Landscape of Flavors at Art of Animation Menu, Food, Seating, Condiment Pictures AKA Part 2

Continuing from Part 1, we’ll start with the Resort’s quick service, Landscape of Flavors.

BUT FIRST THING IS FIRST.  Stacey is on the televisions in the seating areas!  TRIPLE MOUNTAIN WHAMMY!

The order area is expansive with plenty of room behind the lines to contemplate the menu and well defined lines to keep things orderly.

First up is the sweets station on the far left.  Apparently I didn’t take proper menu pictures of this one because I’m bad at this.  IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN.

Only the highest quality with a 5D Mark III.  They must be missing the Snack Credit logos.  I would guess most of the items here would qualify.

Fresh fruit to add to your smoothie.

For your gelato.

Yeah, that all looks really good.

Certainly some unique flavors if you’d like to try something different.

Sandwiches and Salads:

Pretty colors.

It’s nice to see the popular Create Your Own Salad made famous at Port Orleans Riverside has moved over here.  And look!  It’s on the Kids Picks, WITH SHRIMP!  That’s crazy.  The cast member in the picture above was very excited to help make this an action shot.

Fresh ingredients, freshly made.  Not that you can make anything not-fresh mind you.

Speaking of which, you can see everything being prepared in the open kitchen behind any of the stations.

The Tandoori/Mongolian station.  Did you see that coming?  Maybe since the menus leaked months ago….

A little out there on these.  I’m hoping they’re successful so more interesting items will start showing up elsewhere.

Pizza and Pasta Station.

Check out that Cheesy Pesto Bread as a snack credit.  Divine brought out poolside, I bet.  You may remember my 5lb portion of pasta over at Riverside and it’s nice to see that has made its way over here too.  The kids can even get a healthier whole wheat pasta with turkey meatballs if they like or opt for the more familiar cheese pizza.  It’s a win/win .  Even the Meatball Sandwich is served on ciabatta.


Just read the descriptions for those burgers and the list of toppings.  This is unlike any quick service anywhere on Disney property.  It makes Sunshine Seasons look like it’s McDonalds circa 1996 when your Big Mac was made last week.

Beverage/fruit/yogurt/dessert/sushi/etc. choices.  Bigger:


Bigger since this is important:  I was extremely surprised to see Estrella Damm Daura, Orange Blossom Pilsner, and Orlando Brewing Pale, Brown, and Blonde in the case here.  As I mentioned via Twitter this morning, the Orange Blossom Pilsner is an excellent choice if you know someone that “doesn’t like beer” but still wants to fit in with the other bros.  And of course what I’m really saying here is that it’s a good beer for women.

I wasn’t kidding when I said research continues on taste testing every beer that may or may not show up at this year’s Food and Wine Festival.  I say this is a good choice for the non-beer-liking folk because it tastes strongly of orange and honey.  It isn’t necessarily a good choice for people that “like beer,” though it’s certainly worth trying.  A six-pack runs about $9 in grocery stores.  It’s easy to find at area Total Wine stores and may be available at Publix and the like.  Mine down the street carried it for a while, but I haven’t seen it in the last month or so.


White wine.

A yellow cake cupcake topped with “macarons” to the right middle there: $3.99.  Above that are Cheesecake Bites ($4.99) and Strawberry Cheesecake ($3.99).  Underneath that is the standard Disney Sushi – Tokyo Sushi Sampler, Spicy Tuna Roll, and Vegetable Roll.  $8.95 each it looks like.  Never leave home without disposable chopsticks.  Trust me.

Those eclair-looking-things sure look good.

Less exciting Kids Picks items.

As far as fruit and prepackaged items, it’s a mixture of new items and items we’ve seen elsewhere.  On the top shelf is Caramel Popcorn ($4.99), Odwalla White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Chewy Nut Bar ($2.99), and an Odwalla Chocolate Chip Original Bar ($2.99).  Below that we have Odwalla Bars in Protein, Berries GoMega, Blueberry Swirl, and Superfood.  $2.99 each.  Below the bananas are rice krispy treats and yogurt pretzels.  Everything is a snack credit.  We’ll take a look at the beverage options shortly, but you can see on the left that we have the same refillable mugs here as other resorts.  No RFID protection, so you can bring your old mugs and refill to your heart’s content!  NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW.

Totally healthy and organic and preservative free and all natural Disney chips and Doritos.

Rice Crisps for those of you from Oregon.  $2.69 each or a snack credit.

And finally Surf Sweets Fruity Bars and popcorn.

