Few Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios Updates

Larger: https://www.easywdw.com/reports9/dvcbig.jpg.

Grand Floridian DVC circa July 21st 2013. This post will include the opposite of earth-shattering updates. It can be skipped unless you get really excited about turkey leg watches, Brown Derby’s lunch menu, Sleepy Hollow’s name change, polka-dot shoes, and cupcakes. But I mean really guys. Turkey leg watches.

I tweeted that I thought the Grand Floridian Vacation Club addition looked to fit in nicely with the rest of the resort, which “people” took sarcastically.

It’s true that the DVC is a bit taller, but it’s also a small piece in the grand scheme of things. It will be interesting to see how the addition of 147 villas affects the rest of the resort’s operations.

Don’t buy the hype on the Polynesian DVC (or lack thereof).

The ferry affords a nice, comfortable, leisurely ride on a hot July afternoon.

Construction continues on the expanded bus depot out in front of Magic Kingdom as Disney continues testing those extra-long articulated buses.

Diagon Alley, Shmiagon Alley am I right?

More construction excitement as the rest of the turnstiles are converted over to the touch-to-enter Mickey Readers.

There are something like 300 Mickeys in Town Square Theater. They should re-film 300 with Mickeys in the place of the Spartans. It would be a bigger hit than Zack Snyder’s next project I’m sure.

As always, you can collect Mickey Mouse FASTPASSes whenever you want. It’s 2:25pm.

Literally the creepiest things you could put in your home.  Those dead eyes.

I’ll have a separate merchandise update, but I thought these shoes were cute and they “only” cost $24.95.

Gold and silver colors.

Polka-dot flats in a slightly different style with a little Mickey charm near the toe.

An extra $10.

Or in a fierce print.

The back wall at Uptown Jewelers, which used to carry Vinylmation, is now almost entirely shoes.

We’ve seen turkey leg shirts. Turkey leg hats. Turkey leg sweatshirts. Turkey leg wallets. Turkey leg underwear. And now turkey leg watches, complete with dripping juice details. Mmmmmmmmmmm meaty.  They should make a Chick’n “turkey leg” with like a pound of tofu attached to a gluten free hardened mass that resembles a bone.

Yours for the price of only four keychains.

Every time a child tries to order a cinnamon roll at Main Street Bakery, the ghost of Walt Disney plucks the wings from a fairy.

Magic Kingdom was not recommended with the evening Extra Magic Hours attached. Wait times are not terrible for this time of year – the website suggests you head back to your resort at this hour with the 80 minute wait at Space, 50 minutes at Buzz, etc.

But it could certainly be worse.

A rare sunny day here in July. I’m making this up, but it’s rained something like 24 of 28 days so far this month.

It’s artsy because it’s tilted.

Or straight out of the camera if you prefer. Photography is a scam.

Jungle Cruise sits at 50 minutes as waits continue to be about 40% higher than last year.

A 35 minute wait at Pirates of the Caribbean with FASTPASS+ signage installed. The largest FASTPASS+ test of all time (of all time) begins next Friday. As I mentioned in a previous post, management was extremely enthusiastic about the satisfaction ratings that came out of the last, much smaller test. Originally, a small test with DVC members was scheduled for this week, but it was expanded at the last minute as most guests staying at the Pop Century, Contemporary, Beach Club, Yacht Club, and Animal Kingdom Lodge have been invited to participate. While the test is the largest to date, it’s a drop in the bucket compared to the number of people that enter the four major theme parks on a given day in August. Waits for attractions that have not historically offered FASTPASS should not be affected much, if at all. While the last test was ultimately successful, it will be a Christmas day miracle if this one goes anywhere close to as well. The infrastructure just isn’t there.

Pecos Bill continues serving different menus at lunch and dinner – those Karubi Style Ribs and Steak & Pork Platter are only available after 4pm, much like the ribs at Cosmic Ray’s,

The always-available-crowds in Frontierland.

A cool 105 minutes for Splash.

Sleepy Hollow emerged from scrims a couple of weeks ago, sign-less and shingle-less in Orlando.

It’s now Sleepy Hollow Inn Hearty Fare and Drink.

Perhaps the name change is to call attention to the waffle sandwiches, which they unfortunately stop serving at 5pm.  Most people seem to enjoy their waffle sandwiches.  I thought the heft and malty flavor of the waffle overpowered the slim filling on the ham/prosciutto/swiss version.  And my Sweet and Spicy Chicken Sandwich was as spicy as an Uncrustables.

