Old Key West Merchandise, Olivia’s Lunch Review, Menu Updates – July 2 2013

We last visited Old Key West in early February.

The weather was not great on this particular visit (JULY), so I didn’t take a lot of ambient photos in gray skies.  And Old Key West is not exactly a constantly changing resort.  But we’ll pop into Olivia’s for lunch and check out any other changes worth noting.  The link above is a better look at the various points of interest around the resort if you missed it or would like a refresher.

Like the Polynesian and Grand Floridian Resorts, Old Key West has picked up some new merchandise and a new logo.

On the left is the new logo – potentially a little more subtle than the old one that prominently featured Mickey.

Maybe we’ll see this same polo everywhere.

You may remember it from the Grand Floridian.

Old Key West does offer an alternate shade that I didn’t see at the Grand Flo.

Some more things:

Another set of old versus new here with the magnets.

It’s a pretty basic recipe Disney is following – create a logo and slap it on the same ten things.  But it’s a lot better than than the days of no-resort-specific-merchandise and 99%+ of the people that visit will never step foot in the gift shop of any resort other than the one they’re staying at.

The resort otherwise had a similar selection of food and such.

Disney seems to be moving away from the deliciousness that is a $7.99 1.5L bottle of Sutter Home and in the direction of Copa di Vino. If for some bizarre reason you wanted to buy a Copa from the store, it would run you about $2.99. Or $6.95 from Disney. Considering Disney’s bottle prices really aren’t that unreasonable, I’m not sure why you’d buy a 187ml “copa.” You can drink straight from the 750ml bottle just as easily.

Eggo Waffles just in case you want to put together one of Universa’sl Cletus Chicken Shack sandwiches yourself.


Wine. A bottle of the Once Upon A Vine is “only” $13.95 for four times as much wine as one of those $6.95 Copas.

I don’t know what this is. It comes with two small wooden spoon things.

Just in case you’re not “down” with Simply Heinz, you can pick up a bottle of high fructose corn syrup. Disney really has you covered.

The Gurgling Suitcase is probably the best bar name on the planet. It’s sort of a hole in the wall, but it does have one of the better unique drink menus on property:

I’ve been known to splash together a Turtle Krawl at home.  Actually I’m sipping one as I write this to give you the most authentic experience available on the Internet:

  • 2oz light rum (Bacardi, Castillo, etc.)
  • 2oz coconut rum (Malibu)
  • 1oz dark rum (Myer’s)
  • 6oz orange juice
  • 6oz pineapple juice
  • .75oz lime juice
  • .75oz grenadine

This is the recipe doubled or tripled.  But if you put up with this website you are probably a triple kind of person.

A full bar if you’d like something else.

Good’s Food to Go is the resort’s quick service outlet.

Larger should you have the inclination to read it: https://www.easywdw.com/reports9/goods.jpg.  It’s probably the most uninspired menu on property, but it does offer a few quick sandwiches, pizzas, and a burger.  And as we’ll see shortly, you can easily pop into Olivia’s for a decently priced meal without a reservation.

Risking my life to bring you a pool picture.

The sand castle theme is otherwise pretty adorable.

Olivia’s is the resort’s restaurant with indoor and outdoor patio seating.


You can pretty easily get out of Olivia’s for just a couple dollars more per person than your typical quick service meal.

Pictures of DVC “owners” welcome you to the restaurant that serves breakfast from 7:30am – 10:30am and then the all-day menu from 11:30am – 10pm.

It’s July 2nd at 2pm so it isn’t exactly lunch time, but this is around the time you’d be back at the resort if you elected to follow the website’s advice of taking a break around 1pm to get away from the heat and crowds.  One minor quibble: I can understand seating tables together to make it easier on the staff, but you’d think with a 97.4% empty restaurant that they could space things out a bit.  There are actually two families seated in booths directly to our right. It’s not as big of a deal here at Olivia’s where there’s at least some space in between tables. But if you eat lunch at San Angel Inn where the tables are “literally” on top of each other, they’ll still sit you right next to another table even if the restaurant is 10.7% full.

