REMINDER: Sanaa is Still the Best Lunch at Walt Disney World

While the website typically focuses on things that are in the vicinity of new, it’s occasionally worth focusing on what’s truly great.

Sanaa lunch is my favorite meal on property for a variety of reasons. First, the restaurant’s unique atmosphere nestled up against the savanna can’t be replicated anywhere else. With an interesting variety of zebras, giraffes, gazelles, ostriches, cranes, kudu, and more lounging about right outside, there’s a lot to look at while you enjoy your meal. Afterwards, you can head outside to take in the views from other areas around the resort.

A relaxing lunch visit is also a good opportunity to hop over to Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Jambo House to look around and take in the sights and sounds at what is likely Walt Disney World’s most impressive resort.

These are all phone pictures, unfortunately, so they don’t really capture the grandness or beauty of Animal Kingdom Lodge, particularly with so many extra holiday touches.

Sanaa began offering breakfast back in September of 2016. Here’s the current menu:

You can pull up my full review here. What’s basically quick service breakfast is a huge win for Kidani Village guests, but I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to visit if you’re coming from another resort. The animals are not typically active on the savanna that early and while the good is quite good, it’s probably not worth the transportation time compared to what you can find where you’re staying.

Here’s the current lunch appetizer menu:

I would be making it up if I said that Sanaa’s “Indian-style Bread Service with all Nine Accompaniments” is the most popular appetizer on property.

But you absolutely want to order it during your visit.  The nine accompaniments offer a wealth of interesting flavors and the fresh bread is served warm and soft with a delightful chew. So good and it should be plenty for four people to share at a cost of about $4 each. You can add extra bread for around $2/piece should you require more.

During our visit last month, Erin and I added the unphotogenic “Lamb Kefta Skewers – Lamb Skewers with Tunisian Couscous Salad and Peppadew-Goat Cheese” at a cost of $15. I apologize for the picture, but the the kefta eviscerated anything that I’ve tried in Morocco over at Epcot. The meat was incredibly juicy with a delicious spice blend of cumin, paprika, onion, and mint, among others.

The couscous salad was cold and refreshing along with the goat cheese that added a bit of a creamy tang along with the cool flavors of mint and yogurt. Between this and the bread service, we were already stuffed. I’m sorry it’s not more attractive-looking.

A list of lunchtime entrees:

Another reason why I like Sanaa so much is the reasonable price point of many of the afternoon options. The burger here is less expensive than the one at Plaza Restaurant at Magic Kingdom, for example.

I’m less enthusiastic than some about the $26 Potjie Inspired dish, particularly now that you have to choose one meat and one vegetable.

Even when you could order two meats like in the picture above, it never seemed like a tremendous amount of food for the money, particularly at lunch when several options are $7-$10 less expensive.

But one Potjie along with the bread service should be plenty of food for two people to share at a cost of around $20 per person. Not bad at all.

Having enjoyed the $17 Tandoori Chicken version on our visit before this one, Erin and I added the $19 “Tandoori Shrimp served Open-faced on Naan Bread with Minted Greens, Tomato, Onion, and Cucumber Raita.” I was impressed  by the pile of food- there’s about a dozen large, tender shrimp served in a mildly spicy, robust marinade. The mint and cucumber yogurt sauce helped temper the spicy flavors and the tomato, red onion, and romaine helped add some crunch that made for a more-interesting texture. It was a huge, tasty portion that ended up being dinner later that evening after all of the other food filled us up.

Kids can play it safe with pizza or a burger or go big with their own portion of Butter Chicken or another interesting option in the various sosaties and fish.

You can pull up my full Sanaa dinner review here. Above is the $33 “Braaivleis – South African Braai Sample Plate – Trio of Grilled Meats with Seasonal Accompaniments.” The rest of the current entrees:

I’m slightly less enthusiastic about dinner with the higher price points and the fact that the savanna isn’t lit, so after dark, you’ll be staring at reflections of yourself in the windows. I also personally prefer the easy-breezy atmosphere of lunch. But especially during the summer, you can visit earlier in the evening and enjoy the same savanna views and a more substantial entree. Just keep in mind that the bread is very good and very filling.