Time for drinks and condiments:

I think this is the first time I’ve seen “mello yello” served anywhere.  But where’s the Hi-C!  And Caffeine Free Diet Coke!  Not that I would ever drink that!  BUT I WANT TO SHUT IT DOWN SO BAD.

Nice slot for the pizza box.  By the time all is said and done, I will get a can through there.

But the real surprise might just be the fact that they use “real” silverware and plates here.  They don’t even trust the 1%ers at the Grand Floridian’s Gasparilla Grill with that!  Wonder how long that is going to last.  I’m running low on spoons….

Moving on to seating, I don’t think you’re going to find more pleasant surroundings at a resort quick service.  Though time will tell how noisy/crowded it is during the breakfast rush in October when the resort is 95% full.

There are several different sections each with distinct art and overhead lighting.

Like this.

And this.

Prettier than you might expect.

Cars-ish.  Or something.

Confident that this is Lion King-ish.


We’ll see how nice it stays after tourists happen to it.

The tile changes too in each section.

While simple, the chairs have arched backs and the tables are sturdy.

I really like the mixture of “safe” classics and more unique choices on the menu.  The healthier options are a nice change of pace and the beer selection is better than you’ll find at any other Disney quick service.  Didn’t see that coming.

In Part 3 we’ll finally head out back.


  1. Grace says

    Wow. The rooms have no attraction for me, but the food sure does!!! All that fabulous looking tandoori stuff (and yes I saw the previews on it) but it actually looks really delicious. And that torrone gelato! I NEED to try that! And the smoothies. So many terrific options. I agree with you that I hope it catches on and spreads. I wonder if it was best placed at a value resort though? Time will tell I suppose……

    I might have to make a trip over there on our “no parks day” for lunch…..

  2. Jill Marie says

    Hmm…not seeing any real booths there like at Pop Century. I know it’s lame…but that makes me sad. Loving the food options though!

    I’m not sure the real silverware thing will last that long. I’m sure way too many will get thrown away.

    Everything looks so nice and clean. Too bad that won’t last. People are gross.

  3. Grace says

    Lots of young kids at values. They tend to be pickier. Not saying no one will like it, certainly many will. But just look at all the character dining. No ethnic food at any of those except for maybe Akershus and lots of people complain about the weirdness of the food even there. And that’s a far cry from Indian cuisine! As I said in my post, I hope it catches on and spreads. And I didn’t say it wasn’t “well” placed, I just said I wondered if it was “best” placed (meaning given the GREATEST chance to succeed). Not that there is no chance for success.

  4. Jill Marie says

    I was under the impression that ALL of the results had a bunch of kids at them. But what do I know…I only slum it at Value and Moderate resorts…haha.

  5. Jill Marie says

    I forgot to originally ask this…..anyone else out there in easyWDW land NOT a fan of that Stacy broad? She drives me insane. I mean, I’m sure she’s perfectly nice in the real world. But I have to quickly turn the channel when I turn the t.v. on in our room.

  6. keri says

    I don’t even know who Stacey is, Jill, but I don’t watch cable television except for TCM and Phineas & Ferb (and sometimes Psych or Mad Men), so I don’t know who a lot of people are.

    I was totally impressed by the eatery, and now I totally understand what your cryptic Tweets meant. That is really amazing, and a pity that it’s going to get grossed up by thousands of people walking through with sticky smelly sweaty hands for days and weeks and months on end. :(

  7. wongck says

    Thanks for the nice photos & reporting of the latest resort. They are great !!
    Somewhat similar concept to POP…. but still Looking forward to go there….
    but the plan is next year only :-(
    Does the silverware have disney etched on them? Wonder if any left next year.

  8. twopearls says

    Ohboyohboyohboy….I can’t wait! We’re staying in a LK suite (obnoxious colors and all…) in mid-Oct. Thanks, Josh, for all the great info on AoA! Can’t wait to see some more. Hubby isn’t as enthusiastic as I am to be traveling to “the happiest place on earth” (he likes to repeat this every time we pass a screaming child or crazed parent while we’re there). But I DO believe he will be happy to see the beer selection! 😉

  9. patriot14 says

    Choices at food lines = me getting un-Disney. Nothing worse than some bratty kid who always gets there way trying to decide between Queso Fresco or Pepper Cheese to merry up with the Fried-Green tomato or Cajun Remoulade, while I stand behind them already 10 minutes late for the next Epcot bus! That’s why all the food is numbered….JUST PICK A #4 AND MOVE ON!!

    BTW, OBP looks like a good “stay at home and do my nails” beer…..

