Magic Kingdom Adventureland Update with Golden Oak Chicharrones and Waffle Fries

We continue our look around Magic Kingdom after first spending Presidents Day there. We followed that up with our first projects update that covered Main Street USA along with a new review of Plaza Restaurant.

Work continues on a building that neither of us is probably going to get any closer to whether they take down the walls or not.

This is the expected location of Club 33 inside Magic Kingdom. Nothing says twenty-five thousand-dollars-down plus ten-thousand-dollars-a-year quite like sitting in a chair inside of the old Tinker Bell Meet and Greet. We were in Club 33 and never even knew it!

Looks move-in ready.

Pirates of the Caribbean closed February 25th with the expectation that it will reopen on March 19th with a reworked auction scene. The website has not bothered to form much of an opinion on the change. I don’t think the new scene will have an adverse effect on the enjoyment of the ride for anyone that hasn’t already decided that it will, but I did not find the scene to be offensive in the context of a theme park attraction about pirates. Based on the movies that I’ve seen, pirates were typically mean people that did typically mean things and Pirates of the Caribbean captures about 2.3% of that reality. These days we only seem to pay attention to fringe opinions, but my assumption is that life will go on and most people that see the updated version of the ride will appreciate seeing something new.

We’ll always have Swiss Family Treehouse, at least until they rip it out and put in an X-Men ride because Charles Xavier visited Polynesia in a dream once.

The water-spitting tikis are taking some time off. You’ll find me standing there spitting at tourists instead.

Speaking of temporary places to sit, it’s surprising that the covered Zanzibar area is outfitted with tables and chairs rather than merchandise.


With limited seating around Aloha Isle Refreshments, you might walk your Dole Whip back in that vicinity.

With Aladdin no longer appearing in Morocco at Epcot, this is your spot to meet the pair of Agrabah roayalty together, to the right of Dole Whip World.

I think it’s fair to say that Skipper Canteen is underrated, particularly with the recent menu change.

My last full review is available here. If you’re on the fence about leaving Magic Kingdom for something like The Wave or Kona, then I think you may want to take a second look at Skipper’s menu.

For $27, “Sankuru Sadie’s Seafood Stew – Shrimp, Sustainable Fish, Mussels, and Octopus simmered in a fragrant Coconut Sauce and served with Jasmine Rice” is packed with stuff in a fragrant, aromatic broth. A really pleasant overall experience.

Over at Tortuga Tavern, you’ll find the opposite of that, with the $10.49 “Chipotle Barbecue Short Rib Sandwich Served with Citrus Slaw and a side of Chips.” This one is pretty disgusting with the short rib appearing a lot more like the usual “pulled pork” somehow slathered in a grosser barbecue sauce.

Unless you’ll die if you don’t make it the 50 feet to Pecos, I think you’re far better off there.

Elsewhere on the food front, Golden Oak Outpost across from Pecos on the Adventureland side sports some new items.

My days of ordering this junk have passed, so you’re on your own.

Just kidding; I ordered one of everything.

$4.49 buys you an order of “Barbecue Chicharrònes” or “Seasoned Pork Cracklings.” Based on the responses from the joy that is twitter dot com, this is apparently a ridiculous price to pay. I really have no idea. It’s like when someone asks Bob Iger if he knows how much a gallon of milk costs and he’s like, “I don’t know, probably $500?” I’m in the same boat not because I’m the rich CEO of, but because I actually spend $500 on a gallon of milk at Walt Disney World every week.

The rinds have a nice crunch to them and it “felt” like there was just a tiny bit of a creamy sauce that helped the tangy barbecue seasoning cling to the crispy chips. Considering Disney wants $3 for three ounces of Doritos or $4 for a handful of grapes, a couple ounces of cracklings that are freshly fried and seasoned for $4.50 doesn’t seem that outlandish. But I have been doing this for a really, really, really long time and reality isn’t something I subscribe to or believe in anymore.

You might ask them to go easy on the barbecue flavoring – the chili powder is pretty overwhelming. Otherwise, these probably aren’t a compelling value, but you could do a lot worse.

If you enjoyed any of the Olympics coverage over the last few weeks, you may have noticed a lot of large cameras and a lot of big white zoom lenses. That’s exactly the same setup I used to take a picture of the $5.49 “Chili Queso Fries.” I’ve long advocated the Waffle Fries offered here and they do a nice job of holding up to the beefy chili and the surprisingly satisfying queso. The sauce actually has a really nice, creamy, real cheese quality to it with a little bit of spice and some identifiable peppers. With the chili, it makes for a hearty snack that would tide most people over for a couple of hours. A pretty good deal.

Waffle Fries are still available by themselves for $3.49, which is a good value – the fries are typically piping hot with a nice crispiness and just the right amount of salt. I think they’re Disney’s best quick service fry and potentially a reason why you’d want to get your chicken nuggets here instead of Cosmic Ray’s. In addition to the fact that you don’t have to go to Cosmic Ray’s. The side of queso is $1. In the back is the $5.69 “Desert Pear Lemonade Slushy” with the Mickey Straw that cackles in laughter every time you try to suck anything through it. It might just be the voices in my own head, but don’t put one of these straws in your kale water on the way to get your blood pressure checked. I thought the slushy actually married sweet and sour flavors better than a lot of the sugar bombs available elsewhere and contrasted nicely against the tang of the barbecue seasoning on top of the pork rinds and the spice in the queso. It’s also very pink.

There’s actually quite a bit going on in Adventureland with Pirates closed and Club 33 on the rise. Golden Oak Outpost’s menu changes are positive – the pork rinds do have a lot of protein and few carbs. The Chili Queso Fries are a guilty pleasure. There’s only two ways you can go with them – slink back and hide behind a dumpster while making loud grunting noises or hold them up proudly during the drop on Splash Mountain while shoving a handful of cheese and fry into your mouth.

Hopefully the Frontierland update starts off less weird than this post ended.


  1. Mike says

    But I have been doing this for a really, really, really long time and reality isn’t something I subscribe to or believe in anymore.

    This IS the exact premise as to why Disney is so appealing, where else can you spend an entire week, or longer, and be totally disconnected from Reality.

  2. Scott says

    “My days of ordering this junk have passed, so you’re on your own“… “just kidding, I ordered one of everything.”

    – one of my favorite josh quotes ever

  3. Patrick says

    As someone who just spent 9 days in WDW and probably won’t be back for a couple of years, I am now reading these posts just for enjoyment. This post was very enjoyment!

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