Free Live Disney World Wait Times and FASTPASS Return Times

Live Disney World wait times are now available on the site at  You can point your Internet browser or mobile device to that page and quickly see what the current wait times are at the various attractions – no login or subscription required.  Brad Rosenbaum created the script and Matthew Turk helped out with the style.  Matt is also the designer and illustrator behind the Cheat Sheet maps.  Brad had emailed me a couple of questions before his trip earlier this month.  I emailed him back and he included a link to the wait times script he was working on a couple emails later.  I knew I had to have it.  And here it is.  I cannot take any credit for it.

The page is intentionally minimalistic with an emphasis on quick loading times.  Click a Park.

The next page lists the attractions, locations, and wait times.  The last time the wait times were updated is listed in the bottom left hand corner of the page, so you can be sure you always have the most current times available.

By default, the attractions are listed in alphabetical order.  If you’d prefer, you can sort them by location or wait time by clicking the header.  In the picture above, I’ve clicked “Time” which lists the attractions with the shortest waits first.

Clicking “Show others attractions” at the bottom will load attractions that may have special hours. This is helpful if you’d like to know whether Rafiki’s Planet Watch, Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, etc. are closing early or which attractions open later.

I’m pretty excited about this addition and what else will be possible in the future.

As far as “how it works,” that’s between me and Mickey.


  1. PrincessBelle says

    Love it! So far looks great – quick loading and easy to use… Have been using it the last few days for interest sake. Looking forward to using it in the parks May 3-11

  2. Kristin says

    Loaded it with my PC through Google Chrome and with my Iphone through Safari and both loaded super fast and perfectly!

    Once again, killing us with awesomeness!

  3. Jeremy says

    Perfect timing on this. We leave in less than a month to head to WDW, so I will be using that link with regularity.

  4. Chris says

    I noticed a bit of a “stutter” in the text when choosing one of the parks from the main menu before it proceeds to the corresponding wait page on my iPhone 5. I did not have this issue using a PC with IE9 or Firefox. I realize its a minor thing but just thought you might want to know.

  5. Matt says

    Looks great, runs great–nice and lightweight (like a feather, compared to the MDE App). Looking forward to using it on our trip next month. Especially like the “hidden” Macky in the header line break. Ballin’.

  6. Dawn H says

    looked at it on my PC, great! loaded quickly and love the alphabetical style.
    The only thing I would love to see is the ‘next show times’ for stage shows like Beauty and the Beast, Lion King etc…this would answer any possible ‘what to do next questions’
    SUPER ..thanks

  7. Heather says

    Works great on my iphone 4, using Safari. Each page loads in no time. I looked at wait times for all 4 parks in less time than it would’ve taken the My Disney Experience app to load.

  8. Ashley says

    Love it! checked it out in Chrome on a mac and on my Android phone, looks good on both.

    Might be a dumb idea but what about putting a “clock” at the top of the page? to more easily compare the fastpass return times with the current time?

    agree with the “next show times” idea.

    awesome… awesome.

  9. Lisa says

    Loads quickly and looks great on my iphone4s
    any way to modify the script so that when the park is closed it comes up ‘park closed’ or something duh proof? the blank screen makes you unsure if it is working or not.

  10. sarah says

    love it! super fast on both my firefox on pc and mobile browser on my android. agree with above that i can check this way faster than it takes any WDW app to load

  11. says

    Using a Google Samsung Nexus Galaxy with the latest version of Android Jelly Bean on the default browser it loads very quickly but the pages are not shrinking to fit the screen size. The text is big so I have to pinch to zoom – once I’ve zoomed everything fits and is readable.

  12. Fae says

    Using it in my Android phone right now with Chrome browser and it is working great. Super fast and so easy to use. Definitely looking forward to using it in the parks while I’m there early May. My only suggestion is that when you click the header to sort it if you click it again it will sort the opposite way. Hopefully that makes sense!

  13. bowbat says

    Tried it first on my laptop — MacBook Air using Safari — and it was a teensy bit slow to load. Then I tried it on my iPhone and it popped up immediately. LOVE. Thanks.

  14. websteroni says

    Looks great on my Droid RAZR! So much easier to use than the Disney mobile app. Great job to all involved! Thanks!