Dinner food should otherwise impress at prices similar to other standard table service restaurants. Above is the $25 “Traditional Sosatie – Braai Lamb with Apricots, Pap, Spinach, Cashews, and Goat Cheese.” There aren’t a lot of opportunities to pick up a lamb entree on property under $30.

Overall, Sanaa is a fun experience with great food in a unique atmosphere. Share a Bread Service and an entree and you should have more than enough food for two people to share for around $20 per person. Of course, Animal Kingdom has some very good options with Tiffins, Satu’li Canteen, Flame Tree Barbecue, Yak & Yeti Restaurant, and more. The website typically recommends eating where you are on a first trip to reduce transportation time. “Food is food” as long as we’re not talking about Tony’s Town Square. You might consider visiting Animal Kingdom Lodge and enjoying lunch at Sanaa on a second or third trip.

From Kidani Village, any theme park bus stops at Jambo House before heading to said Park. Consider budgeting an hour to check out everything that you’ll be able to see and do over there.

A few more Christmas decoration closeup to show us out:

Overall, lunch at Sanaa is an experience that’s hard to beat.

We’ll get back over to the Grand Floridian.


  1. Suzanne says

    Thanks Josh! Where can I find a description of the vegetable sides? I have no idea what most of those are. Thanks

  2. Chris says

    I was lucky enough to visit Sanaa on my holiday at WDW and it has been the only restaurant that has made it onto my list for the following three trips. I stayed at AKL for the first time in November and the breakfast is highly recommended at Sanaa, a huge step up on the standard quick service breakfast.

  3. Ray says

    Great review (as always). Through the years, I have been amazed at your writing, words and grammar and the lack of any mistakes. With that said, after all these years and probably 1,000+ posts, I can finally say I found a correction. Under the Breakfast picture, good should be food (food is quite good). Take care and Happy New Year. Ray
    PS I hope you took this as a compliment :)

  4. Kim Lobdell says

    We ate at sanaa Dec 14th and even though the menu for the potje says 1 meat and 1 vegetable, when our server explained the menu he told us we got to pick either 2 meat and 1 veggie or 2 veggie and 1 meat. I was happy because I thought I had to choose between butter chicken and braised beef going by the menu on MDE.

  5. Linda says

    Your photos are always great, but I can’t get over how beautiful those shots of the tree are. You should start selling your prints, really.

    • Mike says

      His photos are very nice indeed, but, he has a helper, it’s called LightRoom, which makes them POP like they do. Still a very talented fellow!

  6. MimiPlusThree says

    Sanaa’s great, but in light of how few table service restaurants on property have separate lunch and dinner menus these days, it doesn’t have much competition. Kona Cafe used to have a nice lunch, too. Until about two years ago or so, when the company began eliminating distinct lunch menus, there would’ve been many more contenders.

  7. Angelique says

    So sad we won’t be able to swing staying at AKL this time around. I received a rare “kudos” last visit when we ate at Sanaa – from everyone in the party. Disney seems to do it’s “version” of African food well with Boma, Sanaa, and all the great choices at Animal Kingdom.

    PS I found the hidden Josh.

  8. Stephanie says

    We’ve visited Sanaa on our last two Disney trip and are going again this year. I can’t say the same about any other restaurant on property. I hadn’t thought about going for lunch though. That’s a great suggestion.

  9. Meghan Knowles says

    We were just there last week (January 7th). It might be important to note that if you have a party larger than 4 it can be difficult for them to seat you by the window to see the savannah even if you have a reservation. Most of the tables next to the windows only seat up to 4. With our party of 5 we were told it could be 45 minutes to an hour wait to be seated near the savannah. We declined and took a table away from the windows. It was fine and we enjoyed our lunch very much. We visited the savannah just outside the doors of the restaurant both before and after our meal.

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