Magic Kingdom Menu Updates and Reviews

We return to Magic Kingdom to check in on a variety of menu updates and to see if anything has changed since our Land-specific posts.

The “big” news is probably that the Citrus Swirl is out in favor of the Orange Swirl.

The tart flavor of the Citrus Swirl has been replaced with the generic, sugary-orange flavor of Orange Dole Whip.

It basically tastes like a creamsicle without the stick.

They’ll add Orange Fanta for a dollar more and serve it inside of this taller cup. The sodie pop adds some carbonation along with more sugar and makes the experience all the more sweet. I liked the uniqueness of the Citrus Swirl – made with frozen orange juice, it was a little different than a lot of the soft serve ice cream available around property. But the Orange Swirl eliminates the tartness that some guests probably didn’t appreciate. You can order just the Orange Dole Whip if you want to go in that direction too – since it’s made from a non-dairy powder, it’s vegan. Papa bless.

Also in Adventureland, Tortuga Tavern has added the Pepper Jack Pretzel, which is also available at The Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland.

I like it a lot – it’s similar to the Jalapeno Cheese Pretzel of yesteryear with a little bit of spice and a lot of warm, melty cheese. It’s also pretty filling for under five bucks.

Over at Pecos Bill, guacamole will run you an extra two dollars.

It’s no longer out at the fixin’s bar.

A Rice and Beans Bowl is available on the Kids’ menu.

The Southwest and Taco Burgers are out in favor of this generic Bacon Cheeseburger with a strangely-worded description. The Southwestern Salad comes without meat by default, which is a welcome change since Disney doesn’t typically reduce the cost of items when the protein is left out.

While pretty goofy, the taco meat added a certain amount of pizzazz to the Taco Burger and helped cover up the fact that the patty was cooked to death.

The Rice Bowl is also vegetarian by default, while the Taco Trio includes “Spicy Breaded Cauliflower with 5-spice Yogurt & Pineapple Salsa on Flour Tortillas,” in addition to the Seasoned Ground Beef or Chicken.

Pecos remains a strong offering at Magic Kingdom, particularly with the ability to customize the food with all of the $2 guacamole you can eat (or they give you). We’ll get back to try the Taco Trio.

The Hand-dipped Corn Dog is no longer available at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments, which seems like a shame. We’ve added the Mickey Waffle. The Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich arrives with House-made Chips by default, though you should be able to order it without.

I’ll miss the corn dogs – they were hand-dipped and freshly-fried inside the Hollow.

This is a rare opportunity to order a Mickey Waffle at a quick service inside a theme park. If Disney is really going to start charging to park at the resorts, it might also be more cost effective to go here than to park at the All-Stars.

The waffle tasted as great as ever – a little crispy with a soft, malty interior.

I’d recommend skipping the Strawberries – at least ours were served ice cold and had that artificial strawberry syrup flavor.

I’d also skip the Pretzel Dog, which is typically served inside of a stale roll.

The Castle does serve as a good backdrop for your vlog, at least.

Columbia Harbour House dropped the Seafood Macaroni and Cheese along with the Broccoli Peppercorn Salad. The “Anchors Aweigh Sandwich” is now simply known as the “Tuna Sandwich.”

This was a really fresh salad.

And a nice combination of ingredients with ten relatively large, plump shrimp. Our salad was severely under-dressed – you might request the salad dressing on the side. I always forget to. I’m also very lazy and don’t like “having” to cut up my own salad – but that’s the name of the game here. It’s nice(?) to have an option that isn’t fried though. Otherwise, the vinaigrette that was there had a nice zesty citrus quality to it. It contrasted nicely with the bacon and the sweetness of the ripe melon. Surprisingly good.

A “Garden Salad with Chicken” is still on the Kids’ Menu if you want to go in that direction instead.

Peach is the Cobbler flavor du jour – they never photograph very well. I think you could do a lot better for $4.29 than the small cup, but it was packed with canned peaches with the cinnamon and sugar flavor that you would expect underneath the crispy crust. Not bad at all.

In a somewhat surprising move, a number of quick services are moving back to dedicated lunch and dinner menus.

At Pinocchio Village Haus, these items are available all day. The Antipasto Salad is new and we haven’t had the opportunity to choose between a 6-piece or 10-piece Chicken Nuggets Meal elsewhere.

Then for some reason, the Baked Ziti is only available after 4pm. We’ve seen some of the more expensive entrees added only after a certain time – ABC Commissary is a good example.  But there doesn’t seem to be a reason to add the Ziti in the evening unless it takes that long for the pasta to harden.

Buffalo Chicken is the Featured Flatbread at the moment.