A smaller room off the main dining room.  Olivia’s is a friendly, casual place.  Or as Disney describes it, “A longtime resident of Conch Flats, Olivia welcomes diners with Island-inspired dishes. This nautical-themed eatery has the friendly, familiar feel of a neighborhood institution and is a perennial favorite of many a Guest.”

The family next to us was arguing over whether these were real fish.

Drink menu:

With the Gurgling Suitcase right next door, they should be able to bring you whatever you want.

$10.49 Conch Fritters.  Looking over the menu a couple of days before visiting, I was not real sure what “conch” entailed.  It turns out that they’re sea snails of some variety.  About a dozen Fritters were served alongside the Remoulade and Key Lime Mustard.  Despite being deep fried, they were not at all greasy – probably the least greasy fried item I’ve ever experienced with my mouth.  The Fritters themselves did not have a lot of flavor necessarily, but they paired amazingly with the two sauces.  They had a bit of a chew to them and were plentiful in number – one of my favorite appetizers in recent memory and highly recommended.

Bread is also served with lunch – something you don’t see a lot of at Disney World these days.

This iteration is a fresh baked loaf of pineapple sour-dough served alongside butter.  It came out about 30 seconds before the entrees so we did not have much time to enjoy it, but it was certainly a little “different” with the more-than-just-a-little-subtle pineapple flavor.

Lisa started with the Sultry Seahorse – Disaronno Originale, Creme de Banana, Pineapple Juice, Orange Juice, and a Float of Cherry Brandy – $8.75.  “Fruity and strong” is how she described it.

I ordered a Key West Bloody Mary – Skyy Vodka and Spicy Bloody Mary Mix – $6.75.  It is about what one would expect with a little more spice than most.  Recommended if you like that kind of thing – I really don’t.

Interested in how our at-home version compared to “the real thing,” Lisa next ordered a Turtle Krawl – Coconut Rum, Spiced Rum, and White Rum with Pineapple, Orange, and Key Lime Juices – $7.75.  This was a little more coconut-y than the one made with the ingredients above.  Very good, very refreshing, and one of the stronger drinks you’ll likely run into here at dazney.

Potentially not the world’s best picture of my $21.99 Shrimp and Grits – Sauteed Shrimp with Vegetables, Tasso Ham, and fresh herbs served over Olivia’s Famous Grits.

I was not real sure what to expect from the dish. It ended up being about a half dozen smallish shrimp bathed in a sauce creamier-than-I-was-expecting with a few bites of ham and what were most likely canned mushrooms.  The shrimp were prepared well – not overly chewy like is often the case and they soaked up the creamy sauce well.  The grits really stood out though – much richer and cheesier than I was expecting.  Overall, it was a more filling meal than I was expecting.  I’m not real enthusiastic about the number or size of the shrimp, but I’m not sure you can beat the grits.

Lisa ordered the Catch of the Day – Mahi Mahi with Roasted Potatoes, Succatash, and Lemon-Tarragon Butter – $21.99 if memory serves.

The fish here was prepared well and didn’t have an off-putting “fishy flavor.”  Flaky, and decidedly lemon-y, this was another very good dish.  The potatoes underneath were not particularly inspired – not much flavor and lukewarm.

In addition to the dessert menu, drinks are available.  That Key Lime Pie Martini sounds good…

We opted for the classic Key Lime Tart with Mango and Raspberry Sauce – $5.49.  It’s bigger and denser than it may look.  Lisa and I both had our fill and half still sat on the plate.  The Pie lives up to the hype with a thick graham cracker crust  encasing the sweet-yet-tart filling.  The airy meringue on top was a treat too.  Try to save room for one of these suckers.  My estimation is one can be shared among numerous people.

