Magic Kingdom Now Opening Daily at 8am From March 21 – 31

Following up on the changes made just two days ago, Disney has moved Magic Kingdom’s open from 9am to 8am on Thursday March 24, Friday March 25, Saturday March 26, and Sunday March 27. That means the Park will open daily at 8am from the 21st through the 31st. Still no 8am openings at the other Parks, no additional morning Extra Magic Hours, or additional entertainment added. Will continue to update as changes are made.


  1. Jen says

    I don’t know who’s working in the scheduling office there, but they really stink. They have no problem telling you what will be closed months and months in advance, but when they’re open? Can’t seem to make a decision. Hoping that morning EMH’s are announced that they’ve had for the last few years. 7 am open = empty park :)

    • Lynn42 says

      I agree. I am still holding out hope for the 7am EMH .. I can’t believe these schedules. Busiest time of year!

  2. Allie R. says

    Leaving Saturday and have to rearrange some plans. It’s frustrating but thanks for keeping us posted! Hopefully this later date of announcement will lend to less people arriving early.

  3. Valerie T says

    I am anxiously following this too – for the last 10 years we’ve been to WDW during the few days before Easter and the week following it. It seems every year the actual schedule is posted later and later. We will be so disappointed if we don’t see the frequent 7am EMH at the MK and other parks too as well as second showings of the MK parades, etc. :(


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