Epcot Quick Service Menu Updates 2014, Veggie Naan Sandwich, Maryland Crab Cakes

It’s the most exciting time of year as the website covers quick service menu updates. Disney updates every single quick service menu on property on the same day during the hottest week of the year here in Orlando – proof perhaps that they really do hate me.

We begin in Future World before moving up through World Showcase clockwise. Epcot’s newest cart also changes its menu most often.

Expect it to add a couple wines for the Food and Wine Festival next month. For now, it’s your first or last opportunity to pick up a beer and an ice cream bar.

Electric Umbrella is one of Future World’s two major quick service outlets and one you should only visit if Sunshine Seasons is flooded or otherwise incapacitated.

This is our first of two major updates. Spoiler: The only other place we’re going to see much of a difference is Liberty Inn.

The French Dip Burger replaces the Macaroni and Cheese Burger. The Sausage and Pepper Sandwich replaces the Meatball Sub. The Veggie Naan Wich is all new (unfortunately).

Nailed it.

The Veggie Naan Wich – Broccoli Slaw, Edamame, and Tofu Wasabi Dressing with choice of Grapes or French Fries – $9.49 sounded promising on paper.

What’s served is one of the more insulting dishes to appear in recent memory. It’s maybe 50 cents of shredded broccoli and beans bathed in a tasteless “sauce” that seemed to be nothing more than a thin mayonnaise. Zero stars out of 100 and a waste of money. You get more of this slaw on the Chicken and Waffle Sandwich over at Magic Kingdom, not to mention the waffle and the chicken! For less money.

The Vegetarian Flatbread here is actually excellent and a significantly better vegetarian option. Consider ordering it as a Kids’ pick where you’ll receive a half portion, in addition to two sides and a refillable fountain beverage. Order two for $11.99 and you’ve spent $2 more than the adult entree and come away with two refillable kids’ fountain beverages and four additional sides.

Disney is tossing their salads to order these days using higher quality, nicely seasoned chicken breast. While not a particularly exciting item, they are consistent.

Around the corner you’ll find two snack carts.

Standard popcorn and ice cream bars.

Disney sneaks in Epcot’s best IPA in Racer 5, which also ties into the Test Track theme. If for some reason you’re after a turkey leg, this is your best opportunity until you hit the Fife & Drum in the U.S. Pavilion.

A 22-ounce bottle would run you $5.49 in stores, making the $8.50 draft price one of the better values.

One of the four Joffrey’s locations, all of which basically have the same menu.

Unfortunately, they’re almost completely off the Dining Plan. Snack credit users probably want to head to Fountain View Starbucks.

The Tea Breeze is far more refreshing than it is boozy, but pours do vary.

Same with the Shakin’ Jamaican, which is available iced.

The Frozen Cappuccino is one of my favorite non-alcoholic beverages on property and a great pick-me-up in the heat.

The Peach Iced Tea has a nice subtly peachy flavor, but is expensive at $3.99. It remains a better choice than most of the bottled beverages at similar price points though.

Cool Wash outside Test Track is open more often than not these days.

Serving frozen beverages.

Now onto the opposite side of Future World.

This is Epcot’s first major foray into the world of flavored popcorn, which is popular in the Tokyo theme parks.

I’m not sure how well it could hold up when the “RealFeel” is 100+ degrees from 10am through 8pm and the flavors aren’t particularly imaginative, but radioactive cheese sounds promising.

The other cart:

It’s unfortunate how bad of a value many of the healthier options are, particularly fruit.

One last outdoor kiosk.

The almonds and pecans are a nice snack, but the price point is getting up there.

Sunshine Seasons inside the Land Pavilion is arguably the best theme park quick service on property and a no-brainer for anyone considering a meal in the area. It offers a healthy, robust menu in addition to plentiful air-conditioned seating and refillable fountain beverages:

There isn’t a bad item on the menu.

Up into Mexico where the names of the dining locations are Confusing de San Angel. La Cantina de San Angel is outside on the water next to La Hacienda de San Angel, which is a table service restaurant only open for dinner. San Angel Inn is inside the pyramid. La Cantina menu:

As previously reported, the Mexican sandwiches are no longer available.