  10. Alison says

    Oh my goodness! We’re coming up for Star Wars weekends next week, and now it looks like we’ll be making a trip to this place to eat!(we’re staying at Caribbean beach). So many vegan options for a little tree hugger like me, and plenty of meat options for my not vegan at all hubby. Thanks for the pictures Josh!

  11. Jeanne says

    Lots a drink choices, But… NO ICED TEA!!! What gives? Its hard to find real Iced Tea in Disney. Some in AK, and Epcot, but usually not in the Quick Serves. Oh well, that’s why we stay at Ft. Wilderness in our own rolling condo. Lots a choices there too. Love you Josh. You make my day.

  12. Miami says

    Interesting that they even used lots of orange and green coloring like the Nick hotel. Food choices look great, I’m worried about the moms that read the entire menu to their kids and then ask, “What do you would you like honey?”

  13. Katie says

    Are those cases of water for sale on the left of the drinks, under the cans and bottles of soda?? If so, then I’m sold right there!!

  14. pfalcioni says

    I agree with Jill Marie – no booths :(

    We love our relaxed and cozy breakfast booth at Pop. I’m sure they’re more difficult to clean though if there is a large spill. I’ve seen workers crawling over the cushions to get to some bit of yuck left by the unwashed masses.

    Love the menu choices, I think it will be a big hit. Regarding the time it takes for people to make a selection, Pop and most of the other resorts have at least one of those “make your own” food bars with a large list of choices, whether it’s the pasta or some other option, so I don’t see that much of an issue with people taking even more time to choose at AofA than any other food court.

    Someone mentioned no iced tea? It’s there right next to the lemon container in the picture above the fountain drinks.

  15. Robin says

    I’m definitely going to be one of the “riff raff” from POP crossing the bridge to eat at the AOA food court in a little over a week. I can’t wait to check it out!

  16. Jill Marie says

    @keri – She’s just on the t.v.’s at WDW…not real t.v., as far as I know. Every morning I’d turn the TV on to check the weather…and there’s Stacey yapping away. Haha.

    @twopearls – Tell him not to worry…because DisneyLAND is the “happiest place on earth.” Haha! I think WDW is the most “magical place on earth” or something like that. Not 100% sure though.

    @patriot – At POR, I was in the create your own salad/pasta lines and didn’t notice them to take any longer than a regular food line. I think the worst time for lines is breakfast though so maybe that helps.

    @pfalcioni – We almost always had a booth for meals at Pop Century and it was quite nice. I didn’t have to worry about people walking by and bumping my chair or spilling anything on me. :)

  17. Cindi says

    Chicken thighs? Noooooo…. I want white meat only. I really didn’t see much on the new menu that appeals to me as a picky eater. I’d starve there and have to travel over to POP for some chicken alfredo and salad with the breadstick. Not a fan of the new menu at Art.

  18. Anonymous says

    @JillMarie – maybe you have a complex about staying at Values? I never said anything about “slumming” it. I stay off property for anywhere from $40 to $100 a night MAX. So the values are even too pricey for ME. (But I’d rather spend my $$ on FOOD than a hotel room 😉 )

  19. Jill Marie says

    I don’t HAVE to stay value. I CHOOSE to. So there’s definitely no complex about it…haha. I am the one who used the term “slumming” it at value. It’s tongue-in-cheek.

  20. RebeccaMcK says

    The food looks pretty good. I still need to look at the previous post about AoA to see more. I don’t watch that Stacey gal much but it looks like Mickey is checking her out in that top photo, lol. I’d like to stay at AoA some day but it’s just so far from everything. I like to be closer to Magic Kingdom. And, yes, Disneyland is billed as “the happiest place on earth” – has been for years. Looking forward to finally being there for more than one day (six!) in late October.

  21. Tom S says

    I’m staying at Pop century next month and I want to have lunch at AOA’s food court. The Indian food looks off the hook to me. This could be a decent option for those who don’t want a Motel 6 experience (even singles in the Little Mermaid rooms).

  22. Terri in So Cal says

    Looks good! Can’t wait to try it in Oct. And thanks Josh (as always) for the menu photos. I found a few more SC items one your menu that I didn’t see on another site. Yeah!

  23. Jill Marie says

    @RebeccaMcK – Soooo jealous of your Disneyland trip. Cars Land looks so good in photos!! Not sure when our next Disney trip will be…but I’m thinking we’ll make it back to DLR before WDW.

