Magic Kingdom Frontierland Update

Our travels take us deep into the wilderness that is Frontierland at Magic Kingdom. Most bloggers are too scared to enter the distant realm, which is a little surprising since we’re such a manly bunch. So far we’ve passed through Main Street USA with a review of Plaza Restaurant and Adventureland with a review of some new snacks at Golden Oak Outpost. This update will be far less interesting, which is really saying something when you devote the majority of your life to reviewing waffle fries.

Splash Mountain was closed from August 28th through November 16th last year, which was curious given that it sees a month-long refurbishment in January most years.

And it closed at the beginning of this year too, reopening on February 2nd after closing on January 8th.

Looking over wait times this month:

Larger: Here.

It’s been a rough start for the log flume ride with it going down on 16 of 26 days so far this month. That’s in the midst of record heat in sunny Lake Buena Vista as we’re going to end up with 22 days of 80+ degree high temperatures in February, which is 22 days too many in my book. But leave it up to the website to move to Florida and then complain that it’s hot. You might remember our Presidents Day holiday visit on February 19th, which saw a 72-minute average wait for the day. That was actually shorter than five of the six days leading up to it as well as the next two days. Who would have expected the holiday to bring the shortest waits of the weekend. Otherwise, you’ll want to get to Splash Mountain by 10am on a hot day as the average wait at 10:30am is already over an hour. With cooler temperatures beginning this weekend, waits should drop a bit as demand is reduced.

Here we are getting in the FP+ line at 2:52pm on Sunday February 11th with a 70-minute posted wait, which will afford us an elevated view of the Festival of Fantasy Parade for a moment in time:

Unfortunately, we ended up getting evacuated just after the drop and got to sit there soaking wet for 20 minutes because I decided to sit in the front row to take some pictures for the first time in ten years. I would reiterate that the ride “feels” darker – not existentially, but it “literally” “feels” like show lighting has been reduced. I’m not sure if that’s necessarily a bad thing, but it does make for trickier photography.

I’m a big fan of the newish candy packaging, here with Toffee Covered Pretzels that come in at a whopping $12.99. It may or may not be odd that this and a lot of the other candy is packaged with that mandatory magnet on top. Maybe you can use it to clip a reminder to your refrigerator that you don’t want to purchase $29.69/pound pretzels from the Splash Mountain store. “Oops, I did it again.”

These were pretty disappointing – the pretzels were incredibly stale and the toffee, which had the consistency of sand, didn’t have much luck sticking to the bread product.

$13. Don’t get them.

The Happy Trails Mix from Westward Ho on the other hand is worth a look, particularly with the house-made marshmallows. It’s always nice to see corn dogs in season as well.

Westward Ho Magic Kingdom

This is where we are.

A quick stop at Country Bear Jamboree while we’re in the vicinity:

I’m glad that I’m not alone in wishing I was an animatronic bear as the great majority of people worldwide have similar aspirations. The full story is available here.

Quite the crowd for the Super Bowl parade all the way back on February 5th.

The parade only started about 45 minutes late this year, which is above average. It’s hard to imagine playing in the Super Bowl and then getting on a plane and appearing at Walt Disney World 15 hours later. I don’t even think I’d be up for it after writing one of these blog posts, which is admittedly a physically draining activity as someone from Disney PR is constantly trying to hold down the delete button on my keyboard.

I don’t think I ever got around to writing my followup post about Diamond Horseshoe. You might remember the original review chronicling one of the worst meals of my life, which is saying something when you spend at least half of your waking hours at Electric Umbrella. It was so bad that the original menu only lasted a couple of weeks.

Of course, it was replaced with a variety of brown glop. This is a good opportunity to mention that the website does not offer replacement electronics in case of a protein spill “caused” by pictures of Walt Disney World food that you may or may not have seen on this website but have no proof that you did see so don’t email me. Put a plastic cover over your keyboard and monitor or something. Be proactive. But you probably don’t want to go to Diamond Horseshoe. I might actually prefer Tony’s Town Square. It took me six hours to type that sentence and the Disney PR person isn’t even here right now.

We’ll escape to Liberty Square.


Actually, I’ll cover Mickey Waffles at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments along with Hall of Presidents in a separate update.

But Liberty Square Riverboat is closed for refurbishment until “Summer 2018.”

I’ll just get in this line for Haunted Mansion and it will probably have reopened by the time I find myself back outside.

Hopefully there’s actually something to write about in Fantasyland.


  1. Jean says

    “…someone from Disney PR is constantly trying to hold down the delete button on my keyboard.”

    Laughing. Still laughing.

  2. C. says

    Given the higher-than-average temperatures Orlando’s been experiencing, would you recommend going to Splash first when rope-dropping Frontierland/Adventureland, rather than doing Jungle Cruise first? Or should we stick with your previously outlined rope drop strategy?

    I’ve been loving your updates. Thanks for all the great content you produce and publish on our behalf!

  3. Megan says

    I love your posts and your pictures and your writing. You always make me laugh. I get so excited when I see one of your posts in my reader.

    Thanks for doing these. . this is great. Honesty is so appreciated.

    Hoping for a flower and garden food review sometime in March. I need to know what to skip. :)

    Thanks again!

  4. mlm says

    Pretzel pic caption: When you’re too lazy to tilt the camera, tilt the subject.

    Thanks for the Splash pics.

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