One other somewhat recent change is the switch over to edible chips rather than the “stale,” multi-colored variety. While La Cantina remains popular because it’s the first World Showcase quick service, Mexican food is popular and recognizable, and it smells good, it’s one of my least favorites. You don’t get a lot of taco for your money.

One more margarita opportunity before Norway.

Pour quality varies considerably here, particularly in the frozen margaritas where they occasionally taste like cheap tequila and occasionally taste like sugar water. The “3-Shot Tequila Flight” is three small plastic cups that roughly add up to the size of a regular shot.

“Norway Beer” is sort of disingenuous since it doesn’t actually serve Norwegian beer.

Carlsberg is as close as you’re going to get, though the licorice-y Linie Aquavit is uniquely Norwegian.

Kringla Bakeri og Kafe is one of your best bets for an afternoon delight.

Price increases and the Olaf cookie are the only new things here. School Bread is all the way up to $2.99 from $1.99 just a couple years ago.

Kringla’s sandwiches are pretty decent, but I think most people will do better elsewhere. The Salmon and Egg is unique and a favorite of many.

The Ham and Apple is also very good, but the Norwegian Club (pictured) and Roast Beef are relatively rudimentary.

China has two quick service outlets.

Lotus Blossom is the best known:

I don’t have a lot of use for Lotus Blossom, which serves fast food Chinese that’s lower quality than Panda Express. Otherwise, entrees are 50 cents more expensive.

The Curry part of the Chicken with Hong Kong Style Vegetable Curry Over Rice is interesting, but the chicken is fatty, greasy, stringy, and difficult to eat with a plastic fork and knife. The orange chicken is serviceable, but you can do a lot better in World Showcase. On the plus side, the fountain beverages are the cheapest at Epcot for whatever reason.

Joy of Tea is a diamond in the rough for exactly one reason.

The Tipsy Ducks in Love.

Unlike the drinks in most Pavilions, where a cast member shyly pours a half ounce of triple sec underneath a non-alcoholic slushie, your new Chinese friends generously pour chilled Jim Beam over the top of the drink with a smile.

Otherwise we have no changes. I always advise against the Lucky Combo, which looks like a good deal on paper, but only includes one of the previously mentioned snack items instead of the two you receive a la carte. The other alcoholic beverages are tasty, but not particularly boozy.

Next up is the Refreshment Outpost in between China and Germany.

Outpost updated its menu back in June to add the cocktail and frozen yogurt.

The yogurt now comes in a “waffle cup” instead of the inedible-for-most plastic. If you’re looking for a cold snack in the area, the yogurt is a fine choice, though France’s decadent offerings are far superior.

The Mango Smoothie is a waste of money – little rum and more of an Icee consistency than anything.

Germany’s Trinken Cart is out on the promenade.

They’ve added the popular Schofferhofer Grapefruit Beer on draft, while Hovels is no longer available.

At 2.5% ABV, this hefeweizen isn’t going to take you very far, but it is refreshing on a hot summer day and has quite the following.

Inside the Pavilion on the right is the Bier stand, offering virtually the same menu. For whatever reason, the Trinken cart usually has a shorter line when both are open.

Most of Sommerfest’s food items have gone up 30 to 50 cents in price and the Leberkase Reuben that was added last year is long gone.

One common mistake people make is seeing the price in one location lower than another and assuming that it’s a better value. In “reality,” it’s just that tax is included at the outdoor carts and kiosks and not included at the major quick services. So the Barenjager is actually 8.5 cents less expensive at the outdoor carts.

Barenjager Honey and Bourbon (no relation to Jagermeister) might sound like a mixed drink of some variety, but is actually a shot of bourbon laced with honey liqueur, not unlike Jack Daniels’ Tennessee Honey. The liqueur helps counteract what might be described as the harsh aftertaste of a straight bourbon shot, but you’ll still feel a bit of a burn. My recommendation is always the Altenmunster Oktoberfest, which is relatively rare.

Even more wines and beers are available at the oft-overlooked Weinkeller.

Radeberger makes a lot more sense on draft outside, but the other three are nice choices if you don’t mind paying the money for a bottle.

