Pandora World of Avatar Outdoor Pictures at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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While we may not all agree on the quality of Na’vi River Journey or whether or not Satu’li Canteen’s Chocolate Cake is tasty, few people will exit Pandora: World of Avatar thinking that the outdoor areas are anything less than spectacularly themed. As with the Satu’li quick service review and River Journey ride review, I won’t force these spoilerfied pictures on you if you don’t want to look at them. They’ll still be here to peruse after you have an opportunity to visit the new Land yourself.

But if you’d like a sneak peak, there are more pictures below…

One of the first areas that you’ll be greeted by after crossing the bridge and traveling 4.4 million light years to Pandora is this stump thing.

Rub it with both hands and it apparently sprays the path with water.

I learned that the easy/hard way.

Pandora effortlessly marries the tranquility of the vegetation with the jaw-dropping scope of the floating mountains:

At least with 7,500 fewer people than will be vying to get in here on opening day, there’s a certain harmonious feeling walking around the Valley of Mo’ara. It’s almost too much to try and soak in after only a couple of hours.

Disney is still working on getting the nighttime chemical reactions ready for prime time…or night time…I guess…as the bioluminescence has not yet been turned on during the previews. There is some expectation that Disney is holding off until the official opening on May 27th, but we may see some testing in the coming weeks.

We’ll take a look at Flight of Passage next.


  1. Ginger says

    Beautiful! I’m anxiously awaiting your Flight of Passage review. Hearing rumors of a too tall height restriction… hoping my 6’2″ husband and son will be able to ride. Thanks for the reviews.

    • Ronald says

      Oh dear, as a 6’7″ person, that would be quite unfortunate.
      I ran into similar Issues with the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey at Universal Hollywood.
      So I do hope I can ride this when I visit in 2018.

    • Clare says

      6’2″ is not “too tall” for anything. It’s not even too tall to buy pants in a normal store! I would guess that if anything required a maximum height, it’d be over 7 feet, easily.

  2. Gary says

    Maybe it’s a perspective thing but the floating mountains look smaller in these pictures than I would have expected from construction photos.

  3. DwarfPlanet says

    Looks very cool, can’t wait to see it at night. But waterfalls from floating rocks where there should be none just screams artificial or fake!

  4. Cate says

    Do you expect that during the AP preview we will be able to experience both rides? And will food be available?

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