Pop Century Debuts Pretty Crazy New Menu

It’s been a while since we visited the Pop Century Resort. Those of you that accidentally clicked “follow” on my Twitter account have probably seen me rambling about Pop Century’s new quick service menu for some time. It’s not every day Disney starts putting crab meat on $15 quick service hamburgers or starts selling sundaes with “Six Flavors of Ice Cream, Brownie, Banana, Pop Tarts, M&Ms, Gummy Worms, Marshmallows, Rainbow Jimmies, Chocolate Fudge, Caramel Sauce, Whipped Cream and Maraschino Cherry.” And who calls sprinkles, “jimmies?” Probably the same person that is Putting cheddar cheese on apple pie. Seriously northeast, cut it out.

In addition to some ummmmmm…aggressive burger toppings (with prices to match), “The Johnny Apple Seed” is what intrigued me. At $13.49, it’s well above average in price and arrives with absolutely no description. I had to investigate.

The seating areas have seen some changes in aesthetics since our last visit, but the idea is the same. You may remember the big changes at All-Star Music.

This is a lot more subtle.

As you may recall, Disney has eliminated variable pricing on Rapid Fill mugs based on the number of days of use and instead now offers the mug for a “length of stay” price of $16.99. That should be 14 days by default.

The mug should look familiar – heaven forbid they’re unique to each resort. Actually, Pop has a decent line of resort-specific merchandise:

It wasn’t so long ago that there was nothing available outside of a pin.

Like the other Value and Moderate level quick services, the food court has multiple stations and a lot of menu screens. It doesn’t take long to come to our first crazy-sounding dish – a cold mashed potatoes sandwich with watercress. The Create-Your-Own-Salad is always a good choice and the Frankfurter should be similar to what they serve at Min & Bill’s.

Kimmelweck is misspelled on their online menu, but somebody figured it out here.

I tried the Chicken Pot Pie over at All-Star Music, though this looks to be a different recipe/presentation.

You can also go Meatball Sub.

Not only do all of these burgers actually exist, but they’re also all available daily. There’s really asparagus attached to the top of that burger. It’s not your imagination.

Sci-Fi served a Picnic Burger for a while. But I think it worked better over there because the restaurant is so dark that you can’t really see what you’re eating.

I’d be surprised if most people notice the “Additional Items” to the right of the menu descriptions, but that’s where you’ll find the standard burger. Also, the Johnny Apple Seed is explained. It sounds pretty strange as is the fact that they haven’t had an opportunity to photograph some of the menu items.

You’d need an iron stomach for that Sloppy Joe.

Disney looks to have done away with the personal-size pizzas at the resort quick services, instead offering a larger slice of what looks to be the same frozen pizza. Somebody that’s sampled both versions may need to chime in if they are indeed different.

Speaking of photos, they might want to take another look at that cheesy version. Also in BREAKING news, the flatbreads circular shape is a departure from the usual rectangle!

I think they just Photoshopped the chicken on top.

Finally, some seemingly random items.

Overall, there’s a lot of choices for kids and vegetarians as well.

The usual Kids Picks sides are available, in addition to the Kids’ Snack Packs.

Larger: https://www.easywdw.com/reports13/falafel_and_sushi.jpg

A variety of sandwiches and sushi are available in the cold case. The sushi is the same as what’s available at Katsura Grill at Epcot and most other resort quick services.

Lackluster beer selection.

More drinks.

Larger: https://www.easywdw.com/reports13/cupcakes.jpg

The Tie-Dye cheesecake is popular.

$3.79 looks to buy you five strawberries with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Pastries and such.

“The King” cupcake is popular: “Filled with banana custard and topped with a whipped peanut butter icing. And just for Elvis, there’s a flourish of candied bacon and a chocolate Pop Century logo atop.”


More snack options.

They serve the same gelato as Tortuga Tavern, Cosmic Ray’s, Pinocchio Village Haus, and others. It’s actually pretty good, though it’s no Haagen-Dazs bar.

375ml red wine.

It’s just like the grocery store.

I of course ordered “The Johnny Apple Seed,” which is grilled fresh while you wait.

In case you’re wondering how they keep all those burger toppings at the appropriate temperature, they have this unattractive contraption.

Johnny’s appearance is a little lacking.

I think there’s supposed to be a little pop of color from the slaw, but you don’t get any of that here, in addition to the lack of any identifiable cheese. Maybe you can kind of see what’s coagulated in the center of the apple.

It ended up being a very slimy, salty affair. The Texas-toast-style bread doesn’t hold up well to all of the moisture from the apples, pork, cheese, and I’m guessing what is probably a stick of butter. There’s no tang at all from the small dab of slaw on the bottom. The apple butter isn’t sweet enough to contrast with the saltiness of the pork. It just doesn’t work and I doubt you’ll have better luck. Disappointing, particularly for the money.