The Spaten Optimator, which was available on draft in yesteryear, is your best choice and the highest ABV, at 7.6%. And your best chance to drop my favorite pickup line (100% success rate), “Baby, I didn’t know you like to doppelbock.”

Larger: https://www.easywdw.com/reports11/germanwine.jpg.


The Italy kiosk may do the least business of any, though the UK beer stand is a close second:

Expensive ice cream and some of the worst wine Italy has to offer.

Head into the Enoteca for a cheaper pour of better wine.

While not a quick service, Tutto Gusto doesn’t accept reservations and is usually an easy walk-up:

Gusto’s beer selection changes often and looks to have moved away from rare Italian beer. The Extra Hop from Birrificio Italiano is excellent, but $14 is pretty rough. The other draft selections are well above average, but $11 + tax + tip puts you around $14.50 for a beer. Moretti is more common than you might expect and available at most Publix in 6-packs for $7.99.

Along with several hundred wines by the glass or bottle.

Another of the Joffrey’s stands with the same menu as the Future World location.

Fife & Drum Tavern will be serving Hanson’s Mmmhops beer (seriously it’s a thing) for the Food and Wine Festival and otherwise sits out in front of the Pavilion.

The American Dream and Frozen Red Stag Lemonade are excellent even as they go up in price.

Liberty Inn is the other quick service to see major changes:

The Strip Steak is up nearly a dollar, the Surf and Turf burger replaces the California Angus Burger, the Louisiana-Style Shrimp with Rice is new, the Red White and Blue Salad is new, and the Chick’n Breast is up a dollar, among other price increases.

The Caesar Salad and “Smoky Mountain Barbecued Pork Sandwich” are no longer available and the Maryland Crab Cakes with Old Bay Fries are new.

Anchor Liberty Ale is no longer available =[

The Maryland Crab Cakes – House-made Crab Cakes, Spicy Tartar Sauce and Old Bay Fries – $10.99.

As far as eleven dollar Disney fast food goes, the crab cakes are a nice change of pace from the usual. Of course they will never live up to _______ at _________ in ________ (but please northeasterners, compare your favorite to mass produced Disney food in the comments), but the cakes are mostly crab and the tartar sauce adds some zing to the flavor profile. The Old Bay seasoned fries have a nice zip to them as well. I’m otherwise sort of torn on how to rate these – I did enjoy them pretty well, but they are not necessarily outstanding quality or a compelling value. They are here though.

The New York Strip is actually surprisingly good.

And the Sweetwater IPA on draft is better than your Sam Adams seasonal or Yuengling (sorry Lisa <3).

Block & Hans moved to mostly beer several months ago.

Bell’s Oberon and Victory Golden Monkey in particular are excellent, but $8 for a bottle of beer is rough. The Sweetwater is a better value.

How about no.

Funnel Cakes.

Kabuki Cafe is one of several Japan quick service outlets and home to the Kaki Gori Sno Cone.

The website continues to strongly discourage the “Frozen Kirin,” which is a Kirin with a strange whipped beer topping with an off-putting flavor that makes it difficult to drink.

The sushi isn’t a lot of food for five bucks, but quality is in line with what you’d be served at the other outlets.


The outdoor sake bar rarely has a line and the cast members are among the sweetest people you’ll ever run into.

Unfortunately, the beer and cocktails offered aren’t outstanding.

The sake flight is a nice way to sample three very different styles.

Inside Mitsukoshi in the far corner sits an unheralded sake bar.

With numerous options.

If you’re already looking at spending eight bucks for a bottle of Sapporo (don’t), you may want to hunt down the Ginga Kogen at the indoor bar. It’s overwhelmingly better and a significantly better value considering the price and rarity.

I don’t recommend Katsura Grill for the food, though the outdoor seating in the garden is serene. The sushi is lower quality than your neighborhood supermarket and the overly sweet teriyaki sauce often covers fatty chicken thigh and beef.

While largely unattractive, the Chicken Cutlet Curry is very good though.

Lastly, this outdoor cart offers a few frozen goodies.

That are available for significantly less at your local Trader Joe’s.

Morocco added two new dining establishments late last year.

Amusingly, the “Juice Bar” doesn’t actually serve juice, the ice cream is sitting outside all day in 100 degree heat and is served mostly melted, and the $10 slushies are a half shot of alcohol underneath the non-alcoholic slushes.

