Magic Kingdom Odds and Ends

We’ll return to Magic Kingdom to check in on some things unrelated to theme park touring. Unfortunately, our favorite fern has been replaced by this sign welcoming us to Magic Kingdom at the Express Monorail platform and unintentionally causing ever more slowdowns as people stop to snap a pic with their iPad.

Heil Triton across from Ariel’s Grotto has a name.

We might not have new attractions but we have lots of new details.

New fountain beverage pricing brings the size of a regular up 30 cents, while the size of the large remains the same. Don’t quote me, but both sizes may hold less liquid now.

I have to draw the line on “please don’t make me eat that” somewhere. And I think that has to be ranch dressing on a Disney hot dog.

Additional canned/bottled beverages available at Prince Eric’s.

I would prefer a Dodgy Tea for half the price.

Props to Disney for sending the OCD into a psychosis.

Things have improved in The Hub area.

Rubble remains.

But views are (currently) outstanding looking straight out at the waterfalls in the distance on this side.

Outside the Plaza.

Where the inflatable dams remain.

What an unedited pic with a $3000 camera and $1500 lens looks like.

15 seconds later in Adobe Lightroom.

It would be interesting to experience Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in the opposite direction.

It may help the uneasy to know that the “big drop” on Splash is near the very end with these vultures preceding the ascension.

Pass the camera to the person on the left.


Those corn nuggets dusted with powdered sugar are off-again at Golden Oak Outpost across from Pecos Bill on the Adventureland side.

Walls remain at Enchanted Tiki Room while the attraction continues to operate.

Another scrim up in Adventureland.

There has to be some directive that dictates a guest must never be able to turn 360 degrees without seeing a MagicBand display. It wouldn’t surprise me if vending machines started popping up in bathrooms.

The unique glass and tableware at Bonjour Gifts has been replaced by cheap plastic toys from the Disney Store up front.

Though it’s still available (for now) in the back corner.

Disney has installed a five-item limit per transaction on all Frozen merchandise. These Anna and Elsa dolls were making a rare appearance.

This looks like a new version of the Jasmine dress to me. Like the others, it features fewer accoutrements and cheaper fabric.


What is this 2013.

So edgy.


  1. Mitzi Matata says

    Do you have any “close-ups” of the Anna and Elsa dolls ? My girls have been commenting that the dolls they sell in WDW are better quality and nicer than the ones you can get in Toys R Us or Target, etc. even though the packaging is the same. Should we wait to purchase A & E in WDW b/c they’re all-around ‘better’ ?

  2. RebeccaMcK says

    Dodgy tea, lol. I think I’ve been to too many bouncy house/trampoline kid parties – I see that dam in the moat and I want to go jump on it.

  3. josh says

    The Anna/Elsa dolls are Disney Store branded and should be the same as you’d get there. That may mean they’re different/nicer than something you’d pick up at another store.

  4. Tinazman says

    I would like to know what could possibly make a Mickey Apple cost $9.99 (in the OCD picture).

  5. Amanda says

    Josh, are you planning on testing/posting the 1 day MK touring plan any time soon? Am headed down in August and don’t think I’ll be able to dedicate 2 days there…Thanks for all the great info!

  6. Cat says

    I set your Tangled area shot above as my background for my work computer (that’s ok with you right?) and someone admired it and asked where it was. I suddenly realized I had just put a picture of a bathroom facility as my background, insteading of admitting such I vaguely answered a building a Disney. Ha. But I love it, thanks for the great shot!

  7. ginette says

    I have a question about Splash Mountain…I know its like a 15 minute or so ride once you are on the boats. How long until you get to the hill? I want to try and time it to get a picture.

  8. Jen says

    Magic kingdom 1 day plan test would be awesome and appreciated. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!

  9. Rhonda says

    How come there are never any frozen DIET cokes (or drinks)? Anywhere~not just Disney. Does diet not freeze??

  10. Sarah says

    @ Mitzi The Disney Store/Disney World Anna and Elsa dolls are WAY nicer than the Mattel versions you find at Target, etc. They have clothes that actually come all the way off. The Mattel versions have them both in body suits that are hard to put other clothing over. If you don’t have a Disney Store close by, I would totally wait to get them in the World.

  11. josh says Frozen merchandise is in limited supply and high demand – you don’t want to spend your vacation searching for a toy.

  12. snickers says

    The grey t-shirt with the “Park Hopper” and “Fast Pass Pro” heading makes me laugh. I’ll take one with a side of irony.

