July 2014 Disney World Preliminary Crowd Calendar

Here’s what we’re looking at for July 2014. Click to enlarge and if you don’t know what the numbers/letters mean, read the top of this post.

July is similar to June in a lot of ways. Every day is going to be hot and crowded wherever you decide to go. But a summer trip is more than doable with early morning/late evening touring and a solid plan of attack. Final operating hours are also longer than most other times of year. Expect 11pm and 12am closes at Magic Kingdom with two Electrical Parades nightly. Hollywood Studios should close at 10pm nightly with two Fantasmic shows. Animal Kingdom should remain open until 8pm. Epcot sees its usual 9am – 9pm day.

This year, daily crowds are expected to be a bit lower than June with fewer visitors from South America and Europe. Still, foreign attendance is expected to remain at record levels. Couple that with heavy domestic attendance and we are talking about some busy afternoons. Off-site crowds tend to dominate the Parks over the summer with fewer guests staying on-site than any other three-month stretch. That may seem counter-intuitive considering the high overall crowd levels, but Deluxe resorts in particular see occupancy rates under 60% in July. Fast forward to October and Deluxe resort occupancy rates soar to above 90%. Still, crowds are lower in October and other months because fewer people visit from off-site. MyMagic+ and FastPass+ should not affect on-site occupancy rates at this time.


  1. Disneyfan says

    Do you have an estimated Deluxe Resort occupancy rate for June? Thanks!

    Undercover Tourist, IMHO, is a great organization. I was hesitant to buy tickets from them at first, even with the reassurance of my fellow online Disney fanatics. I did buy tickets from them. They were discounted and arrived safely and on time. We sadly had to postpone our trip. UCT answered everyone of my emails in a timely manner. They were very helpful in letting me know my options in regard to returning or holding on to my tickets.

  2. Rhonda says

    Hey Josh, do you expect early August to be about the same (in terms of green parks) as July? Trying to get an early jump on planning :)

  3. Anna says

    I’m going to be a solo parent with three kids (14,6,3) going to WDW for ten days…currently booked May 28- June 7. Do you think July would be better? I know both times will be crowded, but is July possibly a better month?

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