I recommend holding off on ice cream until France. The almaza beer is rare and Estrella is a better gluten free option than most.

Tangierine Cafe’s menu is the same.

We actually had a lousy meal there last week.

This is the Moroccan Kefta Sandwich – Seasoned Ground Beef, Grilled and served with fresh salsa and fries – $10.99. It turns out to be sort of a Moroccan hamburger with diced tomatoes on a thick, dry roll. The beef was cooked to death and the fries were among the worst I’ve had anywhere. You may have better luck – it would have been nice to be able to switch out the fries for a more interesting side.

Lisa ordered the Falafel Wrap served with Tangierine Couscous Salad and Lentil Salad – $8.99.

This was better, but the falafel was overcooked, dry, and crumbly. Sticking with the shawarma platters is smarter.

Tangierine has a separate coffee and pastry bar in the back corner that few people visit.

Larger: https://www.easywdw.com/reports11/tangierine.jpg.

Knowing full well I was about to be ripped off, I ordered the $8.99 Tangierine Cocktail, which is a short pour of triple sec underneath half strawberry/half tangerine non-alcoholic slush. Refreshing, but a waste of money.

Moving into France.

No changes at Crepes.

I haven’t had much luck here in the past and would stipulate that the “crepes” taste and “feel” like a wet paper bag.

Wine and the overrated Grey Goose Slushes.

I like what Les Halles Boulangerie & Pâtisserie offers, but ordering is often confusing, particularly when it’s crowded. You wait in the single line until it’s about your turn to proceed up to the first case, where there may or may not be anyone to take your order. Once you fumble through your pronunciation of Chaussons Aux Pommes and miss whether the cast member asked if you wanted your sandwich heated (you do), you move on to the pastries and then the beverages:

Much of what is offered is excellent.

The Pissaladiere in particular is an excellent, hearty use of a snack credit and a good value out of pocket at $4.50.

Just keep in mind it often looks like this.

The French L’Artisan des Glaces is also back here.

Flavors may change.

This is one rare circumstance where I recommend avoiding the the Ice Cream Martini with a shot on top – it’s probably already 95 degrees out and the booze will only speed up the melting process.

It’s also rare that the ice cream and alcohol flavors complement each other, though you may have better luck.

Nearing the end.

Quick service options in the UK are slim.

Just price increases here – Fish and Chips are up 50 cents, Cookie is up 40 cents, beer is up a quarter.

I like the fish and the chips are among the best quick service fries on property, even if that’s not saying much these days.

Beer stand.

$7.75 for a bottle of Newcastle or $8.50 for a can of Guinness is pretty rough. It’d certainly be nice to see a Samuel Smith Imperial Stout or something at a similar price point.

Canada Cart is The Best Cart.

The Unibroue drafts are far and away the best beer in World Showcase and a fair value, particularly considering we just walked past a $7.75 bottle of Newcastle. Both La Fin and Trois Pistoles come in at 9%, which is over twice as alcoholic as Bud Light. In the United States, this is one of the only locations to get Cherry Ephemere on draft. If you’re into beer, consider camping out close by for the day.

The St-Ambroise Oatmeal Stout is excellent and relatively difficult to find in the states. Canada does only offer it in a bottle, but per-bottle pricing outside Canada is going to be $3-$5, making it a better value than most of the other options, including anything at the UK, Italy, France, etc. As is typical from the variety, St-Ambroise is chocolatey with oatmeal and robust malts.

The Apricot Wheat is decidedly more summery and a better fit for the typical Florida afternoon. It has a natural, subdued sweet apricot flavor without the medicinal aftertaste that plagues most fruit beers.

They recently added some decidedly non-Canadian wine on tap.

Also served at The Wave at the Contemporary (and probably far more places soon), it tastes like wine.

Refreshment Port is home of the Croissant Doughnut:

Unfortunately, the Fried Shrimp are long gone.

The Croissant Donut is one of my favorite snacks on property – deliciously cinnamony/sugary with layers of piping hot croissant. Deeeeeelish.

And finally, Promenade Refreshments, which switches over to Desserts and Champagne for the Food and Wine Festival.