The building does look great – too bad they didn’t wait an extra two weeks to unbox it.

Like Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion continues seeing waits 40% higher than last year. Perhaps people are drawn to the Rapunzel tower.

The 35-minute wait starts here with the waterfront still walled off in the background.

We haven’t taken a good look at Columbia Harbour House since the tarps came down a few weeks ago. This is not that good look, but it is some pictures in the general direction of the building.

Everything looks brand new. It’s actually pretty amazing how good much of Magic Kingdom looks these days. At least as long as you don’t take flash pictures on dark rides to see problems that are invisible to the human eye or zoom in on the rafters of Main Street Confectionery.

The facade is basically removed and rebuilt while it’s behind those scrims.

Over at Kingdom Crossing, Disney has installed a few USB port charging stations.

You may remember that these tree stumps mask outlets.

In case you just have your USB cord with you, you can plug it into one of the two ports, in addition to the three outlets.

They might want to look into replacing the covers, not that anyone notices.

I’ll take the one with the biggest megapixels.

Disney was testing a dinner menu at Pinocchio Village Haus that included spaghetti a couple weeks ago. It looks like they’ve gone back to the old menu sans pasta.

Journey of the Little Mermaid continues to post 40 to 60 minute waits with maximum FASTPASS distribution.

Mine Train construction continues. A larger version of the pictures I took: https://www.easywdw.com/reports9/mine.jpg.

Straight out of the camera.

If only this was a ride.

Triton’s Treasures looks to be another thematically excellent addition to New Fantasyland with the thatched roof. Too bad it isn’t a ride.

Ariel waits continue to be moderate. With two days at Magic Kingdom and per the Cheat Sheet, it makes a lot of sense to visit Ariel early in the morning. You can typically visit and be on your way in five to seven minutes before 10am.  Afternoon waits are in the 20 to 40 minute range.  While the queue is mostly covered, there isn’t much to look at as you stand in line outside.

Indy Speedway almost looks fun. Actually, as much as I harp on Speedway, kids love it. Love it, love it. Just ride by 9:30am or late, late at night.

Or it’s 45 minutes of 95.3 degree heat, 96.7% humidity, and 98.1% exhaust.

I got an email asking if I could take a picture of the options for whatever this image thing is called where they take your picture and put your face/body in an animated scene.

And I got in really big trouble for taking said picture.

Too slow Jese. This is at Mickey Startraders in Tomorrowland.

Larger: https://www.easywdw.com/reports9/ep1.jpg. A similar kiosk is located inside the Imagination gift shop at Epcot. More from over there:

There are more options.

The joys of the 100-person tour group standing in front of an attraction entrance.

That’s a 75 minute wait, which will turn out to be longer should this group find the person that’s holding the FASTPASSes.

Disney does not seem real sure how many people will use FASTPASS+ in practice. Or how they’ll use it, which is one of the reasons why we’ve seen so many tests. This next test will include almost all aspects of MyMagic+ and FASTPASS+ and should offer a better look at guest behavior on a much wider scale. How many guests will book Monsters Inc Laugh Floor? American Idol Experience? You’d probably be surprised.  And these are the sort of attractions that will be fodder for “bonus FASTPASS+ opportunities.  Disney is already distributing bonus FASTPASS+ for Pirates of the Caribbean for next week’s test. And while the majority of the people that read this website laugh at the thought of a FASTPASS for Mickey’s PhilharMagic, you may again be surprised by how many people see those tickets and react like they’re a gift from Mickey Mouse himself.

The joys of July continue with the extended queue at Stitch.  It’s probably no surprise that Stitch rates among the lowest attractions on guest satisfaction surveys, which is probably why it was passed over for FASTPASS+.  Disney doesn’t  want to push people toward experiencing it.

Basically all your problems can be solved by simply serving one variety of french fry.

Finishing our brief look at Magic Kingdom in the same way we started.  We’ll rewind back to Hollywood Studios for a few pictures that didn’t fit into the ideal morning post.

Brown Derby tried out a few less expensive options for lunch in July.

Is there any chance this is going to be good? And any chance it won’t outperform Lone Ranger?

Coincidentally, this is also what they call you when you go to the theater to see the movie and realize you’re the only one there.

FASTPASS+ at Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show.  Presented by Brawny because that makes sense.

The Universal crowd was really excited about their spraying fire hydrant a couple weeks ago.

