Just kidding.

But Disney will be “celebrating” Animal Kingdom’s 15th anniversary on Monday April 22nd.  The morning Extra Magic Hour that was originally scheduled on Monday the 22nd has moved to Sunday the 21st.  Animal Kingdom remains recommended on the 21st, but it would be more important to arrive early (and ideally during the 8am – 9am morning Extra Magic Hour where you’d be able to accomplish a ton) or stay through close.  I’m not expecting Animal Kingdom’s 15th anniversary to attract a ton of people.  Considering Disney only had a short parade featuring the usual characters and not much else for Magic Kingdom’s 40th, Animal Kingdom’s celebration budget is probably in the neighborhood of $35.  Still, it’s worth noting.

It’s likely that Disney will be offering another 24-hour day at Magic Kingdom on Friday May 24th to kick off their Monstrous Summer promotion.  I’m on the record as saying it’s 85% likely.  Should that come to pass, Magic Kingdom will no longer be recommended on the 24th and would instead be recommended on Saturday the 25th.  With Memorial Day Weekend crowds, overall crowds will already be high.  Another 24-hour promotion would only serve to increase those crowds, particularly coupled with Star Wars Weekends.  Since the 24-hour day has not been confirmed or announced, I’ve left the recommendations intact.  If you are visiting over Memorial Day, it’s worth taking into consideration that the schedule may be changed.

Disney has indeed canceled Hollywood Studios’ 3pm Parade and Disney Channel Rocks.  There will be no afternoon Parade moving forward and there are no current plans to add a new one.


  1. Disneyfan says

    Monstrous Summer promotion

    I am out of the loop. Are you kidding about the promotion being “monstrous”, or is it something to be aware of if you have summer plans?

  2. Steve says

    I assume “monstrous” refers to the upcoming Monsters University movie by Pixar, due to be released in June. Anything to drum up interest in the parks and publicise the new movie. :)

  3. RebeccaMcK says

    When Magic Kingdom is open 24 hours, do all the attractions run the whole time? Or does, say, Enchanted Tales with Belle end around 7 pm or something? Some stuff that normally doesn’t run at night, like the steamboat or maybe Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, probably still closes at dusk? It seems many things that are kid-dependent (like Belle’s little show in Enchanted Tales) might not run or they’d have special dance parties going on or something instead. Just wondered. I won’t be there, but maybe some day I could do 24 hours in Magic Kingdom on my own or with other adults, lol. I doubt I could keep my kid up all that time, unless we slept all day and just went there at night.

  4. Meghan says

    Unbelievable that is our one Magic Kingdom day chosen, of course, because it was supposed to be less crowded. LOL Of course with our ADRs already in place this will be a nightmare. Do you think this will mean the park opens at 6am like it did during the leap day thing? I guess we could wake up at zero dark thirty to at least spend an early morning at MK, go to Crystal Palace at 8:05 like planned, do a few more things and then leave by lunchtime. :-)

  5. says

    Only 85% likely? Hmmm. That doesn’t sound legit.

    Now, if you had been 85.62941% likely, I’d buy this whole 24-hour business.

    Your lack of decimal points makes me skeptical.

  6. RebeccaMcK says

    The Monstrous Summer links basically just say that there will be Monsters Inc themed stuff happening. No word about what attractions run “after hours” when MK is open for 24 hours.

  7. Meghan (affableolive) says

    Soundsational is supposed to be moving to WDW. I thought for sure they’d put it where countdown to fun was scheduled. Thank goodnesss I’ll never have that song stuck in my head again.

  8. Paula says

    Were any restaurants open at night when they did the 24-hour day? I arrive LATE on the 24th and will not have eaten much. Would love to be able to hop over to the MK for a bit if I could get some food there. I probably wouldn’t get over there till 1am.

  9. Dana says

    And I was so excited about the huge calendar updates! Thanks for your website. Helped me enormously when we visited the first week in Feb. and felt like the parks were crowded. Lines weren’t long with the fastpass system that you helped me know all the ins and outs. Last time I was WDW was in the early ’90’s – back when there were NO CROWDs during March. Do you think the crowds are getting more and more every year? Thinking about buying DVC, but not sure today’s 9 will be tomorrow’s 1.

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