The pasta salad was just okay. Despite only having a couple pieces of red onion, that ended up being the predominant flavor in addition to an oily vinaigrette. It’s a decent side though that’s probably a few calories better than fries.

Lisa ordered the Salmon Burger – House-made Salmon Burger, Wasabi Thai Curry Mayonnaise, and Slaw.

Unlike the majority of salmon-related items at the resort quick services, this wasn’t just the previously frozen portion nuked in the microwave. Instead, it enjoyed a nice, light breading and a fresher flavor, spiced up a little by the wasabi mayo and with a little bit of a crunch from the lettuce. Altogether, she enjoyed it.

Pop has a lot of dessert options:

Instead of the usual pre-packaged cakes, $6.99 buys you a fresh slice from a larger cake in the display case. The “Everything Pop Sundae” sounds like quite the dessert to share.

While I wasn’t impressed by my sandwich, you have to hand it to Disney for trying a lot of new things. I didn’t expect all six of those burgers to be available every night. While I don’t really want to return to try one, I probably will end up over there in the next couple of weeks to give the “Oscar Burger” a shot.

I would be remiss not to include a shot of one of the more darling things I’ve seen recently. These are salt and pepper shakers:

That sit inside the Dumbo. Almost too cute.


  1. mike says

    Is it just me or do some of those sandwiches sound absolutely horrible. Staying there in a week and thought about eating there but no more Josh for the heads up

    • josh says

      The point here isn’t really to avoid the Pop food court. I think a lot of the items are still going to satisfy most guests. I ended up making a poor entree choice, which isn’t really surprising considering I usually order whatever item is most out there. The safe choices aren’t very interesting to write about.

      • mike says

        Thanks again Josh to be fair I am more of a meat and potatoes type of guy and don’t try near the amount of new things like you do. I don’t know how you do it you da man

  2. Kim G says

    Thanks for the update. As long as they keep the housemade chips, I’m happy. And P.S., I love cheese on my apple pie, go ahead and hate. It’s the whole salty sweet thing!

  3. Jeremy says

    We did the sundae on our trip three years ago. It was great and definitely shareable. It was a snack credit at the time so a good deal!

  4. Karen says

    When we arrive in a week, I will force myself and DH to be brave and report back on some of the new items. I’m leaning towards the Southwesterner. I just can’t handle crab and asparagus on a hamburger…

  5. Tom Bricker says

    If there were a ‘trailer’ for that Oscar Burger, I think it would start with, “from the creative minds that brought you the Cosmic Ray’s Pizza Angus Burger, comes the next culinary concoction for stoner Disney fans…”

  6. Emma says

    I tried the turkey/mashed potato sandwich in March..it was foul. I felt really quite sick after. I didn’t much like the pasta salad either. And the chicken nuggets I had one time were luke warm, tasted of oil and had been sat there a while. I was disappointed with Everything Pop.

  7. Marie says

    It will always be Jimmies to me,( Rhode Island) I have to remind myself to call them sprinkles when I travel. Cheese on the apple pie is not common here , vanilla ice cream is though

    • BoSoxGal says

      Boston area here. Rainbow sprinkles, chocolate jimmies. Although with the great “debate” about them being a racist thing most places refer to them on menus as sprinkles.

  8. Rachelle says

    Jimmies is the standard word for sprinkles in New England. I had never heard anyone say “sprinkles” until I moved to Florida.

  9. Hoosll says

    I’ve never had cheese sauce but my mother from NY and my father from VA always had a chunk of sharp cheddar cheese with Mama’s apple pie! My father also liked to put a touch of salt and pepper on his cantaloupe to bring out the sweetness.

  10. Val says

    Thanks for the update! We’ll be visiting again in 2 months and love to know what’s new! The entrees sound interesting, and wow, those are some expensive snack/dessert options. Also, may I chime in… they’re called sprinkles, and the only cheese/fruit combo I’m used to is in pineapple casserole (which is delicious). Tennessee is home.

  11. Mary says

    I can’t believe New Englanders use the word “jimmies.” I thought it was only my husband and odd people from Wisconsin who say that (I’m from Minnesota, and we’re normal!). I’ve pointed out many a container in stores that use the correct word of “sprinkles” to him to prove my point that the universally accepted word is sprinkles. I’m going to have to hide this post from him so he doesn’t see that any other place in the country says that. Now onto the food: thanks to you and Lisa for trying these things out. You’re very brave. And that salt and pepper shaker is adorable!

  12. Kay says

    From NY and I’ve always called them and heard of them as sprinkes. Don’t think I ever heard anyone say jimmies either when I would travel through New England. And I have never had cheese with applie pie…..doesn’t sound to good, but I guess you never know. Don’t think I will ever try it though lol.

