Preliminary April 2014 Disney World Crowd Calendar

This is the preliminary crowd calendar for April 2014. Click to enlarge:

If you have no idea what the numbers and letters mean, the top of this post explains it.

Spring break season extends into April, culminating in some of the heaviest crowds of the year over Easter week. The week before is considerably less crowded.  The week after is also less crowded. If you can hold off on your vacation until the last week of April moving into May, you’ll be in much better shape. The first week in March is also considerably less crowded. On the plus side, temperatures and weather are considerably nicer than the summer with similar operating hours and plentiful evening entertainment.


  1. kim lobdell says

    Anxiously waiting for the calandar for May 2014! This calandar ends the day before our trip begins:) Thanks Josh for this great website. I especially love the food pictures to go with your reviews.

  2. Jenny says

    YAHOOOO! Thanks so much Josh! Cant wait for our April trip. Used your suggestions in the past and they were perfect!
    Odd question but could you direct me to your “walk through” of the Hess station near BWV? I remember seeing it, but now it could be helpful!

  3. Maggie says

    Thank you so much for putting this out! We are going to be at DW from 3/27 through 4/5. Just curious…I was a similar calendar on but many of “bad” red days differ between your calendar and theirs….any idea why? Thanks again!!!

  4. Martyn says

    I am a bit confused as all the 10’s are in the week leading up to Easter, but Easter Sunday and the week that follows are quiet!? Ah well, looks like I’m in for a busy one.

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