Nothing to see here.

That’s it for inside the Park.

Outside you’ll find one more location that most people bypass, but it’s handy if you’re looking for a coffee, beverage, or pastry on your way in or out.

The same menu as other locations.

Animal Kingdom up next.


  1. Mike says

    Wow that Naan sandwich does look disappointing. What they put on it is essentially the coleslaw side they put with any other dish at other places, and looks to be about the same amount or less. Yet charge you the full price of an walk-up entree, pretty lame.

  2. Laurel says

    I love your updates! I have a suggestion (that you can feel free to ignore) for the photos where you indicate locations in red. What if instead, you show a section of the park map in the bottom corner that identifies the general area? Then place a RED arrow that starts where you stood to take the picture and points in the direction of the shot?

    I’ve been to the parks quite a bit, but still sometime scratch my head (it’s not lice) when I try to figure out those shots. Anyhoo, just a thought.

  3. Laurel says

    I think its because the price has to cover the cost of the fruit that goes bad and is thrown out, plus a profit margin. If fruit lasted longer (or was more popular) it would be cheaper.

  4. CG says

    Always Look forward to the menu updates. Gotta try the cronut and Yorkshire fish again some time. Each were really greasy the first time around. Maybe I didn’t get a typical example of either.

  5. Will says

    I too have a suggestion for your photos where you indicate photos in red. Could you tilt them? It makes them more artistic.

  6. Will says

    *locations in red, not photos. it’s hard to be a wiseass when you can’t even string a sentence together. :/

  7. Ivy says

    I love the Magner’s pear cider, so refreshing, tastes like champagne.

    I also loved the Tipsy Ducks, but the cast member didn’t go very heavy with the bourbon. When I ordered, he asked, “with or without alcohol,” so maybe I didn’t say “with” enthusiastically enough?

    Crab cakes look pretty good. I’ve had that pork sandwich and good riddance to it. Flavorless compared to Flame Tree’s.

  8. Ivy says

    CG, When I had the fish and chips from Yorkshire the fish was so fresh and not at all greasy. But another time I ordered it at Rose & Crown for almost double the price, and it was one giant piece of fish, not strips, which was sodden with grease and unevenly cooked and just awful in comparison.

  9. Rob Huddleston says

    Holy cow, Josh! What an update! Enjoyed it, even if we tend to only hit TS and the F&W booths at EPCOT.

  10. Magic1106 says

    Thanks for suffering through for us. Just a few questions and comments.

    Does anyone know if the Joffrey’s locations have soy milk or other non-dairy options?

    The Linie Aquavit Shot for $9.50, is that really just a shot of alcohol? My dad would love it but that seems high even by Disney standards.

    Ok, my comment, I have to say it…that is NOT a Maryland crab cake. I don’t know what that is. First of all it should be the size of a baseball, or if your lucky and at a good spot, the size of a softball. Second, tartar sauce? Come on? What? If you put anything on it, try Tabasco or mustard. Oh, and the fries, try Old Bay and vinegar. Trust me.

  11. Ivy says

    Magic1106, you forgot to inform us that the good spot was at _________ in ________ when you were crabsplaining.

  12. Magic1106 says

    Ivy, you forgot a blank there. I couldn’t help myself. To be honest, I don’t eat them often! Yes, I was born and raised in Maryland, my dad lived on the Eastern Shore and my Grandfather was a seafood health inspector. I do love seafood, especially Maryland crabs, but have always had issue with finding shell in my crab cake. That is not to say that I have never had them, nor that I won’t try them, I just don’t order them as my meal usually.

  13. ImaBoyMom says

    We’ve only been home from our Disney World vacay for 5 days. Two of my favorite meals were at Sunshine Seasons- thanks to your previous rave reviews. Also LOVED the chicken burger at our hotel restaurant (Art of Animation). Our trip was a great success because of the planning I did using your site. Thanks for all the fun updates. Can’t wait to go back… but MAYBE not in the sweltering summer heat next time!