  15. Emily says

    Works great in Chrome on my laptop, and on my Android as well. Looking forward to using it when we go in early June.

    Next show time would be a great addition.


  16. picos bill says

    Awesome addition to the site… Works great on my Blackberry.

    One request is to have another column with the corresponding number from the official park map. This way I can use both the map and wait times interchangably. Although after reading your site for the past six months I feel much more knowledgeable than I ever have before, I sill don’t know where everything is and having the map numbers would make it much easier for me.

    Just a suggestion. Thanks again for your site.

  17. Ann says

    Wonderful. Really fast on my iphone 4 with Safari. Can you add wait times for The Sum of All Thrills to Epcot? I didn’t see it when I selected the other attractions link.

  18. josh says

    Good ideas. I’ll see what it would take to add a “next show” feature. Also listing a park as closed instead of merely blank is a good idea too. The mobile style hasn’t been implemented yet. Hopefully that will fix screen size problems.

  19. ThemeParks4Life says

    I’ve been doing comparisons between the official Disney app and this. They’re both pretty much the same, except your’s loads ALOT quicker, so I will definitely be using this from now on. Thanks for the hard work :)

  20. Michelle says

    Viewed it on my phone, android (Samsung Galaxy SIII) and it loaded quick and looks awesome. Thanks Josh!!

  21. KristenF says

    Perfect on my Samsung Galaxy droid! Almost instantaneous loading. Just when I thought I couldn’t love this site any more…

  22. KristenF says

    What about putting those “cheat sheets” on the site for use on your phone? Is that the eventual plan? I thought about printing them out (because they are awesome!) but having them on the phone would be even better.

  23. Disneyfan says

    I think I have the slowest iPhone 4 in the entire universe. I have to make calls OUTSIDE because it does not work in the house. My hair turns gray waiting for a page to load on Safari. However, this site comes up almost instantly! Love love love it!!

  24. Chris says

    Works great in safari and chrome on iOS. I have added it as an icon to my iOS devices. Could you attach an image to the root directory of your website so there would actually be an image displayed as an icon vs an image of the web page?

  25. Kelly says

    iPhone 4S – so much faster than disneys app and I love the clean lines approach. Cannot thank you enough for all you do. We are planning our first trip and this is going to be used often!

  26. MoniquePJ says

    Wow! Came up so quickly and I love the simple approach! Can’t wait to use this on Friday when we get to the World!

  27. jenn says

    This is awesome, thanks so much.Leaving for the world on monday and need to try it out in the next few days to get our plan all set.

  28. Amy says

    Wow. Awesome. Easy to navigate because the info is organized well and is quick and to the point. And it loaded super fast on my Droid.

  29. Valerie says

    Using Chrome on my ipad, came up instantly and looks great!! Thanks so much for all your work!! This is awesome!

  30. Wendy says

    Will be using on my upcoming trip in May ! Don’t have any suggestions right now, but I will let you know how it works for me in May.

  31. Switchf00t_fan says

    Hey Josh. Works great on my Galaxy S3 and from Firefox on my Windows laptop. Fyi that might be helpful – when I clicked on ‘Fast Pass’ (to sort by Fast Pass return times) the update time in the bottom left changed from 18:58 (which had correctly showed when I clicked ‘Ride’, ‘Location’ or ‘Time’) to 17:15. It looked as though the Fast Pass times were out of date e.g. at 1900 EST it’s showing Dumbo Fast Pass times as ‘5:40pm-6:40pm’. Apologies beforehand if I’m being an idiot because you’ve already mentioned somewhere that the Fast Pass bit has still to be worked on!!! If not, hope this is helpful. And finally, sorry I missed you when I was in Saratoga Springs / all the parks over the last 2 weeks. My family and I had a great time based on all your advice and love your ‘real’ approach to all things Disney.

  32. jenn says

    think the show guide for the next show times in the parks would be a great addition so you dont have to search elsewhere for it and when it says park closed!

  33. Erika B says

    Love the minimalist look and the quick loading time on my iPhone. My boys are huge fans of Sum of all Thrills, but I didn’t see wait times listed for it. Did I miss this somewhere?

  34. Renee says

    Very fast on my iPhone 5. Would be super helpful to link each attraction name to your latest description/review for those of us that haven’t been there before. Looks amazing – thanks for keeping the UI super simple for the sake of speed.