Service was friendly and efficient, but there were a total of 15 other people in the entire restaurant.  I asked about needing a reservation for dinner and the server said that even when they’re busy, there’s rarely much of a wait for a table.  That may be less true if the weather outside is awful and the patio is closed.  Lisa liked that they played mostly Jimmy Buffett music.  It was a nice, casual meal with good food and not-outrageous-for-Disney prices.  I like an inexpensive lunch on property and you can get away with spending $15 or so per person on sandwiches.  Several sandwiches are just a dollar or two more than you’d pay for a lousy Pecos Bill burger.  I probably would not advocate going out of your way to eat at Olivia’s – it is not exactly a destination restaurant and not particularly convenient unless you’re driving or transferring from Downtown Disney.  But it’s a gem if you’re staying at the resort.  With good service, a casual atmosphere, and reasonable prices, it makes Old Key West’s lack of a solid quick service forgivable.


  1. RebeccaMcK says

    I think you’ll always be okay taking pics of pools on property, Josh – most vacationers seem to know that people like to get pics of resorts’ pool areas, and even if they see you there on your own they might just assume you’ve left your family in the room or they’re off at a park or eatery and you’re going around photographing things (like my dad used to do, when he could walk for longer stretches on vacations). If they ever look suspicious of you, focus the Tom on a nearby plant or tree and pretend you’re into wildlife photography (or “planted by humans but meant to look tropical” photography).

  2. Susan H says

    With the recent abundance of resort specific merch…are you finding resort specific ornaments of the Christmas variety? Thanks!

  3. josh says

    The Grand Floridian Resort had one. Old Key West didn’t (yet). I can’t remember seeing ornaments at the other resorts, but it’s possible. I’ll probably hit the other Deluxe resorts for updates in the next couple weeks.

  4. Brian Noble says

    Olivia’s is my go-to spot for those times when I have to Get. Away. From. All. These. PEOPLE. I’ve been known to drive over for a late lunch more than a few times even when I’m not actually staying there, just to unwind and recharge. And yes, the Turtle Krawl is excellent.

    ProTip: If you are staying there, you can bring a drink on the DTD boat with you to get a head start on your evening. And, if you are bringing a drink on board, it might as well be a Krawl.

  5. Michael says

    Funny, I was looking at the shelves of processed foods and thinking that’s a lot of HFCS, and you beat me to it. I’m surprised the Disney resorts don’t have an organic food section, they can do quite the markup there.

  6. Disney Khi says

    Thanks for the post! Is the “service charge” for a party of six or more on top of the tip or is that what they are calling the automatic gratuity for a large party? I might be staying at OKW soon and I definitely won’t be eating there if we are expected to double tip!

  7. Susan H says

    You are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you! We are specifically hoping for BLT/CR and BC for our December trip. I printed out your cheat sheets (just the right amount of info for a good time) and recently gave them to several friends/neighbors who are headed to WDW this summer. They are color toner worthy : )

  8. Safroim says

    OKW is on my list of resorts to try if we ever stay on property. We had Thanksgiving dinner at Olivia’s in 2007 and had an excellent experience. The Turtle Krawl sounds delish.

  9. Tina C says

    Good post; I concur. Olivia’s is excellent. We stayed at OKW in October last year, for a mere three days, and managed to eat there twice. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten at my resort that much before!

  10. Mel says

    “Despite being deep fried, they were not at all greasy – probably the least greasy fried item I’ve ever experienced with my mouth.”

    What about your other body parts? Have they experienced something more greasy?

  11. can124 says

    Hmmm…haven’t checked out OKW, but I’m thinking we may have to for a meal at Olivia’s…it looks great! Not to mention the bar menu at Gurgling Suitcase is a refreshing site…a bar menu that doesn’t have the same five drinks on it! Thanks for this update!

  12. Jimmy N says

    Olivia’s looks wonderful.

    Oh, and your grammar is getting better, Joshua. Keep up the good work, buddy!

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