  14. Mrsducky says

    If it matters to you, Estrella Damm (which really is fantastic) is made with gluten containing ingredients, but the brewing process somehow naturally removes the gluten to under 20 ppm, thus passing the ELISA test and being called “gluten free.” It is therefore certified gluten free though it didn’t start that way. Small detail for most; large one for others. (It also means that it actually tastes like beer, which is a nice thing)

    At any rate, it’s a really great beer and a 4-pack costs around $10 where I live, so the bottle price probably isn’t absolutely nuts.

    Great update!

  15. Mike says

    I don’t completely buy that, while I understand there is overhead and spoilage, a company like Disney has data up the wazzoo and has sales figures down to the minute such that they don’t order much more than they need to sell. Plus they’re not buying fruit at the same price you or I would pay for the fruit in a supermarket they’re getting it in such quantities they’re buying at at wholesale costs, and my family’s farm has experience with wholesale sales and it’s pretty disgusting how cheap stores will buy fruit from you.

    I understand the “you’re in our park so you’re going to pay” mentality, but they could sell fruit the same price as the supermarket and not suffer any losses.

  16. shirley mcconnell says

    I am from Maryland, and one of my favorite foods is a real Maryland crab cake. This is not one
    We do not put tartar sauce on a crab cakes. And it actually looks like a cake. I have lived in many places and have never had a good crab cake outside of Maryland. We put the Old Bay in and on the crab cake. (lots of it). Thank you for your review.

  17. RebeccaMcK says

    I hope we could ask for a crab cake without the sauce (or on the side)? I prefer to squeeze lemon wedges over mine. I actually HAVE had a very bad meal at Sunshine Seasons, so if I ever go there in the future I’ll never get the Mongolian Beef again – can’t remember if it was just blah or sitting around too long (late dinner that night, on my way out of Epcot) or what, but when I had it it was terrible. Also, does anyone know if the Doofenslurper drink can be ordered with, say, Coke slush (at the Refreshment Outpost between China & Germany, where it appears to be different from the Doofenslurper available outside America’s area) instead of what comes in it – since Coke slush is also offered there?

    I must try a Cro-nut some time. Thanks for the q/s update….I had just been looking up stuff for my November trip (post F&WF) right before popping over here to see if there was a new update. We’re on the free q/s dining plan for that trip and I wanted to brush up on the q/s options for lunch on our Epcot day.

  18. Julia says

    I enjoyed your update and comments.
    Sure would like another pic of you in a meet & greet. It has been awhile.
    Did you go to Villains Unleashed?

  19. Michelle UK says

    Thanks Josh for such a comprehensive update. Next year will be our first trip without dining plan since 2001 and some of those prices are looking pretty scary OOP :/

    Relieved to see the excellent shrimp curry still on the menu at Sunshine Seasons, crossing my fingers it will still be there next April. I’ve put the Maryland crab cakes and Louisiana shrimp ‘on the list’ for next year too. Hoping there won’t be a repeat of this year’s ‘incident’ where we all decided to eat at different World Showcase locations. I smugly held out until Refreshment Port at the end for Josh’s highly rated fried shrimp only to find they had been replaced by chicken nuggets (I don’t eat meat.) So I had to head back to the UK for fish and chips which, although not bad, are nowhere near as good as what I can get at a ‘proper’ UK fish and chip shop less than five minutes walk from my house (and not at Disney prices.) Not just North Eastern Americans that can negatively compare WS food with back home 😀

  20. 1050 Miles says

    It continues to confound me regarding the inconsistencies of the value of a Disney Dining Plan snack credit. I’m curious as to why one item is a snack credit and another is not, and in some cases the snack credit item is more expensive than an item that is not accepted as a snack credit. Joffrey’s, and that Future World fruit and veggie cart, I’m talking to you!

  21. ned says

    LOL at the Test Track cone cup. We got an orange cone cup from the Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land at DCA last month. Made a bit more sense.

  22. Brandi says

    I am from Maryland too! It looks like someone stepped on that crab cake and then tried to cover it up with tartar. Ha! Ha! I never eat a crab cake outside of Maryland. Not even an hour away in PA! If I wanted a crab cake I would stay home. But, I can’t get lots of these yummy things at home, so looking forward to trying them on our trip in November. The Canadian croissant doughnut looks awesome! And some of the treats in France.