  35. Molly says

    Freaking awesome! I’ve been using your site for a couple of years now over the other site that shall not be named lol. This new addition is fabulous, thank you for the time you pour into this. I still can’t believe you’re not asking for some sort of monetary donation :) Touring plans charges $11.95. Ooops, I mentioned the website that shall not be named!!!!!!! Thanks again Josh, your info. is so immensely helpful for planning AND you take some pretty amazing pictures as well. Good work!

  36. Carrie Bowler says

    Hi – I just tried the pages on my PC using Internet Explorer. It worked just fine without any glitches. Very quick loading the pages. I love that you can sort just by clicking on the headers. There are 2 suggestions I can make: 1)adding the wait and FP times for character meets such as mickey and the princesses in town square, etc and 2) when I loaded the Animal Kingdom page it came up blank, presumably because the park is closed for the day. Perhaps you could have a statement saying that for when the parks aren’t open – may help those newbies who might think the website simply wasn’t working. And finally – OUTSTANDING WORK once again. I echo the sentiments of those posters above me that you and your site are beyond words! Fabulous!!!

  37. RebeccaMcK says

    Haven’t checked it out on my Droid yet but if it doesn’t already have it (and if no one else has mentioned it already; haven’t read all the comments), maybe list the park hours for each park. That way if someone’s using this and they’re not in the park yet they’ll see what time they open and close (and if the park’s already closed, there will be something there telling them so). Great job! Looks like I’ll only be using my TP apps for DLand and Universal Orlando in the future.

  38. Disney Khi says

    Pages loaded almost instantly on my iPhone 4S connected with AT&T 4G with only 2 bars signal strength. Thanks for the great addition!

  39. tanya says

    forgot to tell you, but I was using it last Saturday and Sunday. Outstanding. Waaay faster than the Dazney app. Waaaay faster. Thanks Brad and Matt! Oh, and you too Josh. :)

  40. Chrystal says

    Using Safari on my laptop and iPhone 5 and everything was pretty much instantaneous. Looks great. Easy to view/read on my phone – which is perfect for when you’re in the park. LOVE IT!!!

  41. Sarah says

    Wow, this works great! Loaded very quickly on my Droid. Soooo much faster and easier to navigate than the Disney app. Will definitely consider using it on my next trip. Awesome!

  42. Jessica says

    Pulling up perfectly on my laptop in Chrome and on my Android phone. Loads SUPER fast! Thanks to you and Brad and Matthew for all your awesome work over the past few weeks. This is great!

  43. says

    I love it just the way it is. It’s simple, easy to read and loads super fast! If you add a bunch of graphic stuff like Diznee, it will just slow it down and cause users to use more data.

  44. Eazy E says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. First the maps and now this. I knew there was a reason I didn’t renew my TP subscription.

  45. Ferg says

    Love it! One question: Is this the posted wait times or is this the estimated wait times based upon your cheat sheets? Great job!

  46. Anna says

    Hi I am in Australia and had no trouble looking at the times from my
    iPhone 4.
    In terms of suggestions I like how it is now. Simple and easy to follow.
    Totally fantastic
    Thank you

  47. Dan Murphy says

    Using Samsung GS III. Instant loading. Assuming good accuracy, a great addition, Josh, Brad and Matt.

  48. Aristol says

    My phone is a Sony Xperia mini, Waitz working quickly and nicely on it. I’ve also tried Waitz with Internet Explorer 10, Firefox 20.0.1 and Chrom 26.0, all of them worked fine. Thanks for All of you for this great tool.

  49. Billyp says

    I love it…no reason for any other site ever….I think I would like to see on the first page where each park is listed is…the hours for each park that day, maybe showing EMH…also maybe color code the park each day as red or green…or someway to indicate Highly, Most or not recommended park that day…just a thought

  50. Laura says

    It looks great and loads fast on both my iPhone 4S and MacBook, both running Chrome. Looking forward to testing it at the parks – Dazney’s app takes forever and drains my battery like crazy!

  51. Erika says

    Looks awesome, opened super fast on my ipad…but too early for any times to show? So i’ll check back in a few hours! amazing!