Village Haus is supposed to move to a dinner buffet sometime in the next couple of weeks. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me unless you want to guarantee that everyone that heads inside pays something like $22 for their meal.

This is the $3.49 “Side” version of the Antipasto Salad.

Romaine, Tomatoes, Diced Cucumber, Diced Red Onion, Salami, Provolone Cheese and Diced Ham tossed with Balsamic Vinaigrette. “Slimy” is the word I would use to describe it – the ham and cheese in particular were soft and low quality and unlike our Shrimp Salad, the lettuce was doused in the vinegar-heavy dressing that it had been sitting in for some time. I’d skip this one.

The $4.79 “Italian Cream Cake – Decadent layers of Pecan Cake Crumbles and Butter Cream Icing.”

There was nothing decadent about it – the cake “felt” like it was somehow made of thousands of tiny grains – like someone had smashed a slice of cake with their fists and then swept it into the cup. The icing was hard and it was served cold. Another easy skip, I think.

In something I don’t think anybody was asking for, Gaston’s Tavern has added a couple of sandwiches.

As pictured.

In related news, the Fruit and Cheese Picnic Platter is not the worst you could do. It’s reviewed in full back in this October 2017 update.

The sandwiches are pulled out of the refrigerator and served alongside 1-ounce bags of Lay’s.

It’s always depressing finding out how few chips actually make up a serving.

The sandwiches were okay – they suffered greatly from the fact that the bread was refrigerated along with the sandwich, making for a very hard, crusty top and bottom.

The fillings were on the paltry side, especially considering the thickness and density of the bread. Otherwise, it’s lower tier Hormel-esque meat and cheese quality. And a whole heck of a lot of grain in the mustard.

They’ll work in a pinch, but with mobile order eliminating the need to wait in line elsewhere, I’m not sure under what circumstances I would seek these out specifically. But they’re here and will probably not be the worst thing you eat at Walt Disney World. But then again, we finally defeated the Cheeseburger Flatbread at Pizzafari.

Mini Babybel Snack Cheese is available in a 3-pack for $3.49.

It’s slightly interesting that they’re not available for a snack credit.

With the stickers from the sandwich wrappers, we’re almost on theme here.

At $3.49 for 2.3 ounces, you’re paying $24.28/pound for the soft, salty cheese that tastes fine.

Lefou’s Brew is up about 30% in price since debuting. The stein is another opportunity to collect a sticker.

Prince Eric’s Village Market is no longer doing Fried Chicken – you’ll find Turkey Legs instead.

It was nice to have the option, though I’m not sure the quality was notable. It was quite a bit of food for $10 though.

I’ve got the Tots from Friar’s Nook as part of a specific Fantasyland update.

But there they are.

What we had to wade through to bring you these menu pictures.

Current cart pricing.

The Pulled Pork Platter at Cosmic Ray’s is a new addition that’s only available before 4pm.

Color me surprised, but the cornbread that’s only available with one entree and served for part of the day is not particularly good. Even bad cornbread is still pretty good, but this was too gritty with a crumbly texture.

The bun typically obfuscates the look of the food services pork.

Which doesn’t taste all that bad – it’s quite a bit of meat in a generic, sweet barbecue sauce. In this instance, the fries were served crispy and piping hot, which is nice.

“Barbecue Ribs” are back after 4pm.

I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. The Falafel Burger is also no longer available.

The Greek Salad with Chicken here is very good, I think. Much better than the Village Haus offering.

But the potential gem is the “Sonny Eclipse Dessert.”

I wish I could say that this impressed.

But it was the opposite of that. This is “Cookies and Cream Cheesecake on a Chocolate Cookie Crust covered in a Chocolate Ganache featuring Sonny Eclipse White Chocolate.” Again, the problem was largely due to temperature – the tooth-breaking hockey puck of a cake was virtually frozen solid. Because of that, the icing had a bitter chocolate flavor that didn’t complement the generically-sweet cake. The Sonny Eclipse graphic had the consistency of paper and didn’t taste any better. It’s a good photo op and there is some potential here – somebody is going to have to take the desserts out of the freezer a little earlier in the day though.

Auntie Gravity’s has Churros.

But there’s no indication of a Churro Sundae being available. You could put the two together yourself, obviously.

Tomorrowland Terrace is open for lunch during the busy spring break season – from 11am to 3:30pm.

But this is apparently it for entrees.

A few more options.

Here’s what’s on the menu at Joffrey’s Revive.

Seasonal choices.

The Cafe Femenino Foundation is apparently set up to help women in coffee-growing communities. Specifically, Joffreys’s is “Medium roast with notes of lime, dark cocoa and almond.”

The exclusive “Mission To S’mores” is still available here.

