February 2013 Preliminary Walt Disney World Crowd Calendar

Here’s the preliminary February 2013 Crowd Calendar image:

As usual, click for a larger image.  If you have no idea what any of the numbers/symbols mean (and really who does), read the top of this page, beginning with “Here’s a quick explanation” underneath the list of updates.  The first two weeks in February see lean crowds.  With Mardis Gras falling early on February 12th, we’re going to see a bump in Louisiana visitation that week as the whole state basically gets the week off.  I always get excited over Maris Gras because I think that I keep seeing Washington Husky paraphernalia in the Parks.  Of course, it’s just LSU fans.  A word to the wise, I’ll be blocking the IPs of everyone in Louisiana between September 1st and 15th, the week before and after the Huskies get demolished in Baton Rouge.

Then things start to get crowded as we look towards President’s Day on the 18th.  Much of the south gets that whole week off.  Other schools get the 15th and 18th off, which makes it relatively easy to pop over to Walt Disney World for a four or five night vacation.  If possible, you’ll want to avoid February 14th – February 23rd because it will be very crowded and very expensive to stay on site.  The Princess Half Marathon keeps crowds heavy through the 24th.  After that, it’s low crowds through the first 10 days or so in March.  If any week works, I’d do the first or last week in February.  The last two weeks in January are also low on crowds.

Because Disney neglected to release the January 2013 Extra Magic Hours scheduled until a few days ago, I’m behind on the Daily Analysis.  I’ll try to get January done in the next couple of days and then it’s on to February.  With a standard Extra Magic Hours schedule and not a lot of variance in the recommendations from week to week, it shouldn’t take a ton of time.


  1. Cynthia says

    Josh, Thanks for this. I’ve been planning a Feb 2013 vacation for the last couple months so I’ve been anxiously awaiting your updates. Where are you seeing the February 2013 hours? I can’t find it on Disney.com or on the link you provided a couple weeks ago- I believe you said it was for travel agents. Either way- where I can find February operating hours?

  2. Micah says

    Thanks Josh!

    So, why the $+ for the first few weeks, and not just a single $ like January? What is more?

    Glad to see that Superbowl Sunday is a ‘2’. We love going that day. :)

  3. josh says

    January should probably be a $+ too. It just means Value Season 2 pricing instead of Value Season. The difference isn’t substantial.

  4. Mister Brandon says

    Thanks so much for this.

    Quick question. What is different about this year’s Superbowl Sunday that you put MK in the red, when last year all the parks were green? Would it really be bad to do MK even with a 2 crowd rating?

    And if you were already going to address this in the Daily Analysis, then feel free to hit me on the head with a shoe and say, “shush.”

  5. Cindi says

    OMG, I forgot about Superbowl, that changes everything! No way will I get hubs to miss the SB for Fantasmic, thanks Josh for saving my day by marking it on the calendar. DHS will have to be another day then and NOT Superbowl Sunday.

  6. Ann says

    I was waiting like crazy for this one! Thank you SO much. I see lots of 3 and 4 for my days which is awesome!

  7. Scott G says

    Just wondering why you have MK ranked the lowest to visit on Mondays in February, specifically February 25?

  8. josh says

    I’ll double check the Superbowl date and revise it if it looks like it’s going to be doable. You can see how Hollywood Studios looked last year here: http://www.easywdw.com/uncategorized/super-bowl-sunday-beauty-and-the-beast-stuff-brave-snow-white-statue-topiary-hollywood-studios-2512/

    Scott, there are a few reasons. A lot of people arrive on Sunday and naturally head to Magic Kingdom on their first full day. There’s a relatively rare Main Street Electrical Parade, though the one on Tuesday helps pull some people away. With the Marathon on Sunday, some runners will inevitably stick around and visit Magic Kingdom (Disney’s most popular theme park) on Monday. That Wednesday will be significantly less crowded.

  9. Kim says

    I am planning to be there Feb 1-6th. I see a cheerleading competition is there that weekend. How are the parks with competition groups. And should we avoid certain areas over the weekend? Thanks

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