Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland Update

We pick our Magic Kingdom updates back up with Tomorrowland, after first visiting Main Street USA with a review of Plaza Restaurant, Adventureland with a review of new snacks at Golden Oak Outpost, and Frontierland with an extended look at Splash Mountain and Country Bear Jamboree, in addition to a look at new snack packaging and a review of the Toffee Pretzels.

This time around, we’ll start with a look at a variety of construction projects, take a look at very exciting menu updates, hop on the PeopleMover, and then close out with some nighttime shots.

The Cosmic Ray’s expansion is turning out to be a serious one. This is the scene back on February 5th – note that there’s no metal or anything sticking out.

As of yesterday, there’s quite a bit of vertical construction visible above the walls.

I mean, it’s not as exciting as a permit to go check out some dirt at the old River Country plot, but this website works on a limited budget and I spend the majority of my time trying to stall long enough that I don’t have to write a “serious” review about those tater tots in Fantasyland.

Here’s the overhead picture from the drone.

The extension here looks like it will be similar to what they did on the other side.

Kind of over there.

Wow, I’m actually going to be able to start doing “Cosmic Ray’s outdoor seating through the years” appreciation posts soon. Evergreen content if there ever was any.

The permanent awnings certainly beat the umbrellas of yesteryear. Maybe it really is the future. Speaking of which, I have always been amused by the complaint that Tomorrowland isn’t “futuristic enough.” It’s literally called “Tomorrowland.” Come tomorrow, most of us probably expect to see most of the same things that we saw today. So Tomorrowland, for the most part, is always going to look just about the same as it did the day before, by definition.

Inside Cosmic Ray’s, things are on the sad side. And maybe for the first time in its existence, it’s not due to the food they’re serving. There’s a hole in the wall that lines the main seating area.

Sonny Eclipse has never sounded better, at least. It’s hard to beat the acoustics of cardboard and wood.

Of course, the seating area on this side of Cosmic Ray’s was enclosed years ago.

And the rocks were painted blue a while ago.

Stitch’s Great Escape may or may not be coming back over the spring break/Easter holiday. The ride is “temporarily closed” according to, which may be proof that the opposite is true.

Stitch currently meets inside the old ride’s lobby/indoor pre-show/waiting area.

The very sad “Cosmic Dance Party” runs from 4pm to 9pm with a 9pm close or 5pm to 10pm with a 10pm or later close. Characters from “The Incredibles,” including my spirit animal, Edna Mode, will be joining the party this summer. Gobble, gobble, gobble.

Of course, Magic Kingdom’s biggest project…yes…even larger than an awning over the outdoor seating section at Cosmic Ray’s…is the construction of the new Tron roller coaster.

Work has already begun back there somewhere. If only it weren’t for this dumb train we might actually be able to see something!

It will be interesting to see how much of the construction is visible from the PeopleMover, Walt Disney World Railroad, Tomorrowland Speedway, Lynx bus, and while smoking a pack of cigarettes.

Tomorrowland is again being repainted.

We’re not too far off from the fresh coat that went on Carousel of Progress, so I was surprised to see the white base coat again.

We’ll see what comes of it. It looked like Disney was repainting the facade with the same colors but in larger, straight patches of paint.

But this look was pretty sharp, in my opinion.

There is not a lot going on in food news – this is the current menu at The Lunching Pad underneath Astro Orbiter.

Apparently, I never formally discussed the $5.79 “Salted Caramel Pretzel served with Chocolate Sauce.”

This is my fault as the pretzel that debuted last November is delicious with the sweet caramel flavor made all the more irresistible by the brush of salt. The soft pretzel bread does an admirable job of keeping everything together and the caramel sauce is thick enough that you aren’t going to lose any of it as you pull it apart.

The chocolate sauce comes with it if you’re in the mood to go for a dip.

That’s the $4.79 Pepper Jack Cheese version of the Pretzel down below – it’s quite delicious in its own right – very cheesy with just a little bit of jalapeno spice. I like to get one of each version and do a little piece-for-piece trading, even if you don’t have any friends and have to hand pieces of the different pretzels from one of your hands to the other like I do.

