Magic Kingdom Morning Touring After Early Morning Magic

We pick things up on the morning of October 31st at 9:45am after enjoying the breakfast buffet that accompanies the Early Morning Magic event. I review that experience in-depth here. While the Park has officially been open for just 45 minutes, I’ve already ridden Seven Dwarfs Mine Train six times along with The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh twice and one run through Peter Pan’s Flight.

In addition to nonexistent waits during Early Morning Magic itself, the event puts you in excellent position to stay ahead of the crowds. I’ve already been through three of the highest priority attractions in the entire Park and can now visit other priorities like Space Mountain before others are done with their first ride through the Mine.

Erin and I planned to have lunch at Epcot and use our FastPass+ experiences there, so we’ll be going through standby lines from here on out.

Haunted Mansion routinely sees peak waits of 45 to 60+ minutes, even on less crowded Party dates, so it makes sense to get there by 10:15am to enjoy a wait of under 20 minutes.

Fortunately, the last week in October is much less crowded than the three weeks prior and we walked right into the pre-show.

And only had to throw a couple of choice elbows.

Stay to the far left in the loading area that follows the stretching room for the easiest merge experience.

We arrived at 9:52am and were back out front at 10:09am for a total experience time of 17 minutes, which is about as quick as Haunted Mansion gets.

Frontierland at 10:12am.

The Country Bears are meeting and greeting to a small crowd in the distance.

Splash Mountain’s reopening is still about a week away.

With an expectation that we’ll be plummeting again on the 17th.

Big Thunder Mountain was posted at 30 minutes.

But with the lack of people, it “felt” like it should be shorter.

We arrived at 10:22am.

And found ourselves barreling up and down the mountain less than ten minutes later.

We were back out front at 10:39am for a total experience time of just 17 minutes.

Some sun on the way over to Pirates:

Pirates was posted at 15 minutes at 10:45am.

We were on in five.

Pirates is expected to close on February 26th, 2018.

With a reopening shortly after on March 18th.

As you’ve probably read, the auction scene is being re-worked so the women will no longer be for sale.

Instead, the scene will depict an auction of assorted goods. I’m surprised they didn’t just turn it into a Whole Foods or something. “Come check out Amazon Locker.”

Me trying to attract a Flight of Passage FastPass+.

Me when I can’t get one.

Me turning the yellows in the picture down too far.

We arrived at 10:45am and were back out front at 11:02am, which is about as good as it gets at any time of day.

It will be a very different story this weekend.

Magic Carpets was around five minutes so we jumped on:

The whole experience took about ten minutes, which isn’t much of an investment to enjoy some great views over Adventureland.

Over to it’s a small world:

For Magic Kingdom’s 50th, I think they should turn the boat around so you float in the opposite direction.

Not bad at all on the walk over to Liberty Square for the 12pm Muppets Present:

The website reiterates that Muppets is as close to a “must see” as you’ll find at Walt Disney World. A very charming show.

We’ll call them Thanksgiving decorations.

It’s always fun to see characters interacting with guests outside of their choreographed meet and greets. Here, Chip and Dale are walking some guests over to their spot at the Flag Pole.

Closing things out with a phone picture from yesterday.

We’re embarking on my favorite six weeks of the year with the holidays in full swing. The website will continue coverage after a busy weekend out and about.


  1. Disney Fanboy says

    It looked awfully bright in those pictures! It must be hard on a Seattle guy. We call that big thing in the sky “the sun”. It’s what is behind the clouds you Seattle people are so used to.

    Seahawks vs Cards tonight.

    Go Hawks!

    Fanboy out!

  2. Mike says

    Oh Boy! We’ll get to see the wench auction one last lime the week after Thanksgiving, I wasent certain if the so called correction had been made.

    • Disney Fanboy says

      When I float by I’m still going to be yelling out “we want the red head!” They can’t take that away from me!

      Fanboy out!

  3. RebeccaMcK says

    I think for MK’s 50th they should try to make the IASW ceiling much darker. The seemingly lit up ceiling tends to partially ruin the ride’s scenes for me.

  4. Michelle says

    Taking my 16-and-21-year-old in early February, and going back in May for a grownups-only trip. I’m jazzed to see the last of the Old Pirates and the first of the New Pirates! Thanks, Josh, for the excellent update–and the gorgeous new desktop wallpapers.

  5. Brian says

    Is anyone else having issues with the website? I am unable to see many of the pictures that Josh posts. I see them at the beginning of the article but, by the time I’m halfway through, they no longer appear, but Josh’s commentary remains “Here, Chip and Dale are walking some guests over to their spot at the Flag Pole.” But I see no picture of Chip and Dale. I’m using Mozilla Firefox and have not had any issues in the past.

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