Larger: https://www.easywdw.com/reports9/tatooine.jpg.  I hadn’t noticed the “fine art” on the wall at Tatooine Traders in the past, though it’s possible some has always hung there.  This kind of thing is popular at Darth’s Mall during Star Wars Weekends.

Mark will set you back $600 or half of the box office for The Lone Ranger.


FASTPASS+ available just as long as Disney is willing to pay a cast member to stand at the entrance and point to the scanners.

Imagine being at the end of this queue when it’s full.

I arrived back in Seattle a couple of days ago.  I was sitting here in my chair minding my own business watching website traffic go down when Mother asked if it “felt as hot in the house as it does in Florida.”  It was 67 degrees outside. No Mother, it does not feel as hot here as it does in Florida where it’s 94 degrees at 9am.

Orange Bird is a really big deal for people that list the closing of Horizons as the biggest personal obstacle they’ve had to overcome on their college admittance applications.  Granted, none of these people have actually experienced the attraction, but everyone with @epcot in their Twitter name makes it sound super cool.  The souvenir cups, which will disintegrate if you put them in the dishwasher, are now available at Anaheim Produce on Sunset Boulevard.

You can buy the Disneyland Castle for $215.00.  For that kind of money, it has to be at least three times bigger for me to pluck down the cash.

Walls are still up near Sorcerer Mickey in the Animation Building, which seems to point to the likelihood that he’ll receive the FASTPASS+ treatment.  We can assume the Studios’ vice president had not actually been inside the building since fall 2003.  And when Dan heard Mickey was located somewhere inside, demanded that he receive that technology thing they’ve been talking so much about on the retreats.

Much like the “re-imagining” of the Merida and Cinderella dresses, Ariel has received an overhaul that ummmmmmmmm simplifies the look.  The dresses may very well be more comfortable or something.  But I don’t think they look quite as ornate.

You may want to wear one of these shirts when you march over to guest services to inquire as to why your FASTPASS+ itinerary has been deleted from the system.

Herbie’s Drive-in near the entrance to Lights, Motors, Action has added a bread cone and chili-cheese nachos to its menu.

Maybe when I’m feeling extra creepy I’ll wear these Kermit gloves, complete with eyeballs.

Perhaps Disney could start showing Lone Ranger in its entirety with a two drink minimum or maybe just a promise to post a positive review on Pinterest.

A couple of changes at 50’s Prime Time.

The not-particularly-good “Uncle Gary’s Blue Crab Special” has been replaced with “Uncle Andy’s Smoked Trout Dip.”  And a Vegetarian Lasagna replaces the “Sissy’s Vegetarian Favorite” spaghetti.

Disney continues distributing these ridiculous (in my opinion) maps with the entrance in the upper right hand corner.

The turnstile-less exits at the Parks are a little different.

I meandered right out of the place though I’m sure they’re no stranger to people leaving at 2pm LOL

It’s bad enough sitting across from a stranger on the buses, pretending to read the various advertisements around the bus or burying your head in your phone while clicking optimize until your touring plan no longer tells you to see the Osborne Lights at 3pm in August, but these seats take awkward to a whole new level. No level of optimization will save you from the watchful eye of the Johnson family from Pawtucket.

The lack of a February 2014 operating schedule is probably not good news.  Hopefully we’ll see something tomorrow.  A schedule is not available internally either.

I promised cupcakes.


  1. Kitty says

    Thanks again Josh: a great post :)
    We’re visiting in Sep and are staying at OKW so (thankfully!!) seem to have escaped the FP+ drama on this trip.
    Also this: “You may want to wear one of these shirts when you march over to guest services to inquire as to why your FASTPASS+ itinerary has been deleted from the system.” Totally made me ‘LOL’.
    Thanks again for all that you do for us; NOTHING gets me as excited for my trip as this site does (the blog posts and the forums).

  2. Chris says

    (Using Jim Gaffigan voice) Hey, mister, I know the Johnson family from Pawtucket. They are very nice to talk to on the bus. (Now regular voice) as Mike asked above, why is this delay in February hours indicative of bad news? Now I’m worried.

  3. Chris says

    I’d love to see you and Lisa in one of those animation picture things. Maybe you could ask Jese to join you?

  4. angela says

    Hey now, I was lucky enough to ride Horizons and it was great. I like Mission:Space fine, but they should have left Horizons alone. It was an attraction everyone could experience and it was pure Disney. I am not at all embarrassed to say I mourn the old Future World.

    (Though maybe I should be.)

