Hurricane Hanna’s Seafood Roll and Frose Review and a Holiday Around Crescent Lake

We’ll keep the train rolling around the Yacht Club with a quick look at Hurricane Hanna’s Waterside Bar & Grill, which is the outdoor quick service and pool bar located outside the gates of Stormalong Bay. We recently took a look inside a refurbished room inside the Yacht Club, in addition to reviews of Ale & Compass Restaurant and Ale & Compass Lounge.

Hanna’s quick service menu is on the short side.

But what’s offered is jazzed up a little bit for the most part. The Grilled Chicken Sandwich arrives on a Pretzel Roll and the Pulled Pork Sandwich comes with Coconut Apple Slaw, for example.

In addition to a fresh-sounding Turkey Cobb Salad and your Disney standards for the kids. Note that kids’ meals are a little more expensive because they’re forcibly served in a sand pail.

I wouldn’t ordinarily write a review about just one item, but I thought the $11.79 “Seafood Roll on Parker House Roll with Citrus Marinade” was good enough that it deserved to be highlighted. I’m also desperate for pageviews.

But this was packed full of shrimp, scallops, and lobster with a delicious, creamy mayonnaise with just a hint of orange and lemon that helped brighten the flavors of the sea. The roll was incredibly soft and pillow-y with just a little bit of butter and salt. The red onion and peppers add just a little bit of a piquant quality.

If I was going to make one complaint, it would be that it’s a little hard to pick up and eat. There isn’t a whole lot of room for stuff in the shallow roll and most of that space is taken up by the crunchy piece of lettuce.

I otherwise realize that after seeing these words, the website risks being banned in the state of Maine, but I think the Seafood Roll should satisfy most people looking for a cold, refreshing sandwich packed with shrimp and other goodies. Really good.

Next door to the quick service ordering area is a takeaway bar. There’s some chairs surrounding it for those that would like to take a seat and enjoy the action with some televisions perched overhead.

The menu includes a few choices, including the new-ish Bourbon and Strawberry Sour and a version of a Long Island Iced Tea that actually includes tequila for once.

The Florida Beer Company Hurricane Reef Pilsner is okay at best – mildly refreshing at Disney World. You never really know what you’re going to get – sometimes it’s thin and sweet and other times thick and sour.

The Frosé is also making the rounds at Disney resorts.

I may try to ride out the next hurricane with a Category 5 from the bar. Hopefully more Bacardi 151 will blow my way.

You’ll have to seek out a printed menu, but the bar offers a couple of unique items that are typically better than you’d expect.

I’ve ordered the previous version of the Seared Tuna and it was restaurant-quality.

I gave the $11 “Frosé Featuring Meiomi Rosé and Tito’s Handmade Vodka” a whirl and didn’t find it particularly pleasant. It really has a strong wine flavor and as someone that doesn’t typically savor rosé, it just made it more difficult and time-consuming to drink what was probably not really a lot of wine. The vodka seemed to push the flavor profile closer to strawberry gasoline. I don’t think I’ve ever complained that a drink isn’t sweet enough, but this seemed like it needed a little sugar or more of a fruity element. Apparently we are also using fruit as an excuse not to fill up the cup.

You may enjoy it more.

Overall, Hurricane Hanna’s does an admirable job and I would put it in “hidden gem” territory since few people probably consider it. It’s miles ahead of Beach Club Marketplace and offers some hot and cold options that you won’t find at BoardWalk Bakery.

A few pictures from the Crescent Lake area on November 27th:

We may finally get over to AbracadaBar next.


  1. Lisa says

    Any idea I can use dining plan credits for the pool side service at Stormalong Bay? Meaning can I order from my lounge chair instead of walking to HH?

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