Expect Significantly Higher Wait Times at Toy Story Mania Until New Land Opens

Just a heads up that you can expect to see significantly longer wait times at Toy Story Mania over the next few months. You might remember that Disney opened a third track on the ride back in May of 2016. Disney closed that third track last week with the expectation that the queue will be reconfigured with Toy Story Land opening this summer. The ride’s entrance will also move to Toy Story Land on the opposite side of the ride building. It’s expected that Toy Story Mania will close entirely for some amount of time during the run up to the new Land opening, though when and how long that will be remains to be seen. Most of us are speculating that an official Toy Story Land opening would come over Memorial Day Weekend, which would likely mean Friday, May 25th.

Here’s a look at Hollywood Studios wait times on Friday, January 5th:

Larger: Here.

These are scary wait times, virtually across the board, as this marathon weekend has been particularly busy. A 150-minute peak wait at Star Tours is not good. And some downtime at Toy Story Mania leads to those 215-minute peak waits. But even with said downtime, had the third track at Toy Story still been in operation, wait times at Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster would have likely been longer.

It’s hard to say if Disney has made adjustments to the number of FastPass+ experiences distributed over the course of the day at Toy Story. Typically, about 70% of a ride’s capacity is slotted to FP+ users. If the ride’s overall capacity was lowered and FP+ distribution was not in turn reduced, then we would have an overwhelming number of people arriving with FP+ and even fewer standby riders would be admitted and the wait would be increased dramatically.

Here’s wait times from Saturday January 6th:

Larger: Here.

Just one day removed, things are not nearly as dire, but Toy Story still hits 150 minutes in the afternoon and sees a longer average wait than Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Toy Story’s posted wait is also 60+ minutes just 15 minutes after regular Park open at 9:15am.

So what does it mean? If you find yourself at Hollywood Studios anytime between now and the Land opening, expect Toy Story Mania to be far less forgiving than it was between May of 2016 and the track closure last week. Even given a relatively low number of people in the Park, it probably won’t be viable to first ride Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, then Tower of Terror, and then Toy Story Mania all in standby first thing.

I’d also expect Toy Story waits to be slightly longer at the very end of the night, though actual waits should still be under 20 minutes over the last half hour of operation with Fantasmic and the Star Wars fireworks pulling so many people away. With 500 fewer people riding Toy Story every hour, that means other areas should see a slight uptick in crowd “feel” and the potential for a small increase in wait times at other attractions.

Basically, we’re back where we were in early 2016. Most guests will still want to use their Tier 1 FastPass+ at Toy Story Mania or Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and rope drop the other. Expect Toy Story to see longer average and peak wait times over the next 4+ months. That probably makes the ride a higher priority than Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, but a 75-minute average wait is only so much better than an 87-minute average wait.

The website will continue to monitor wait times and will update should something change. It will be interesting to see what Toy Story Land does to wait times and crowd flow come summer.


  1. RickG says

    Any sort of educated guess as to when the ride might fully close? My family has trips in late February and late April, so I want to break the news gently.

  2. Jennifer says

    Is it still viable to sign up for Jedi Training at rope drop and then ride Toy Story Mania standby without a horrible wait?

    I wish they could have just waited 2 more weeks before this closing!

  3. Steve P says

    We travel over Late-March and Early-April so fear that we may be hit by the complete closure. There were already few attractions left at HS – if they close Toy Story then we may just skip the park entirely. Really not sure our $2500 on Disney tickets (2 adults, 3 children) is good value any more.

  4. Heather says

    We’re excited for the new lands and don’t expect to be disappointed but in the meantime, what a mess to have a minimized experience all day due to closures and absurd waits topped with needing to choose between the 2 evening shows because the time overlap prohibits seeing both properly.

  5. Brad says

    Kinda responding late to this post but we are visiting park from April 4-11, and i noticed something is up with Fastpass for To Story Mania. There is no Fastpass availability from April 9th onward (checked all way to April 17). There currently is lots of availability up to April 8th – it just shows distribution done starting April 9 (the week AFTER Easter week). Does this make sense to anyone? Does this mean they could be closing ride on April 9th?


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