    Looking at the new Studios map, I actually like it. I’m not sure why, but I can never get my bearings in that park and the usual map never helps. The new one works for me (or at least looks like it will). Didn’t Epcot do something like this recently too, where World Showcase is at the bottom of the map? Now *that* would mess with my head.

  5. Erika says

    Thanks Josh!!
    And Yes, mom’ s always say the wrong thing 😉 It’s what makes us so endearing…

    My sis is waiting for that Feb schedule…she has asked when ‘my guy’ will get it….I told just to relax..when it’s there you will get it :)
    14 days till my family can sit in that face to face bus seat…and the two beside it!!

  6. JasonMiller says

    The Johnsons from Pawtucket are not to be trusted.

    Also @chris nice Gaffigan usage.

    As far as those photos go I’m seeing Josh as Han Solo and Tom Bricker
    as Princess Leia.

  7. MM says

    I’m part of the Fastpass+ test starting on Sunday. Thankfully, I have a fairly even-tempered kid who is not going to insist on riding Space Mountain 5x when I only have the ability to get one Fastpass. That and the fact that she is more interested in hitting the waterparks and maybe we’ll have a relaxing vacation free of the scramble to get Fastpasses before the times get pushed out to 8pm. Perhaps the limitations of Fastpass+ are less obnoxious during the less crowded times of the year, but only 3 FP+ per park (4 at MK with the “bonus” Pirates of the Caribbean) in early August is very limiting.

    For those who are wondering, the magic bands are more like rubber watch bands than anything else and can be easily adjusted and removed. Which is why I’m not planning on loading any credit card information onto mine.

  8. Pembo says

    “Josh says, It’s artsy because it’s tilted.” – a phrase that was repeated often on my family vacation

  9. Mary Ann says

    Josh, I’ve got some questions about FastPass+ (I’m guessing I’m not alone). If you’re using it, I understand that you can’t get FastPasses the old fashioned way at the machines. So are you then limited to only 3 (or whatever the number is that Disney decides) per day and you have to set them up ahead of time – either at home, on your smartphone using an app of some kind, or at a kiosk at the parks. And if you wait I assume that you’re just hoping that there are still some left. Is this accurate?

  10. Frank D says

    The really need to get on the ball with some landscape for the Grand Floridian DVC building. From the pictures, it looks like they put up a Courtyard by Marriott. Great stuff though!

  11. Christie says

    I make it a point to never disagree with Josh, but I’m going to have to…

    “And my Sweet and Spicy Chicken Sandwich was as spicy as an Uncrustables.”

    I LOVE the spicy chicken waffle sandwiches, and part of the reason is that they’re actually pretty heavy on the spice! And I swear, I know spicy food! I’ve been sitting there in 60 degree weather eating one with sweat pouring off of my face. They’re delicious!

  12. Ellie says

    “Every time a child tries to order a cinnamon roll at Main Street Bakery, the ghost of Walt Disney plucks the wings from a fairy.” Still chuckling about this one… no, sorry, it’s not funny for the poor fairy. My sis really enjoyed the cinnamon roll at Gaston’s. Too big for one person but good.

  13. keri says

    Dang, I’m having serious issues getting your photos to load today. First time I clicked the link from my Feedly, the page was all black (!), hit F5 and it went white, but as I scrolled down, it was obvious that only a couple photos loaded. F5 again and it’s still missing a bunch. Hopefully another refresh will fix things.

    Also, you tweeted the Grand Flo DVC with that first picture, where it looks like this hulking monstrosity even bigger than the already huge and sprawling thing that’s there. And it looks all square and sterile, but the Grand Flo despite rectangular buildings tends to have an organic feel. The second photo looks much more like it fits in…

  14. mamakappy says

    Does the lack of February hours have anything to do with them adding another race to the Princess Weekend and extending it from 3 days to 4 days? Maybe they are having to reshuffle everything…. what does “bad news” mean! Dont leave us hanging!

  15. Ivy says

    The WDW map on their website is an illustrated version of a satellite shot, and the Hollywood Studios map above is a portion of that same map. Since Epcot is “upside down” on the big map, if they make the park guide map from it like they did HS, it will be the reverse of the old map. The other two parks aren’t effected, since their entrances point north.