  23. stevenmilz says

    You sure you get refills on fountain beverages at Sunshine Seasons? We haven’t eaten there in a while but last time Peggy asked about refills they told her no. So we just took our cups with us and refilled them at Electric Umbrella. :-)

    Too bad about that rare Italian beer going away. I guess the CM who usually brought the kegs across the pond in his checked baggage doesn’t work there anymore. I always wondered what the overhead cost of bringing beer from Italy only to EPCOT was.

  24. Tiffany says

    The Marylanders (?) are in a snit! I get it. I’m from New Orleans and what they pass off as beignets at POFQ is gross and tastes nothing like actual beignets. I’m guessing the “Lousiana Style Shrimp and Rice” is equally as offensive. Oh well, I’ll have the crab cake.

    Great update, Josh. Thanks!

  25. Sarah says

    Lol, Brandi, that was my thought on the “Maryland” crab cake as well. On the plus side, and as Josh said, it does look like they’re mostly crab and not filler. There is also hope given the fries apparently have honest-to-goodness Old Bay on them. Hopefully some of that made it into the crab cake too.

  26. Mary Ann says

    I have to say that I’d pay $8 for a Victory Golden Monkey (we pay $6 at our local sports bar in Atlanta). If you can’t get it where you live, this is a very good beer. But only have 1. It’s got a higher ABV than you’d think (9.5).

  27. Brent says

    The Erdinger Dunkel in Germany is surprisingly light despite being a dark beer, perfect for the warm weather. Cherry Ephemere is hard enough to get in Canada, let alone the States. Have a cranberry one chilling as we speak.

  28. Dan says

    Josh, I do enjoy this website…
    With Canada having so many trees, you would think they could offer their customers some napkins at the Canada cart :-)

  29. Lori Bilodeau says

    Thanks for braving the Electric Umbrella to bring us an update! The selfless acts I witness here – it makes me almost get teary eyed. Seriously though, if I ever see you in the parks, I owe you a drink.

    The only problem is, I want to eat in France and drink in Canada. Considering the fact I’m a light-weight, (when it comes to adult beverages) I’m going to have to rethink my starting in Canada.

    Also, I don’t get the Doppleboch reference, but I do love me some Doppleboch. :)

  30. Stephanie says

    Thanks for taking a picture of the naan sandwich. As a vegetarian the menu item ‘sounds’ great and the picture looks nice but after seeing yours it’s a huge disappointment and more like a piece of bread with a little slaw. Glad to know so I won’t waste money on it!

  31. Mikw says

    “The yogurt now comes in a “waffle cup” instead of the inedible-for-most plastic.”

    That’s funny right there. I don’t care who you are. Well played, Josh.

  32. Mike says

    “The yogurt now comes in a “waffle cup” instead of the inedible-for-most plastic.”

    That’s funny right there. I don’t care who you are. Well played, Josh.

  33. jcarwash says

    The $5.50 (plus tax) Yuengling draft at Lotus Blossom looks like a good deal as compared to a $7.50 Yuengling draft at the Future World carts. Are you getting the same size serving at about $2 less?

  34. Jo D says

    I continue to be astounded by your amazing knowledge of alcoholic drinks around the parks. That must have taken a helluva lot of research! Hope your liver forgives you one day…..

  35. Vanessa says

    Glad to see the Unibroue drafts are still available. We are headed back in October and this is where we spend our time!

  36. Christine says

    Our next trip is going to be our first without the DDP. I don’t know if I can handle those food prices!!

  37. Mehgan says

    “Up into Mexico where the names of the dining locations are Confusing de San Angel”


    “It tastes like wine”

    Cracked me up! :)

  38. Crazydisneymom says

    Magic1106–when we were there in May, my lactose intolerant husband was unable to order a soy mocha at joffreys. Of course, he ordered a regular one anyway which led to a very smelly day for the rest of the family!

  39. Crazydisneymom says

    RebeccaMcK– the regular Mongolian beef may have been gross at sunshine seasons, but the vegan tamarind beef there is absolutely delicious. And at $7.99, one of the cheapest entree options in all of WDW.

  40. Kerri says

    I heard reports that Tipsy Ducks in Love was gone and I was devastated – I’m really hoping it’s there during Food and Wine! I love you, Tipsy Ducks!

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