  13. Liinda says

    Anyonomous: LOL!!! I truly laughed out loud when I read your post. Thanks for sharing your humor!

  14. Carrie says

    Thanks! What is so funny is I looked at that hotdog and thought “EWWWWW!” Then I read your comment LoL!!! NOT YUMMY!!

  15. Jenn says

    I really dont know anyone who would want that hotdog. You should get a Fastpass + choice just for finishing it!

  16. Keri W. says

    I made the same comment about the hot dog with ranch! Ewww! Thanks for the updates and the laughs!

  17. Michele says

    Boo on the sign replacing the foliage! Every time we exited the monorail and passed that plant we’d say, “…saving lives since 1971”. Sigh…

  18. pfalcioni says

    Philly Cheese Steak Hot Dog with…apple slices?

    Hahahahahahaha, hahahahaha!

    Because, yeah, something that unwholesome can be magically turned into a healthy meal with the simple addition of a few mealy apple slices. Voila!

  19. ex007 says

    “…you don’t want to spend your vacation searching for a toy.”

    I have a 7 yr. old daughter that would beg to disagree.

  20. Andy says

    Ranch dressing doesn’t hold a candle to the grossness that is bacon on a hot dog. Way to go, Dazney! You’ve mastered the art of screwing up the most un-screw-up-able of foods!

  21. Shannon says

    This makes me sad. (I’m on THREE different 24 hour allergy meds and still sneezing and sniffling like mad. That may account for my mood) They up the prices on all food and drinks every few months, when they already post outlandish prices, then charge more for crappier dress. I know it’s business, but Disney used to stand for something……not anymore.

    Not that I wouldn’t go back there tomorrow if I could, but you know what I mean. Profit isn’t EVERY thing…..

  22. Anonymous says

    Funny I just read a blog today about some marines doing a training exercise in Norway…and they were heading over to the gas station where they sell hotdogs wrapped in bacon. Lol. Maybe there are some people who would eat hotdogs and bacon, but what’s with the ranch dressing? I’ll just pass altogether

  23. Em says

    Some Disney Exec. just read this post and got to the part about vending machines in the bathroom and thinks its a fabulous idea. They’ll probably be installed when we go next month. Thanks for making it even easier for me to bling out my sweat band.

  24. H says

    Re: Frozen- the online Disney store doesn’t have any of the dolls right now- I think it’s been that way at least since Frozen cane out on DVD. Local Disney stores may or may not have the Frozen dolls- I would call first. The Disney store in NYC was selling Frozen items on May 3rd, and people were lined up approx. an hour or so prior to store opening. (They were also holding a lottery that day for the chance to buy an Elsa dress- only lucky ticket holders were able to buy the dress). There was nothing left by the next day except for a few sad looking Frozen accessories in tiny sizes.
    I can’t believe how badly Disney miscalculated the merchandizing demand for Frozen!!!

  25. RebeccaMcK says

    The area dedicated to Frozen toys in my nearest Super Target (Disney toy aisle) is almost always empty, save for a few Anna baby dolls no one seems to want. Today I saw a snow-globe wand thing with Elsa in it (push a button, the song plays for a few seconds)…the only Elsa thing there in the past several weeks. Oh, and we waited 3 hours (took turns waiting in the line while the other adult took the kiddo on several rides) Saturday morning at Disneyland to meet Anna and Elsa – Hubby jogged over there at 8 am EMH opening time, got in line at 8:10 (okay, so we weren’t right on time) while the kiddo and I took our time strolling down a nearly empty Main Street and was told right away it would be a 3 hour wait. Line starts moving at 9 am official opening time (at which point it was then 2 hours on the nose). No FP for it at DLand (animatronic Olaf is cute lounging on the fake snow roof), but at least now we’re DONE and don’t have to go meet them at MK in October, yay! Their “Royal Reception” meet room was beautiful inside, too. I had Anaheim Elsa show off the details of her gown’s cape/train in the photos we took. Anna looked great, too. Finished in time to go use our BTMRR FPs, two minutes shy of closing window.

  26. RebeccaMcK says

    Hot dogs with bacon….did anyone try the pretzel dogs that Sonic had for a while, off and on? Leave off the onion bits, but the melted cheese and real bacon pieces on the thing – YUM! I wish it was always on their menu.

  27. Trudy says

    Ranch on a hot dog is where you draw the line? Really? I’m having nightmarish flashbacks to the angus pizza burger which you willingly tried but you won’t try ranch on a hot dog?

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