  52. cocosmeme says

    Wow – I am impressed at how fast it popped up on my I-phone4. Thanks so much. We leave Friday, so for us this is perfect timing!! Josh – you are my hero!!

  53. John says

    Came up instantly on my laptop using Chrome. Will try on my phone later. Will be a big help for my trip later this year.

  54. camm says

    Loaded instantly on my Samsung Galaxy…. waaaaaaaaaaay better and waaaaaaaaay faster than WDW app. You ROCK !!!

  55. Brad says

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Glad to hear it is so positive. I knew I had something useful on my hands when I was making it, and I wanted to help Josh for all he has helped me in the past :-) Keep in mind this is still very fresh, so it will only improve!

  56. Christine says

    Oh My Gosh!! Using my Droid, so much faster and easier to read that My Disney Experience where it takes forever to load and no less than 4 clicks to get the wait and fastpass times. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!!!!

  57. Denise25 says

    Wow! Works great on my iPhone 4S. Thank you so much, it is great! Love the idea above of including the park hours if that’s possible and color coding for your recommended parks.

  58. fflmaster says


    How accurate are these times?

    Where do you get the data? People in park? You? Or disney website?

    Very fast to load and thanks a great deal.

  59. Cameron says

    I love it! Easy to read and very fast to load! The main thing I see to add though is character wait times.. Tinker Bell’s Nook, etc.

  60. Jessica says

    Just noticed that Enchanted Tiki Room’s location say “Magic Kingdom” and not specifically “Adventureland”

  61. Kate says

    What does temporarily inavailable mean? There isn’t a time available or the ride is down?
    iPhone 4S – loaded quickly

  62. Bob says

    Opps, just saw this: “As far as “how it works,” that’s between me and Mickey.”

    There has to be a public interface to this data somewhere.

  63. Jonathan says

    Works great, do you have any plans to add a feature that will reverse a sort order when you click on it i.e. if I click on “wait time” it starts with the shortest, but what if I’d like to see the longest first?

  64. Shaun says

    Hey Josh! Love the wait times, loads super fast! Was wondering if entertainment (Nemo musical, Festival of the Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Mo’Rockin’, Off Kilter, etc.) schedules will be offered under the “other attractions” tab in the future. Just thought that would make your page a one stop shopping experience to find out all info needed for a great park day. Love the site, by far my favorite Disney site! Keep up the great work and thanks!

  65. RebeccaMcK says

    No wait at all with the Droid Razr. I agree with Kathie that it would be great as an app. More people might find it that way, too. I’ve bookmarked it on the browser on the Droid; not sure which browser is my default. Chrome is here too but I haven’t tried it there.

  66. says

    iTouch using free wifi…
    initial load took less than 2 seconds.
    Loading MK took 2 seconds exactly.
    Sorting by time/fast pass/location/ride all took 1 second.

    I’d like to be able to sort ascending and decending, but it’s really not a big deal to scroll.

    I really wish this was available a few months ago. Fantastic addition to the website, Josh.

  67. Brian says

    This Rocks!!!!!

    Used IE8 and loaded instantly.

    I hate to say this, but this site is quickly moving to the point where you could charge a subscription for this stuff. Although I am the cheapest person I know, I would actually pay that fee (as long as it was reasonable). :)

    Love the new additions and look forward to more!

  68. Kerry says

    I’m going Friday – bye bye WDW Waits app!! Loaded instantly on iphone 4S. AWESOME ADDITION to an already awesome site!!

  69. Lori says

    So, how DO you make any money for all of the work you have put into your countless hours of Disney World research? Is this your JOB or just an extreme hobby? If you are employed to go to the parks every day to gather information to share with all of us obsessive compulsive planners, I must say you have the COOLEST job ever and I wish I could be your apprentice!

  70. Robert says

    Since I appear to be the last person on the planet with a Blackberry I’ll add that it worked perfectly on that device as well.

    I seem to recall you once said you were a reseller of video games on ebay and Amazon. Do you want to provide your seller name so I can buy something to assuage my guilt at getting all this for free?

  71. CeCe says

    Was wondering how often the wait times are updated? I know it’s time stamped in the lower left hand corner, but unless I know how often, I can’t tell if I have the latest times? Thanks… great work and soooo fast!