  16. RebeccaMcK says

    Aw, those Precious Moments figurines are lovely – if I still collected that kind of stuff I’d get some. They’re not as creepy (dead eyes) as those princess dolls you kept showing a while back. Then again, I saw The Lone Ranger twice (liked it both times – I don’t compare it to the old beloved tv series because I’ve never seen that series. I found Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp to be funny and enjoyable. The movie’s just too long though) but at least I didn’t see John Carter. I won’t buy the $215 Sleeping Beauty Castle but my kiddo has both fun castle playsets and when she’s done playing with them some day they’ll be our huge collectibles, lol. We’ll soon have the monorail playset and the Contemporary Resort “station” to add to it….can’t find the Polynesian station any more and think the Epcot ball and Tree of Life playsets to be lame so we’re not buying them. Otherwise, might get the Space Mtn set some day (but maybe not) and then the kid’s “Disney World Land” hybrid play area can really come to life (all on theme park play mat that is pretty cute).

    Those “insert your face” photos look cool – I’m glad you managed to get some pics of them. I’m not the one who requested you do that, but thanks all the same. I guess I won’t go back to 50s PTC if the crab thing I liked is gone now. Not sure if I’d like trout as much. BTW I really like my artsy tilted pic of Sleeping Beauty Castle with a rose bush in front – took the pic in July and am really happy with it….makes the castle look BIG, lol. I also took an artsy tilted pic of some funny monster bikes near the Sulley/Mike W meet’n’greet area at DCA during the same day trip (it was a faux front dorm entrance background for the photo op). I like tilted pics as long as they’re not TOO tilted. The ones I mentioned are in my trip report I might delete soon.

  17. Amy says

    Where oh where are the February hours?!!? Our trip is Jan/Feb, and I can start making dining reservations tomorrow….but without hours I am lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Tara says

    LOL at the creepy dead eyes!

    Where are the February hours!! What is going on!! What does bad news mean??

  19. Shanan says

    Love Love your comment..’ghost of Walt Disney plucks the wings from a fairy’ I will admit that I was a big fan of the cinnamon rolls at the bakery & always got at least 1 on every trip. Our town has 3 Starbucks & I think I have bought more cinnamon rolls from the Main Street Bakery at WDW then I have from Starbucks.

  20. MM says

    “Josh, I’ve got some questions about FastPass+ (I’m guessing I’m not alone). If you’re using it, I understand that you can’t get FastPasses the old fashioned way at the machines. So are you then limited to only 3 (or whatever the number is that Disney decides) per day and you have to set them up ahead of time – either at home, on your smartphone using an app of some kind, or at a kiosk at the parks. And if you wait I assume that you’re just hoping that there are still some left. Is this accurate?”

    In a word, yes. If you are using Fastpass+, there is no way to get regular Fastpasses, period. You don’t have a ticket to insert into the kiosks, you have a “MagicBand”. And you can only use Fastpass+ at one park per day. Originally I had been told that I could grab regular Fastpasses at my non-Fastpass+ designated park if I was using Parkhopper. Later, I was told that was incorrect. I was told by e-mail that if I showed up at my non-designated park, I could “get help from a castmember”. It took another e-mail for her to clarify that “help” = “switch your Fastpass+ selections over to the park you have showed up in”, not “get regular Fastpasses”.

  21. weepstah says

    Walt would never pluck the wings from a fairy. That is Roy’s job.

    I noticed that there were no opportunities to put your face in a Lone Ranger scene. Good thing Iron Man 3 made 47 gajillion dollars. I would pay for a pic of me running Jar Jar Binks through with a lightsaber.

  22. Shannon says

    I don’t get it. I thought Lone Ranger was a lot of fun. Johnny was, of course, great, but I also thought Armie held his own really well and was quite funny….

    Precious Moments dolls are terrifying, tho. That SW fine art? I’ll take that Han Solo piece and the gorgeous Obi Wan one next to it, please.

  23. Jimmy N says

    Those seats are even more awkward when your knees touch and the kid in mom’s lap is throwing a fit because she didn’t get the MagicBand shirt she wanted.

  24. JasonMiller says

    @DanYoung – I believe Josh has mentioned previously that he sold women’s clothing on Ebay which I guess at least partially funded the EasyWDW fortune.

  25. Sam says

    thanks for the merch updates Josh! Going in solo September (8-14th) and looking for a few items for my family for Christmas, my mom will love those shoes!

  26. Dave says

    I am part of the fastpass+ test next week. I am only there for a day before getting on a cruise but they still included my family in. This included picking our magic and with personal colors. They overnights the bands to us the next day after setting linking my reservation to fastpass+. They came in a neat box with everyone’s name next to their band .