While Lunching Pad is a good spot to grab a Pretzel and that refreshing Blue-Raspberry Fanta Frozen Beverage, you’d have to be pretty confused or pretty desperate to pick up their $11.99 “Barbecue Pork Sandwich Served With Chips.” Luckily for the sake of this review, I am exactly both of those things.

And I feel like saying that it’s not “literally” the worst thing in the world is a pretty decent endorsement as it is “literally” the exact same thing that Disney is serving at the likes of Cosmic Ray’s.

The fact that The Lunching Pad doesn’t have plates…or anything else for you to set your sandwich down on other than the foil that it’s served in might be an indication that it’s best to head elsewhere. But along with one FULL ounce of Classic Lay’s Potato Chips, this should fill most people up for a couple of hours. If we’re being “serious,” there’s quite a bit of pork in between the soft buttered roll, but it struggles to keep the pork inside its confines and ends up being a little soggy as the sauce from the pork seeps into its pores as the sandwich marinates inside the aluminum wrap all warm and cozy. But other than that, it’s just fine.

If lines are long there or at Cosmic Ray’s, pull up mobile order. Bay 2 is dedicated to mobile order while 100+ people wait in line to order at Bays 1 and 2.

You don’t have to wait in this line that we can’t even see the front of.

For a moment in time, Cool Ship served sushi, which is another “story” I never got around to reporting.

With its location so close to Tomorrowland Speedway, it “felt” sort of like this was a gas station offering.

But this was your standard Mitsukoshi sushi that’s available everywhere from Sunshine Seasons to Katsura Grill to All-Star Sports.

Sushi only lasted a couple of weeks at Cool Ship for whatever reason.

Disney removed the warmers it had been using to keep the “Pizza Frusta” in the vicinity of hot to install the coolers for the sushi. Then removed said coolers only to end up selling the same churros you can get in a hundred other locations.

Tomorrowland Terrace should return to regular service with spring break. I do recommend the Happily Ever After Dessert Party that takes place here nightly, the review for which you can pull up here.

The queue for PeopleMover had extended back past Astro Orbiter most every day for a couple of years, but now sees this “permanent” extended queue. You know somebody hasn’t been to Disney World in a while when they come back exclaiming crazily that they can’t believe PeopleMover “HAD A LINE.” Welcome to 2015.

We’ll hop on for a nighttime ride:

That catches us up with what’s going on around Tomorrowland. We’ll focus more on wait times in the January wait times comparison and in an upcoming rope drop touring strategy post.

We’ll finish things out with some precarious ledge photography:

Let’s get over to those Tater Tots! Time’s a wastin’!


  1. Dee says

    TBH People Mover is one of my kids favorite rides. I can see we are going to have to ride this at dusk next time. Beautiful pictures.

  2. Alcachofa says

    Great pics.

    I’m going to ask my annual question, though. When People Mover goes through Space Mountain, is it still just plain dark? Did they do anything to make it more interesting in there? You used to be able to see the coasters, but since the 2008(?) reno, it’s just plain old dark. Any enhancement? Thanks.

    • Aalan says

      People mover used to be great to check out the actual line for Space Mountain, but when they refurbed a couple years ago, they blocked the view of the queue, as well as most of the view of the actual ride itself. The cars are hard to see, but you do get a quick view of the ride just before you exit.

  3. Mike says

    I’m going to conclude that you “Blogger Kind” are now working in unison, as the other blogs are covering the exact same thing! Imagine Josh,Tom, and A.J. All Holding Hands as they stroll through MK!

  4. John says

    All Disney had to do was make the all day Cabana rentals come with Uber Eats drop-off service and I might actually have rented one. The food situation in Tomorrowland is just that sad.

  5. Scott says

    Did you do a post or have more photos from 2/5 at MK? We were there that day from around 1:30 until 8

  6. dusty cheatham says

    alcachofa yes it is still dark. josh the photo of the train just snaps & pops right at you. . wow I have never had to stand in line @ people mover ~! BUT i have never tried to ride it @ nite.that is a lot of barb-b-que on that sandwhich…

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