It tastes largely like your typical latte.

Back on Main Street, Casey’s added a “Mint Julep Lemonade Slushy” for $5.99 if you’re looking at this menu.

Or $6.49 if you’re looking at this one.

This month’s “Hot Diggity Dog” is Greek and while there’s no indication of it at the quick service itself, you can order “Loaded Greek Fries” with the same toppings.

I would urge you to spring for the Foot-long version, which is like five times as much food for $1.50 more.

Coffee Mint is the current featured milkshake flavor at Plaza Restaurant.

While Plaza Ice Cream Parlor is doing an Apple Blossom Sundae.

That’s probably more information than any of us wanted, but it’s probably good to get ourselves reacquainted with what’s available. I think Pecos Bill and Columbia Harbour House are your two best overall options, but something might stick out elsewhere.

We’ll see what’s next.


  1. jz says


    Thank you for the heavy-lifting and calorie-intake that is required to do what you do.

    Some comments (in no particular order):
    1.) I look forward to the taco-trio review. We recently tried the fried-cauliflower at Nomad Lounge and we’d love to be able to add cauliflower to our Magic Kingdom food highlight as well…..since Disney removed the vegetarian Lighthouse sandwich from Columbia Harbor House.

    2.) We’re not vegetarians, but blood sugar is an issue and the new sandwiches at Gaston’s Tavern offer some protein – where only empty-carbs were the previous option. I eat burgers/sandwiches for breakfast over pastries, so this change is a welcomed addition.

    3.) You need to eat away from Disney a bit more. Your description of the ‘decadent’ cake is similar the food-fad of things being ‘deconstructed’. While I cannot speak directly to your experience, I personally find the cake-in-a-glass too often contrived when it’s not a scoop of tiramisu and/or a trifle/charlotte. In other words, this menu item will not last long.

    4.) If Disney is serving a Mickey waffle, wouldn’t it be nice to see his face instead of ‘stuff’…..

    5.) I miss the foot-long slaw dog at Casey’s. Fortunately, they had a variation in December of our last vacation. I know I can get one at Hollywood Studios, but there is no piano there. This, along with the chicken’n’waffle at Sleepy Hollow are my guilty pleasures at Disney (besides the nachos at ESPN & Mickey bars).

    6.) I do not recall any recent reviews on EasyWDW for Swan & Dolphin Signatures……

  2. Mike says

    Geese, I Am Not Happy….No more Guacamole at Pecks Bills fixing bar, Sleepy Hollow caned the hand dipped corn dog !!! I wanna know what the number is to the complaint line !!!

  3. Another Mike says

    Geez, Disney….

    As vegetarians, we don’t shake our heads in disgust at meat-eaters, nor do we complain when we go to a steak house and don’t have much choice other than the side items.

    Even so, you get rid of the very good Lighthouse hummus sandwich from Columbia Harbor House (that had been there for at least 10 years) leaving no vegetarian entree? And then you get rid of the falafel burger at Cosmic Ray’s, leaving no vegetarian entree?

    I’m confused by the direction this is going in..

  4. Vinotinto says

    What?! The $3.49 baby bell cheese pack is not a snack credit? Vacation ruined! 😉

    Are you going to do a walk through the resort QS “restaurants” too?

  5. cathy says

    I think you may be a genius if you can remember every single menu item from every single restaurant to find the new items/updates/removed items. I would need to have a list with me at all times and then spend minutes comparing to see if there were any changes. I assume you just walk up to the menu and BAM, you solved the puzzle.
    Thanks for another fun read/review.

  6. Nicole says

    Thanks for the review of all the Magic Kingdom menus. This helped to confirm my idea to eat before or after our visit to Magic Kingdom at one of the nearby monorail resorts or Disney Springs. Pecos Bill was decent on our last trip but no more free guacamole is a deal breaker for me. LOL

  7. Redhed_2001 says

    Thanks Josh, for another great review. Your food reviews are my favorite as they always seem to feature comments such as “ the tooth-breaking hockey puck of a cake was virtually frozen solid. ”


  8. Lauren says

    Ahhh. Do you know if they replaced the falafel burger with a veggie burger? I feel like a lot of these places forget about vegetarians :(.

  9. Erica says

    Ah, so they got rid of the vegetarian option at both Cosmic Ray’s and Columbia Harbour House! And the guac at Pecos! Awesome…

  10. Kevin says

    I agree that the foot-long hot dog is multiple times better value from a calorie per dollar point of view, but somehow it just doesn’t taste as good to me. Perhaps the wrong ratio of bread/toppings.

    A remember a few years ago when Disney switched to in-house chips across the board. When/why did they change back from that to Lays?

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