    However the process of picking fastpass was definitely a downer for a Disney power user. Only 3 (plus the surprise potc) and you had to pick from a set of times . I was given a choice of mostly morning times lots (including some earlier than you would want to be using gp normally), all afternoon slots (not great in August if you want to go back to the hotel to rest or swim out the heat of the park), or all evening times. No matter how much I played with the tool I got variations of those plans with just slightly different times. I went with the evening slots but it really has left me unimpressed with the system so far.

  27. Jon says

    About merchandise updates…did you ever buy the Polynesian Hawaiian shirt you posted maybe a month ago? Do you have a sku for it??

  28. BoSoxGal says

    I’m not worried about Fastpass+ because by the time we get to go back Josh will have it all figured out for us :)

    I know it’s already been mentioned but that fairy wings comment… LOL! People may think I’m weird for reading a Disney blog with no upcoming trip planned, but this shite’s funny as heck!!

  29. RebeccaMcK says

    Thanks, I’m glad I’m not the only one here who liked The Lone Ranger!

    Me too….I have no trip planned for at least another year but I check this site almost daily (when I’m not away from home) – I like to keep my Orlando trip notes updated with good tips!
    I second Jon’s question about if Josh ever bought that Polynesian shirt – didn’t most of us petition for him to make it his easywdw uniform?

  30. JasonMiller says

    @Dave – you don’t have to choose one of the set block of options for the FP+. You can change the time for each choice to whenever you’d like as long as there’s still availability. I tried to lay out my daily plans and figure when to get them to accommodate breaks, meals etc and minimize crossing the parks.

  31. MM says

    You can go back and adjust the times for the rides individually, however at this “late date”, you may not have all the selections you want. Agree with you that the Fastpass+ selection process is awkward and not ready for primetime.

  32. Vivian Ramos says

    Love your posts! As ever! I check your blog every day and it’s a joy when there’s a new one. Thanks!!!

  33. Mary Ann says

    I’m just disturbed by not being able to get as many FastPasses as I want. Now I can understand being limited to only being able to set a certain number AHEAD of time, but what if I want to pick up a FastPass to see Mickey Mouse once I arrive at the park. I think if you’re IN the park, you should be able to get an FP. If their system is working right, then it should know how many slots are still available. And I would find it perfectly acceptable to only have in-park availability on SOME (not all) rides. In fact, if they would just keep the machines at the attractions that currently have fastpass, I would be ok with that. And not being able to get fastpasses at other parks makes the park hopper option a lot less valuable.

  34. Anonymous says

    My family and I are participating in the Fastpass+ test next week. We have had issues because my mom and I are Premier passholders, so the system cannot recognize our passes as valid admission in order to make Fastpass+ reservations. Fortunately, CMs were able to override the system to make us reservations after our tickets were finally connected to our Magicbands. My last email said they were still working on the issue in order to allow us to make reservations for ourselves. Although it has required multiple phone calls, all the CMs I spoke with were friendly and helpful. I will be interested to see how Fastpass+ works on a large scale. I am holding off judgment until I see everything in action. So far, our experience has not been great, but I also understand that we were an exception since our tickets are also valid for Disneyland. Furthermore, we are not taking a traditional vacation next week. We are staying club level and are planning to enjoy our resort amenities. Then, we are going to the parks just to use Fastpass+ for the most popular and our favorite attractions. Fastpass+ is a great option for us since we can go ride with fastpass, then return to our hotel for relaxation and to get out of the August heat.

  35. Dave says

    @JasonMiller & @MM,
    Thanks. I will have to try to adjust the individual fp+ times. I guess that is what these trials are all about for Disney and the guests. That is why I opted in to the trial, even for one day. I wanted to be able to see what was coming and provide some feedback to them.

  36. Lynn says

    Hi Josh,
    Loving your website. I think its funny that the photo of the seats on the bus you mention Pawtucket. I am from Pawtucket… We will be using your plan next week… Thanks for all the info.

  37. Micah says

    “Don’t buy the hype on the Polynesian DVC (or lack thereof).”

    Just yesterday plans were filed with the South Florida Water Management District that seem to include 20 over the water structures, and other work in the exact area that has been rumored.

  38. pfalcioni says

    The pic in front of Pirates of the Caribbean is a classic; dude on the left checking to see if his wallet’s been stolen yet, chick stopped smack dab in the middle of the walkway looking at her map, and dude on the right doing his stretches in anticipation of that 35 minute standby wait.

  39. Mr. Fredricksen says

    Josh – you said the new FP+ starts next week. But when does this testing end? Have they given a hard date?

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