  72. John 6Js says

    Not sure if other comments already addressed this but how about a quick link in the header of your main site or at least a link on the right hand side?

  73. Babi says

    That’s awesome! Loaded very quickly on my Galaxy SIII, my PC (using Mozilla) and my fiancé’s iPhone 4! As many have already suggested, I think that park hours and entertainment schedules would be an even more incredible addition! Thanks, Josh! You’ve done it again!!

  74. Steve says

    At the parks now, works great on iPhone4s and iPhone4. Very accurate, at AK on Tuesday it was more accurate than the posted wait times for Kali and Primeval Whirl.

    At MK yesterday there were several rides that went down for a period (Splash, Space, HM and Pirates) and it was very quick to list them as down and then list them running when they were fixed.

    Great job!!

  75. Valerie says

    OK I’ll say it – why not when everyone else is thinking it…. Josh, you are a genious! Many thanks to Matt and Brad as well! Loaded immediately!

  76. LaurenT says

    Love it Josh!
    Heading down on Wednesday and now I don’t need to bother with the Disney app!
    I’ll post again after I’ve put it to use.

  77. Mike says

    Fairly awesome idea, is this information that disney has on a webpage that is just rerouted through here? Or do you hire someone to sit in front of the wait boards all day every day 😀

    Might be nice to be able to deselect certain rides when you go through sorting. I might not want to ride The Swiss Robinson Treehouse, just click it, and it moves to the bottom by default.

  78. Mary -Lynne says

    I have a Kindle fire. Page loaded immediately. Looks great. As long as Disney ‘s wifi system is accessible this is great! Easiest one I’ve seen. Thanks, Josh. You win again!

  79. Jenn says

    Used it today in magic kingdom on my iPhone 4 and it was super fast to load….in comparison checked the my disney experience which took forever!
    Thanks for your info, we were able to have a great day loosely following your plan and only had a wait once or twice of maybe 10 mins at most.
    Your ride times were great, at one point more accurate…we were waiting to ride small world and I looked across to check Peter Pan (which by the way had fastpass problems from early morning til mid afternoon) standby time said 10 mins. By the look of the crowd there was no way it was accurate…checked your site and it said 25. Spot on! Coming off small world it had changed to 25 mins!

  80. Nikki says

    On my PC using Internet Explorer–loaded withing a couple of seconds. Oh my iPhone 5 using Safari, loaded within a couple of seconds.

    I love it’s simplicity. I’m most likely to use something like this at a park, and having a clean & simple page makes finding what I’m looking for much easier and I appreciate the quicker load time.

    I agree that showtimes would be a great addition, but this is great!

  81. froggy922 says

    Loaded almost instantly on my PC at work (which isn’t going to help me when I’m at WDW LOL, but still tried it). Took about a second on my iPhone 4S. I really like the clean, simple layout. It’s straightforward and to the point. I have a coworker that is leaving tomorrow for WDW, and I gave her the link. She is going to try it. I will certainly be using it for my trip in September. Thank you for creating it!

  82. Susan says

    Phenomenal. Like everything else on this site. This is already bookmarked on my iPhone 4S (loaded in seconds), and will come in very handy on my upcoming trips!

    Thank you!!

  83. Tigger52 says

    Awesome, Josh! I think this is the best and simplest wait time update on the market. Thank you, and your friends, for all of the hard work.

  84. Amada says

    I used this the last week in Aug and never had a problem. It really helped us out a lot and was one of the reasons our first trip with kids was pretty much tear and stress free.

  85. Dawn says

    Is this site down for now, Josh? Or is it a permanent thing? This site and the wait times are always such a big help when in Disney!

  86. Debbie says

    Why is the “date last refreshed” in the future? Current time at WDW would be 1120 and the refreshed time is today but 1855 (6:55pm). Am I reading this right?

  87. says

    This appears to have stopped working…last refresh shows 3/23/2014 and I checked it on the 22nd and it did work, but hasn’t since. Is this just a temporary downtime?


  88. Jamie Buck says

    I love EasyWDW, and especially the Waits page. Thanks!!!

    Would you be willing to share the script that gets the wait times? I’m a programmer-turned-stay-at-home-mom and huge Disney fan, and I’d love to collect wait time data to play with. Thanks!

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