartment rather than a basic hotel room.

Overall, Wilderness Lodge offers much of the convenience of a Magic Kingdom area resort without the higher pricing that goes along with the Monorail Deluxes. The resort is gorgeous with beautiful outdoor areas and one of the best restaurant and bar lineups available. 1-Bedroom Villas are nicely appointed and while the thematic elements are on the bland side, the same could be said about most other options. The only thing that really sticks out as being different than other 1-Bedrooms is the kitchen setup, which may or may not matter based on your individual needs. You might compare what you see here to what is now Boulder Ridge, or the Villas located in a separate building here at Wilderness Lodge.

We’ll get on to Roaring Fork and more pictures around the resort.


  1. Becky says

    I wonder why they didn’t make the 1-bedroom villa sleep 5 people. That alone would have been worth the extra cost. It’s disappointing that they couldn’t make space for a Murphy bed like at Aulani and GF.

    • Alcachofa says

      I’m not sure why they don’t make more 1 bedrooms with two queen beds, either.

      Regarding Disney Resorts move to hardwood floors: I REALLY hope they are installing some sort of sound proofing between floors. That’s a lot of footsteps you might not want to hear.

  2. RebeccaMcK says

    Looks nice. More beds (whether Murphy style or another Queen) would have been good, like others said. I don’t mind the kitchen arrangement – just have to warn people to enter the room and turn corners with caution.

  3. Susan says

    Love the Salish art lining the back/inside of the kitchen cabinets and the wood headboard. A Murphy bed or convertible chair should have been part of the design.

  4. Robin says

    ITA with others’ comments…why could they not have put a sleeper chair in the LR? I just don’t understand why DVC doesn’t do that in more of their DVC 1-BRs. Sigh.

    But great review and pics – thanks!

    • Not That Josh says

      My understanding is that it’s due to the size of the rooms from which these were converted. There simply wasn’t enough space given the layout they had to use. It’s definitely disappointing, though

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