  24. RebeccaMcK says

    @Jill Marie
    Thanks – Cars Land does look great in all the promos and pics I’ve seen (I check around a lot for them). We’ll be staying at the Paradise Pier hotel. I’ll take lots of pics (we need to see Cars Land during the day and at night when it’s all lit up). I’ll be sure to do a trip report in the forums; I just felt it’s too early to start one now (yet I’m chomping at the bit to do so). Probably some time in August or September I will start one. I used to live down there so I never stayed on site before. Never even went to Disneyland for more than one day at a time (maybe once a year while I lived there), so 5 days in a row is going to be sweeeeeet.

  25. Holly says

    WOW! Thanks so much for this update. I am definately going to be making a stop at the AoA food court during my trip in August. BTW, can I assume that they accept the Tables In Wonderland card? That would make my day.

  26. Shares says

    @Jill Marie I agree with you. We don’t HAVE to stay value, and occasionally we do stay at Wilderness Lodge… but I LIKE the Pop. I like that it’s centrally located, I love Petals (the pool bar) and since we don’t hang out at the resorts, it really makes $ sense to stay at a less expensive resort, since we’re only sleeping there, anyway. Plus, I feel justified on my shopping at Mouse Gears adventures because “I saved so much on the room”.

  27. Sarah says

    After a brief two-week stint on the OTHER big DISney board I’ve found my home! I’ll just crash here on the floor for the next 3.5 months.

  28. TriSeb says

    Thanks for the super detailed walk through Josh. We’re arriving tomorrow and your updates are helping pass the anxious countdown.

  29. Trudy says

    THANK YOU!!! Love the food court shots! I’m all about the food!!

    SOOOOOO glad to see the Babycakes mini cupcakes are 4 packs. I wonder if I’ll be able to get away with no DTD trip since we’ll be able to get these at the resort? There’s even Redbridge beer right in the cooler. Gluten free cupcakes and beer…. I’m all set!

    I do wish there was one more non-carbonated option at the fountain since my kids can’t drink lemonade. They do enjoy their Powerade at WDW though (they don’t get it often) so at least they’ll use their mugs a little bit.

    LOVE, love love the make your own pasta and salads at POR so thrilled to see them here. YAY!!! The rest of the food looks wonderful too.

    I can’t wait to get there. Only 2 more months!

  30. Flynn says

    Thanks so much for taking the time to take these pictures. The food court looks great, and we really would love to stay here now.

    Next time someone is there, could you report back how much the cases of Dasani cost? And if they’re the regular size bottles, or the dumpy ones that come with the kids picks?! I’m really curious about the cost, but, at the same time, I’m excited to see that they appear to be selling cases of water

  31. Sam says

    Thanks for the great update. We are staying in the Lion King Section in August.

    Josh, is there any red wine to purchase in the drink section? I know you said white wine but I prefer red and was wondering if there is red anywhere to purchase and bring back to your room. TIA!

  32. Tracy says

    Don’t knock the rice chips until you try them. They are fabulous with hummus. I love them, and I don’t even wear Brikenstocks!

  33. Lori says

    “I wasn’t kidding when I said research continues on taste testing every beer that may or may not show up at this year’s Food and Wine Festival. ”

    Don’t forget the Pabst Blue Ribbon. Good to see I can get that on property.

    But in all seriousness, I am loving this resort, bad beer and all!

  34. Anonymous says

    I think Disney should get the Coca Freestyle Machines at least for the resorts so many more choices!!!!

  35. Dee says

    I’m new at this whole Disney thing (I’ve been waiting my whole long…well…26 year life to go). I’m in the process of planning our first trip there and came across this site. You’re hilarious! I love the tacky value resort look, the Moderates and Deluxes just don’t appeal to me at all. I can stay at ap upscale hotel anywhere (and for much cheaper), but for Disney World…give me gaudy and colorful!

    Your pizza box slot comment and the real silverware remark has me cracking up :-)
    So tell us…did you get a can through the slot?

  36. Sue says

    We plan on visiting for lunch one day. That surf & turf burger is calling my name. Bring back your mugs, nobody will know, ahahahahaha!

  37. Colleen Ferguson says

    Awesome review – this is the best I’ve seen so far of this quick service location. Gald to see they have the babycakes cupcakes too! These are great for my daughter with egg allergies. They are gluten free and mostly allergy free.

  38. Erika says

    Just wanted you to know we ( dh, kids and I) just researched condiments from this post! Knew you had a thing for photographing condiment stations just never knew I would need that info…never say never :)

  39. Kristina says

    Thank you for the detailed pictures and descriptions! I have been looking everywhere for a picture of the drink station (weird I know, but we don’t’ drink soda so was curious if we would get a chance to use our mugs), and this is the first place I’ve seen one. Even more excited for our trip and staying here now!!

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