  13. Grover's Bathtub says

    I had the Johnny Appleseed a few weeks ago. I thought the flavor was okay (we had been in the park all day and hunger is the best sauce, maybe?), but the bread definitely didn’t work. The cafeteria at Art of Animation is very walkable from Pop, for those that want to try something else.

  14. Alice Liddell says

    I am “literally” on my way to stay a week at Pop as I read this, so I’m sure we’ll get to try rather a lot of this over the next week. If you want I can let you know if the burgers are available every day. :-)

  15. Anonymous says

    Do you think the mussels are a test to see if any guests are completely insane? I cannot fathom an alternate reality where ordering shellfish from a Disney quick service resort counter would remotely seem like a good idea.

    There are some interesting new options. We were looking forward to the make your own baked potato counter, but alas it appears to be gone.

    • Jen B says

      I ordered the mussels there last year – it was a really good meal! I am from New England (Jimmies!) and I eat tons of seafood and shellfish and that dish was pretty good. I actually could not beleive it was foodcourt food, tasted like a real restaurant. You have to wait a good 10 min for them to prepare it but it was good – no danger eating this whatsoever!

  16. James says

    Call me crazy, but the Johnny Appleseed sounds great to me, minus the slaw. I’d also be down for the Italian Burger and that Sloppy Joe with the onion rings on top. Also, having tried the large slice of pizza as they serve it before, I thought it was alright. Think Hungry Howie’s quality, if any of you have one in your area.

  17. C. Stone says

    I miss the POP menu of yore. We loved the special TV dinner of the day, and the twinkie tiramisu. I was just there, and had the Turkey Pesto Caprese sandwich (which looks to have been replaced by the mashed potato mess sandwich), and it was really good!

  18. Megan says

    I’m pregnant and I should not have read this. Some of the descriptions made my stomach flip flop. Not in a good way. Bleghhhhhhh

  19. Julie G. says

    That King cupcake is really good. Now I am sitting here far away from WDW wishing I could have one! It is my favorite treat at Pop and I consider it the 2nd best cupcake on property after the Strawberry cupcake at Be Our Guest. Also, I found the slice of pizza to be of better quality than the small personal size pizzas. Actually, we had such a bad Via Napoli pizza experience, that we found those Pop pizza slices to be better than our pizza there!

  20. Nikki E says

    We were at the Pop the week of Labor Day. I too decided to be adventurous and try the Johnny Appleseed. My experience was much the same as yours. By the time we got food for all of our kiddos and my husband and I–my bread fell apart. It left my hands and mouth feeling really greasy. Over all, it was off putting and I would not recommend it either.

    I also had the salmon burger. It was good–a different and lighter option. I enjoyed it quite a bit and would recommend it.

  21. jeff says

    Just back home from pop century. Stayed the 17th to the 20th. Crowds were great. I followed your recommendations and never had any problems. Walls are pretty thin at the Pop but that goes for most resorts. The pizza was ok and those small bags of chips cost you the same price as a regular size bag at the grocery store. Disney definitely knows how to up-price everything.

  22. Matt says

    Nobody calls sprinkles “jimmies”. If they are multi-colored, they are sprinkles. If they are chocolate only, they are jimmies. Two different products, two different names. And cheddar cheese on apple pie is delicious.

    • TraciB says

      Matt, what you said was exactly right. Sprinkles and jimmies are two different things.
      I grew up in Wisconsin and our family had pie both ways–with vanilla ice cream (a la mode) or with a piece of sharp cheddar on the side to nibble with the pie.

  23. Lisa Brown says

    First I have to say I LOVE your site! Your humor is the best! Thank you for the updates too! My hubs and I are staying at the Pop in a few weeks (17 days to be exact, but who is counting…) for the Food & Wine Festival. We haven’t stayed there in a while so look forward to trying the new menu, will post our adventure when we return. Can’t wait!

  24. Andrea says

    From the midwest – jimmies are condoms, love cheddar cheese on apple pie.

    Had the turkey/mashed sandwich once and…it would be good if it were warm. But, cold mashed potatoes…ew.

    One of the best burgers ever to cross my lips was at Grand Floridian Cafe…had lobster, bearnaise, and….cannot remember…maybe asparagus on it?

    Love the new burger ideas!

    I am eyeing up the Benedict.

  25. Leanne says

    We were at PopCentury the week of Labor Day and nothing on the menu could be good enough to convince me to eat here again. It was an absolute zoo every single time we were in the dining hall, regardless of the time of day or night. The lines were long (more like crowds) to order and pay for food, drink stations and tables were dirty, napkin holders were empty, there were throngs of people everywhere (but none of them staff). We stayed at AOA during high season last year and NEVER had the kind of problems we had at POP this year. If I didn’t know how good Disney can be, our experience at POP this time around would make me seriously second guess another vacation there.


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